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@ShadowWizard ;)
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@b_jonas don't worry, some pointed out that on the chat, you still have to use the old url in search... so at least the indexes weren't rebuild.
And also there is an odd bug that randomly cuts one letter from the image name, resulting in HTML that looks like this:
<a rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer" href="https://i.sstatic.net/imageNameWithoutLastLetter.jpg">
   <img src="https://i.sstatic.net/imageName.jpg" class="user-image" alt="user image">
so the img embedding works, but if you click the picture you get a broken link
Stumbled on this old post today.
Q: A Terms of Service update restricting companies that scrape your profile information without your permission

Jaydles Update (April 19, 2016): This change is now live. You can view the updated Terms of Service here, or read about them below. tl;dr: We’re planning to make some changes to our Terms of Service to stop companies from scraping profile information from multiple websites and spamming users. The chan...

> Profile Content that is NOT available via the Stack Exchange API ("Personal Profile Content") cannot be used for any commercial purpose, individually or in aggregate, or be republished without the explicit consent of the author of such Personal Profile Content or the explicit consent of Stack Exchange.
> Additionally, no Profile Content, including API Profile Content, may be used in any way that implies a user is affiliated with, has signed up for, or is in any way associated with a third party without explicit permission from Stack Exchange or the user.
Any idea if the two paragraphs I quoted are still present anywhere in the current ToS and if not when they magically disappeared?
the current TOS, a lot like other things of that ilk are... rather unwieldy
I feel like its not there from a quick look
8:43 AM
I think it was silently dropped somewhere in 2018.
But the archives are messy.
this is the original text
Invoke cunningham's law? :D
> Profile Content
Profile Content is information about you (a Subscriber) that is contributed by you or inferred about you by your activity. Profile Content includes, but is not limited to, display names, reputation scores, avatars, your role and company, and other user generated content found on a Subscriber's profile such as "About Me" content.

Profile Content that is available via the Stack Exchange API ("API Profile Content") is perpetually and irrevocably licensed to Stack Exchange and its Subscribers under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license
@JourneymanGeek I could also go on meta and post something like "In light of the recent AI partnership when was the paragraph of the TOS that protected user profiles from scrapping silently dropped?"
I mean, you could, but that's not constructive
Clickbait works far better than "Somebody is wrong on the internet"
Depends on your goals
and I'd almost argue its easier to dismiss clickbait/drama farming that a considered question
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@JourneymanGeek I mean, pointing out that technically the current TOS no longer says "please don't abuse users profile data" when the network data is being used to train LLM is not totally useless in my view
Its your question (well in potentia)
BUT if a company is using it via a partnershipm its via the stack exchange API
if they have access to it via that, they are, to the letter of that TOS, entirely in the clear
Especially If you asked before "can you please tell us exactly what they are doing with what data" and you got...
I mean, that in general is a different problem :D
@JourneymanGeek "If you act sus don't get mad if we vent you into space", standard space base crew manual.
I mean, if we could vent sus people into space, we'd solve a lot of problems but its the non sus people who are getting vented into space
8:52 AM
> OpenAI was yeeted into space. OpenAI was the impostor.
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@SPArcheon You can search for URLs? I assumed all the SE searches were the annoying kind that omits all the link and image URLs from their search indexing.
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@b_jonas this.
Q: To find old images in chat, you still have to search with the Imgur URL

MithicalI was recently looking for a graph I had posted to a private chat room several months ago. In order to find it, I went to search for messages posted by me containing i.sstatic.net in the room I knew I was in. However, that turned up no results. On a search for i.stack.imgur.com, however, suddenly...

That's great! Can chat do it as well?
I mean the terrible chat search
Oh! that post is about chat only
I suspect public Q&A gets a LOOOT more eyes on it
10:06 AM
CEO eyes?
@JourneymanGeek forgot number #4.
10:27 AM
I didn't forget that :D
@JourneymanGeek Collectives are part of the public sites. Well, a part of Stack Overflow. A tiny and useless part of Stack Overflow.
But is it really?
Is it really what?
part of SO?
10:33 AM
No wait
I am confusing it with discussions
grabs the other pile of notes
Collectives only makes sense if public Q&A has enough value for people to sponsor a thing :D
The collective nutrition of all the fruit in my kitchen has a lot of value.
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@SPArcheon Never knew Dalija was a pony.
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If some known troll please at least add a note in MS, I did look for such this time.
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@ShadowWizard its the topic
We often have spammers for that, but in this case its just rotten luncheon meat
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