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12:02 AM
@Luuklag it's also part of network history
There's literally people who refer to that f****** when talking about early network culture and how it's evolved
12:59 AM
The reference to idownvotebcs in this wiki should be removed since using it is considered noise on SO.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog ^^ do you have an opinion on this?
A: Is http://idownvotedbecau.se counter productive? Can it be better used?

Isiah MeadowsI do also feel it's kind of off-putting at first glance. It reads as if there's little care about what the question actually is, like it's just throwing robotic jargon at them. Bare links to it read even more like LMGTFY links than actual helpful links, and even though it doesn't carry the sarcas...

2:00 AM
The site does invite people to edit it and offer improvements: github.com/WillSullivan/idownvotedbecause - all you need is a GitHub account. Since our Help pages don't offer as many choices and aren't editable by as many people it is possible for it to become a better resource, completely in accordance with our policies; as is also explained in the above link to our Meta discussion.
I've yet to see people ask: "Who dared upvote my post?" or "Why did you review the same way as I did?"
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6:57 AM
@tripleee gone
yup, thanks
@Luuklag it's relic of the past. It does no harm. Unlike Stack Overflow, where such relics are nuked, MSE doesn't have many views, so chances of someone stumbling over it by pure chance are pretty low. Can't see any harm keeping it in this state, with historical lock, as it used to be fun back when posted.
8:11 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I think it has yet to surpass Ashgabat, Turkmenistan though
@Luuklag What's interesting is that some of the comments no longer render correctly due to the later-added support for intra-word emphasis
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog good catch, I was already wondering why there was so much boldface
Some words in the comments have three asterisks, which at the time they were posted would render as text, but they now signify the beginning or end of bold italic markup
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 also tbh, it feels like historic vandalism
Yeah, as long as it occurs twice in a comment, so there is also a closing sequence
its no Bamyan Buddha but... its part of the history of the network
@Luuklag I wonder why it was deleted ._.
8:26 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog it did, the video is old.
@JourneymanGeek It had 2 votes on it, so I decided to put the third and the first undelete
so their cleared
the first vote was from 2015. The second was recent :D
well blame Colleen then
People love to delete anything they can, for some reason. :(
Also the closereason is a bit strange
8:30 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Meta attracts folks who like order
and they have a mod who thinks a little chaos is good for the soul
@Luuklag not really it's the "does not seek input" which is true. It's a pure rant.
@JourneymanGeek :)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 hmmm yeah thats true
Well if people think off topic questions should not exist, they can always start a feature request asking to auto delete any question closed as off topic right away, no matter whether it has answers or not. (and no matter of its own score, even positive.)
I'd disagree with that in many cases
boom, thanks
8:44 AM
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10:20 AM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Uuuhhh... no. That has way too much potential to be a vector for abuse.
@Spevacus gone
Jnat being on top of things today
10:48 AM
Taken care of
was a busy little spammer apparently
@JourneymanGeek lots of deleted posts?
so 3 too many, 2 more than I'd be happy with :D
Just for curiosity, I find it funny that some scraper also scrape MSE and MSO posts
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12:04 PM
returning spammer (SD report) diy.stackexchange.com/a/239277/62335
thinly veiled academic fraud spammer, profile reveals affiliation with a different essay-writing site (SD report) academia.stackexchange.com/a/178647
Is there any reference doc on how the review queues are managed? Should every question that get close votes end up in the close queue or there is some delay to avoid listing questions that are closed fast enough?
12:23 PM
@SPArcheon dunno the answer to your concrete question, but one relatively recent reference is meta.stackexchange.com/questions/369013/…
@SPArcheon 15 minutes according to this answer
1:11 PM
@MetaAndrewT. LOL poor scraper, has no idea what they just scraped... :P
1:26 PM
Jul 29 '18 at 10:16, by Shadow Wizard
@Martin hmm.. so maybe only on SO it's 15 minutes.
2:03 PM
Juan M on December 01, 2021
While millions of people come to Stack Overflow to find answers to their programming questions, there are well over a hundred sites within the Stack Exchange network, covering all kinds of topics from movies & tv to academia to global languages. We found that our question and answer format, along with a strong community focus,…
@Feeds Check out the onebox that went 10 years old and stopped working in Q4
@Feeds how many typos this time?
2:48 PM
@SPArcheon I regret nothing, And you lie like a cat
hey what happened here, cats in this room?
@JourneymanGeek This totally unedited screen proves you were meant to post some ;_;
Oh, cool... I didn't realize you could use serif typefaces in chat.
@Catija (I guess you have to at least appreciate that I have made it so that it is quite obvious that the screen is indeed edited :P)
@JourneymanGeek Btw, that line reminded me of this.
3:03 PM
Ryan Donovan on December 01, 2021
How Aiven moved from storing metrics in one giant InfluxDB to using horizontally-scalable M3.
@Feeds Migrating oneboxes from the blog to the Tavern
Writing blog titles that make no sense because they're full of jargon.
@Catija Hey you discovered Ryan's skillset
@Feeds two in a row! Are we going to get icecream?
3:10 PM
@SPArcheon We've never started WB before the 15th or so. :) Why do you think we forgot?
@Catija usually countdown is already up at this time. I think.
^ this, also old site is not archived.
@SPArcheon yeah, this one for those who wonder.
(e.g. the one for 2019 is archived)
Didn't animuson say that it was under way when someone asked about why the page is old or something?
@Catija still, something might have gone wrong, so people are worried...
Anyway, link to 2021 Winterbash, for future reference.
When the above link ^ will work, nobody should be worried anymore.
3:17 PM
@Catija yeah, he said something about why the old domain no longer works, as it is removed in the process of instating the 2021 domain
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 No such command 'hats'.
@Luuklag but old domain does still work.
A: Unable to login to 2020 Winter Bash page

