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12:30 AM
@Feeds ₿aby Comebaaack!
2 hours later…
2:58 AM
What is the etiquette for unprotecting questions that were automatically protected via HNQ?
It's strange to see a 10 year old question that hasn't had a single reply in 5 years protected with a big banner saying that it's highly active. On sites I have privileges to do so, should I just unprotect?
3:13 AM
@TheforestofReinstateMonica See the answers (not the question), and The FAQ.
@Rob But this applies to questions that were on HNQ ages ago.
I understand why HNQ gets auto-protected.
So I'm asking about etiquette, not so much about the reasoning behind protection.
When you reply that quickly we know that you didn't read through the text. See the first link's answers and the second link, section: "When should I protect or unprotect a question?"
Oh, I didn't see that you linked to the FAQ. I just read the answers in the first link.
Reading FAQ now.
> Do unprotect questions that aren't currently attracting a lot of attention and don’t have a long history of unproductive answers.
OK, so I should just unprotect them as I come across them if they're still protected despite being on HNQ many years ago and are no longer actually active?
3:49 AM
It would be great if the FAQ had a longer answer, and specific examples with suggested courses of action; but it doesn't, just a single sentence.
Look to see why it was protected, was it shared? Does it exist as a "Further Reading" link on an old but popular blog? Is the concern (as stated in Monica's answer) a bunch of looky Lous (armchair quarterbacks, backseat drivers) will descend on the Q&A and post poorly written answers ...
Why was it protected (without a specific example link we are guessing your answer), and should that remain, or was the automatic mechanism unhelpful and it needs human intervention?
@TheforestofReinstateMonica Yeah, that's pretty much the case.
Several years ago, normal users could only unprotect a question if they themselves protected it (i.e. it could only be used to undo your own action). However, this was changed in order to better promote community moderation.
@Theforest I'm guessing the site, you can see if there's a bunch of deleted and unhelpful answers over the years; if that's the case (and they're all rep 1) then the protection is doing it's job. If it's clean and in need of an answer perhaps it should be unprotected.
@The, you can also use this 10K Tool: security.stackexchange.com/tools/protected-questions
4:12 AM
Damn that's a lot of protected questions.
4:48 AM
Sorting by "Deleted Answers" is useful, but once you click on the question's link the helpfulness ends - some aren't "protected" from answers but are comment locked, while others are unprotected (ATM) and exactly why they were protected long ago isn't spelled out you'd have to guess; but since it was unprotected (and it doesn't say when that happened) it's gained enough answers to requalify (yet remains unprotected, but on the protected list in the Tools):
That Tool could use a FR on MSE to ask for some features to improve its usefulness, but alas that's a common theme for the 10K tools and their weaksauce.
3 hours later…
8:16 AM
@Tinkeringbell might be worth keeping an eye on that question about why ones account was banned. Just rolled back an useless edit by OP
I'll watch :)
So, I made the mistake of updating Visual Studio minor version. Minor version: 2.5 GB (!!!), about hour to download and install, and of course it requires to restart the whole computer. Never Again.
I thought Microsoft got better over years and versions, but they only get worse.
Luckily I switched to node.js which is heaven, on this regard. :-D
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating No such command 'node.js'.
We got a new server to do our development on. I've been waiting 1,5 hours this morning to just get access. I now need to sit through a two hour meeting before I need to go and correct a bunch of environment variables before I can continue working.
8:24 AM
@Luuklag yeah, the OP isn't very nice.
I've already discarded any illusions of productivity today XD
Thanks for the edit btw @Sha :)
@Tinkeringbell you can use "admin" and "123456" or "admin" as password. Works like a charm. :D
@Tinkeringbell my pleasure! ;)
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Oh, I had access to the server itself with the company name/pw. Once there though, I couldn't access the 'disk' the data was on XD
Connect to an external disk ;)
@Tinkeringbell oh, bummer.
8:34 AM
spammer / plagiarist copies prior answers to make it look like legit and adds their trash: softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/users/383489/ko-sint
sdc amipriviledged
@Luuklag No such command 'amipriviledged'.
