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2:49 AM
@TimStone Don't you wanna, wanna fix it. Don't you wanna, wanna fix it.
3:36 AM
@animuson Not much to fix, really...so since I can't do it myself I'll leave it in balpha and Marc's capable hands. :P
OH MY GOSH! There's only 5 people in here! O.O
sounds the alarm
3:51 AM
It's quiet... Too quiet.
4:48 AM
@Shog9 Apparently it's because the chat notifications have deafened you.
Pshaw. That happened months ago.
5:10 AM
Q: how do i get my girl to roleplay?

eric coldironhey bros (fellow nerds unite! lol), im really into the chicks who love cosplay. how can i get my girl to participate in a fastasy of mine? i would really love it if she dressed up like rikku from FFX, but i am just too shy to ask because im afraid she will think i am a weird. my friends think i...

5:20 AM
Oh, good - he specified the ABV%. I hate it when folks leave important details out of questions.
5:54 AM
Man, remind me to never go to the full version of chat on an iOS device ever again, no matter how badly I want to search for something.
That was a painful experience.
1 hour later…
7:16 AM
@balpha Next you'll be telling us there's a SQL injection vulnerability in the code!
hmm... checking...
DB.Execute("update Messages set Text='" + Request.Query["newtext"] + "' where id=" + Request.Query["id"]);
nope looks safe
I love that this guy stackoverflow.com/a/11406866/168175 decided he needed more jQuery all by himself about half an hour later: stackoverflow.com/a/11407180/168175
7:34 AM
That guy really joined the site just to post those two answers? o.o
8:00 AM
are "here's some code, can anyone improve or confirm" non-answers? Examples stackoverflow.com/questions/5379406/… stackoverflow.com/a/6845459/995876
@Esailija Assuming the code actually works for the OP, yes
You could leave a comment telling them to ask why/how does the code work in a new question
4 hours later…
12:21 PM
Is there a way to link directly to the side-by-side view of a particular edit?
12:44 PM
@AakashM I don't think so. You can only link to /revisions, or the formatted version of a particular revision.
1:00 PM
@jadarnel27 hmm I feared that was the case. To meta!
1 hour later…
2:00 PM
This is where someone is supposed to tell me what to think!!!
2:20 PM
@jadarnel27 red is the new blue
@jcolebrand That sounds confusing and contradictory. I like it.
@jadarnel27 I'm not asking you to judge it, I'm telling you what to think.
2:37 PM
Oh, right.
Mountain Lion.
Surprisingly similar.
Heh, is that Apple's tagline this time?
Someone ping me please. Testing something.
@Moshe Sure
@TimYiJiang And, no, not Apple's tagline. That's my frustration at cool stuff not being immediately obvious.
Oh well.
3:10 PM
The correct response if you are an indentured slave working on a software project: reddit.com/r/programming/comments/waeki/…
3:51 PM
@TimYiJiang That is hilarious!
4:24 PM
I'm genuinely confused about this record in my reputation tab that says "-2 03:44 removed jHtmlArea always generates p tag automatically when click "enter" key down"
4:35 PM
@jadarnel27 you get -2 rep when someone downvotes your question.
So if someone deleted an answer of yours that was downvoted, or if you made an edit and they reversed their vote, you would get the -2 revoked, thus giving you +2
Where precisely do you see that?
@jcolebrand It's on my reputation tab. I'm just trying to think of why I would lose 2 rep for a post being deleted.
I didn't see it on your rep tab, hence I asked
possibly from edits?
Since you get +2 rep per edit up to 1k
@jcolebrand Yeah, you can't see information about removed posts on other people's rep tabs anymore.
So was this your answer, or was this something else?
I can't tell for sure (because the text isn't a link for me), but I don't think I am qualified to answer a question with that title.
@jcolebrand That could be it.
If I had suggested an edit on the post when I was pre-2k and it was approved, I'd get the +2. Then, it's deletion gives me -2.
But I feel like I'm missing something more obvious than that.
4:43 PM
Tim is most likely AFK, he's on special assignment :p
Perhaps you downvoted two answers to that question (I dunno, maybe you came across them via /review) and when the question was deleted the "removed" entries on your rep tab were collapsed into one?
That's what I thought at first too, but wouldn't that give me +2 (not -2)?
Oh, I read it as saying that the negative was removed.
Yeah, I just opened my own rep tab and found a "removed" entry; you're right.
4:58 PM
@jcolebrand Special assignment, eh?
@jadarnel27 my lips are sealed
Suffice to say I am omniscient
dramatic music plays
Also, you shouldn't smirk at the monitor like that, people will see.
Yeah, so rchern has the power to disrupt your garbage disposal (and I can flog a dead horse, watch!)
I thought you heard, once you got a diamond, the SE team uploads special software into the frontal cortex that unlocks a bit more of your brain.
That's why the mods are better, not from some inherent betterness ;-)
5:05 PM
@jadarnel27 You edited the post sometime in January of 2011, and received +2 for a suggested edit which was removed apparently when the question was deleted.
(or, at least that's what I'm going with. :P)
@TimStone That's sort of what I was thinking (but does reputation from suggested edits work like that?). Also, where did you come up with "January of 2011"?
I don't think that's right.
I bet you used that Data Explorer somehow.
Damn you and your logic.
magic, n.: 1) advanced technology 2) SEDE
I also meant January 2012, apparently.
5:10 PM
But ignore my inability to read.
I told you about that smirking at your monitor ...
@jadarnel27 I actually have a complete catalog of every post that ever existed stored in my brain. The query performance is marginally faster than that of SQL Server, so I used it instead of Data Explorer.
Way to not share the boat programming question, you selfish jerk.
Jeff actually invaded my dreams to destroy that one, sorry.
5:18 PM
@TimStone That sounds implausible at best. I'd think that performance would be significantly faster, not just marginally faster.
You didn't take into account that I somehow haven't had caffeine today.
He used a giant S
@TimStone Yikes. Ok, that makes more sense.
Does it make sense to lose reputation from suggested edits if the post was removed? You were trying to improve the post prior to it's removal. That seems like 2-rep-worthy action, regardless of the outcome.
Am I going to obsess slightly over this? Yes, probably. The alternative is doing all of this work I'm supposed to be doing. And that seems...distasteful.
Hmm. Yeah, I'm not sure that it's status-bydesign. I guess the argument could be that if you edited but it ended up being deleted anyway, the edit ultimately wasn't effective...but eh. shrugs
You should also totally feature request that I add the ability to cancel a long-running query executions for when I you make careless mistakes in your queries.
Why, if you take a giant S and add a more different S, a beefy arm, some wings, and some consummate v's for majesty and you get... TROGDOR!
@jcolebrand Hey, did you ever manage to get through your back thing without becoming addicted to painkillers?
5:30 PM
@mootinator Aye, of course
@TimStone That sounds similar to work.
I really only took them to make people around me happy, because apparently they reduce blood pressure as a temporary side effect
@jcolebrand Ha.
the pk really didn't touch my pain, the first was all nerve, the second was just sore muscles. Ibuprofen helped more than the good stuff
I still have something like 30 pills of oxycontin or something in my secret drug safekeeping place
(the top drawer of the clear organizer right inside my bedroom door)
Yeah, I suppose the lack of effectiveness is a deterrent to becoming addicted.
That's the problem I'm having right now.
Destroying my liver for no descernible benefit.
5:33 PM
I think the ones I have are 5/325?
I would have to check
Well I just didn't take them unless people fussed at me
I hear tell mmj is a less destructive chemical aid. As with all of this, YMMV.
Unconsciousness is the best pain reliever.
The DR gave me the choice between Naproxen and/or T3.
I should have like 50 but I gave a few to wifey to keep at the other house in case of period cramps etc, cos girls apparently have bad cramps
Ah les girls.
5:34 PM
@jadarnel27 wrong, I've woken up out of dead sleep from pain, and I'm pretty sure that aside from a coma, pain would do that for anyone
ok, AFK, errands and lunch
Kidney stones aren't fun either.
later @jcole
Oh, I meant unconsciousness from drinking liquor. Not sleep. Who sleeps? Lame.
Oh that's what I'm doing wrong.
5:37 PM
Obviously =)
I should be a doctor.
6:08 PM
Close votes for this IE7 bug question?
@jadarnel27 I was pretty sure I had seen that reported before, so I went looking for the dupe, only to realize that that question was posted a year and a half ago and was, itself, the one I was thinking of.
@PopularDemand Hahah, well done =P
Your impeccable memory has defeated you.
6:49 PM
I love it when these appear in my twitter search column
why wont my twitter let me reply to tweets? it says on the laptop STACK OVERFLOW AT LINE 298 WTF does that mean?
Ah, apparently a closing </div> tag was to blame.
huh, isn't it usually on line 4? or 8? or something way less than 298.
Q: Should we get rid of the [div] tag?

