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12:08 AM
hmmm... Why does my inbox have comment replies on posts that were deleted
I don't have the rep here to see deleted posts
12:21 AM
It takes a script to run and time for the bullet to arrive.
it was from a day ago
Shouldn't have taken that long, I've seen them live 15-20 minutes.
@KevinB It might be easier to look at them here: meta.stackexchange.com/users/current?tab=responses instead of here: πŸ“₯
that one is correct
BTW: That uses the "current" for username,I can't click except to see my own.
1:08 AM
@Zoethe1337Princess Yikes, sort of surprised that isn't caught by the anonymous user keyword filter. Maybe no one had ever submitted anything from that particular brand of awful before in order to prompt its addition... It looks like that anonymous user submitted just those two edits, both rejected by you + Rob. Did you mod flag that? Might be worth a moderator taking a look to see if the submitter covered their tracks enough about their identity...
also, your profile renders perfectly reasonably for me as well (in Firefox desktop)
1:37 AM
@Zoethe1337Princess hm. There was another edit flagged from the same IP that was trivial
Keep rejecting, roll back if they get through, and grab an available mod if you need help
(not much we can do with anonymous edits unfortunately)
@Ryan I flagged, and it was marked helpful. I don't want to quote the reply to the flag but it looks like they didn't see the "Edit Reason" comment, which is where all the inappropriate content is.
Rejecting anon edits as spam / vandalism is supposed to enable the IP Block (if enough people agree, and flag the same way).
3 hours later…
4:33 AM
I found a [status-review] feature request closed as a dupe of a [status-bydesign] bug (the former got its status tag ~6 years after the latter). Is it worth flagging for reopening?
@Feeds What's the blast radius when onebox goes down?
2 hours later…
7:04 AM
7:26 AM
@bobble no, it is better flagged to have its erroneous status-review tag removed.
@Luuklag \o
How's the database coming along?
Okay, this is lets make someone's day miserable by asking about the database
But my management training says this is the correct question to ask!
7:42 AM
horribly, upon closer inspection only half the values are supplied :/
But that means you only have to build half the database too!
well, yeah, but I also have to build the prototype, which is kinda hard when you lack vital data
So I guess I'm just gonna build the prototype with all the right connections set up, and then let the others figure out how to fill the data
Sounds like a plan :)
Why do he can not edit once?
@Rob Why does one have to click before one is able to see the dupe it is closed against, if I could just see the title in 99% of the cases I know if the dupe is correct or not.
8:01 AM
How does the database make you feel?
@Rob I wouldn't be surprised if that person were responsible for the majority of MSE reopen reviews...
@RyanM Are you looking for a punch in the face? I hate people who have feelings or want to talk about them ;)
@Luuklag Have you tried dropping flipping a table about them instead?
or trowing a chair
@Rob I vaguely recall he has a semi automated workflow for these things
like a decade back
(fun fact: we did this as a fundraising activity during finals week as a student organization back in school. You could flip a table for free, or for like $5-10 or something we'd set the table with plastic settings first.)
8:06 AM
It was, in fact, very satisfying...
@RyanM that would then by my own desk, as I'm working from home :)
This was an important psychological indicator (perhaps the most important one) of how experienced a user is on a site. It's disorienting not having that number (kind of like the fact no clocks are visible inside casinos). — bad_coder 7 hours ago
yanno, I worked in a casino for a few months (IT tech, naturally) and I never noticed that there were no visible clocks until this was mentioned
@JourneymanGeek How does 'member for' indicate experience though? I find that quite far-fetched, I have profiles on a lot of sites that have been 'member for' years, yet I do nothing with them except give SmokeDetector permission to flag using those profiles... I don't think that number does anything?
@RyanM I didn't think about mod flagging at all tbh :')
@Tinkeringbell Well - in a sense, it matters more when you have a decade or so :D
hence the specific mention of oldtimers
8:16 AM
@JourneymanGeek I dunno. Someone could've made their profile a decade ago, used it once or twice... again, the number on its own does say nothing about experience at all.
