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12:30 AM
@cigien Can you show me the Meta post that says that, so I can use it as a reference?
12:43 AM
Hello. Is this user part of the SE system? I’m asking because at least one person thinks so.
@EkadhSingh It's a feedbot. On chatrooms, room owners set for a feed to be posted into the room (like all meta posts). That's the bot that posts the newest politics.meta posts as a onebox, most probably in the main politics chatroom
@user1271772 here ya go. It mostly talks about what moderators should do, which (to me) implies that you should give the problem to a moderator. There might be better references for you to use though.
@M.A.R. ah, ok, thank you for explaining. Also, you guessed right, it does post in the main politics chat room :)
No problem
@user1271772 And, I mean, it's common sense. Don't worry about it.
"Casting multiple votes on others' posts or comments" I see.
Sockpuppets should not be allowed.
@user1271772 There are a number of posts. The one Ekadh linked seems appropriate.
12:49 AM
Except perhaps for bots, but they shouldn't be voting, for example.
@user1271772 There are a few legitimate uses for sockpuppets, so banning them outright would be tricky. But voting on the same posts is definitely not one of the legit uses, and should be flagged if you think it's happening.
@user1271772 Jeff did it (and on his on post too, he should be suspended for this!) /sarcasm
1:04 AM
Is there any way to experiment with RO features without creating a chat room?
1:16 AM
@EkadhSingh You could experiment with them in a room where you are the owner.
@EkadhSingh So he added 10 votes to his own post, "as a substitute for locking it" ??
@user1271772 as far as I can tell locking was different back then (this is just an educated guess as I wasn’t around at that time). Also, at that time Jeff had a diamond and dev access.
4 hours later…
5:47 AM
@EkadhSingh user with negative ID is, at least, not human :)
6:30 AM
Should we want this post by Jeff still singling out specific users for their past voting behaviour?
Q: Should we have a policy about "too much downvoting"?

Jeff AtwoodWe've never had an explicit policy around downvoting -- users are free to, if they like, cast all their votes as downvotes. Whether this behavior is desirable or not is another matter. Now, we do discourage downvoting by making downvotes cost -1 rep to the casting voter. But, there's nothing in...

