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3:21 AM
3:49 AM
Any soul here?
We have no souls here. We have a disembodied head, though. :D
Need someone to reject the tag wiki edit that copy paste wholesale from Wikipedia w/o attribution...
Bleep bloop.
3:52 AM
I found them via the old suggested edits panel. :)
I'm mostly using the old one
The new one is annoying
(I don't know why I'm annoyed, though)
I agree. I don't like the idea of being forced to act on a specific edit before being able to see another. I'd rather be able to act on the ones that require less thinking, then look at the ones that require more thinking if I have the time to do so.
If someone copy content from Wikipedia, how should they attribute?
This new system is going to encourage me to use these panels less...
@animuson: When you put it that way, probably that's the same reason for me
Back to my previous question: is attribution in the edit comment sufficient, or attribution must be done in the tag wiki body
3:57 AM
The body has to provide attribution, but copying an entire block is not something we encourage. It's better to summarize the information that's actually relevant to us here.
If I wanted to read the Wikipedia article on something, I'd go to Wikipedia...
Thanks for the info.
I didn't checking for copied content when reviewing suggested edit, until I see some tag wiki edit rejected for that reason
I'm quite sure many reviewer also don't check for that.
I reject one or two tag wiki edits for that reason, but they got approved anyway.
It's easy to tell it's from Wikipedia when you start seeing [1], [2], and [3] in the text...
Sometime, the starting part doesn't have reference
Or the source is not Wikipedia
4:27 AM
Hmm...it seems that I'm now the top answerer. passes around shots of maple syrup Let's all take a moment to toast in honour of waffles.
4:38 AM
@TimStone Cheers man
@TimStone I'm sure I'll regret this in the morning, but cheers as well. downs the maple
Don't worry, I used to live in Canada once upon a time...it's the good stuff.
nods Those Canadites know their whiskey syrup.
I'm the top answerer in the tag =P
A whopping 7 questions! Gratz on that!
Nicely done. Watch out though, Anna Lear is hot on your trail.
4:50 AM
I see that now. I will have to be wary.
What was the syntax to view questions containing only a certain [tag]?
I remember being surprised that there was a way that that actually worked...
Ah, just use closed:0 [tag], apparently.
Heh, chat was trolling me.
That's close enough, although all it does is just sort them awkwardly so the questions with only that tag appear first.
@Shog9 have a look it happened again
4:58 AM
Randall's spent time on Meta.
Man, having that pokeball would be so awesome.
@MichaelPetrotta :)
5:51 AM
@Shog9: There's a user going around SO posting answers which "look" legitimate but have nothing to do with the question, then attaching a spam link to the end of them: stackoverflow.com/users/1550367/callie-walls
6:15 AM
He will be gone at the end of the day (if someone flag him)
That said, there doesn't seem to be any mod on SO around this time
There are quite a lot of crappy late answer lately (less than 10%?) of the late answer.
6:41 AM
Q: Why sometimes SO is loaded only in HTML view?

hims056Sometimes SO website is loaded only in HTML view like this: I face this problem at least once a week! It does not happen due to my Internet Speed is low, because when this problem occur at that time the YouTube or Google-Image work fine.

6:54 AM
@animuson Good Catch
7:17 AM
no im not a bot — Callie Walls 3 hours ago
that's exactly what a bot would say
7:27 AM
ha ha
(It's a spam answer BTW because of the link at the bottom of the answer - all the user did was post nonsense + a link to the same, unrelated thing)
Yes, Agree, i think his account will get deleted or suspended soon
probably true that it's not a bot because bots would know how to capitalize I and abbreviate "I am" correctly :)
Ya, i think he is just advertising his website link
8:00 AM
Did he got >10 rep before his posts are down voted and flagged?
@nhahtdh don't think so
that last one could use a few more spam flags to kill it off though
Such answer would slip under my radar, though, animuson is quite good at catching it
I just saw it from the flag queue this morning
8:23 AM
Grrr, every time I go to get the permalink I go "where did my link button go!?" and then realize it changed to "share" -.-
why the name changed from "link" to share ?
They added the share buttons for facebook, twitter, and google+ in there
yes, i saw them
done :)
8:35 AM
That spam user is still not deactivated yet
(all answers are cleared off, though)
No one is around.
I just ran out of flags for the day :(
how many flags do you have per day?
46 waiting for review hehe
I believe I get 50/day
I probably got around 42 flags
(per day)
8:37 AM
39 for me only :( , but most of for false voting
Q: Bonus moderation flags for users who have an extremely helpful flag record for the day

animusonIt seems like a bit of a backtrack to limit users to only 43 moderation flags in the day. I understand why the limit is in place, so people can't "spam" moderators with useless flags (is this even the reason?). But those of us who use them appropriately should be able to continue flagging things ...

