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We kinda had a decade of stagnation and the interregium was not kind
I wonder if there's a feature request to change that behavior.
To only revert votes when voting irregularities are suspected.
{"error":"Unauthenticated users cannot use regex search"}
what's the parameter?
Oh wait, I can't send you the link after searching can I? ._,
10 hours ago, by Spevacus
With regards to the discussion about "Trenbolone," it was added to the blacklist because of 23 true positives in the past.
12:19 AM
Oh, metasmoke
can't help there
@forestdistrustsStackExchange Didn't know that was a thing. Damn. Well there are indeed 23 TPs I promise!
@forestdistrustsStackExchange give this link a try
12:38 AM
ah that works
Man he really did choose an unfortunate name.
oh. my. god
That goddamn bug again.
I've got to stop clicking "move to chat".
Q: Bug causing profile picture to change when moving comments to chat

forest distrusts StackExchangeI have a profile picture set on site A, and a different profile picture on site B. Site A is my default parent site, so it's the one that should show in all chat windows. However the image seemingly randomly changes to that of site B when I click "automatically move comments to chat" on a particu...

Do I just not move comments to chat? :/
@forestdistrustsStackExchange yeah, we have fpu (False Positive, whitelist User) feedback that we can give for cases like that to tell SmokeDetector "this user's name isn't what we were trying to catch with that rule, don't report any more of their posts for that reason"
(or you can whitelist explicitly, as Spevacus did)
1:02 AM
> If you don't have an account or the necessary reputation, use the 'Contact Us' option, and pick the option 'I want to report a Code of Conduct violation'. Use the text box to provide as much information as possible and don't forget to link the post.
I did this for some of the posts linked in that recent question, but never got a response.
Ever since I first asked what the reason for my year-long suspension was (more than a year ago), I think I must have been blocked for the entire contact us email.
How do I find out if that is the case? All I can find is other peoples' anecdotes saying "yeah it happened to me too".
I'd be 0% surprised if the backlog for that contact form were quite substantial
Hm, well it didn't even provide me with the automated response.
Seems like it went to /dev/null.
Having never personally used that form, I am unfortunately unfamiliar with its usual behavior
I only used it after being banned and not once told why (despite some mods on MSE saying "we only discus it with people involved"). That's why I wonder if I'm black holed.
Of course, it could be that the domain I use is on a spam list.
@forestdistrustsStackExchange It's my understanding that a mod message is sent with every (at least manually-imposed) suspension. Did you never get one?
1:13 AM
Hm, I don't think so.
Or if I did, it was a boilerplate response.
Yeah that was gonna be my followup. It might have just been a boilerplate "you should relax" message or something.
Probably. It was weird since there were only two things I posted in between a chat suspension wearing off and a year-long suspension, so it must have been one of those, but I never got an answer as to what the reasoning was. It used to piss me off more before I realized due to the Monica situation that mine was not unique.
Yeah those were... Trying times. I said my peace in answers and was done with it, personally.
I'm just hoping they'll finally start listening to the community.
I've seen some good signs, but it's not enough.
@forestdistrustsStackExchange I'm not sure we even have one.
1:22 AM
I must have misremembered then. Thought I read that it did.
We switched to Jira at some point and stopped sending them in some cases.
... I think.
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/364048/… Oh no, now the layout of my posts will change and my OCD will kill me. :o
Yay. I mean sorry to hear that 😅
I have this weird OCD about lines ending with only one or two words.
@forestdistrustsStackExchange tbf - feedback your ticket was logged is invaluable.
Getting a real reply is messy
It would be nice - though I donno how practical to automatically mail a response on closure based on the ticket status
1:28 AM
We do take the contact form seriously and anything that comes in gets looked at. A subset are sent to the CMs for response.
@JourneymanGeek I think we do that but half the stuff we get is not something we even want to do that for. Common cases get a standard template response with links to relevant info.
@Catija that kinda will 'do'
I haven't used the regular contact form much tbf
Yay mod tools 🤣
Diamonds are forever or... Something like that.
Some trolls just abuse the heck out of the contact form. Like my favorite IPS one. And so we don't respond.
1:33 AM
Who is that?
Avoiding naming names intentionally.
(I don't go on IPS, I just know it's a drama hub)
Does he try to pull the same stuff on the contact form as the site?
Mostly gaslighting.
1:34 AM
It's been a while since he did, though.
That I'm aware of.
Maybe he found a new hobby
Or finally got help
I assume most of his posts are deleted/unviewable?
Posted by socks.
Oh, a dedicated troll.
1:42 AM
IPS is an easy target.
2:32 AM
@forestdistrustsStackExchange It isn't recently though, for obvious reasons
2 hours later…
4:07 AM
@Catija I occasionally have sent a 'this site is copying without attribution' contact link form complaint, and got the 'our lawyers will look at it' template - but last few times I didn't even get that, and it's not as though I send too many, or there's been a follow-up that I was incorrect - the replies simply ceased. --- I don't concern myself, or feel snubbed, but assume that replies are discontinued; due to short staffing. Must be broken.
4:29 AM
Poor automated system... I wonder how they got fired...
5:28 AM
Q: Why does HTML think “chucknorris” is a color?