@Luuklag ╳ No, you are not a blacklist manager privileged user.
8:38 AM
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Fun to see a face to a spammer xD
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating "Never again", luckily they're unlikely to offer another such update a few minutes later.
@Luuklag lol yeah, could be worse. ;)
My phone gets monthly updates, they're often a few hundred MB (sometimes a GB), and involve a reboot; they're important even if they chew up half an hour loading optimizing and booting.
@Rob well, I didn't use the auto update for years. Installed new Studio since then, several times, so figured "They might have been got better now, let's try" when VS said there's version 16.8 available and I have 16.3 - and then I stared in horror when seeing the numbers.
@Rob that's same as updating Windows itself, not some minor version of IDE.
8:45 AM
From 3 to 8 is {8-3=5) versions, minimum.
Still, not a major version. No need to download whole VS from scratch, which is obviously what it's doing.
That's the easy path, I get it: just download everything, install from scratch, whenever there is any minor change. Microsoft saves money this way on developing actual update packages, and they can use this money to buy more coffee. ;)
!!/coffee Microsoft
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating brews a cup of Mocha for @Microsoft
A typical installation is 20-50GB, but could be over 210GB; so that's a 10% sized update. Source: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/releases/2019/…
@Rob I have my phone to auto install them at the middle of the night. It just reboots itself again, even alarms continue to go off in the morning. Only thing is that it needs the password then, instead of using biometrics
That's how I deliver updates to one of our old projects: client need to download it all and install from scratch every time. But it's about 10 MB, not 3 GB.
@Rob I'm crying inside.
8:51 AM
Probably gas.
@Luuklag since I used to have old phones, auto updates used to break them, so I'm not doing it, even though I now have new-ish phone. (Realme 6)
@Rob no, it's already out.
-8 and not deleted yet, meaning at least 3 users only downvoted without flagging. Pity.
@JNat cross site spammer, for your gentle care. Thanks!
Good timing here Smokey
@JNat not sure if I should ping you for this or not
or @Catija
@AnkitSharma why would a comment flag not suffice?
9:06 AM
@Luuklag from experince I can say it might be ignored
Perhaps a custom flag to clean up the entire comment thread
@AnkitSharma really no need to alert CM's, they have much better things to do.
Don't ping them for nothing.
@AnkitSharma Well then your site has a moderation issue.
If there is a bad comment link it here and people here can flag to get it auto deleted.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating said user is chat suspended already due to problematic things said
9:09 AM
@AnkitSharma so?
Anyways will take a leave
I read the comments, nothing to flag there.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating agreed, might be chatty, but nothing that warrants red flags
A good discussion btw, something we might even need a offical SE stance on?
@AnkitSharma .... Flag it... Your local mods ought to be handling that sorta thing
If you can make a quick case for it, I can hammer it from my phone 😁
9:20 AM
@JourneymanGeek wrongfully duped, its not about mark-up of text, but they want to be able to show a example box of a certain color
Ah. Done
@Tinkeringbell Not really relevant. It is more about how the COC might conflict with a scholary discussion on for examply the ban of gay behaviour within a religion
Ahh Ann is back, long time no see
@Luuklag Well you could argue things go both ways...
> We don’t tolerate any language likely to offend or alienate people based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion
"Your religion is homophobic"
"You're a sinner"
Both are not really useful. But if I had to pick, I think hinduism.meta.stackexchange.com/a/2101/13465 is the "most right": If you're on a site about a religion, you need to be able to discuss what guidance that religion gives with regards to controversial matters.
I also do know that hinduism has had a bit of trouble with general some type of question in the past: hinduism.meta.stackexchange.com/a/1536/13465
So perhaps that's why these questions don't work as well on hinduism as they might on e.g. Christianity or Islam :/
@Luuklag so - having gotten dragged into it a few times....
There's a few different cultural schools of thought there.....