Wish I had this
@animuson the second is closed now, the first needs one more vote.
Wish i too had it
@Flexo Suspended
1 month eh? The user is probably answer-banned for the amount of downvotes they got... I wonder if implicit downvotes from spam flags count towards that.
This was his first suspension , which should be 1 week, but i think as he was advertising his website link, he got suspension of 1 month
8:46 AM
mine helpful updation is available on election.. it gets updated daily... :P everybody knows my that private information
why they doesnt stopped it, once the election is over ?
I just had to have a screenshot of the leet number xD
and put that image in your profile with about me
Nah, I'd rather have my panda there.
8:53 AM
User go malicious can bomb the system with 70-80 flags (normal + spam/offensive)
Plus 20 more comment flags
Has this happened before?
if this happens then there is a rollback facility which will reverse all the action taken by the user
Looks like ThiefMaster is plowing through some flags :)
@Lucifer: You sure?
Not 100%
I think the idea of giving user an extra flag per 3-4 helpful flag may be OK
The extra flags are reset for the next day
9:11 AM
@animuson have you used "Spam" flag for that user's answer ?
Yes, a few of them got auto-deleted by Community for spam flags.
The rest I believe got deleted by 20k members.
ok, i did same
I wish people would be more consistent in flagging spam as such so it doesn't take 20k delete votes for obvious cases
I think some people flag as other to flag the user
9:25 AM
Jon Skeet really is monster - he got 500 rep/day only on vote + accepts
@nhahtdh If he stops answering now, the latent rep field created by his old answers on this site will still generate in excess of 200 reps per day, for years probably
Highly probable
This is the rep energy that powers the SE servers.
9:41 AM
@nhahtdh Skeet is an answering machine
3 hours later…
12:51 PM
When I read "answering machine", I thought of this old, mechanical device my parents had when I was a kid. It recorded phone messages on cassette tapes.
Q: Weekly Interesting Question 6/29-7/3

Michael PryorPost memorable or interesting SO questions for this week.

