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12:07 AM
@PM2Ring After reading the first two paragraphs, just wtf is going on at Twitter...?
I mean, unless the description is twisted, and he's actually referring to satirical illustrations?
I mostly avoid Twitter. I've never had an account there, and I rarely read Tweets. And since it became X it's even harder to read without signing up.
Never had an account there, either, Figured reading respectable newspapers would relieve me of having to visit that place for news.
There are numerous misconceptions in the article itself. I haven't checked the comment section.
Which misconceptions? Bear in mind that Scott is using hyperbole or being sarcastic with some of those remarks.
12:23 AM
He did? I may have skimmed too fast over some parts, then. For example, stating that Israel is not to blame for the starvations in Gaza, and that UNRWA is a terrorist organization, or a part of Hamas.
The comment section on Shtetl-Optimized is moderated. He permits constructive criticism, but blocks outright trolling and abusive behaviour. If a comment is borderline, he'll allow it. But if it becomes obvious that the author isn't being respectful, they get blocked.
He doesn't say that UNRWA is a terrorist organization, or a part of Hamas. He claims that some UNRWA staff support Hamas, and that some of them even participated in the Oct 7 massacre. And that UNRWA as an organisation lets itself get pushed around by Hamas.
Thus you can't simply give food & medical supplies to UNRWA, in the hope that they will only be distributed to Palestinian civilians, and not be seized by Hamas.
12:40 AM
Personally, I'm better off taking a look at it again after some sleep.
3 hours later…
3:48 AM
25 messages moved to Chimney
4:05 AM
@AaronBertrand I don't have the skillset to be very useful, but I'm looking forward to whatever it is :D
@Marco Area 51 is kinda in a wierd limbo for now - I honestly wouldn't get my hopes too high on getting a new site up
4:31 AM
If anyone has wondered what chewing noises sounds like youtu.be/gusMKZZ1ONw feels like a good approximation
2 hours later…
6:02 AM
@Marco it depends. ;)
6:53 AM
@AaronBertrand I have no skills wrt that either, but I pinned those messages for you, hopefully you'll find some users!
@AaronBertrand I can do some testing, let me know what you need.
7:35 AM
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda Master of Magic, old DOS era strategy game. I though you may have played it.
8:10 AM
@starball comments were posted before it was migrated, as can be seen here, and looks like there is a glitch in the association of the accounts, yeah.
(so it didn't recognize the account on the target site upon migration.)
@PM2Ring the title implies totally unusable, as in "worthless". They can use "unusable for me" or better give details what can't be used.
@PM2Ring whoa, great stuff. Bookmarked for later reading, and pity comments are closed now - wonder why? Automatic after a while? But yeah, usually comments on such things are very heated.
@SPArcheon nope. I did play game called M&M but it was Might and Magic. ;)
8:27 AM
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda M&M's? lol
@Petəíŕd The Spring Wizard yup. Tasty game!
1 hour later…
9:32 AM
> Annnnd … now that the trolls are starting to appear (“Sam” has now left responded with an even more openly trollish comment, which I won’t let up), and also now that all the usual arguments have been laid out, I think it’s time to wrap up this thread by tonight. Get in any final comments before then.