@Tinkeringbell basically we have a huge body of scripture most people ignore or are unaware of or lost, multiple traditions cultural or linguistic....
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, Hinduism is a mess if you're not used to it ;)
9:29 AM
I also suspect there's some interpersonal conflicts we wouldn't be aware of
Probably. Religion can cause a lot of those.
(heh, I got pinged about an answer I posted years ago, about I think that question and I'm unsure of the best option to take :D )
@Tinkeringbell on the gripping hand, one of the 'talking points' of some almost 'evangelical' atheists is to pick up on some piece of scripture, often out of context, and kinda bring it to its logical extreme
and a lot of modern/historic hinduism is very much folkloric and based on more recent scripture
I bet the major conflicts lie in different sub-sets of any religion basically. In NL I think there are at least 5 different christianities, all having different truths. In the Islam there are at least 2 major ones, which even wage wars with each other for being hetathens. So it cant be different for hinduism
(as opposed to the 'vedic' era, which we don't actually know much about outside folklore and unfortunately is often seen through a western-judeochristian historic lens)
@Luuklag imagine if you took all of them, but shoved them in the same church :D
@Luuklag oh, our differences are slightly less fundamental
or more precisely, its the ones who take things waaaaaay too seriously that argue
@JourneymanGeek Sounds like how we got 5 different christianities here XD
9:45 AM
I'm from one sect, I'd quite happily go to a temple from another sect (AND THEY HAVE THIS LOVELY TRADITION OF TELLING YOU THE STORY OF THE PLACE! IN NORMAL LANGUAGE!)
@Tinkeringbell haha yeah indeed
Which is better than us :D
@Tinkeringbell also the whole 'we have a lost oral tradition, and folks rely on the source, without the context'
@JourneymanGeek It always felt weird to me to visit a church of a different denomination, but it's not like you'd be unwelcome there. It's just that the rituals are all wrong then XD :P
@Tinkeringbell more or less. But they're like
not as yelly, but so enthusiastic and happy!
Sounds a bit like visiting a cathedral as a tourist and encountering a happy guide :D
9:47 AM
well happy priests.
and they all do that
I mean unless the temple went full touristy
(though, in theory, they're our folks. Some of us converted, though which way... no one's sure. Since my specific clan has one of their deities as our 'family' deity and depending on who you ask, people converted one way or the other)
That does sound lovely. And yeah, I've had such a tour from a "priest" once, and it was lovely to see how much of the history of the place he knew, and how he would point out all the religious things you wouldn't necessarily notice (I mean a statue of the Virgin Mary is kinda obvious but there were also so many nice 'easter eggs')
Ours dosen't :D
Tamil Vaishnava folks invariably do
INTERESTINGLY, a lot of them 'converted' from my subcaste
I think in the time I was in church, it split thrice. Every time there was a bit of 'converting' to a more strict or less strict 'new' denomination involved.
@Luuklag It was about rape, homosexuality was used as an analogy of rape
@Tinkeringbell I will use the word complicated
@AnkitSharma tbh. I think the dude was trying to bait ya.
9:55 AM
@AnkitSharma complicated works for me too :)
@JourneymanGeek I was part of previous rape discussion too and homosexuality is part of my identity so it hit me hard
@Tinkeringbell :D
Maybe I should go back to I am not mod anymore there so not my problem :D
@AnkitSharma Depends on how easily you can uphold that thought. If you can't easily do so, you might have to look for other solutions :)
Silent flag and walk away then 🙈
@AnkitSharma Well both are in breach of the CoC in most cases
@JNat possible bug in your year in moderation posts: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/359839/…
10:15 AM
I edited few myself with .meta
There's always the polite warning:
21 hours ago, by Rob
user image
10:33 AM
10:53 AM
@AnkitSharma eh. You are a mod so you can do something about it 😁
@JourneymanGeek what :O, I remember signing my resignation papers in bold letters
@AnkitSharma And once you sign those papers you immediately also lose your mindset? :P
(I got an official warning for 'mini-modding' on a different forum once because well... I was. Bad habits die hard XD)
@Tinkeringbell probably but not definitely
11:12 AM
Spam is abundant today, joined 5 new sites
@Luuklag congrats on the 500 rep ...