@Tinkeringbell no, but still is usefull, for example when dealing with spammers
Participation (helpful flags, edits, reviews, votes, posts) says much more about experience than the decade. Sure, the decade may be useful to divide by (100 reviews in 10 years may mean less participation than a 100 reviews last month)... but the decade being an indication of experience... ugh.
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I'm arguing with the comment there that equals it with experience, not with your 'vanity metric' :P
Its very much a vanity metric that shows experience :D
Same as a slashdot UID
it just means you signed up early
@JourneymanGeek I mean, that's the only thing it shows.
8:25 AM
You mean having a 5-digit network ID doesn't make me better at Stack Exchange? feigned shock
8:39 AM
@RyanM Only you can make yourself better!
9:00 AM
#funfacts, albeit the crazy low score, Aaron didn't lose much rep from that anouncement post. I wonder what would happen if the post beomes featured
@Tinkeringbell and then, one day, she will realize what all of this motivational talk was about all along....
@Luuklag frankly? Lots of people would probably not notice until its mentioned. There's probably a few niche uses that can be handled in better ways....
@SPArcheon Wow... no. If people are lying to me like that, they're not friends.
The chat in one of the rooms I'm in will be interesting since they're missing a regular
@Tinkeringbell I... think that means they are there even with it would be convenient for them to leave you alone, you know....
9:08 AM
@SPArcheon No, the convenience is then probably somewhere to be found in misleading a person into believing that they are more important to you than X, even though they're not because you'd rather be at X.
But, to be fair: The image matches the hashtag very well!
@Luuklag It could go both ways. I personally find it hard to judge a page where half of it has been touched to make it responsive, and other parts haven't... it may end up looking better or worse when the entire page is done.
@Tinkeringbell Well, in theory they could be setting the source of your problems on fire instead
@Tinkeringbell yeah im loving the fact that it is becoming responsive, and ill reserve my judging untill it's completely done. Just gave a few bits of feedback along the way.
argh wtf, my keyboard just shifts the view in excel when pressing the arrow keys
@JourneymanGeek I know how to start a fire, don't need friends to do that for me :)
instead of selecting the next cell
hmmm must be some settings, because it happens both on external and internal keyboard
Using the arrow keys is so Lotus-123
9:14 AM
well, its quicker then clicking consecutive cells when I want to go to the right
but according to goolge it is because my scrolllock key is enabled, now to find out where the cat stepped on my keyboard to do such thing
9:27 AM
@RyanM If he repairs posts that shouldn't be deleted it's not so bad. If he repairs posts before or long after they are closed that's also not so bad. --- Where there's a problem is polishing what should be deleted after closure, or editing shortly after closing something that the OP could edit into something that should be reopened. --- Frequently enough it falls into the later category. - I guess the confusing grammar tripped up his spellcheck script, that he uses to bot the site.
@Tinkeringbell weird. She decided to nitpick on the specific quote and didn't argue about the implication that ponies have been giving out "awww" quotes all along and she is doing the same?
If I have ever given out an "awww" quote, I sincerely apologize.
What's next? Tink suddenly telling us she started watching the show?
I don't even have time to do the things I should be doing, let alone have time to waste on TV shows.
@Rob Yeah, no problem with edits that don't trigger pointless reopen reviews for a post that's destined for Roomba. Can't wait for the update to make that no longer happen.
9:30 AM
@Tinkeringbell eeeeeeehhhhh, with SharePoint hobbies tend to become more of a necessity than something you do because you have time.
Sort of that game, Darkest Dungeon. Required to heal sanity loss due to all the eldritch things you have to meddle with.
@JourneymanGeek No clocks, free drinks, and giveaway priced food has been the standard for decades. See how they do that, and why, you don't get to be reminded of the time (they won't pay to install a wall clock) but you can drink for free (if you are playing) and there's a small charge for food (just so you don't leave, or sit there eating all day).
@SPArcheon at first I saw the phrase "Sharepoint hobbies" and was very confused about why anyone would choose that as a free-time activity
Though I guess I once sat in on a family member's call with a Sharepoint vendor out of curiosity, so maybe the joke's on me.