Tim Yi JiangThe div tag currently has 6,675 questions. It is, in my opinion, absolutely useless. When you search using this tag, 99% of the time what you get is questions like Why isn't my Javascipt/CSS working on this div The problem is adding a tag like this does nothing to enhance the question. T...

I guess we should.
claps Well played.
Hahaha. This entire exchange is awesome.
6:56 PM
I'm personally quite proud of what we accomplished here today. Nicely done, everyone.
And now I've got to take my friend to the airport, so I'll be back in a bit.
Do we really need "(the answer is here, in this post)" and "IMPORTANT: CLICK HERE AND READ CAREFULLY!" at the top of What can I do when getting "Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"?? I'm usually all for coddling low quality users and assuming everyone will learn/improve if they just get the right guidance and all, but come on.
@PopularDemand I don't see how it really hurts anything (other than looking kind of goofy).
It's goofy-looking to the point of being detrimental. Why not add "(the preceding text was just a title, and you should keep reading the smaller text after this for the body of the question; anything under that will be community-generated answers or possibly comments on the question)" to everything?
7:12 PM
@PopularDemand I think the reason that was added, though, was because of actual confusion that multiple users experienced (for some reason, I remember seeing a comment thread where Robert Harvey mentioned this, and then added that to the post).
So it's there to solve a specific problem, not just too excessively coddle users.
(although I do see what you mean, that is somewhat of a slippery slope)
But the solution to that problem is to give up on those users. We're all here to help, but you have to come in with some foundation.
True, true. I guess if you can't pick up on the "question followed by answers" aspect of this... Q&A site, you're probably out of luck.
That's all I'm saying.
The I begrudgingly agree with you. Begrudgingly!
The day has reached it's 'oven-like' stage.
7:24 PM
:o Why'd they have to delete the whole question? :(
That's not nice.
I guess I'll let it sit until I have the time and inclination for a rollback war. For now, I leave you with the fact that Pekka has a groupie:
Haha, I saw that the other day. That's really...odd.
You can't avoid the Meta!
8:28 PM
How to tell your mind isn't working yet: You get up to get socks and end up looking in the mini-fridge, then can't figure out what the hell you're looking for in the fridge.
Oh right... I need socks...
8:57 PM
Sounds like you need to start stocking socks in the minifridge...
I need to go buy a cake apparently.
nothing like going to the fridge to sock a pair of stockings
I have a pair of stockings on my mini-fridge.
Mind you, they're full of salt.
Yknow. Just in case we get some ice dams in the middle of summer.

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