@Tinkeringbell unfortunately not
(Or fortunately. Whichever way you look at it.)
@rene haha thx :)
@Mithical Yeah, was just about to say that depends on your point of view. It's unfortunate if you're trying to get out of a bad habit, it's fortunate if you believe it's important to you.
11:36 AM
@Tinkeringbell or you're like me and end up being a serial mod :D
@Luuklag Now if you can ask or answer 5 questions on those sites, scoring 10 each, you can add 1K to your Flair easily; rather than tossing out the 500 credit.
@Rob I'm not that much of a repwhre ;)
What about a badger? 200 on a site doesn't sound like Rep ho'ing;.
@JourneymanGeek I mean, I've definitely also picked up bad habits while modding that I should take some serious efforts to get rid of again, and there's good things I learned too, like that I should be much, much more conscious of the habits I pick up :P I'm not sure if I would accept a moderating role on any other site, at least not while I still have such a role here, but never say never. I hope to live longer than this network :P
@Tinkeringbell essentially this is the 3rd or 4th moderation thing I've been doing :D
11:48 AM
@Luuklag Your badge looks like a lot of your medals fell off; but it's accurate:
@JourneymanGeek First time for me, and so far it's okay :)
Quite close to a few more icons on that flair, though...
@RyanM in what way? I never use those flair things
@Luuklag It shows any site where you have at least 200 rep. For example, mine:
@RyanM ah okay
11:53 AM
You're less than 10 rep away on Bicycles and GIS
I won't brag with my own, but let's look at the top end:
If you have a website you can put the Flair Badge on it, to show off your accomplishments and link to your account @Luuklag
12:07 PM
My name is cropped...
But it's a cool flair, I have popcorn and spaceship, Skeet got neither of those. ;)
12:18 PM
whoop whoop, only 35 flags left till that gold Marshal badge
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating Google Translate says it's correct; "Vaccina" is Romanian.
°° I'm only halfway here, but 39 to go on SO.
1 hour later…
1:31 PM
Going to take first shot of vaccine in February 1st. :D
@Rob lol. That's my friend, is a good one. :P
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating that is quick!
2:20 PM
Hey dear users
I want to get some of my questions deleted completely. Could someone help with the procedure for that
@user102532 meta.stackexchange.com/q/5221/165261 is the canonical FAQ on deletion
I have one more question
Let us say if I have two accounts and am using them separately. Is that not allowed ?
@user102532 it is allowed as long as you don't do anything you can't do with only one account
@user102532 See "When should sockpuppets be considered a problem?" here
so no upvoting your own posts, evading questions bans etc.
2:29 PM
Ok. I am using two accounts separately
Not like upvoting my posts
But the moderators have put suspension on my account
Physics stack exchange
Because of voting irregularities
To me that implies you might have upvoted your own posts, or use both accounts to upvote a third post perhaps
I am not doing that
Just use two accounts
@Luuklag you can check my posts also
@user102532 There is not much I can check on your posts. If you really want more details you should ask the moderator that suspended you
I can’t talk to him
IIRC you should have gotten a mod message on why you were suspended, you can answer that once
2:32 PM
Neither do they reply through mail ever
I am just shy to show my personality so I used two accounts
Has your other account been removed?
But recently , I have not been doing any kind of upvoting from other accounts
@Luuklag yes
Recently I have not been doing it
if in past I did it , I am not even sure . But now , over the last month or so . I have not been
Neither do they give any proof
@user102532 That's not relevant at all. If you have in the past thats plenty of reason to suspend now.
If you want you can ask a mod in Physics chat.
I can’t do that actually
Neither the stack overflow team
every reply back
Oh yeah you get 1 reputation from being suspended
@user102532 That takes notouriously long
2:37 PM
@user102532 use the Contact form: meta.stackexchange.com/contact use other; explain why you think your account got suspended incorrectly. There is nothing we can do.