Woohoo my DB is finished. Well at least it is set-up, so other can fill the missing data
my excel formula is only 611 chars long, and a couple of helper columns :)
or rows I should say actually
9:49 AM
@RyanM see below.
My brain is currently mush from checking 600+ invoices manually over the past 3 days
@SPArcheon he looks like he's suffering from Sharepoint-related afflications
@RyanM I assume you don't recognize the game, correct?
I'm afraid I don't.
Nope, no idea.
@Luuklag Time for a well-deserved vacation :)
9:52 AM
@Tinkeringbell unfortunately not. I have to redo the VBA from the alpha prototype to use this new DB..
Darkest Dungeon is a role-playing video game developed by Red Hook Studios and published by Merge Games. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and OS X in January 2016, which followed a year-long early access development period. Later that year, it was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Linux, with a port for iOS being released in 2017, and ports for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One being released by 2018. Darkest Dungeon has the player manage a roster of heroes to explore dungeons below a gothic mansion the player has inherited. Played out in a mix of real-time movement...
and more specifically...
> An Affliction is one of the states a hero can enter upon reaching 100 stress, the other being a Virtue. Afflicted heroes will suffer severe stat penalties, and have a chance to be able to act on their own at the start of their turn. This action ranges from a random skill, to moving forward or backward, to passing a turn altogether. Afflicted heroes will also comment on actions during combat, causing stress to the party when they or an ally are attacked, or when an ally attacks. Out of combat, they may interact with curios, refuse to use camping skills, or even refuse to eat during a campi
10:09 AM
Feels like this is the wrong crowd again @SPArcheon ;)
10:20 AM
@magisch Why manually, did something break?
@Tinkeringbell We had a really nasty numbers discrepancy between the accounting software and our internal records
and it came up in the course of due dilligence disclosure to potential investors and the tax agency
and it wasn't something obvious or easily findable, and i didn't find anything with heuristic analysis, so the only thing left was to go block by block and see exactly what went wrong
Anyways it was some form of backdating accounting practice not showing up in the internal invoicing system, but it was really annoying and needle in haystack type to find
10:43 AM
@magisch That sounds really annoying, but at least it's fixed now?
10:57 AM
@Tinkeringbell I found and fixed the issue yes
and yes it was annoying and very monotonous, hence why my brain is mush
I also did 4h of overtime in 3 days
@magisch I'm jealous ;)
I almost never do overtime
I hate it
I mean't at how few hours it are ;)
I think I am about 10-15 hours already this week
I do hope you're being paid for that at least
Yeah, my vacation next weeks will probably without taking any vacation days ;)
12:06 PM
outdoors.stackexchange.com/q/27556/14955 Well, that was a fun lunch break at least XD If anyone has the answer, I'd be glad to hear it! :D
I've seen plenty of those in "Schwarze Wald" so they are not uncommon there
O.o... we've been there once, but I didn't see any :P
But maybe that means it can stay then, that would be nice. It's rather fun to look at it :)
Looks kinda like a locust...
Google suggests "parasite" when doing an image search :p
12:18 PM
@Mithical Locust = grasshopper as far as I'm aware :P I got that far too ;)
Almost. Locusts are what happens when grasshoppers are stressed out, get larger, and much worse :)
Yeah, then it may be locust :P This one was definitely big!
@Tinkeringbell Hoewel veel sprinkhanen als schadelijk worden gezien, is deze soort vrij nuttig. ...
@rene Yeah that's the one I found, but it's bigger than that: Mine is 6-8cm; while the soortenregister says those only are 3-3,5cm.
I named it Zeer grote groene sabelsprinkhaan
12:21 PM
Well maaaaybe :P
If only it were that easy....
You should see the grasshoppers in central Florida
Anything relating to Florida should never be used a yardstick for, well, anything :P
@GWarner I mean, I do realize that comparing to 'world' standards, the insect is probably 'tiny' still. But given that most insects here are never larger than a small butterfly....
A really big dragonfly is ~10cm I guess, and that's enough to make everyone turn their heads :P
Climate change... quickest explanation for new insects in your climate
12:29 PM
Probably, yeah.... which is why I asked whether it's invasive as well. If I can do my part to stop climate change a little longer...
