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1:26 AM
@Slate You might want to look into this relevant question, or have someone else look at it:
Q: How do I get attention for a bug report or feature request that was deferred a long time ago?

Sonic the Anonymous HedgehogAs I was using the site, I had an idea for a new feature for the network. As I searched through the Meta archives, I found that someone already asked for the same thing a long time in the past. The suggestion was positively received, and the team posted a response that they like the request, but ...

1:57 AM
@Slate I don't want to suggest working on a weekend but what we used to do when we did big tag cleanups when we had more energy, spoons and messy tags was to just announce we're going to be doing a tag clean up, plan ahead, and just go full steam ahead, don't mind the front page
there's going to be little activity on weekends in theory so disruption would be limited
or practically some other day :D
(that's to say, its for a good cause, don't sweat flooding the front page :D)
2:18 AM
2:57 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Still WIP so far as I'm aware
@JourneymanGeek We don't work weekends, so sadly, y'all are just gonna have to put up with it :)
@Slate Why doesn't the company hire some CMs with Wednesday-Sunday work weeks, or something similar?
Ideally, in my opinion, there'd be staggered work days and times for the CMs, so there'd be an active CM presence 24/7 on the sites. But that's just a fantasy right now...
Dunno if I know anyone who'd want to work Wed-Sun. There'd need to be a reason it can't be covered by on-call rotation
One of the most important parts of being a CM is working with engineers, PMs, and folks across the company. Cutting two days out of the week for that would be rough
I feel like this is one of the topics I'd be ranty about, but I'm in a mood over the dog that isn't going to be mine so I'll refrain till I'm in a better state of mind :D
@Slate which is entirely reasonable, substutute that for "massive disruption all at once" :D
most site metas would be ok, its just MSE and MSO that're likely to have cranky folks, and they can deal with it ._.
3:21 AM
Yeah, I mean, if folks are irked by backlog cleanup, well... It's gotta happen. During business hours. Lol
I've been trying to be respectful of volume on MSO over the last few weeks tbh. But if (when?) it's ever more than just me, or more coordinated, that's going to go out the window and it'll have to be fine.
@Slate that's when you put up a meta post :D
Come now, where's the fun in that?
Q: Logistics for tag cleanup weekend 1

Journeyman Geek Tag cleanup weekend 1 is now complete! For afterthoughts, see here: Tag cleanup weekend 1 - After action reports and impressions Considering that we're attempting to short circuit some of the usual things we normally do in order to clean up the site, we're having our first, very experimental...

You'd be surprised :D
Curious, about how many did you get through over the weekend?
I don't remember but hundreds ._.
But we also treated it as a team effort
(I also trickle edited, 1000+ tags over a year or two :D)
3:37 AM
And hey, if any MSE and MSO mod feels the desire to strip [status-deferred]/[status-planned]/[status-review] from features of the site that definitively do not exist anymore over the weekend... consider yourself deputized. Otherwise I/we will get around to them eventually (soon?), provided I/we keep this up lol, there's really no pressure
@JourneymanGeek think I've done around 200-250 so far
I'm not a mod anymore. its the sort of thing I'd do if I was tho :D
@Slate which is a reasonable amount before you lose your mind get tired for most people
@JourneymanGeek We'll see.
(that said, with actual dba skills or being able to borrow one, you might be able to more efficiently filter what needs doing than eyeball MK1 - I tend to caveperson my way around these problems)
3:43 AM
I have the skills I'd need to make database edits, but not the access or peer review. But honestly it's less helpful than you might imagine
naw, to find the questions.
I have all of them
I wouldn't fully automate it, but reducing false positives helps a lot
I mean, no risk of FPs or FNs here. It's just everything in review/planned/deferred, very deterministic and enumerable
in our case we didn't have any FPs
ah, then its very much a "grab a coffee, do it till your eyes cross, take a break and continue" :D
3:45 AM
For as long as it's worthwhile to continue, yup.
Which reminds me we have some tags that need cleaning up when we have the energy :D
You do, as I'm now realizing based on your usage of planned and deferred ;)
Not yours specifically, but you know.
I think I kinda lost interest ~2019ish
(maybe later, I cleared a lot of flags)
(Gotta run.)
lol, its around midnight there innit :D
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@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog no need to ping me - I tend to do fine without prompting :D
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9:06 AM
@JourneymanGeek usually faster than those getting pinged. :P
@Marco going to eat lunch soon! :D
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Pinging @Journeyman to check if he does fine with prompting, too
Depends on what you're prompting me to do
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@ShadowWizard good!!

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