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1:50 AM
@Luuklag we have that problem too on my side of the pond... Good luck!
6 hours later…
7:34 AM
@Luuklag oh my, we have same problems. What's the reasons in your case? Here it's due to low salary, lack of respect, and overall very hard job working with kids. (It's in our whole education system.)
I'd bet over here it's mostly the kids these days ;)
@ShadowTheKidWizard I think there is a general problem with every type of job having to few workers these days. All those born at the end of WW2 are starting to retire or work less hours
Somehow the municipality manage to scrape enough caretakers to keep the kindergardens and daycare open, but it becomes more and more hard, and there are cases of abuse already.
When you take what you can, it has a price. ;(
Also there are a lot of people that have been ill for suspended periods of time, aftermath of covid
@Tinkeringbell what you mean? That hardest part?
7:37 AM
@ShadowTheKidWizard The part why no one wants to work with kids :P
@Luuklag well, that's what new generations are for. No? ;)
@Tinkeringbell yeah lol
@ShadowTheKidWizard if they were as big as that generation then yes.
@Luuklag oh, I see. Well, here it's less relevant luckily, at least in education system.
Anyway, @SPA would be proud of me for the edit I made on MSE. ;)
you rewrote the title and added a stray period?
@Luuklag nice catch about the dot! ;)
Yeah, the title had a shock word.
Maybe useful to nudge SE to do something, but it didn't work so far, so don't think it's really going to work.
8:07 AM
@ShadowTheKidWizard probably related
@curious to be fair, this one was the output of one of the many demos on the Hugging Face research site.
And again, the main advantage is sacrificing any hope to do fine tuning (that you would have to do yourself, but I do wonder what I would get by using stable diffusion with a model trained on pictures from the MLP/EG shows) for ready-to-use demos and no-costs.
The cost part is pretty important since either you have a local environment like balpha, or most sites like Midjourney try to make you pay.
And that is a real problem when you get a noteworthy result every ten attempts
This isn't perfect at all and a sub product of a model that was probably trained on those "realistic anime pictures" that Deviantart loves, yet it already required many attempts. Now, suppose you have to pay each one of the bad results before even getting this....
8:26 AM
@balpha you should really add a last image with "More asteroids" just to confuse people. Hopefully you get what I am referring to...
8:48 AM
@SPArcheon remotely related, yes. It's a different case. We can't and shouldn't fight common words with sexual context from appearing all around, that's expected. But for extreme cases, we can and should IMO.
@ShadowTheKidWizard that is not the real point there you know... It is not about the words, it is about pursuing questions about a show lore/characters/plot etc or pursuing those kind of "trivia"
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9:53 AM
@Yaakov !!
Long time no see here. Hello!
@SPArcheon well if there were many such questions then of course, you could have a point to change the site policy. But once in a while, to have such question, I don't think it's that harmful.
I sometimes drop by when I spam MSE with updates to see if anyone notices
@YaakovEllis people always notice. ;)
So you broke the table preview to see if anyone will notice? :P
@ShadowTheKidWizard that said, I was surprised to see how many "uncouth" questions Islam site has, when once checking up that site. Thought to raise it in their meta, but not being part of the site, ditched the idea.
And in there it's not just word meaning. :D
@ShadowTheKidWizard I claim the top 5 posts on MSE now (I was the original asker for "What is migration and how does it work?" back in 2009)
@YaakovEllis huh! Close to being Yaakoved, but not there yet. Actually forgot my own criteria. :D
Missing 1
Mar 23, 2021 at 16:11, by Shadow Wizard is Vaccinating
@YaakovEllis 6-8, so it's approved. MSE homepage is Yaakoved again.
Duh, of course it's 6-8
@ShadowTheKidWizard Um, yeah, that was of course the reason that it broke.
10:27 AM
@YaakovEllis lol
Well it can't be because of the stacks editor update... or can it...
...sacrifice the life preview of old editor to give birth to preview of new editor...
@ShadowTheKidWizard It was. I wrote typeof varName !== undefined instead of typeof varName !== "undefined". And didn't notice it, nor did multiple reviewers on multiple passes (and due to weird js reasons, it didnt break anything in our testing, only on prod).
@YaakovEllis huh! lol that's a cute bug. :)
Well undefined is defined just fine in JS, and its type is "undefined". Gold.
You can even do math with it.
You'll get NaN, but no error.
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12:32 PM
@Feeds onebox , that's a big challange.
12:51 PM
Well no doubt Aaron is the most responsive dev I've seen around. ;)
@ShadowTheKidWizard tbh he isn't a dev but an engineer
> Staff Database Reliability Engineer source
@Luuklag boo
And you are just Luuk
Most responsive staff member.
Happy? ;)
yep :)
Good! :D
!!/make Luuk happy
@ShadowTheKidWizard No such command 'make'.
12:59 PM
1:25 PM
sdc pizza Sha
@Luuklag No such command 'pizza'.
Hey you learned to use this fancy format :D
/me hands @ShadowTheKidWizard a durian and tofurky pizza
/say "thanks {{ping Journey}}"
1:36 PM
I'm pretty sure there could be no more cursed pizza topping. Unless you did it with a cauliflower crust.
@ShadowTheKidWizard since I don't want to litter the comments...
I'm pretty sure SO corp uses show notes to refer to a summary of most of their podcasts
the formatting is a little unclear but that's not a bug
@JourneymanGeek oh my, I'll have to check. But for me it means "click to show the notes"
So in the very least, wording should be changed.
ah see
its notes FOR a show
not show the notes
@JourneymanGeek well, very hard to know lol
I'm used to action links. Edit. Delete. Show.
They're doing good job of confusing people in the blog then. ;)
1:40 PM
I would potentially generally complain that show notes ought to be a lower level header
And... I was right! happy dance
See here.
Episode notes:
Even in bold.
So the problem here is inconsistant working and formatting
Its less a 'bug' than improper linting :D
@JourneymanGeek as usual, yeah. Each author has their own style.
Well, since the bug was about wrong title and fixed, I'll put that in a different post.
You were wrong in another thing, big (?) time. ;)
Q: Is it okay that part of the power jack is outside the device?

