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7:23 AM
ah, reminds me of someone who's long gone (from here)... James? hmm
Found it!

James and Smokey Time Together

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@Elements if you want something more dynamic there's ever going Word Association Game in my Den. 10 years and counting. ;)
(well maybe only 9)
@Feeds onebox or it doesn't exist
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9:00 AM
@JNat small network spammer if you have some spare time. Thanks! :)
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10:31 AM
@ShadowTheGPTWizard why on Earth would you bookmark that, now I'm scared which conversations of mine you've bookmarked
11:19 AM
@M.A.R. hmm thanks for the idea! :P

M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ talking about stuff

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You're welcome. ;-)
Even @Zoe is there!
12:11 PM
@Feeds As an once paladin on an UO server, this brings back memories I wanted to forget.
Well like most of those, I don't understand what it means, so no memories are brought back. :D
12:26 PM
ghosts talked like that.
and paladin required a skill called "spirit speak" that you could train only by standing near a ghost.
It was boring to train.
It had an annoying sound effect.
It scaled horribly. Most of the bonus was got in the last 10 points, but those required 4 time the training point of ALL the previous ones.
Imagine a few weeks of grinding in your house, standing next to a ghost while hearing a constant OOoooOOOoooooOOOOooOO
few managed to keep their sanity.
As for me.... well, you should know.
That infamous scene kinda summarize that episode.
Me, after reaching 100% in the skill and realizing that I had still 20% more point because I was so stupid to also get a Scroll of Power for the skill so the cap was 120%
12:44 PM
@SPArcheon Did you choose Paladin because it has a pony?
1:03 PM
@SPArcheon not in the games I played. ;)
Well still don't know which game it is, but yeah probably most of those comics are specific to something pretty narrow, which is fine.
@SPArcheon wonder how it sounds like, but music/sound effects never bother me so that won't be a problem.
@ShadowTheGPTWizard it was not the sound specifically. It was more about hearing the same sound a million times.
1:24 PM
making weird noises
2 hours later…
3:19 PM
@ElementsinSpace Fun fact. Due to some custom modifications to the server I played on, I didn't had a "pony" at all.
The paladin used an ethereal horse. Still an horse mind you but not a real one. It was basically a magic spell.
The... alternate identity... they used something more "fire breathing"
Later the paladin managed to find a fairy that had the attribute "tameable" wrongly set for a quest and manage to persuade the other seer to let me keep her around.
People kept joking if I wasn't annoyed by the constant "Hey, listen"...
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