user456584How come certain random strings produce colors when entered as background colors in HTML? For example: <body bgcolor="chucknorris"> test </body> ...produces a document with a red background across all browsers and platforms. Interestingly, while chucknorri produces a red background as w...

and it comes up red!
5:59 AM
@MetaAndrewT. realigned you mean
@Rob regarding accepts that looks like old deletes went wrong. As in, didn't clear the accept mark.
6:52 AM
@Rob There was an MSE post about this
Saying they quit sending replies, because nothing ever happened
A: Send a follow-up email when a user reports that some Stack Exchange content is plagiarised by another website

animusonTo be perfectly honest: we don't send any follow-up because we do nothing with about 99.9% of those reports. After we did analysis on scraper reports a couple years ago, we found that the vast majority of content scrapers go offline or the problem is otherwise resolved within a couple of months b...

7:31 AM
@JourneymanGeek verify what exactly?
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard that there's no deleted answers
@JourneymanGeek where?
OP seems convinced there's one
never mind
In the question itself? No, only yours so far.
Naw, never mind
I'm slightly sleepy and it refers to some deleted comments
7:34 AM
oh, this I can't see.
yup :D
@JourneymanGeek red button misclick?
bringing Super Shield
for the miscommunication
Oh, all good. I think.
OP is annoyed though.
Doesn't look like he's on his way to understand and accept what's going on, but can't do much. You, Tink, and others did your best to explain.
is this about getting banned without violating the CoC?
7:47 AM
If one is to be pedantic
well his new answer already has a delete vote from me
even before I read the drama that is a comment chain on your answer
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I see red buttons. I click.
@Luuklag well, he's convinced mods will delete it
Sometimes its helpful to disappoint.
don't worry, blame will be assigned properly
@JourneymanGeek Luuklag isn't a mod ;-)
7:55 AM
@rene you can take some of that blame too ;)
A: Hardware Description Language questions: Stack Overflow or Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange?

Shashank V M"Hardware Description Languages" - As the name says, it is used to describe hardware. It has nothing to do with programming. According to the help-center of the respective sites, hardware related questions are on-topic on Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange, while programming related questions ...