Eyal CohenI have some devices whose DC adapter connector/jack is only partially plugged in. For example, my monitor has an AC to 180 W DC power supply. When connecting the transformer to the monitor, the DC adapter connector/jack is not fully inside the monitor. Is this faulty product or is it okay that pa...

You said it's not good fit for SU
It's HNQ now. lol
1:45 PM
That was my opinion.
Besides HNQ are not always good fits
@JourneymanGeek yeah, with this I agree.
@ShadowTheKidWizard tweeted too
that's automatic
@JourneymanGeek when it becomes HNQ?
2:00 PM
I believe so
@Luuklag without a Like from someone having 1M followers, it's not worth much. :P
If Musk would post on SE, he can easily arrange himself bunch of upvotes and views.
One tweet, and this is it.
Most viewed question in SE history. :D
@ShadowTheKidWizard in his case 2 possibilities
he does a carmack, or gets into a fight, gets suspended, and tries to buy SE
@JourneymanGeek ROFLL
so so so true
Would be priceless to see him suspended.
(for those unfamilar with doing a carmack... superuser.com/questions/419070/… )
Single post unregistered
@JourneymanGeek or both
2:06 PM
@JourneymanGeek pure insanity
@Mithical honestly I'd be very impressed if someone did both
But its possible
@Journeyman any idea who made Carmack post on SU?
I'd guess someone tweeted at him
@ShadowTheKidWizard hopeful thinking. I would expect something closer to "now every page on SE displays Tesla ads"
btw, unrelated...
"A journeyman geek dog" output this...
still trying to understand what device is that supposed to be...
2:27 PM
@SPArcheon lol
@SPArcheon looks like backpack for dogs. This is one possible source.
@ShadowTheKidWizard that's a harness
@JourneymanGeek oh lol
@SPArcheon try "Journeyman Stack Exchange".
kinda curious to why the AI would associate the name with a dog
@JourneymanGeek because I wrote "a journeyman geek *dog"?
which explains the backpack
journey? :D
2:33 PM
Google images give some interesting results.
why do I have a gravatar? 0_0
@JourneymanGeek that's an excellent question! :D
do you?
I've not had a random one for years
huh! Blame @Yaakov actually
2:35 PM
gone through various images of the same dog
I see a dog in a beret
Q: New Staff and Mod Labels on site metas and Meta Stack Exchange

Yaakov EllisUpdate: As can be seen on this post and elsewhere on the site, the styling for the mod/ staff labels has been modified, and hopefully will not pop out and be as overwhelming as the original colors: Big thanks to Aaron Shekey and Ben Kelly for finding a great solution here. Original announcemen...

@Journeyman ^
They probably took it from old copy on dev environment?
or created a user with the same name :D
2:36 PM
@canon he means in my Google Images screenshot above. ;)
I now vaguely remember this :D
Just to also point out the journeyman geek there lacks a dog avatar and is automatically sus. 😁 — Journeyman Geek ♦ Jul 30, 2021 at 7:03
And Google indexed this, of all the thousands (?) images in posts where your name appears. :-D
Probably thousands
Many screenshots on SU?
I have about 3.2k answers in SU
2:40 PM
Well that's only relevant for images
2:57 PM
@ShadowTheKidWizard ah
I was about to blame caching
@canon nah even cache won't hold something for several years
3:18 PM
You never know who's configuring cache retention :P
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4:24 PM
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