By the way, on the off chance that the reason you want to delete your posts is because you were suspended and don't want to participate anymore as a result...that's not going to happen. Though you could request that they be disassociated from your account if that's the case.
@RyanM the reason I want to delete is because of downvotes only
you can also check I have
@RyanM really. They get deleted in 9days or you did sth
@user102532 You are better off trying to improve its quality. Having deleted questions counts against you when it comes to your ability to ask questions
2:44 PM
@user102532 I didn't do anything; the link explains the process for automatic deletion (I just have a script that tells me how many days it will be until deletion)
Didn’t knew it earlier
Thank you all for your time
no problem! best of luck.
Yeah. @RyanM I am a kid and shy to my real self . That’s it . That why I have two accounts.
Show my real self
Ok. One more thing , Can you show stack exchange profile to colleges for admission
like if I want to Bsc physics
I showed my profile of physics
You can if there's a way to provide free text like that (working it into the essay somehow?), but I doubt it would help unless it were really impressive.
Don’t any of you feel shy to show the question you ask
If gets downvotes or the questions is not asked nicely
don’t you feel said and want to delete it but you can’t
Be honest please
2:52 PM
I tend to think my questions through 2 or three times before actually posting things.
A lot doesn't get past the second or third thinking over
Thinking over also includes an extensive search to see if something similar hasn't been asked before.
I've only ever deleted one question, on meta.stackoverflow. I deleted it with the intent of re-writing it to do a better job asking it.
Learned my lesson about being thorough.
Guys . My second account has only one post with 0 votes. No one upvotes it. But still it got suspended.
Now , the moderators do not reply back as well
Only that my name is same with this ID
What to do now then
@user102532 Well that usually happens when you get suspended for voting irregularities with multiple accounts involved. They suspend all accounts, and sometimes even nuke some out of the database.
But there is no upvote
the thing is
I can’t do it from that account also
That is very wrong of the moderator
@user102532 No, that is how it is supposed to be.
You are suspended, that means you should not get an oppertunity to use the site in a different way
3:02 PM
What does that mean sir @Luuklag
Ok so... Suspension is for the person, not the account
No voting irregularities is there
then why
@user102532 we only have your word for it
Just check user282657
One question
1 reputation , 0 upvotes
Then why now
Because they found out now, thats the only reason
Even if you did nothing with those accounts for 5 years, and they then found out. You still would get suspended
3:06 PM
but you said it’s ok to use multiple account
@user102532 Under certain circumstances
But there is no
not that I am voting my posts
There are plenty of definitions for voting irregularities, there is no way for us to know on what basis the moderators of physics decided to suspend you
They could have been reversed
Now , I want to ask them
@acurious mind
how can I do that
3:10 PM
They already asked you to use the contact form.
None of them answer it
I still have give a reply
So use the contact form. This room is not where you can get any information.
no response
Did you wait 2 weeks already?
Did it get shorter?
3:11 PM
Your suspension was warranted. You've been targeting downvotes and upvotes at specific users.
@Catija did you check user 282657
@rene was just a wild guess at a number
@user102532 If Catija says it was waranted it was waranted, you can be sure of that.
@user102532 Cat's a CM...
So she has full knowledge of everything
@Catija but it is true. I don’t mean to offend you. Just I am sure because I posted a question today only
You can see . Even if I did upvote ( which I didn’t ) . There was still 1 reputation
Ok.@Catija knows everything . I am not saying she does not
I agree with you all
@Luuklag I always guess 6 to 8 ...
3:14 PM
but just check it once because I know I didn’t
from what I'm seeing though, it dosen't look like you should be using an alternate acccount
If it is not the rule , then at least tell me
because I am not doing that
voting irregularities
@Catija has said it is upvoting issue but just tell me or give a proof
Considering a CM weighed in, I have nothing to add
3:17 PM
@JourneymanGeek agreed
@user102532 Don't count on getting anything more then that, esepcially not in a public chatroom
The discussion is closed. Let's move on
this will be my entire contribution to this room for the day
i will not be taking questions at this time
@ArtOfCode How are you?