@Mithical unless it's Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas
Gotta love the Eastern lubber grasshopper
Ooh, those look pretty!
Hissing, and emits a really rancid, foamy repellant if distrurbed.
17 messages moved to Chimney
12:39 PM
@GWarner But it looks pretty :)
@GWarner hey Tampa, there my inlaws used to live
Anyone already asked Aaron / CM's to feature this "announcement" of sorts?
@Luuklag Newlyweds and nearly deads.
@Luuklag there was at least one comment: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/368285/…
12:42 PM
Yeah, but that probably doesn't reach the right people, especially seeing its a friday
While I agree featuring is preferred I am also not sure if -300 would change much of the direction this is going
you come to floirda when your yound couples cause well beaches and sunsets or you have retired, and are tired of shoveling snow
@GWarner Reaaaalllly hoping my parents take my suggestion to get a snowblower so they don't have to move to Florida ;-)
I think this attraction to FLorida is kind of dated. The summers are much hotter and humid now and the winters are getting even more bitter. It used to be relatively one and a half seasons each year
now its either summer or winter
hmmm that was interesting. i clicked a link over on outdoor.se they hid their insect picture needing identification in a spoiler
12:58 PM
@GWarner they came there to work. My FIL was stationed at McDill AFB
@Tinkeringbell I was going to answer your question and make it my first answer there, but I cant seem to compose a good answer to simple questions today
@Luuklag ohhh. thas actually cool. we do respect our enlisted here.
Yeah, I noticed that. He got discounts at various places with his army card.
I still have a pair of trainers I bought at base back then
-88 votes. wow
@GWarner No worries... the post may still be there tomorrow :P
Oh i think it should be protected , they need to hear the feedback, especially when they make changes with out a consensus
1:09 PM
@GWarner Protected? From what?
I am formulating a comment that will be burired anyway. Or perhaps I can be a vampire and compose an answer to some issues presented and hope for upvotes
WEll I mean , it cant be deleted can it? because meta isnt the typical q and a site
No, people can't vote to delete questions that aren't closed, no matter how low the score :)
okay as i expected. i misunderstood the statement earlier then
@Tinkeringbell Fairly certain I know what insect you found back there, but I also totally cheated and used an insect identification app. They don't look invasive at least!
I am currently battling a spoiled cat for the keyboard now anyway, she has been terribly obnoxious the past few days...
1:16 PM
@Spevacus Well, I don't know how much more cheating using an app is, over using SE :P
Fair. :)
Google image search is your friend, don't believe the conspiracy theorists that we are an evil AI seeping into every aspect of your lives....!
I only have one answer on outdoor.se so I am trying to create an overly informative answer for you.
I'm an editor, not a fountain of knowledge Spock!
AI isn't evil, but it is firmly in hands of greedy megacorporations, so the outcome is the same
well... similar. It won't try to kill you, but it will serve you creepily relevant ads
What the hell happened to my profile?
Anyone else seeing:
Q: Some changes to the profile while we make it responsive

Aaron ShekeyOn our way to a fully responsive Stack Overflow, we just shipped some changes to the user profile. We won’t be enabling responsiveness just yet, but the top portion will be ready to be squishy. I hope these changes are low impact on our way to a fully responsive profile. Think of this as more a r...

1:28 PM
that's extra broken
Yeah, I'm running thru the answers right now. Thanks @Aibobot
looks even worse as someone else
but ya, its as deisgned
Wait, why can I select empty space in your profile?
@Ollie I think the part about the profile image is already reported somewhere.
If it's small, it looks like that.
1:30 PM
The rest looks rather normal to me, you seem to have filled in your location like that, so that's why that's showing like that and why @Dudecoinheringaahing can select it :P
@Tinkeringbell It's not just in the location:
Looks like someone dropped a pipe bomb in my profile description for a laugh.
Oh wait
@Dudecoinheringaahing Ah, that looks like empty profile text/whitespace characters in the about me too then :)
OK, doesn't look as hellish now because I removed the zero-width spaces.
Forgot about those.
1:32 PM
I guess they have width now :P
profile pages always confuse me. there are too many, so i never know where to look anyway
I certainly wish it was easier to format a good looking bio. I can never get the alignment the way I like
Currently, or before?