@EkadhSingh In questions it's tagged as: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/chatbot but sometimes questions aren't tagged correctly for it: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/feed%2bchat?tab=Votes
6:47 AM
@Luuklag Put a flag on it for me? I just woke up, not enough brain power at the moment.
6:59 AM
@Tinkeringbell sure np
7:17 AM
@SmokeDetector don't be a spammer and have an account on Stack Apps
7:28 AM
@KevinB k
7:58 AM
heh, invited staff to join here, hope it works. :D
8:16 AM
I think fixing broken links is your territory
@ShadowWizardWearingMaskV2 seen a few lurking around elsewhere, which is good :D
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog thanks, this is something staff can do with their tooling, without bumping the posts.
@JourneymanGeek nah think she was never in any chat, saw her on a small site. Well guess it's more scary to join here than I thought.... :(
8:35 AM
@Luuklag couple of observations - its a decade old, and you need to take the effort to find out who did that a decade ago
Without those numbers, and the context, the discussion loses a lot, and the discussion involves policy decisions, taken or not taken
I feel like the harm in deleting the post outweighs the benefit in someone going "OH! THOSE PEOPLE DOWNVOTED A DECADE AGO!"
8:52 AM
@JourneymanGeek It doesn't have to be deleted perhaps... I was thinking of meta.stackexchange.com/a/289913/369802 and having user numbers is just as bad as names.
So at the very least... it needs an edit to get rid of those usernumbers, I'd guess.
but it needs more thinking, hence me asking for a flag :)
@Tinkeringbell yeah thats also what I put in the flag after thinking abput it for a minute more.
9:17 AM
Is it really true that (as discussed here and in the linked dupe) that there's no penalty for asking duplicate questions? Not even contributing to a question ban?
> A pattern of duplicate questions in short succession will likely attract downvotes from the community, especially from users who didn't think you did enough research to find the duplicate target, which could ultimately affect your ability to ask questions on the site.
That's in the linked dupe. I would say that they count towards a question ban based on that.
Well, that's really the downvotes, then, isn't it? Rather than just dupes per se.
Hmm. Well the mysteries of the question ban are that: mysteries :P
Not sure if the closure itself counts, you're right, this might be just the downvotes.
But I don't know, and I don't have data XD
Yeah, I suppose that's true...maybe the SO mods know, there are probably more question-banned users there than here
Oh huh, the source is actually Tim Post, and it's quite specific.
Edit summary from Tim: "Other misconception: dupes don't automatically get you banned or something, it's the votes that patterns of low quality tend to attract that does that."
Well then, that's probably actually true, that it's just the downvotes. I wonder if that's true for other close reasons.
Usually, close- and downvotes go hand in hand.
9:25 AM
I often just close-vote if I think the question might be fixable, because I'm too lazy to check back later to see if I should undownvote.
Yeah okay. But in essence, a closed question is unuseful (with the exception perhaps of duplicates and the types of question that are great examples of what shouldn't be done).
There are also bad questions to which someone has managed to write a good answer. Or totally off-topic stuff that's nonetheless become a useful reference.
There are exceptions, yes... but a bad question is still a bad question regardless of the answer, and the answer doesn't suddenly make it useful/clear/showing research effort.
As for the totally off-topic stuff.. ideally that's handled before it becomes a reference, but you're right that this isn't always done right.
Hilariously, one question that had this problem was entirely on-topic. The problem was that not a single one of the many answers actually read the question properly...
A moderator eventually made the executive decision to edit the question to make it the off-topic question that the answers had answered, and close it accordingly.
9:44 AM
O.o... Okay, in that case I would've deleted the answers I guess... XD
@Tinkeringbell But then you're deleting a canonical reference on downloading m3u8 files :-)
@RyanM I don't care? :P If the site I'm moderating isn't meant to hold canonical references on downloading that stuff, it isn't meant to hold canonical references on downloading that stuff, and it can go ;)
Answers should answer the question, and if the question was on-topic but the answers not... then the answers are the problem and not the question XD
Yeah, for SO in particular I tend to not delete anything that's become useful.
But also on SO there's so much to delete that's not useful.
But there's also so much to delete that there is no use in doing so anymore ;)
It does sometimes feel that way...
I had an idea, briefly, of going through old unanswered questions in the Android tag to see which ones needed an extra downvote that they should have gotten earlier to help them to the Roomba. Quickly decided that was a huge waste of time.
9:54 AM
@RyanM haha yeah, that would take you eternity +1
10:05 AM
10:15 AM
Is this true? SEDE does not support child meta's?
10:53 AM
@Luuklag Ehh, that would be very, very weird since SEDE does have a button to switch from main to meta sites XD
@rene would know for sure, I guess :)
@Luuklag all sites are in SEDE, including metas see data.stackexchange.com/sites, that is the json with all sites you can choose from in SEDE
@Luuklag left them a comment / question
11:18 AM
meta sites are at the bottom. That is the problem
Are you saying... there is nothing beneath meta?
@JourneymanGeek It's meta all the way down, that's what I was always taught :P
@JourneymanGeek Meta is the lowest of the low...
11:48 AM
And then even lower.
is this a spam seed: meta.stackexchange.com/q/367887 ?
@rene Given the spam answer: yes.
I saw. I just left my desk to grab a sandwich only to come back to see it go poof
12:06 PM
poofed spam is the best spam ;)
@Tinkeringbell I like mine boiled
I don't think I ever had boiled... we bake/fry it a bit, together with the onions and other stuff, before adding it to macaroni... otherwise we never eat spam except for leftovers on bread XD
Is it on all the network site that only 2 out of 3 featured MSE posts are shown?
I think it's supposed to be, yeah (see meta.stackexchange.com/a/130893/369802) . But on IPS there's 3 shown too.
I did notice there were three on MSE and found it strange :P
12:29 PM
@Tinkeringbell yeah they raised the limit to 3, but on SO there are only 2 shown
perhaps because of 2 blogposts
SU and GIS only show 2 as well
yeah all sites that have the blog turned on show 2, others do show the 3 posts
Case closed ;)
@Luuklag Is there a post/message that announced this? Might be good to reference than when I go edit meta.stackexchange.com/a/130893/369802
@Tinkeringbell I remember Cat commenting it somewhere
I'll look through my pings
@Luuklag We've raised the limit to 3 for the time being (see the sidebar actually has all three currently). — Catija ♦ Jul 20 at 19:19
@Luuklag Ah, that doesn't sound permanent... I'll let the post be then.
1:12 PM
Q: Not all posts featured here show up in the community bulletin on all sites, by-design or a bug?

