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12:22 AM
Migration's weird.
When you open the question itself it correctly says "Asked (x) hours ago" and that time does line up with when it was asked.
4 hours later…
1 hour later…
5:58 AM
@Ollie show off! So, what prize you want? Two common things come to mind: 1) One of my socks (can even give a pair, I'm that generous ;)), or 2) Signed gold hammer. What you choose? :P
1 hour later…
7:18 AM
@V2Blast brews a cup of green tea for @V2Blast
sdc tea
@V2Blast brews a cup of mint tea for @V2Blast
I didn't even know that command style was an option :o
It's pretty new
Designed to make mobile commands easier, supposedly
1 hour later…
8:42 AM
9 messages moved to Chimney
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10:57 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask He should get a sock full of soil, initially he was saying earn another 3 more K in 90 days: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/89?m=8555002#8555002 - now he's saying earn a few hundred meta.stackexchange.com/users/798831/… - which was accomplished in a few days. - He relying on your memory to fudge the bet.
11:28 AM
Ryan Donovan on September 18, 2020
Welcome to ISSUE #39 of the Overflow! This newsletter is by developers, for developers, written and curated by the Stack Overflow team and Cassidy Williams at Netlify. For your consideration: micro frontends, the ancient computer hardware making a cameo beside James Bond, and a time-lapse of the most popular website rankings since 1993. From the blog Can one…
1 hour later…
12:46 PM
@Rob oh that's nasty. So maybe we should punish instead of giving a prize?
1:07 PM
Wait. Onebox?
1:25 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask i have a 50-gallon oil drum filled with cat poo if you want to light it on fire and give it to that user... whistles nonchalantly
@ThomasWard Wh- ...why do you have a 50 gallon oil drum filled with cat poo?
well it didn't USED to be filled with cat poo
i WAS going to fill it with fuel oil and plant it outside as a defensive measure if someone wants to attack the apartment building, but people just started tossing cat poo into it instead.
... at least it's not the 'rona xD
I mean. Alright.
@Mithical 'course I could just toss an oil drum filled with ${UNSPECIFIED_CHEMICAL_COMPOUNDS} around but that could be dangerous :P
@ThomasWard I've had my fill of cat scat thanks.
1:36 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask, @Rob punish me for gaining 3k in 90 days? ;)
How cruel!
@Ollie so you'd prefer the barrel of unspecified chemical compounds then. preps the air-drop
@ThomasWard Uhh
(fyi i'm a 99 / 100 on the Wacky scale so :P)
@ThomasWard I gathered. No offense ;)
1:40 PM
no worries
This has captivated my attention. I love the idea, especially right now.
i also am 50000000000000 / 100 on the Chaotic scale too but that's a different issue :)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I'm trying to find something he truly deserves the golden hammer for, maybe he'll settle for a shower of prizes, instead of a sockfull.
I truly deserve the golden hammer?
I'm the user in question.
I think.
does anyone?
1:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek i mean
i have several examples of when the Hammer of the Gods was used
Oh yes?
Shadow has a few
... muru, this one guy right now, a few people who are net-banned...
... this one ---- who has a 1y suspension for continued poor quality content over the course of 12 months...
... my sockpuppet... I mean what? :)
1:43 PM
(it's a KIND sockpuppet, it exists only to explode.)
@ThomasWard Those are the best kind.
this is the one I really want :D
Yeah, me too.
Doesn't everybody? ;)
Here's Shadow's hammer collection:
1:46 PM
Not a literal hammer?
It is here.
I have discussion and support :D
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Please no socks. Not yours.
Of course I also have the Big Friendly Modhammer.
1:48 PM
Big Friendly ModMaul
and a present for your shoes!
Oh, you might get a nice warm present even where I'm not a mod :D
And where you are a mod.
Nothing beats cowpies between the toes.
Plus, you can flick your foot at someone within range.
More fun when you're a child, than when you are an adult; I'd imagine, not tried it in the past few decades.
1:52 PM
Go try it now!
I live in the city, the cows won't come home here - you'll be waiting at least that long.