adds nothing new to the Q, just repeats the highest voted answer
I mean, it is on topic
I've had enough interactions on posts like that. I'm not going to get emotional involved again.
@JourneymanGeek yeah, but just repeats the other answers, so nothing of value to keep
@Luuklag Well - I can't tell y'all how to vote, but if its not deleted by mods, he's got no reason to complain
8:00 AM
indeed :)
and it can pick up votes in the meanwhile
Also he started a bounty on it :/
Well, if he wants to waste his reputation...
what are the odds on them referring to users with moderation privileges as "mods"? :-p
8:02 AM
@RyanM too high
Well that's between him and them :D
Completely unrelated, there is a very snarky part of me that wants to comment on this post of mine asking why the downvoter thinks my question lacks research effort and is unclear or not useful ;-)
Fortunately, there is a larger part of me with better sense than that
@RyanM I like that question
I just don't know what those tooltips should be :D
Yeah, there was a reason I only included a suggestion for one of them...
Anyone who has good ideas about the phrasing should comment and/or answer
I think part of the problem is meta is rather... ambigious
8:07 AM
@RyanM same goes for me here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/364010/…
We have questions that are questions, questions that are announcements...
and answers that are answers, and answers that are questions
Yeah, this Q&A model doesn't really fit the needs of MSE, but its all we've got ;)
Meta: the only place where writing a long comment as an answer will get you upvotes
or an opinion
You can... join child meta's community???
8:10 AM
Site meta has the same issues, sans rep
so people care less
Yeah, I don't even know how I'd describe the line between an acceptable opinion-based meta question and one that would get closed as opinion-based.
I could tell you which questions are which, but I can't really describe how I'd tell that
I mean, I'm kind of a meta veteran and I can't really tell you either
and some of my posts get closed or nearly closed too
@RyanM I left a comment with my pre-emptive downvote ...
Tink, Journey, can either of you delete the latest comment on this answer: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/85757/…
8:18 AM
@rene hmmm, interesting point about the word "I"... in some sense, the message is "it's a bad idea" but that's a bit...blunt
@Luuklag done
blunt would work for me ...
@JourneymanGeek thx
@DavidPostill ._.
No repro
per-mod caching...
8:27 AM
@rene knife?
Who was faster than me?! Less than 15 seconds!
oh, Sonic.
8:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek So that's how you keep your lead :P
@Tinkeringbell I went to check and everything looked ok :D
9:20 AM
well that was strange
I was logged out for no apparant reason
@Luuklag cookie expired, maybe?
Mmmm I honestly can't recall this ever happening before
Maybe some security softwares also perform regular cookie cleanup, who knows...
I did sign out and in a few weeks back to check something though
9:23 AM
or perhaps the FB cookie expired
No wait, that wasn't the case, as I just had to click log-in, it didn't ask for credentials there
Though their cookies are big and tough. :D
@Luuklag of course, that's because you're set to automatically log in into the provider.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard yeah but if I was logged out because the FB cookie expired, I couldn't simply click the log in button and be logged in. I would need to enter the credentials to create a new cookie then
@Luuklag not sure, this stuff is way over my head... what happens when you access FB via the same browser session?
9:30 AM
just logged in
so its not facebook that expired
9:52 AM
@JourneymanGeek lets see how long it takes before complaining starts
@Luuklag I'm confused over what the whole exercise achieved
@JourneymanGeek fire and pitchforks?
I mean, I understand his goals - he very strongly feels VHDL questions belong on EE...
but EE can handle that on its own merits, especially since its not as busy as SO
10:35 AM
@rene Using that search on MSE we can see that they shouldn't have accepted the answer and the accepted answer is deleted. But on MSO I don't have enough rep to see the deleted and accepted answer; so I don't know the reason - but the reason that I suggest in my comment is different than the bug in either of those two URLs.
yeah, it is different. I shared them more as a reminder that several other weird cases exist. So it is not a one-of or uncommon.
This searches all sites and produces fewer results, due to incorporating score:X - which can be lowered to catch them all.
^^ I don't know which error the OP means, but what we are discussing is different from exactly what they asked. --- They are new and returned two hours later to find their question deleted, it might be another day before they return. ;)
@Rob lots of merged questions, at least on SO.
11:07 AM
@Rob Naughty Marc
@rene A few ways to slice it, and end up with a similar appearing problem; if you're not privileged to see the real reason.
@Rob he was socking there
Marc and Tobias are the same person?
@Rob I guess so, if you read this deleted answer: meta.stackexchange.com/a/57256/361484
or, ..., is he "The Blue Unicorn"? - and the comment is a misuse of pronouns.
11:18 AM
@Luuklag Oh why I'd never. VOTING FRAUD! I'll refer them to the relevant... oh wait.
The History doesn't say who deleted that answer, while the other answer was clearly deleted by Marc.
If you have a beach body do people call you Sandy?
@journ I see they updated the job description to include: Living and working within GMT-7:00 (US) to GMT+2:00 (Europe) time zones
@Luuklag yeah, sometime around the second email
I wonder if there are already many CM's in +3 to -6 though...
Mostly US and UK based
I think Ayo's GMT +2
Other than that, Cesar's in Brazil, Jnat's UK the rest are US