I miss the last seen approximation. It was helpful to know if the account was a 'burner' or abandoned. Leaving comments asking for clarification on a 5 year old post and getting a response in less then a day..
Well before... I thought I had simple one line paragraphs. and I see it as one big paragraph.
Confession: I used last seen to ping the OP about a question they never accepted an answer to and they replied and accepted an answer. (Not my own, of course)
@Ollie I understand the editor better now though. so maybe I can make the bio more visually appealing.
@Tinkeringbell I will do my answer more justice later. I want to try to add a table for mopre own learning experience.
1:51 PM
A table with what? :P I don't mind you trying things out but... I don't know if the site will appreciate you trying to Sandbox things there... if you want to try out tables, MSE has a formatting sandbox where you can do exactly that?
Well I will use sandbox, of course. And in after thought I won't include that table of grasshopper species...
I suspect your garden is safe from these. If it was just the one and you would rather be safe then sorry then remove it. But they are usually considered beneficial for eating small bugs such as aphids and burrowing worms
2:23 PM
@Tink I deleted my answer as it was too far afield of your question especially with the expand info you give. Even with no proper tag, Gardening & Landscaping might be a better fit.
@GWarner ? I did know it was far afield of my question, but I don't know what you mean with 'expand info'. The edits that were made, were made to the title of the post and haven't changed the actual question one bit, the body after all was always asking about identifying the species of grasshopper and whether it was invasive.
Also, why do you suggest G&L as a better fit?
it's the second time someone recommends it may be better, but neither you nor the other person have said why.
well simply gardening and landscaping enthusiasts might be more informed of the invasiveness of insects
I would think just one isn't a threat if it isnt eating the plant.
and you just might see them getting bigger due to warmer summers?
Hmm. Maybe, though most Dutch people I know either a.) Know a lot about gardening and which insect may/may not be pests... or b.) Are fond of the outdoors and know a lot about species that are supposed/not supposed to live in certain circumstances.
but we'll see, maybe gerrit will reply too. The votes at least seem to suggest my question is welcome on Outdoors, so there's no need to move it perhaps. I can always ask people on Gardening (in their chat) if they're interested in taking a look at my post and answering it :)
@Tinkeringbell I do landscaping and seasonal vegetable gardening in Florida but am not knowledgeable about invasive pests unless I go online
Everything insect in Florida is invasive in my mind :)
Interesting. Merely changing your question title must of prompted me to actually pay attention to the text rather then skim over it. I jumped to identify the picture.. hence my answer was to generalized
2:41 PM
Florida is invasive
;) good titles are important, and they're not my goodest point so...
@M.A.R. It is.
I got bitten by an iguana in Florida. Granted, I had picked it up at the time, but it was also in my room, so what else was I supposed to do?
I think then it is fine in O.SE, I am sure there is enough overlap of users that it will get good exposure
@Mithical BBQ!
Yea this is Flori-DUHH, we do things differently here.
I havent heard this song in awhile. I wonder if it would not be suitable these days.
Nothing about Florida is suitable these days
See: The invasive ruling
Does anyone else study the material they've taken the final exam for, or am I finally too far gone
@M.A.R. I kept my architectural texts from a tech school I attended 30 years ago. Other then the binder on building codes I perused them constantly.
2:49 PM
@M.A.R. Yes
@M.A.R. You cut the diamond already then, all you need do now is keep it polished.
looks at the crowd around him in shock
I still have my Dads 90 year old college texts on radiowaves, electrical engineering, etc..
Hands in the air! This was a test! I'm from the EPA, Environmental Procrastination Agency
@M.A.R. I'll do it later
2:53 PM
So you're a double agent!
@Mithical Anyway here's some annoying 80's new wave for you. I timestamped the link to the right verse.
I admit I was getting really annoyed with OP's and was gonna walk away, but this tavern is good medicine.
damn lost the sandbox again. why is it so hard to find
1 hour later…
4:17 PM
What happened to Ayo (the CM)? No staff indicator and no profile picture...