1:09 PM
2 hours later…
2:41 PM
@jadarnel27 My immediate reaction would be that the title needs a year.
I accidentally stepped on a lemur today.
I was in this exhibit in a zoo, where the lemurs are able to run on the path. I made a lemur/rooster like sound and about 20ish lemurs perked up and then charged at me.
3:00 PM
Then I jumped out of the way, being just as startled as they were. Only I think one dove under my foot.
Then they were gone, I was wishing I had it on video, and a few Israeli teenagers walked by and wanted me to do it again.
3:20 PM
I'm not familiar with Israeli teenagers. Do they have a unique characteristic about them that makes them look distinct?
Maybe they grow a third arm?
Do you know why Grace Note is ambiguous on his/her gender and says it's up to the reader to determine that for themselves? (I associate Grace as a female, but others associate Grace as a male) It's because there is no freaking difference.
Anyone here a s/o dev? Is there any way to see a live page with full.js in a non-minified state? (I'm in Safari, and so don't have the Prettify option from Chrome.)
@Phrogz what's up?
Like, what are you trying to do?
@jcolebrand I was trying to see if I could help further debug meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/141133/…
@jcolebrand Moshe is in Israel right now, that's probably why he worded that as he did =)
SO on Safari is quite weird
The site is generally not as "live" as on Firefox
3:27 PM
@jadarnel27 aye, but the thing is, they're just teenagers
We don't even need to know if they were masculine or feminine, punk or goth.
However, knowing that goth emo teenagers were at the park enjoying lemurs would be funny, but only because we associate goth emo teenagers as having no enjoyment.
I would expect everyone at the park to enjoy watching lemurs, but I'm a softy
@nhahtdh Whether or not that's true, this error is new (to me; although apparently not wholly unknown per the dup) as of Safari 6.0
Is "Congrats, you've gained the privilege – edit questions and answers" still the format for new privilege messages?
@Phrogz: (As a sidenote, I'm using Safari 5. something on Mac OS)
@PopularDemand I asked the TL for you
3:32 PM
@jcolebrand Sure, it's not necessary to bring up any particular physical / cultural attributes of people when you mention them. Your reaction to that fairly innocuous statement just seemed rather hostile.
@jadarnel27 well, you try living in a world of bigots, and racists, and people who in general want to hate for no reason, and then see people who you know aren't racist, who don't hate ... people don't want to break the cycle, because they're comfortable.
There aren't "no women on the internet" in the sense of everyone here is a guy, but there are no women on the internet and there are no men on the internet. We are all one gender "person". There is no race on the internet.
I have no idea if Popular Demand is white, black, young, old, gay, straight, blond haired, dyed, male, female or what, since he doesn't show a face on his avatar. I can make some assumptions (under 25, white hetero male, dark hair, no glasses, no beard, maybe some facial fuzz, sleeps on a full size mattress, wear an XL) because I assume. But my point is, who gives a rats ass?
And in case you think I'm the only person thinking of stuff like this, consider this recent article: nbcolympics.com/news-blogs/track-and-field/…
I guess the point @jadarnel27 is that had their citizenship impacted the story, it might have been a useful detail.
@jcolebrand Your problem is using the word impacted instead of affected.
That's an irritating "trying to make things sound more exciting" thing journalists did to English.
I think it gives the story a bit of a "silly foreigner amusing the locals" feel which wouldn't be the case if Moshe hadn't included that remark.
@jcolebrand Not everything people say has to be a useful detail. I just thought you jumped down Moshe's throat for no reason (for the second day in a row). I despise racism, bigotry, and all the hatred that goes a long with it. I'm not sure what you were getting at with all that.
I'm not sure if that's exactly what he was trying to convey, and it's not essential to the story, but it's not irrelevant to the way it's interpreted.
3:47 PM
@jcolebrand Also, maybe they were wanting to lure lemurs in so they could circumcise them.
@mootinator see, then that detail would've been warranted.
@jadarnel27 have you read Moshe's blog?
@jcolebrand Some, yes.
Not recently.
@jeremybanks you haven't talked to Moshe much have you? Everything he does makes him seem like a silly foreigner amusing the locals. He's as awkward as I was at that age. Hell, I don't feel like I should really live in the States.
@jcolebrand Not very much, no. I have read a few of his blog posts.
US population ~ 311,591,917 - Jul 2011 (worldbank)
UK population ~ 62,641,000 - 2011 (worldbank)
3:52 PM
You should probably move to Canada.
@mootinator eh, I heard that Tim Horton's wasn't all that great...
@jcolebrand It's okay we have Starbucks, too.
And if you was an Amurikan like me, you'ld be screaming "you take that back!" but as you're a Canuck, I expect "eh, ok"
tbh I don't drink much coffee I don't brew myself, most people have very strange ideas about coffee
Feh. I'd take a Krispy Kreme over a Timmy's any day.
And I don't particularly care about coffee.
Though the hipster coffee shop I work above is decent.
I knew it! Hipster!
Also, don't you work at home? Why are you keeping hipsters in the basement? That's not very nice!
3:57 PM
I'm not a hipster. I just work in a hipster building (officially).
I don't have meetings at home, for instance.
You should have meetings at home. Invite your children's dolls. Get paid for it.
Also, you should enlist your wife as a paid advisor on retainer, and have regular evening meetings, that are of course billable time. Say 6-8 hours.
That'll show the company!
If you like nice coffee-flavoured coffee, Tim Hortons is horrific. If you prefer sugar-flavoured coffee, Tims is adequate. Cheaper than Starbucks, anyways.
Yea! I don't think I want to show a company that basically leaves me alone.
I like being left alone.
@mootinator lol, shhhhh, you're messing with my plan!
I work. Things get done. I get paid for them. It's a nice arrangement we have.
4:01 PM
I come into the office. I spend 3 weeks writing a script. I get bombarded at least one day a week with questions
leave me alone :p
I like lattes. I usually go to Starbucks (because it's close), but they are about the same anywhere to my taste.
I get bombarded with questions, just from clients 300 miles away, not the company I work for.
4:18 PM
@jcolebrand Any response on this?
@PopularDemand no, sadly.
@TimStone any thoughts?
@PopularDemand Seems so, at least as of right before the Stack Overflow election: "Congrats, you've gained the privilege – cast close and reopen votes learn more"
4:34 PM
Q: Is the SE "new privilege" notification message a sentence?

