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7:00 PM
@Sklivvz if it's that answer you've been discussing on Twitter... I'd prefer public - it's a public answer. If it's something else, ping me on chat.SE
I have no words anymore to describe how hurtful it feels to ask a question you need to help with at work, being non-answered by someone that can't be bothered to try and then be ignored by mods for 10 years. If this kind of experiences are normal at SO, then I'm 100% done with it
As simple as that
And it's appalling no CM gives a flying squirrel about my feelings.
You want to know why SO is considered toxic? I can go on...
I care about your feelings, @Sklivvz. That doesn't mean I'm going to override numerous moderators and delete an answer for the hell of it. We have too much done in secret; this is something that should be discussed in public and addressed in full view.
I don't want to, because I've been insulted over and over and over
7:03 PM
You feel that the answer is dismissive, derisive of your needs, am I correct?
Not only that
But the SO mod team has been equally dismissive of my feelings and my complaint
Ok. Which concern would you like me to address first?
I want to to nuke the answer
And I want you to acknowledge that ignoring complaints of being offended for years is not OK
But mostly I want you to understand that it's not me
I don't think that's a fair characterization, but I acknowledge that it may feel as such to you
That this kind of stuff is not OK
7:06 PM
Would you like to share the context with us?
"this kind of stuff" being the declined flags, the dismissive tone in the answer, or the assertion that what you ask is not feasible?
But mostly because this stuff is going to hurt others
Well, if that's the primary concern then we can fix it.
Not OK->That there are snarky non-answers, and that moderators defend them, and that you don't even get the problem.
The author is asserting that the solution you seek is impossible. They may not do so unkindly, but they are free to be wrong.
7:09 PM
No, the author is stating that he wouldn't bother
It's "impossible" should be a comment at best
"I wouldn't bother" is deletion-worthy and insulting
It's a frame challenge. Frame challenges are valid answers to XY problems.
There is no XY problem there
I have a dataset to validate. Simple non-xy problem
Author does not know the answer, so snarks, because not knowing the answer makes them feel bad I guess
Cleary they are not there to learn
Or to share any knowledge
7:12 PM
If you have a specific dataset of valid and invalid cases, we can't match against it if you don't provide the dataset
Sure at the time I had aroudn 2 million names and 2 millions surname to clean up
If you do provide a set of valid and invalid cases, we can start talking about regexes that fit the sets.
Should I have posted them?
It's PII by the way
Also, clearly part of the challenge is understanding which form names can have in different languages
Representative set of examples of things you want to filter out, not all of them.
I put them together in my answer and it took me very little time based off wikipedia and public sources
7:14 PM
@Sklivvz and the answer says exactly - anything you can think of is a valid name in some language - including the empty string.
It's far too late now, but if you didn't want such an opinion, a better way to ask this would be to leave out what you're trying to validate
That's factually wrong John
There are rules to what is considered a valid name or surname in different languages
The fact that you or I don't know them is irrelevant
OK, "list of letters, spaces and apostrophes" seems like a reasonable guess - but I wouldn't bet my life on even that.
What prevents someone from... breaking said rules?
Literally the law
7:15 PM
You can always invent a new language
Sure, but you can't adopt a name (say) with a square bracket in it
So that should have been your question.
If you don't want opinions on what is and isn't a valid name, specify what you want to filter out instead of asking to verify what isn't and isn't a valid name.
7:16 PM
I want to filter out stuff that can't possibly be a name or surname
And that's open to interpretation.
I have chosen to raise my children in nespressanto, and my daughter's first name is a[bbe], because abbe is ambiguous and [abb]e is a swearword in nespressanto.
May still be wrong, but no longer asserts the author's opinion over your needs
@Shog9 I still don't understand how to sanitize input now
7:18 PM
@JohnDvorak be is a swearword? O.o
@Shog9 it's kinder, thank you , but still.. not an answer
@Sklivvz No, it's not an answer to you. It's not something you consider a valid solution.
@Sklivvz it's not a solution, but I believe it is an answer
It's literally asking me to improve the question: as such it should be a comment
7:19 PM
Searching for "weird legal name" was interesting!
There is one with an "8" in it
No, not be. Be is just a syllable. But [ab]e is a swearword. I do suppose that IPA would write that as ab.e, but that collides with yet another notation in nespressanto.
There is @
The point here is that of course there's going to by random stuff, but guys: a lot of people need to clean up data. It's a super common need.
We are not talking about a regex that literally needs to catch every single name and reject every single non-name, that's a given
7:23 PM
Wrong. You need to prevent arbitrary data from deleting your database. You don't need to stop anyone from being named Bobby";--.
In fact, ;-- is also a valid trigraph in nespressanto.
No I have a huge marketing list which is full of crap and I need to keep the stuff that looks legit
Yeah, but a working regex to validate names has to be incredibly complex thanks to languages. There's not one language where [a-zA-Z'] covers all your needs.
Excuse my ignorance, but isn't this the domain of the technical validity of the answer you're now discussing? It wouldn't have any bearing on its NAA status.
My answer covers all unicode word characters and their ligatures. It's not incredibly complex
So, back to the question, what kind of name do you accept? I acknowledge this is talking about extreme case, but these weird legal names, apparently using website domain is valid.
7:24 PM
If you're willing to throw out legitimate need because they don't look well on advertising ... that's a separate need from knowing if they can put it in your database in the first place.
this is why i did not want to discuss this in public
Funnily enough, my rule of thumb for that is because I don't understand what you're saying.
@M.A.R. That, too
@Sklivvz It's not incredibly complex, but it's wrong. @ would have undue difficulty using your website.
@MetaAndrewT. I'm happy to discuss that in the comments on the question, not as an answer to it
If you want to prove something is NAA, in all the cases that I've encountered, using basic language features and comprehension skills should be enough.
7:25 PM
"You can't because" is a valid answer to "how do I".
@JohnDvorak I guess @ has other fish to fry though
If it's "but the answer is wrong because I fit the symbols in mine" that doesn't make the answer NAA.
@JohnDvorak the answer was "I would not bother" which means "you could but it would be a waste of time" which is not
BTW, does the answer cover ّ ?
@MetaAndrewT. That URL tho...
7:27 PM
@Sklivvz eh, looks like a minor difference to me
"it's not possible" is also simply wrong
I'm gonna recommend that folks who have strong opinions on this matter after the discussion is resolved post an answer here:
Q: Is "there's no answer" an answer?

