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12:00 AM
..... I'm catching up on the imgur move and I have a fun problem. We used to have a bot on SU and one of the things I was trying to do was fix up/document the links. All of the images are on imgur... so... it might not be worth it for me to fix yet If I don't by the time the move happens I never can.
@Catija Thank you. I really appreciate it.
@user16217248 inaction is never against the guidelines :D
If you're unsure, its better to let someone sure do it, than disney lemming it.
@starball the community is sometimes differently right :D
@user16217248 "I fail to see how question difficulty was ever an attribute to consider" That's not really fair. rev 1 of your post has significant framing around "easy/hard"ness of questions.
@Catija really? there were three before I sent my chat message about changing my mind, and I cast one to make it four. was it just a page refresh issue?
@starball Did you try to cast one? The reopen action in the history does not list you.
nevermind. my reopen vote isn't recorded for some reason...
well, I definitely intended to, but maybe I just forgot in the moment :P
we can probably blame my easily distracted brain and bad memory.
12:03 AM
@starball we can check post history
Ah. Never mind. I'm slow.
@Catija nah. my bad for not checking post history before pinging you.
@user16217248 For what it's worth, this is a really great way to use bounties as it's more visible than an increase in reward for upvotes but not great at SO scale.
@starball imagess?
Unfortunately, it's difficult to determine a way to scale any reward that's opaque to answerers and people reviewing rep history. It's also difficult to determine whether a question has been unanswered (or insufficiently answered) due to any specific reason... I'm guessing many go unanswered simply out of obscurity.
While question upvotes should indicate the answer is actually needed, it's possible in many cases the question is unanswerable until a later date, such as if there's an unconfirmed bug that's later fixed. Answering is simple once patched but may be impossible before.
12:13 AM
@JourneymanGeek what?
@JourneymanGeek ooooooof sorry.
@JourneymanGeek ah yes. alternative truth rightness. *brain melts
"From a certain point of view"
@JourneymanGeek doesn't mobile chat use the same upload as full site chat?
lemme check
mobile has no uploader (shhh) :D
12:21 AM
A: How should I answer a question about a bug in a programming language or dependencies?

starball Should these questions have no answers? They represent real problems and seem exactly part of Stack Overflow's mission. The Stack Exchange Q&A model can be very valuable for presenting info that can be equivalently gleaned from reading issue tickets: the value of writing concise questions that ...

Q: Is there any way to use `workbench.action.quickOpenRecent` to open a new window?

Wenfang DuI enjoyed the convenience of workbench.action.quickOpenRecent, but there's one downside, which is, unlike workbench.action.openRecent, the selected project can't be opened in a new window, is there any way to get around that?

Q: How to efficiently avoid "have they added this feature yet" questions

DecimalTurnIt has already been established that questions asking for when a new software feature will be released are not acceptable on Stack Overflow since they are customer service-related questions. However, sometimes a question become about a feature request in the case where the asker is unknowingly as...

@JourneymanGeek yeah. You have to switch to full site view.
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A: What are the hidden features of Stack Exchange?

user16217248You can force-sync your per-site Meta reputation with the main site reputation by going to the per-site Meta and clicking the Ask Question button. Normally there is a delay between when the reputation a per-site Meta profile becomes synced with the main site profile reputation but I have noticed ...

=.= wthhhhhhhhh
@cocomac y tho?
8:01 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 27 mins ago, by cocomac
@SmokeDetector In hindsight, I likely should not have reported this; it isn't spam
8:41 AM
@cocomac yeah... I saw your report and thought: "uhhh. the MSO answer post about the Python 'questions' says to not flag as spam...".
8:55 AM
Just wondering, are there any stats available on the frequency / fraction of the blatantly off-topic questions (meant for one main site or other) on M.SE? (They tend to get deleted promptly, so I can't just search or use SEDE)
Going to English.SE to spam in Arabic sure is a flex...
@KarlKnechtel Not really I think. I can 'see' that specific close reason was used '9' times in the past 30 days, so it seems my mod tools are also excluding deleted posts :)
Yeah, that definitely sounds too low
I know it is too low, I pressed the 'lost souls' button more times than that ;)
Mumble... almost December.
I think an average of 3 a day isn't too high an estimate :D
9:08 AM
anyone wants to bet on the amount of "Why no WB this year" questions we will get?
3 a day?
(more seriously, you may want to stick that old announcement somehow)
@Slate An alternative method would be to do what's currently done with older http://i.stack.imgur.com links. Those are silently re-rendered in posts as https://i.stack.imgur.com without needing to edit them. A similar silent re-rendering is done for http://meta.*.stackexchange.com and https://amazon.com links. — Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog 12 hours ago
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog are you sure? Aaron updated a million and a half of those links to be https earlier this year
@Mithical "silently" meaning that Aaron didn't scream (much) while doing this very enjoyable work
9:38 AM
@SPArcheon 2
@SPArcheon well even the Jewish holiday Hanukkah is kind of cancelled this year, unrelated to SE actually. All planned festivities e.g. Festigal won't take place this year. :(
(and hundreds of live shows in the cities)
@starball lol, neat!
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10:44 AM
@Mithical I just tested it myself, in an edit to a sandbox answer.
@Mithical That occurred long after the mandate that only HTTPS images could be served was enacted in 2018. The functionality I talk about was implemented at that time.
Also, it seems like the system no longer rewrites older-style meta links to newer-style ones - that used to happen in the past, and meant that places like meta.dev.stackexchange.com couldn't be linked to directly.
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1:15 PM
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(someone didn't like the taste of coconut oil)
How rude to coconuts!
@ElementsInSpace Huh, I got the impression they were just hating on the fact there was no answer to the question XD
@VLAZ They're thick-skinned, they can handle it :)
Yeah, but presumably they would only care that there is no answer because they weren't happy with the taste.
Coconuts are indeed thick skinned.
Someone said coconut
1:26 PM
@SPArcheon That's an interesting hat.
@SPArcheon Yes. But only coconut. Not the other 90+ percent of that image.
You need to work on your LLM skills.
@Tinkeringbell all complaints must be sent to Mihoyo customer department.
@ElementsInSpace see here
@SPArcheon Oh, it's a talisman.
But she doesn't look like a zombie / hopping vampire. Surely the drink would spill?
(there is a lot of things I don't understand)
@Tinkeringbell Good answer ;)
2:10 PM
@ElementsInSpace she is not technically. I was just talking about the outfit.
Hmm, okay.
@SPArcheon not the coconut?
If the one who posted that offensive crap will visit this chat I'm sure they'll be happy to see how much chatter their answer sparked. :P
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6:44 PM
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11:08 PM
A: If *all* of a user's many answers promote the same thing but they properly disclose affiliation, is it spam?

GlorfindelIn my experience, it's best not to flag a post like that as spam. A ♦ moderator would see only a single post in the dashboard, with disclosed affiliation, and may decide it's not spam on its own. Of course, if you raise multiple flags, it may become more obvious, but posts take up quite a lot of ...

tl;dr: on Stack Apps, answers are questions and comments are answers...does this mean that questions are comments? I'm confused.
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