@Xnero Nowhere on the network, AFAIK...
Is there a way to know 'last seen'? πŸ₯Ί
@Wolgwang There is, give me a second.
I think there's a shortcut somewhere, lemme go find it
@Wolgwang Go to one's network profile and then accounts and then find the specific community in the list.
4:22 PM
BTW why is this not pinned here?
@Xnero Will only give you an approximation though.
@Catija Or @Ayo What happened to Ayo's CM/mod badges? There's nothing to indicate that he's a CM. Unless something's happened?
@Wolgwang Because there's already a lot of things pinned?
I'll see if I can clean things up a bit
@Wolgwang Nobody likes the announcement :P Just joking, there probably is a reason.
4:24 PM
@Xnero No one asked for it to be pinned, and there was a lot of other stuff pinned too. But 2 of those were there for 2 weeks already, so I removed those ;)
@Ollie The pages listing the members of the CM team (1, 2) also no longer list him as a member of the team
@Dudecoinheringaahing Removed yesterday from post 1 by JNat.
Odd. Did he leave, or was he fired? Is a Meta question in order?
I don't see anything on his Twitter either.
Gotta be here everyday, as that was discussed yesterday.
4:26 PM
Can we just assume he no longer works for SE and respect his privacy? SE isn't required to discuss HR matters with all of us.
Not even that tbh, he may simply have moved around in the company to the point where listing him in those places is inaccurate.
@rene fair point.
But yes, I agree that it's unnecessary to try to figure out what happened
Historical reasons
@Xnero Network profile -> Account?
4:29 PM
@Rob history doesn't help here, I give you that.
@Wolgwang Yes.
@rene But if SE doesn't discuss HR matters with us, how am I supposed to know whether or not there are any workplace conflicts that need to be resolved? :P
He had to do 10 interviews, at a minimum I hope he knows the reason; certainly not our matter to snoop on speculation.
@Xnero Thanks :-) It doesn't show 'last seen' in hours, right?
@Wolgwang Unfortunately not.
@Rob 10 interviews for what?
@Xnero Ohk! ba dum tss
Bad days returned, SE removing stuff without asking or caring... :(
Better to be away for a while. Cya.
@Dudecoinheringaahing Oh ok. I thought those interviews were maybe for a promotion. Didn't know it was to be hired.
@Mithical I got bitten by a pissed off sea lion in Florida. My partner and I were swimming with dolphins in a very large tank (from which the dolphins had the freedom to enter or leave at will so they were not "caged"). A sea lion entered the tank and for some reason took a dislike to me :/
5:13 PM
@Xnero I suppose it's a fair question, but the interviews are probably for the subject being discussed; and the value implied of doing that for a few months employment. Google used to do 15 to 25 interviews but then conducted a study and found that 3 or 4 is sufficient.
I usually say I'm not going to interview somewhere between 0 and 3 interviews - to get beyond zero they need to establish a reason. Frequently the reason is that there's something interesting that I'm going to get to see in person, they can explain that they've not been able to find anyone and will have to offer top dollar (and not mess around) over the phone; more recently email, which some places really feel kicks them to a lower level of importance.
6:07 PM
I know I personally did 5-ish interviews to get this job, but I'm a developer stackoverflow.blog/2020/07/03/…
And I thought getting called back for a second one was bad/a sure sign I messed something up in the first one when I was interviewing for my job O.o
6:47 PM
@KylePollard wow, is this an american thing to do? In our company we do 2, in special cirumstance 3 interviews
The Workplace.SE is one place to look at how many interviews are reasonable: workplace.stackexchange.com/a/67569/70590 workplace.stackexchange.com/a/11467/70590 workplace.stackexchange.com/a/11354/70590 - I told Bayer one, and you'll hire, Toyota 0 and hire over the phone now. Both had enormous problems within a couple of years later, Bayer had RoundUp and Toyota a stuck accelerator; not where I wanted to work afterall.
of which 1 is with the director to negotiate your salary.
Some of the biggest and best known places (with the most money, richest owners) don't get a resume because they don't pay enough (that's why the owner is rich, that and quantity).