LuuklagCurrently the community bulletin is filled with at most 4 posts according to this answer. Which also states: Additionally, up to two featured posts from Meta Stack Exchange will appear in the community bulletins of all network sites (including Meta Stack Exchange, but not per-site metas). These ...

1:30 PM
@Luuklag Ah thanks! I just love links to IPS on main meta XD
yeah get some un-nuanced people in to vote up some random garbage question
At least it keeps you off the street as a mod ;)
@Tinkeringbell You are welcome
1:56 PM
Ryan Donovan on July 28, 2021
Dwarf Fortress is one of those oddball passion projects that’s broken into Internet consciousness. It’s a free game where you play either an adventurer or a fortress full of dwarves in a randomly generated fantasy world. The simulation runs deep, with new games creating multiple civilizations with histories, mythologies, and artifacts. I reached out to him to see how he’s managed a single, growing codebase over 15+ years, the perils of pathing, and debugging dead cats. Our conversation below has been edited for clarity. 
@Luuklag Like I need moderation to keep me off the street... in case you hadn't heard, there's a pandemic going :P
@Luuklag - Assuming everything today goes as planned with nothing major leaching time away, the intent is to introduce them later today. — Philippe ♦ 12 mins ago
that's another thing off my long term SE wishlist ticked off (in part?) More CMs
Pet speculation?
I wonder if Philippe was already involved in hiring, or maybe Rosie was
so Pets must have been a question during the interviews
2:08 PM
I would assume once they got past HR, most of the folks would be
@JourneymanGeek most of the folks, that sounds awfully counterproductive
When we interview people at our company, usually 4-5 people get to chime in on new hires
@Luuklag maybe! But Its not like its a huge team, and at one point its 4-5 people :D
And at the very least I suspect discussion would happen
I'm not sure. I never got that far :D
@Feeds I see why SE is fond of that specific game...
aging codebase...
UI design, right?
and the Steam Version with the NEW ACTUAL UI that will be available in 6 to 8.
2:15 PM
ah you actually read the thing, I didn't even get that far
@Luuklag I just know the game.
It would be far superior to most strategy games that ever existed.... IF IT HAD AN USABLE UI
2:56 PM
the wolf is back time for howl awooooooooo
@KevinB best time ever for such a post!
@JNat seeing you are going through MSE posts, mind having a look at this post of mine? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/367890/…
3:13 PM
@Rob 💩 💩 💩💩💩💩💩
2 hours later…
5:19 PM
@Rob to quote rene and Kevin B: 🚽
2 hours later…
7:40 PM
@EkadhSingh The staff label has sliiiiightly smaller type and it makes me a bit tense :)
27 messages moved to Chimney
8:01 PM
@EkadhSingh A bit
Mopery () is a vague, informal name for minor offenses. The word is based on the verb to mope, which originally meant "to wander aimlessly"; it only later acquired the sense "to be bored and depressed". The word mope appears to have first been used in the 16th century, and appears in William Shakespeare's works. It has occasionally been put into use by police as a charge to bring when no other legitimate charge seems appropriate. It has also been used for satiric and/or comedic effect in books and films. == Definitions == In 1970, in Columbus, Ohio, mopery was defined as "loitering while walking...
Dropping this message so I can be pung here in the future... and to say hello!
Hello! o/
So, @Slate, I’m the meta post Rosie mentioned you like to read (saying “She also reads quite a bit, fiction and nonfiction alike” about you). What’s your favorite genre (if any)?
8:15 PM
I tend to drift around! I read mostly nonfiction nowadays, social theory / philosophy / textbooks. Fiction-wise, veeery broadly? SF&F, I guess! I tend to pick single books I am directly recommended
Currently reading A Room of One's Own.
8:39 PM
Welcome Slate
@JourneymanGeek your wishes have been granted, people hired from within the community
3 hours later…
11:44 PM
@Luuklag some of them anyway ,😁
And thats excellent

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