We'll turn a blind eye. No one will say that Rob is immature.
@Rob It is so annoying when I expect my dupe hammer to work, only to find out an OP picked one of the required tags I don't have a gold badge for.
You need them ShadowTags™
yeah. I think I can leverage Sha as if he is my sock ... ;)
@JourneymanGeek turns out I have that one already: meta.stackoverflow.com/help/badges/43/legendary?userid=578411
1:57 PM
As long as you're not in his sock.
@Rob nah, that will be smelly ...
@rene more like claustrophobic.
true that
and warm, squishy.
Ok, ok.
One of @ShadowWizardWearingMask's socks.
Renowned for being capable of stunning horses at fifty paces.
2:02 PM
i found a sock hiding behind the washing machine last month. it must have gone down wet because there was literally mold on the thing and fungal growths
must also have been forgotten
i'd share pics but it's too gross to share
Go on.
they're also on the phone i left at home by accident today oops
Socks are better than monkeys.
@Ollie i mean... i can think of some evil things that could be worse...
2:03 PM
ever see what smallpox does to a human body?
Don't want to.
Please don't subject us to that.
oh i know better than that :)
if i wanted to subject people to that you'd already all be yelling at me
and i'd lose my diamond lol :P
i like my diamond thank you very much :P
I don't have one.
I wonder if I could become the first ruby ;)
2:10 PM
Sure. Just change your avatar.
Nominated first ruby.
@Ollie The conversation would be incomplete without a mention of monkeys, and of course an image depicting the contents of his sock:
@Rob nooo
I don't want to see what's in his sock.
Bad visual.
I'll be going now
2:12 PM
I require that as an emote now @JourneymanGeek
because of reasons :P
you mean a reaction? :D
2:18 PM
If your 🚽 was ☢ as opposed to ☣ you have bigger problems. Of course being a biohazard is bad...
What isn't a biohazard
my fist
it's just a physical hazard
I just walked into it ...
2:31 PM
One of the better ones has got to be:
Mr. Ouch is a hazard symbol developed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) to represent electrical hazards. Unlike other high-voltage warning symbols, Mr. Ouch was specifically designed with young children in mind.Mr. Ouch is similar in name, purpose, and appearance to the UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh's "Mr. Yuk" design used to label poisonous substances, although the two symbols were developed independently. == Appearance == Mr. Ouch is anthropomorphized electricity. The design shows a snarling, spiderlike creature with jagged, lightning-bolt arms throwing a child...
Too bad it doesn't pull out the first image into the onebox, like it usually does.
I don't see it with FF Android
Your link is the FavIcon.
See the first has the image missing, while most of the others have the first image first and the Wikipedia website FavIcon placed second.
2:53 PM
@ThomasWard it's also full of bacteria. So... bio-hazard as well. :D
Unless you're a cyborg.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask or if my hand is literally doused in liquid alcohol right before the encounter
@ThomasWard surely by now there're bacteria resistant to alcohol. ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask pure alcohol though?
like 99.9% isopropyl?
let me see...
Didn't read it all, but my point is valid. self pat :P
@Ollie nah, too white.
All the king's horses and all the king's men...couldnt put me together again
3:02 PM
@user400654 It should onebox similar to this:
@ShadowWizardWearingMask then set it on fire
@ThomasWard how about CF3-CH2-OH
i mean isn't that highly toxic?
or maybe t-butanol
that was the point right? to kill resistant bacteria?
3:08 PM
though if we want to go that route we may as well just carry a gamma ray emitter everywhere :p
that'll kill everything
@ThomasWard or there are chances, however slim that we may get a hulk ;-)
i mean we can also just detonate nukes everywhere, solves every problem xD
by eliminating every problem
I have been the archer
I have been the prey
Is there literally no one who has heard this song....
> Who could ever leave me, darling
> But who could stay?