Lord TorgamusWhen a Stack Exchange user gets a new privilege, it's accompanied by the following notification: Congrats, you've gained the privilege – edit questions and answers learn more That phrase "may be oddly worded, but it is a valid sentence," according to Jeff. I'm not so sure. Who's right?

4:54 PM
I've never seen the word "grammaticality" before. Neato-o.
Also, +1 for sticking it to the man @PopularDemand. That'll teach 'em.
5:21 PM
Ugh. Science is hard. I think I'll go to lunch.
5:39 PM
Q: What is it.dbline.net?

TillWhen googling around I came across this weird stack overflow lookalike. Is it.dbline.net a phishing site?

6:33 PM
@PopularDemand How come you posted that from an un-linked account?
(Just curious)
A few months ago, my work network settings changed, and now I can't log into SE sites. I'm only able to use SO and MSO because I have old cookies. Or something. I've never actually fully understood how that worked; I would like to, but I don't know where to start looking.
Oh, okay. I hate problems like that, where you don't even know how to search for an explanation.
The Tavern makes me feel really dumb. I've learned a few things from listening to Tim Stone and balpha and the rest, but not as much as I want (or probably should have).
I can fully relate. Some of the (technical) stuff discussed in here goes right over my head, man.
@PopularDemand You really need a non-myOpenId credential somewhere...
6:47 PM
What's that got to do with it?
@PopularDemand myOpenID tends to cause issues
I suppose I could switch to Stack Exchange OpenID at this point. I never use it anywhere else.
(I don't know if it's causing your issues, just pointing that out in the general sense)
Yeah, I realized that... eventually.
7:08 PM
Has anyone in here used / purchased music from the Google Play music store?
@jcole I didn't intend to offend anybody. I'm glad you think I'm a silly foreigner.
@Moshe you don't offend me. You are, however, more than overly verbose in your detailed recounts and recollections of events which have occurred in the previous past.
I see what you did there, @jcolebrand
Whether or not this eventually lends itself to beneficence in your future remains to be seen, but most of modern culture vis-a-vis the modern workforce thrives on efficient use of communication even in the face of the potential for the English language, more so than others, to flower and lend itself to high expression.
@jadarnel27 I was going to, and then I realized it was cheaper on Amazon.
@jcolebrand I love "vis-a-vis". Its appearance is always a good indicator of where to skip to the end of the paragraph.
7:11 PM
you're welcome :D
I would've thought beneficence was the keyword
I read that as "benevolence" for some reason
Makes less sense now :-/
it likely should've been benevolence
my brain didn't pull the right word apparently
> Beneficence is action that is done for the benefit of others.
idk, I think that still works
@Shog9 Ah, didn't think to look there.
Google Play doesn't have two of the three albums I was looking to purchase. Which I think is odd, because it's just mainstream, popular music.
After reading that rant, I don't know what to say. (No extra words there.)
@jadarnel27 Justin Bieber?
7:17 PM
I could have said "rant about Israeli teenagers and third arms". Could have said "simply don't know what to say".
@Moshe you might want to reparse the last two comments after you said you didn't mean to offend anyone.
And then reparse those for their constituent parts
Did it occur to anyone that different parts of the US have different vernacular as accents? Perhaps New Yorkers are verbose?
@animuson Hahaha, no. Linkin Park and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
(are the two missing ones)
@Moshe I've thought of that. It's young people who know a lot. I used to be verbose
So now this is an age issue? Gimme a break.
7:19 PM
It's always been an age issue.
Get off my lawn.
I see.
Not so much get off my lawn as ... just tell me the highlight to the story
if I want to read a novel I'll pick up a book.
Long form blogs work very rarely
No! Your lawn is nice and green because you take care of it. Mine is dead and brown and not fun to be on!
It's my lawn now! Mwuahahaha
When you add needless details you make people wonder why those details are there.
Point taken.
7:21 PM
Did something specific happen or should I have known something specific about Israeli teenagers at the zoo?
No, they just happened to be non-American teenagers (because you weren't in NYC)
@jcolebrand Like when novels spend a paragraph explaining how shiny and red the apple is? I always hated that. It's an apple, ok, move on.
You saw it as "oh look, colorful details to enrich the story"
@animuson yes, pretty much. Unless the shininess is related to that acid-spray that makes apples look really red that was mentioned like 18 chapters ago.
Well, there were a lot of Americans at the zoo, so it was interesting that those happened to have been Israeli.
@Moshe but was that in the original story? I don't recall it being there. That would've made some difference.
You just always pick the weirdest times to insert lots of detail and then the stories get muddled.