3:20 PM
done with covid yet
wow first upvote on my new question within 30 seconds, thats nice :)
@Mithical we all are, but it is not done with us
2 messages moved to Trashcan
@ArtOfCode You know me too well ;)
@JourneymanGeek more specifically: has @Art recovered from covid yet
3:21 PM
@Mithical sorry about that, I still get carried away
@Mithical ages ago, aye
.... That I was not aware of
this does not count as a question because it did not have a question mark at the time of writing
Didn't know you had it, glad you're okay
3:22 PM
or maybe I did and forgot...either way.
@RyanM Most boring illness I've ever had. Lost my smell, no other symptoms, sat in one room for 10 days. Still can't smell a thing, but that'll come back at some point
@ArtOfCode oh hey, you were hit? But are now OK and escaped long covid?
And you just answered. Glad to hear it didn't hit you hard!
@ArtOfCode So eating raw onions without consequences it is xD
@ArtOfCode I lost part of my sense of taste for unrelated reasons and had to assure at least one nurse that I could smell perfectly fine.
3:24 PM
I was kinda expecting to get it at some point - going into work on public transport, then working in the same place as paramedics who go to covid+ patients all day every day... yeah, it was going to happen
That one is also, annoyingly, taking a bit to come back...darn nerves and their slow healing.
@ArtOfCode you still live in a very large metropolis, right? You sure you want your sense of smell back?
@terdon I'm... not too bothered about not having it, to be honest. Be nice to be able to smell food, but other than that... eh
@Luuklag There can be... other consequences
Joking apart, it must be really weird to not be able to taste food right. Here's hoping you get it back soon!
3:26 PM
I can taste fine, it's literally just the smell
It would've been much worse if I'd lost my taste
insert joke about bad taste here
@ArtOfCode ...you never had taste to begin with...
So no reviewing of scented candles on amazon for you @ArtOfCode
@Luuklag apparently they taste like apples.
@ArtOfCode Reminds me of the joke about the dog with no nose....
3:46 PM
@rene yeah, Israel has awesome health care system, but we're in the peak of the third COVID-19 wave, with over 10k new infected people every day out of population of 9M, so it's really bad. Death rate also peaked, and the funny part? All of this happens during a full lockdown. Which nobody obeys.
All celebs post in their social media accounts pics and vids of themselves in parties, or beach, while it's strictly forbidden.
And nobody is there to stop them, so people see this and do anything they want as well.
And... I see I missed the daily drama here. :(
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating oh, that is bad.
@ArtOfCode eh, the two are very connected, right?
@rene and super annoying to those who do obey the lockdown, yeah.
@ShadowWizardisVaccinating we get a curfew on friday, if parliament votes in favor of it
3:52 PM
@terdon Supposedly, but my taste is absolutely normal while my smell is probably 98% gone
I guess Mith was right then.
@ArtOfCode hope you'll be well and back to normal soon. :)
1 hour later…
5:16 PM
@ArtOfCode any other relatives/friends are sick too?
5:29 PM
Lori Colston on January 21, 2021
Stay up-to-date on your teams questions and answers with the new For You feed.
6:17 PM
Is there a reason the ru.traducir.win website gives you a 400 error whenever you type (? in the translation regex box?
@Ollie I'm not sure. Did you check the code?
No. Doing that now.
@rene No idea... the console says this, and the link says 400
@Ollie is (? a valid .Net regex? I doubt that
@rene I just typed in what it said in the example: (?i)<russian-string>$. I'm fairly new to translating the strings.
ah, I see what you mean.
6:24 PM
Is that a bug @rene?
@Ollie yeah, it looks like it
@rene Can I report that here on Meta?
@Ollie meh, I think they rather have an issue on their GH repo
you can type normal words, no need to start with (? for example: ru.traducir.win/filters?translationRegex=count
did you try that?
Yes... and the errors aren't coming now. Thanks!
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