@JourneymanGeek the hand? But then poor @ThomasWard won't be able to write. We need him to write. ;)
3:14 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask ah, actually
you can do it without hurting yourself if you're fast
@ThomasWard or create mutations.... o_O
@ShadowWizardWearingMask no you need me to be able to type
not write
my handwriting is crap
@ShadowWizardWearingMask well then i'm impervious to everything and everyone else perishes in my mutated insane rampage
@ThomasWard use $\LaTeX$
3:16 PM
@ThomasWard plus you'll be able to write with your extra hand. Win-win! :D
@ShadowWizardWearingMask you mean my mind because telekinesis
@ThomasWard this too yeah
@ThomasWard terrible mind-writing?
3:17 PM
@ThomasWard Even Mr. Methane?
Time to back read!
@ThomasWard yes, that would be perfect! You also make deliveries? :D
@ShadowWizardWearingMask it can be airdropped within an hour or three
@Ollie Cruel but just! :D
@ThomasWard good! So do send to @Ollie, surely you got his home address? ;)
well he opted out of the poo drum so i sent the unspecified chemical compound drum instaed
3:22 PM
@Rob ._.
Dude... the hell?
@Rob interesting combination, but don't want him to enjoy too much. :D
Serve it cold
sorry to interrupt, where can i read about the "happy hour" event?
@Cagliostro nothing to read about it.... :)
It's just an ancient event.
3:24 PM
What is it?
Like sun shine.
It's rare for people to attend, but click info in the upper right column.
aah...4:30am for me
@Cagliostro Someone set it up years ago, and people mainly complain that its pointless and we need to remove it :D
@Rob couldnt find anything saying info on that page
3:25 PM
Better to change the time to when a lot of people are here, like ~5 hours ago.
Yeah correct
You can be happy any hour you want
or be miserable anytime you want :D
@Cagliostro Have another look:
@Rob hey why me
Because you have underinfo
3:28 PM
@Rob interesting, thought your screen is bigger.
@Rob you could write like this
btww this is not what i asked
I think...it doesnt tell about happy hour
That's because you're doing everything to avoid the answer.
@Cagliostro there's no official description, there never was.
Just... be happy. :D
@Rob see how much space I have:
@Cagliostro what did you try to post? Didn't see it.
@balpha wot
3:31 PM
Accessed by clicking "Info" and following the link.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask been a while
I got a bigger screen xD
@balpha it has :/
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I'm in portrait mode, so I have a long viewport not a wide one.
3:33 PM
I hear there's a re-run of my 2011 "squash the preview/server markdown inconsistencies" war
All this has happened before... all this will happen again
Yes it has
My screen is 2,960x1,440 - that's probably larger than someone's.
dual UHD + a little one here :D
Hello, sorry for the interruption. When writing a feature request I noticed that it'd be a duplicate of a well upvoted post from ~5 years ago with no response from SE. I don't want to post a duplicate but I also would like to bring it to SE's attention. How can I achieve both?
Little one being the keyboard :D
^^ Bounty, or answer, possibly a comment if a staff member is @-repliable there.
3:39 PM
@Peilonrayz got a link to the old one?
More difficult to offer helpful suggestions without a link
@JourneymanGeek Yes here you go: meta.stackexchange.com/q/263893
one sec
@Peilonrayz I feel like the best thing is to wait for a time when its a thing that we can slap a status-review tag on the mod end ;D
I need to dig up the post that documents what's the current focus though
(hint hint chat braintrust) :D
though this specific request is mainly useful when pointing people to other sites?
@balpha "while" is an understatement.... ;)
So, what's up?
How's your new job?
3:43 PM
@Rob Whilst not the optimal solution, what would an answer look like. All I can imagine posting is something like. "I'm bumping this to the FP" but I don't think that'd fair well.
@Rob meh, excuses excuses. :D
gtg going to prepare for the new year. cya!
The tag is here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/… - it can be a new feature request, if it can wait ~6-8 months.
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, someone commented about it today in response to a bad recommendation to a different site.
that's not a convincing reason for that lol
@Peilonrayz If you check the tags there's not going to be a question where an answer would offer a helpful bump, the person who worked on it (while present in this conversation) is no longer an employee.