12 mins ago, by jcolebrand
Whether or not this eventually lends itself to beneficence in your future remains to be seen, but most of modern culture vis-a-vis the modern workforce thrives on efficient use of communication even in the face of the potential for the English language, more so than others, to flower and lend itself to high expression.
One day it might be useful to add details, but most people need things fast. Especially in the workplace. Spare us the details.
This is not a workplace.
7:23 PM
Eh, it sorta is.
I mean, that was rather the point to telling it here.
This is the Tavern, after all.
It's a workplace for Shog on Fridays. Have you tried one of his drinks? [/end advertisement for Shog; commission please]
A bar is not a workplace.Unless your boss demands you bring him/her another round. That would make it a workplace.
But everything you do here is still a reflection on you personally, and on the person you're going to become one day as a professional. If we try and keep each other to a higher standard, we come out on top at the end of the day. It really is a win-win. You guys remind me to be less of a dick, and I remind you guys to step up a notch.
@Moshe no, it would never make a bar a workplace. Cute joke, unrealistic.
At the best, it would be entirely sexist/classist.
Hey, ok. Be less of a dick.
Good grief, @jcolebrand. He's typing messages into a chat room. What is the point in analyzing and criticizing what Moshe says and how he says it? If it's too long, don't read it. Just because it doesn't line up with how you think people should communicate, doesn't make it incorrect.
7:26 PM
@jadarnel27 You're right, and then again, this is a site for social interaction.
We are all going to participate in our own ways.
The only ones I know of what get to set rules in here are balpha and shog.
Oh, and I get to unstar stuff ;-)
Unstar all the things!
Like Tim's ":P" message, why is that starred?
@jcolebrand True, so let him participate how he likes. Why harass people about how they use the chat?
I should star it just to make myself a hypocrite.
@animuson Honestly, I was wondering that too. >_>
@jadarnel27 I prefer the term "education", because, check it out, if you always think you're doing it right, but you're not, then you don't get to learn anything if nobody opens their mouth. I learn daily, and from a lot more than you lot might expect.
Oftentimes from ya'll, because I lurk and don't say anything.
Anyways, it's 2:31 local, I'm about to be late for an appt.
7:32 PM
thinks Tim just starred a couple things so his tongue face would drop off the star list
Friends of the people: don't forgot to vote for me in the upcoming election english.stackexchange.com/election/2#post-75670
@jcolebrand You can call it education all you like; the way it comes across, in my opinion, is not education. It's verbose ranting about how you don't like the way other people do things. Your tone is (usually) incredibly confrontational and condescending when you're "educating" other users in here.
@EvanCarroll I think we need a friend of the people in here, right now. Conversation has turned a bit sour.
@animuson I'm tempted to click through to the lemur circumcision conversation, but suspect it would only disappoint.
ahem Sorry. So, Google Play is terrible.
No, not terrible. I haven't used it enough to make that call.
By which I mean, I've used it as a music player, cloud-based-music-library-sync-thing, and considered using it, once, to buy an album.
After which I realized that for the same price I could get the physical CD w/ bonus tracks on Amazon.
7:40 PM
Has it really? I can moderate.
Who is being a mouthpiece for Jeff?
True, terrible was probably a strong word =) I was just surprised not to find two, relatively new albums on there.
@Shog9 you remember the good ole days of MSO? Back when I was allowed to ask questions and everyone got along?
The bottom of every help center page, including "Help > Other," says "If your issue was not covered above, please feel free to contact us directly." The end of that is a link to -- you guessed it -- "Help > Other." Seems kind of mean. But not significant enough for me to post an actual MSO question about it.
@EvanCarroll Well, I don't recall that last bit
@jcolebrand, you gave reasonable advice but I think the way you led into it made this a bit more heated than it needed to be. At first I thought your main point was about racism/sexism/etc.. That now seems to only be a supporting point, but it was more provocative than making it clear up-front that you were primarily offerring writing advice.
7:43 PM
But the former was fun for a while
Maybe your memory is getting a bit loose in your old age.
Anyway, there was basically peace on MSO. People were waking up to the common enemy: the evil moderators, and the SE-employee junta.
I did download the new Silversun Pickups album from Google Play; that was a very seamless experience on my Droid. So points for that.
@jadarnel27 Needs more freehand circles Justin Bieber
@animuson But I already have all of his albums.
8:00 PM
Is there a rule about referencing your candidacy in your answer to questions?
A: Why should I use "ought to"?