Of course what’s surprising is how long the troll takeover took! Most commenters here, whatever their views, have been great.
10:02 AM
@AaronBertrand sign me up!
10:12 AM
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda i know i have been here since 2021 and I know ur user since
i used to talk here
the thing is idk how its still alive
10:24 AM
@starball Excellent! Drop me an e-mail at abertrand at stackoverflow dot com
@rene same, thanks! -----^
10:42 AM
@starball and hope you're both okay with a shared e-mail thread. :-\
@AaronBertrand not sure what "shared" means, but I don't think I'll mind.
ah ok I see now
I used my starball email so I especially don't mind :)
@starball clearly you've not worked corporate IT. CC ALL THE PEOPLE >_>
No no, I just sent them both an e-mail, thinking "maybe they don't want each other to see their e-mail address" a second too late.
@AaronBertrand I was just messing with both of ya :D
(and probably projecting on the sheer 'fun' working in government-corporate IT was.. )
hmm now I'm going to try CC
10:53 AM
Your young soul should not face such horrors
1 hour later…
12:11 PM
@PM2Ring ah, thanks. Pity.
@Wolf well yes, but now you just posted... nothing, until now.
(I mean you did post, but nothing that made any sense.)
Just dots.
@Wolf what is still alive? The chat?
@Petəíŕd The Spring Wizard try DD!
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda EE! ;p
@Petəíŕd The Spring Wizard k
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda naa
12:39 PM
Did chat.se break again for anyone else?
@Tinkeringbell no
Hmm. Weird. The chat.meta things are fine for me, but none of the chat.se ones will load.
I'll blame my side then.
I'm back. Restarting chrome helped, it seems :)
1:35 PM
@JourneymanGeek ok, thanks!
@Petəíŕd The Spring Wizard why?
@Marco in general SE's english only
unless its a non english site (uncommon) or there's a good reason
1:48 PM
@JourneymanGeek yes, that I know
@JourneymanGeek yes, I know, I asked because there isn't a website relating to the Thai language
ah, that specifically
Probably no
2:53 PM
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda good good, can't complain :) what about you? still in this corner of the internet I see
3:22 PM
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda look i have been in this chat since 2021 then I used to talk a lot but I was just surprised the chat is still alive
2 hours later…
5:37 PM
I just registered for the Happy Hour event that starts in 5 hours. What will be at the event?
@Marco Nothing at all.
What is it for, then?
I think it used to be a thing, years ago.
6:06 PM
@Marco It was used to test the then-new chat events feature and stuck around since.
Did someone forget to disable the automatic scheduling of the weekly Happy Hour event, as it serves no purpose? :D
@JourneymanGeek is the dog in your profile photo yours?
2 hours later…
8:02 PM
I just received it via e-mail:


You registered for the following chat events happening today on chat.meta.stackexchange.com:

Tavern on the Meta for 1h in 2 hours
Happy Hour
enter this room | view events

See you there!"
I'm looking forward to seeing what happens at the event.
8:21 PM
@g3rv4 personally no news, nationally, well, you probably know... and we all hope things won't escalate further.
@Marco you can be happy during this hour, and share it here. :-D
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda If there are lots of snacks and sodas, I will be.
@Marco snakes and hard drinks (whiskey)! :P
I'd rather refuse snakes and alcoholic beverages
@Wolf well why not? Even during strikes, people were here, as it's not part of curating the sites, or helping SE in any way - it's a way to vent stuff, or just relax, or just rant like I often do.
@Marco Pity! But you're forgiven. Snacks will be served as well. ;)
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda thanks, I hope sodas too!
Invite all SE staff and moderators too!
8:28 PM
@Marco ah, found something for you, will give it during the Happy Hour, if I'll be around. ;)
@Marco I can invite former staff, @g3r who might even join us! Current staff even I don't dare pinging for no good reason. (and some of the mods... ;))
Oh, ok, great! :D
hmm.... maybe @V2Blast would also like to join us and have a blast... :P
But actually only one single active staff is pingable, JNat - they're way too busy, so no luck. :(
When the even starts? Half hour?
8:32 PM
oh no
> Starts in 2 hours (in your timezone, that's 2:00 on Saturday), lasts 60 minutes. This is a regular event, happening every 7 days until 12/18/3000.
No, in 2 and a half hours
Sadly 2am is the time I go to sleep. :(
No, will be 8:00 P.M
@Marco for you, but I'm 6 hours ahead of you...
Sorry, I thought you were talking about me
8:33 PM
When you go to sleep?
When it's around 9 pm I probably won't be on the computer anymore.
ah, I have an idea. Not sure it will work though.
@Marco early. Well, I'm also going away from computer couple of hours before going to sleep, but sometimes check it anyway in late hours.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog you are invited too.
All SE users, staff and moderators
Zelda and Link too
8:47 PM
yeah, thanks! ;)
9:02 PM
test 1 2 3, if it works I'm happy!
2 hours later…
10:50 PM
An event is starting in 9 minutes in Tavern on the Meta - "Happy Hour"
Now your time to sleep, cya tomorrow @Marco ;)
Now your time to sleep, cya tomorrow @Marco ;)
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda no, is not.
well, is your time to sleep.
Now your time to sleep, cya tomorrow @Marco ;)
@ShadowWizardLoveZelda .
11:22 PM
@Marco He was - He's kind of a minor Super User (maybe even network) legend
He passed on about 3 years ago due to old age

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