animusonThe Winter Bash application has been updated to point to this year's domain in preparation and it is no longer possible to login to the previous site. The old Winter Bash site will be removed momentarily - literally as soon as someone processes the request to remove the old domain bindings.

3:24 PM
I suppose I was logged before the login went down...
4:20 PM
An interstitial space is an intermediate space located between regular-use floors, commonly located in hospitals and laboratory-type buildings to allow space for the mechanical systems of the building. By providing this space, laboratory and hospital rooms may be easily rearranged throughout their lifecycles and therefore reduce lifecycle cost. == Description == An interstitial space is useful when the mechanical system of the building is highly sophisticated and changing the space on the primary floors is a distinct possibility. The heights of these spaces are generally six to eight feet and...
The new domain's interstitial link is accepted:
Obscure joke of the day: Ivankov approves and sends her greetings from level 5.5
5:01 PM
BTW, remember to update the description here
5:37 PM
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8:16 PM
@JNat regarding your blogpost: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/372439/…
9:15 PM
@Luuklag Juan != JNat
but the names have almost all the same letters
@Catija ouch
need more coffee
9:41 PM
Are you sure? Nachtje doorhalen?
@rene Have some catching up to do, or catching ahead to be more precise
My son has to stay home tomorrow to visit the GP.
Oh, nothing serious I hope?
A little cough, so the daycare won't take him untill he is tested, and seen a GP
Went for a test this afternoon, so hopefully those results will be in tonight
Yeah, I hear a lot of those stories.
Yeah its been horrible lately, they call atleast once a week to come pick them up because this or that
9:56 PM
A collegaue on work had his son and his wife at home, both being sick. It is not nice.
10:28 PM
I feel like I haven't seen you around much, @rene :)
That's likely more me being out last week than you being away, though.
I haven't noticed much rene either @Catija
but neither much of you, but yeah time differences
Thanksgiving last week, so I was out Wed-Friday and then the weekend was a bit crazy.
Ah yeah ofcourse, thanksgiving. You managed to survive though it appears ;)
Barely. Friday both Andy and I were out with upset stomach and fever - fortunately a one-day thing. Probably some sort of stomach bug the kids brought home from school. Having both parents sick with two kids who need to be kept active is... a struggle. Fortunately Andy's mom was still here for part of the day.
yeah, that really sucks. Maybe something you guys ate?
10:44 PM
@Catija correct. I'm pretty busy irl (serving 2 customers atm) and don't have an opportunity during workhours to join chat.
@Luuklag We considered that, but Andy's mom didn't get sick at all and we all ate the same general food.
@rene Well, congrats on some work business. :)
thanks! I needed it ;)
@Catija well luckily it was only you and Andy then.
My wife has been ill about the entire week already, her voice giving out every now and then, which kinda sucks being a teacher
@rene I hope it are fun projects though?
@Luuklag yeah, one is for Wet Electronisch Publiceren the other is in the Airline business.
What is that law about?
about accessability of published govt reports?
10:51 PM
Municipalities need to electronically publish their laws (besluiten, beschikkingen etc) and then allow for a 6 week appeal.
We're building a web portal for the 6 week appeal stuff
ah that's nice. No more handwriting of appeal letters xD
Right. I envision a button: Spam your local government now
@rene There are people getting restraining orders against their local govt. As it is quite expensive to read and answer all those letters.
So there are people that want to harass their local govt by just appealing everything
Yeah, problem is that all the local news papers are going belly up and a municipality publishing their own "news paper" is a bit weird so a modern solution was needed.
I'll add SpamRam to block certain IP addresses so the serial appealers won't get far.
And some captcha I guess ;)
11:00 PM
Probably Digid as well ...
yeah that sounds reasonable. Well I'm heading to bed. only 6 hours left till the alarm goes again
I'll do the same shortly. Have a good night
You too

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