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5:59 AM
@JNat stackexchange.com/users/22955677/… another one for ye backlog
10 messages moved to Chimney
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7:30 AM
7:44 AM
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10:40 AM
still up, lingering spam from a week ago windowsphone.stackexchange.com/a/18280
@tripleee now gone
excellent, thanks
6 messages moved to Chimney
that serverfault one needs more flags
11:28 AM
@JourneymanGeek thanks for noting, missed that myself! gone now
11:50 AM
@canon also that's the mod hat
it was too big, slipped over his head and it was adorable
1 hour later…
@JourneymanGeek lol
2:25 PM
@Feeds Onebox output is the worst! We hate onebox when it's done wrong.
We hate it worse when its not done at all!
I'm really not sure what to make of this: meta.stackexchange.com/q/382287/622284
I can't imagine there's any reason to bring this up besides to try and start a fire.
@Spevacus vote accordingly
Already have, just curious if it needed anything more.
Just keep an eye out for anything out ordinary
2:37 PM
Sure thing.
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3:53 PM
how nice... have to try and find a "bug" in an app written in php, a language I don't even know. And probably it is some buffering/timeout issue too...
those are the odd days that make working as a CM at Stack strangely enticing by comparison.
@SPArcheon apps are not written in PHP, it is just an unfortunate collision of keywords that by miracle worked, once.
@rene Excel file download, implemented with a long chain of "echo" statements that output strings in the OpenXML format. When the file is large enough the file gets simply truncated. I can guess something is happening related to timeout/buffering/whatever but I don't know the tech enough to really understand much else
@rene that said, should I feel lucky it is not lisp?
(the source)
5:04 PM
@JourneymanGeek eww but where to put the eye? Inside a jar?
@SPArcheon well sounds better than SharePoint! ;)
> Once the buffer size exceeds 4096 bytes, PHP automatically executes flush , ie. the buffer is emptied and sent out.
Think you should use this:
Q: What is output buffering?

AbhimanyuWhat is output buffering and why is one using it in PHP?

Had the same with classic ASP, 22 (!) years ago.
my first question here was along similar lines for coldfusion
Q: CFFlush doesn't seem to work in Chrome and IE

Kevin BI have a script that needs to submit to an iframe and get a return value. However, the coldfusion page i am submitting to needs to do additional processing that has nothing to do with the return value, so I want to return the value to the iframe and then redirect the iframe to about:blank before ...

nasty workaround for oldIE not supporting ajax very well
5:16 PM
@KevinB heh, my first question was also downvoted, maybe even closed, let me check...
well, if you look at the timeline, the downvotes didn't come till much later
little over 3 years later
given coldfusion is dead on SO, i attribute that to revenge
hmm well not my first, but my question related to buffer got a nice negative score too. :D
Q: ReadFile weird behavior when buffer is CString

Shadow The Kid WizardI have inherited code using ReadFile Windows API method to read single byte from parallel port in a loop. The code passed CString instance as the buffer argument, and 1 as the number of bytes to read, something like this: CString inBuffer = ""; bResult = ReadFile(hCom, inBuffer.GetBuffer(1), 1, &...

how rude
someone answers your question and attracts downvotes to it
@KevinB I have vivid memories of most "classic" ASP developers hating CF with all their hearts. lol
i like it, and still use it
5:21 PM
@KevinB good for you, I guess! ;)
certainly has it's problems, but meh,
I didn't use any kind of framework until giving up to jQuery, around 2007 or so.
if i could do a doover on everything we currently rely on... i'd wish it was done with javacript
but here we are
@KevinB the language where undefined is actually defined? ;)
node.js wasn't a good option back then, and moving to asp/php or anything else seemed silly given we had no devs with experience with any of it
5:23 PM
Lack of experience never stopped eager management from going on with their decisions...
back in 2014 we tried shifting some things over to node.js, but even at that point it seemed to be changing too much to be worth the effort
"They will just learn!"
I am the management!
and the dev
and the dba
and the sysadmin
5:24 PM
And the salesman?
no, i don't do sales
Design? UX?
little bit?
i have a designer i can get help with on that front
design isn't something i enjoy
5:26 PM
@Kevin so you work as freelance?
i work for a manufacturer
hmm so how come you're your own manager?
our team of... 10 people became a team of 2
over 14 years
@KevinB so doesn't it make them the management aka those who call the shots and decide what's being done?
5:28 PM
@KevinB ouch. Don't you consider moving to bigger place?
at times, but that's a big change, and i'm pretty comfortable
The company I work at was in its best days 20 employees, these days only 8. But we got a huge project ahead, so likely to recruit more soon.
(client would be company who earn billions)
@KevinB quite the same for me, and I did move to bigger company at some point, spent there almost two years, and got back "home". ;)
i coudl easily be making a lot more.. but... iunno. there's value in being home and feeling secure
5:50 PM
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11:56 PM
There's something that I wonder, out of sheer morbid curiosity.
How many moderator candidates have been disqualified after nominating themselves, during the nomination period? Is there any way to find that out?

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