3:46 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask not actually that new anymore 😁 still good though
@JourneymanGeek Haha yeah the situation that it come from is a bit funny
@Peilonrayz an answer here might be a convincing reason for that feature - which the question kinda lacks
Consider how you can sell it as a quality of life improvement
@JourneymanGeek Ah, thank you that may be a good idea. I'll have to get my rusty selling tools out D: Thank you for you time everyone.
I rarely see people use magic links (outside of the precomposted messages), so it's a tough sell, over fixing things that are broken (as opposed to missing and infrequently used).
If you have a list of helpful comments where someone handwrote to someone and obviously used a magic link that would be something in your favor.
4:02 PM
a 100
@Rob I'll have to adapt that to hit the magic links I see, because it's not showing ones from yesterday.
Updated each Sunday
4:16 PM
Ah yes. Still not hitting one from last Friday that hasn't been deleted, and obviously not hitting comments that have been deleted.
Is a lot of said comments existing grounds for assuming they're helpful?
4:36 PM
^ Helpful for proving the point being made.
4:53 PM
@user400654 Not really. If they're helpful the question will be deleted / migrated in turn deleting the comment, if they're unhelpful they'll be deleted.
Hey visit here. Nothing is broken...only slant
Kinda looks cool xD
5:44 PM
Hi SmokeDetector
5:57 PM
13 messages moved to Chimney
Wizard Shadow Masking Wear
How's lockdown treating you?
6:13 PM
in Shadow's Den, 12 secs ago, by FOX 9000
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Shadow Wear Wizard Masking
@Spe so, you envy @Ollie? Want a prize too? :D
Depends on the prize I guess >:)
6:33 PM
(totally forgot the link lol)
7:10 PM
@Spevacus how about 300 bounty points?
Would you envy that? ;)
I'd surely envy about 8,000 rep in bounties.
That would take a long time.
But you'd have to do something Herculean to get that prize ;)
That'd be 16 500 rep bounties... That'd be a lot.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask what would you suggest as a prize?
Besides your ungodly socks?
@Ollie and besides a 50gallon drum filled with weird smelling gunky compounds the color of jet black you mean? :P
7:18 PM
@ThomasWard and besides that, definitely.
7:53 PM
Pure curiosity
@Ollie wait you're curious about the gunk in the 50-gallon drum that's outside? You must have some really weird interests :P
Can you attach a link to your username, as in Ollie?
@ThomasWard no, my computer is repeatedly shutting down with the blue screen of death.
And it chose to at that particular, most inopportune moment.
ah that'd be the ionizing radiation from the compounds nearby you
I'm going to try it now.
Doesn't work.
Ionizing radiation?
Near me?
8:10 PM
@Ollie yeah remember the fifty gallon drum I airdropped previously? It was giving off some weird signatures
I thought that was only a threat. I didn't know you'd actually do it.
Anyway you don't know where I live!
are you sure? Maybe I work with the NSA
nah i kid :)
i'm just random today :)
sips on his ninth cup of coffee of the day
Hang on a sec
sdc coffee Thomas
@Ollie brews a cup of Espresso for @Thomas
8:12 PM
yes, ninth.
@Ollie That's insultingly low inorite
@M.A.R. depends entirely on which coffee is brewed
like if it's Death Wish coffee...
fortunately i don't want a coronary so ;P
Do you have a death wish?
Ah, Inorite. My favorite element.
Pronounced Eyenoaright.
God I love reputation.
8:16 PM
nah you're the bottom of the month. whistles nonchalantly
maybe I should go offline
the caffeine is making me crazy
sdc coffee Thomas
@Ollie brews a cup of Espresso for @Thomas
Eleven cups now.
once I get to twelve I literally start vibrating at the wavelength of all matter in the universe so be careful there :P
sdc tea Thomas
8:18 PM
@Ollie brews a cup of lemon tea for @Thomas
@Thomas Will your words look like this?**
... well SOMEONE upvoted me a lot on ServerFault
ten bucks says the system'll revert half of it lol
I'll take that bet.
Do I get a tenner if the system doesn't? goes ahead to game the system
you get ten bucks. male deer.
8:36 PM
I'll be going now
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