Evan CarrollUse ought to when you wish to emphasize that: things aren't that way now. and, you wish things to be that way. I think ought to is slightly more formal but only in the very nature that it adds emphasis without invoking vulgarity, and that's usually formal. Here is an example, I know the ...

The general rule is you're only allowed to post thing actually relevant. Taglines, signatures, and other advertisements for unrelated things should be removed.
@EvanCarroll While I personally don't see anything wrong with what you did there, I feel the answer would be better if the name were generalized to "Evan" and the links were removed.
My account has been banned from asking questions again for the 4th time ... Stack need to do something about this ... its irritating — Yatin K Jul 21 at 6:13
8:17 PM
If you get slapped on the wrist once, I can see blaming the other guy. Four times? I'd start looking at what you're doing to invite the slap-fest.
I still don't feel good about my pronoun choices in that previous chat message, but I can't think of a better way to word it now.
My weather app still says it's currently thunderstorming here, and there's still not a cloud in the sky...
@animuson Clear your cache?
@Shog9 Amazon MP3 store wins.
Thanks for the suggestion. I can't believe I didn't think of that, considering our CD is on there as well /shameless plug
8:44 PM
StackExchange™ MiniCollider NotSoSuperDropdown™ — ManishEarth wants more waffles May 23 at 4:57
^ That should be official.
"MiniCollider" is fine, but "NotSoSuperDropdown"? Meh. How about... "AdequateDropdown"? "EconomyDropdown"? "PassableDropdown"? "ExpressDropdown"? "LiteDropdown"? "TinyDropdown"? "ProtoDropdown"? "StandardDropdown"?
@PopularDemand I like "EconomyDropdown" and "TinyDropdown" the best.
9:22 PM
@Moshe But, but, it automatically updates every 15 minutes... They had thunderstorms in the forecast from like 1pm through 1am today. I have a feeling the "current conditions" just goes off what they predicted for this time period rather than what's actually happening...
9:58 PM
I wonder what I should do if I'm the "target" of serial upvoting: i.sstatic.net/0rwmN.png
Q: How to act when you're being serial upvoted

Cengiz CanI'm relatively new in StackOverflow, even though my account is 2 years old, I started actively contributing to site a few months ago. I'm trying to do my best and while doing it, hoping to learn more than I currently know. Today, for the first time, most of my answers were serially upvoted by s...

Oh, thank you.
No problem. tl;dr: don't worry, it'll sort itself out (and if it doesn't, flag one of your posts for mod attention and use the "other" field to explain what you think is happening).
Will I keep the 17 badges I gained? ;)
have fun getting enough rep tomorrow to get out of the negative area though if you don't want any red bars in your rep graph :P
10:02 PM
Seventeen badges? Did someone find all of your posts with a score of nine and go to town?
a 9=>10 upvote often gives you two badges
Yeah, Nice Answer and Enlightened.
Whoa. I was joking (or, I thought I was). That's crazy. You must have sent someone some urrrrrrrrrrrgntly needed codez.
But now you don't get the joy of receiving the badges when those posts legitimately reach those thresholds again. Oh the sadness. :(
10:05 PM
@ThiefMaster Well, it only started when I was past the rep cap.
10:16 PM
@jeremybanks It was the former to start, then it drifted into the latter. We all get complacent in our racism/nationalism and we don't need to. We're better than that.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I seem to have given you bad advice:
Please don't flag for moderator attention. It is very, very unlikely they will even do anything (if they even can). They're just leave it and let the voting fraud script catch it whenever it runs. If the voting fraud script doesn't catch it, then it's very likely a moderator won't do anything about it either. I'm not sure they even have the ability to reverse votes (probably only devs). — animuson Mar 14 at 21:29
@PopularDemand Ok, no problem. I really doubt the fraud detector won't notice this.
It's 53 upvotes.
If that's not enough to trigger it, I don't know what is.
10:43 PM
I bought some Skittle Riddles o.o

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