@Rob yeah buying monsanto wasn't bayers best bet
Argh darn as computer that doesn't screen lock
my cats made a mess of my excel
luckily just the worksheet, not the vba...
You got a nice bug to fix @KylePollard
or just adding status-review to it?
If you don't have a ballpark idea of what is to be paid you really don't know how much time to invest,and if you aren't going at least briefly meet the person who makes the ultimate decision on your first interview then you definitely could be wasting your time; keeping the interviewer employed (busy, in the short-term at least) and risking your own job taking time off work - if your employer looses 10K everytime you look for a job elsewhere you're going to hear about it eventually.
6:53 PM
@Rob well you've got vacation days for a reason right?
Currently I'm making more of them :)
A few of you seem to need to invest in a cat toy. πŸ€πŸˆβ€β¬›
@Rob having a computer that just goes on screenlock after 5 mins would also be great
My Macbook should theoretically do that after 2 mins, but fails to do so now since a few days. This other windows machine never goes to screen lock when on power.
Great thing theyre both under company policy, so I can't change any of those settings...
7:08 PM
A great tool, be it cat or other interruptor, is the motion activated compressed air can - if it's a person at work you can complain that they keep setting it off, if they don't get the hint say that you didn't get it because of the cat it's specifically because of their constant interruptions:
@Rob I need this, except for mosquitos
I don't think gusts of wind leave a negative impression on insects.
I need this, except for mother-in-law
Get @Sha to fill it for you.
@rene wow, is she that horrible?
@Feeds How Onebox is built
7:44 PM
@MetaAndrewT. can you do one on how to build my prototype? Gonna be an allnighter I'm afraid :(
8:24 PM
Last time I had a case of "can't suggest tag wiki's any more" I offered support by rejecting all their pending edits.
@rene haha
I did start with the mindset: let's approve some but that didn't last long ....
8:50 PM
@rene I've only been rejected a couple of times. The trick: Read the Help, research and ensure that both the excerpt and Wiki are useful (even if the Wiki is a little short), monitor the queue and study any rejection reason; edit immediately to address the rejection reason, that rejects the rejection and requeues your edit.
A: What is a tag wiki? How do I write a good one?

Ilmari KaronenWhat is a tag wiki? Each tag on Stack Exchange has two pieces of user-editable content associated with it: a short tag wiki excerpt of up to about 500 characters of plain text, and a full tag wiki page describing the tag in more detail. The excerpt is the "elevator pitch" for the tag, and is ...

Yeah, that is the canonical I like to link to in these cases
and it's a Community Wiki; if it needs any improvement.
9:09 PM
Writing for the tag is a big responsibly. You set the direction of future uses, possibly invalidate the tag on some questions, and risk starting a burn of it over another choice. Despite that it's not difficult, and more people should do it - it saves ambiguous usage coming into play and diluting the usefulness of the tag over time, leading to a downward spiral.
9:27 PM
Here comes the energydrink :(
9:59 PM
Hey a wild dog appeared
Vacation for you now @g3rv4
until Monday :)
haha, thats awfully long ;)
been here for less than 4 months, don't really need vacations
Mine starts on monday, so here I am at midnight still working on a friday, technically saturday already
10:04 PM
Doing pretty much all the dev work to go from an alpha to a beta version right now
you're welcome, go to bed
haha yeah, something like that
but then in 10 worksheets in excel, and in my 2k lines of spaghetti VBA
luckily its my own spaghetti
already feeling sorry for those that need to build this into an app later :)
@Luuklag whawhere?
10:18 PM
Its now early morning for you, right @Journ
Any weekend plans?
Well not working at least 😁
yeah yeah, rub it in xD
@Luuklag I typically get one full weekend a month
10:38 PM
@JourneymanGeek well that's harsh, hopefully they pay your weekend shifts extra?
Well that sucks
11:25 PM
So, its happy hour now?
11:43 PM
I mean I'm happy. Are you happy? :)
If it's Happy Hour, does that mean my next pint is discounted? :P
How 'bout this. Next round of drinks is on me.
@Spevacus nope
@Spevacus I hope you got energydrink
I have a couple...
Then I'll have one :)
at 2AM xD

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