bytebusterAs simple as that: Are questions objectively having no valid answers, valid by themselves? I'm not considering workarounds that are popular on the main SO site. In other scientific disciplines "no answer" is common and well may be the only answer. Still, it may require a proof that there's no an...

An empty string is not a valid name
And إ ژ ُ ? Because they're possible in names here . . .
White space is not a valid name
7:27 PM
We could certainly use more guidance on this to refer to in the future.
wrong doesn't make it a non-answer, otherwise mods would have to be able to ascertain correctness of any answer
@Sklivvz Fine, I can't tell either way. But that doesn't make it NAA
@JohnDvorak mods have been doing that all along which is why they did not nuke it or fix it. They agreed with it.
@M.A.R. Copying broke it for me, but you can try to break it here: regex101.com/r/6slPxj/1
I would personally find it problematic if an answer disputing the premise was considered "not an answer" for that reason alone. I do think it is important to do so kindly, to be as helpful as possible in doing so; we've not always been good about that.
7:28 PM
It was NOT disputing the premise
it was saying "I would not bother" not "it's impossible"
Which is why it was also offensive
@Sklivvz How is that offensive?
I find it problematic this was not fixed
And that's why I rewrote it. You weren't asking for opinions or personal experiences; that phrase was out of place.
@Sklivvz skeptics is a ... different kind of worms, if that's what you're referring to
Sure Shog, but... 10 years man
7:29 PM
. . .
Well, I'm not the only one with editing privs on SO... Just sayin'...
@JohnDvorak Honestly, I think the average person is way more likely to find "Skeptics" harsher, esp. on political matters.
Sure because I wanted to get in an edit war after my flags were denied right?
Was talking about this with a few people just yesterday. We overlook editing on SO too often, to our collective detriment.
I don't even know there's that question on SO...
7:30 PM
@M.A.R. I do find Skeptics' approach a bit too harsh, but that's neither here nor there
Editing is hard. And it's just as easy to come off as cruel in an edit as in an answer... But it's a useful skill and a skill that I, for one, would like to do more to encourage.
As SO continues to age, editing stuff like this will be all the more important.
Anyways: the other point is @Shog9 and everyone. I sincerely found that and the mods behavior really offensive. You have to empathize a bit here.
So, open to suggestions on how we can encourage more of it.
It's not about ME, but you are losing users every day because of this
You can't have this
@Sklivvz Reference?
7:32 PM
@Shog9 well, how about starting with a meta post saying editing stuff is actually fine? The edit you did and described directly contradicts an edit review reason ("conflicts with author's intent")
It's sincerely, said without anger, toxic
@PrincessOlivia I've written several... Here's one:
A: Is it OK to edit the question to change the author's intention?