Historically Tim was in the Phillipines when the hired him, and Jmac was in Japan
11:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek ugh, tough luck for early riser...
@MetaAndrewT. that would involve getting hired
12:04 PM
@rene Those have a positive score, so it's more likely that there existed some value to the answer prior to its deletion; thus the merged results. If one searches only for negative scored answers (I can't see, there) then it's more likely to result in accepted answers that shouldn't have been accepted and were deleted.
I guess if someone accepts an answer and doesn't return then subsequently the answerer edits in spam, or their account and posts are deleted for whatever reason, that would leave orphan accepts too.
What you discuss now? </lazy-mode>
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard question with accepted answers, but with 0 answers
12:21 PM
@Luuklag example?
eating waffle
sdc waffle
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard No such command 'waffle'.
Which may not be what the OP was asking about; we've gone of on a tangent, speculating about what they actually wanted to know; in their question closed for lack of details, to which they returned to two hours later and neither replied nor edited their question.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard See comment directly above where you asked; again.
Oh, OK. Well the accepted answer is deleted.
So there is accepted answer, it just happens to be deleted. :)
But, what the OP asks about is: "... that the vote amount was green, but there was no answers specified ..."; which either we don't understand or is impossible and they miswrote their question.
IE: The votes aren't green?!
12:34 PM
@Rob yes they are:
The accepted answer is green, but it doesn't show votes, in that view; and since the OP is rep 1 they just see the question only.
What does "they" refer to?
That's not a "vote amount".
Better wording would be "the box showing amount of answers in the search results has green background".
Which isn't what they asked ...
@Rob sure, but easy enough to understand they mean answer count. :)
@Rob 90% of the time spent when answering is to figure what's being asked, at least for me.
.... that question
wasn't it closed ?
12:37 PM
It's rare to have a perfectly clear question. ;)
Well - At some point, if you're spending more time trying to work out what OP's thinking than OP spent typing...
Unless she's the second coming of Mavis Beacon... :D
Yeah we're really stretching our imaginations here in an attempt to eventually lucid dream up what the OP meant.
@JourneymanGeek then you're too kind of a person? ;)
Maybe, but its better to teach a man to fish, than to try to figure out what he ate for breakfast.
Maybe it's just leftovers from my time as active user on asp101 forums, where the quality of the best questions was worse than the average quality these days on SO.
12:40 PM
But since they are new, and returned to find their wonderful question closed, they'll only come back yet again to say they'll never come back again, if at all. --- Closed for lack of details, though @rene and I, perhaps @Luuklag, have guessed that is what they meant - we may never know. We can't totally change their question and reopen, they must clarify (and hopefully edit) then it can be reopened and answered.
Oh well :/
@Rob interestingly, the latest phenomena(non?) is Dec 2011
@JourneymanGeek downvotes and even comments are more often a way to break the asker's pole rather than teaching them how to use it in order to fish. Not that it's a bad thing, overall it cause less low quality contents.
IItIt wwewe aarareare ccocorcorrcorrecorrect iinin oouourour ggugueguesguessguess iititsit's a ffafaifairfairly ggogoogood qququequesquestion, aanandand nnonotnot aa ddudupdupldupliduplicate.
@Rob check your keyboard
12:42 PM
@Rob dude, your keyboard. Its... possssssesssseeedddd
Also, I haven't downvote enough (time to browse meta leisurely...)
JJeJeeJeezJeez I hhahathatehate wwhwhewhenwhen iitit ddodoedoesdoes tththathatthat.
dupe key board
12:43 PM
Jeez, I hate when it does that!
Virtual keyboard? @Rob
Your keyboard seems to have auto copy-paste, perhaps that's the power of SO's powered The Key™ ...
Google KBD, on Android Firefox.
Who to blame.
@Rob Firefox, if you ask me
12:44 PM
^ and local earthquakes.
From my little experience with it, it's just bad.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I mean, even a screenshot
@MetaAndrewT. maybe mods don't delete accepted answers since then?
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard I deleted accepted answers until now though
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard Its more a 'social' than a 'mechanical' thing
12:47 PM
But CMs doing account deletion could 'baby & bathwater' them.
I don't think deletions nuke answers
@MetaAndrewT. so it means that somewhere around December 2011 the code was fixed so that deleting accepted answer removes whatever mark is used for the search engine...
destruction does
lemme check
e.g. some "HasAcceptedAnswer" field in a table.
12:48 PM
the only answers:0 hasaccepted:1 on Android.SE is a merged question, back in 2010
@Yaakov might answer this for sure when he's back.
@Rob needs a destroy not a delete
destruction has a few safeguards + means someone has been very bad
@JourneymanGeek screenshot of what?
^^ The one on MSE is deleted, possibly for Science.
@ShadowTheVaccinatedWizard what he saw
DenverCoder9 is... Shog9 !?
@JourneymanGeek Possibly the destruction is chosen because they were a leaf in a fraudulent ring, and what few posts they had just weren't worth anonymously preserving ?
destruction would leave the posts in place
12:54 PM
2003 was... old internet though
in the somewhat after, before after times.
The days of the beautiful cuckooing of 56K modems.
I realised I'm the ONE person who hasn't been having problems with the cookie dialog
and I'm confused
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