Shog9The amount of blind dogma being repeated in this thread is depressing... NO it's not appropriate to change a question such that it no longer reflects what the asker needed help with - but in order to edit effectively without doing that, you must first understand the intent of the author! How? Co...

Talks about questions, but generally-applicable I think
@Sklivvz Because of this? No. I doubt we're losing users daily over a post you disagree with and have flagged multiple times.
Here's a shorter answer with a stronger assertion:
Well, some people are like that. Some people post only code in the answers with no obvious explanation. Some people are outright rude.
7:33 PM
A: User edited 'barely an answer' with perfectly complete answer

Shog9 I should probably just approve the edit, in order for the post to appear on the site, as it's clearly an improvement. Yep. Don't second-guess yourself. If you're certain the edit makes the answer better, approve it. Consider that the alternative is you rejecting the edit, leaving a crappy a...

@Shog9 funnily I edit stuff all the times on Skeptics, just to tone it down... therefore: thanks for toning that down, that's certainly much better. But please make sure that this stuff gets addressed in general
That. I don't think we're losing users because of frame-challenge answers.
To me it boils down to sending the right message with how the UI should feel like.
@Sklivvz I'm tryin' man. And on that note... I got a report I need to get back to writing.
@Sklivvz Suggestions how to improve folk's language skills are certainly welcome
7:34 PM
It's not language skills
Mine weren't man. I flagged this with context for years
I doubt that answerer would have put it any other way.
@Shog9 thanks - added those to my favorites so I don't lose them ^^"
Assuming good faith goes a long way toward smooth communication
the answerer was snarky as hell, but @Shog9 has magic fingers
7:35 PM
It's also probably debatable whether blunter answers are always worse.
Out of so many readers, only a handful (up)votes, and only a handful of a handful edits...
If they hurt my feelings I'm going to kick back
Just saying. fuck that attitude
I also think that teacher of mine was an arsehole. But hell, I both remember HIM, and his TIPS.
@Sklivvz many, many askers are hurt by getting their questions closed.
7:36 PM
Can't tell the same for the nice guy.
Yes and in many cases they are right!
In the vast majority of cases, they aren't
I can't name SO without having some developer telling me "i've tried to ask a question the best I could, they closed it, I don't ask anymore"
I hear it literally weekly
And I had some very oddly nice teachers. A lot of them, you know, the type that seems detached-from-reality nice o.o
Plenty of people just copy/paste their homework assignments to SO, or just post a screenshot of error message and expect us to tell them which line of their code is wrong.
7:38 PM
Straw man
@M.A.R. TBF, I often try to edit and use neutral POV and words on the sites I care since being influenced by Wikipedia's policy
These are all professionals
Even people with 5-10 years experience
they are terrified of posting here
Do you have specific examples of questions you feel were unfairly closed?
THat's how shitty the reputation is
@Sklivvz so?
7:39 PM
So? wow
@MetaAndrewT. exactamundo.
People with decades of experience can still be awful at writing questions
Equivalently, a person with two days in coding can write a fantastic question
Sure, but perhaps NOT folks
7:39 PM
If people felt like they're writing something like a wiki, there'd be less of those answers
Stop assuming every closed question is bad and then use that to prove every closed question is bad
I don't, but the vast majority of closed questions is bad.
At what point did we assume that?
1) we should not be a hurt farm for people that don't know how to ask the best question
1 min ago, by John Dvorak
Do you have specific examples of questions you feel were unfairly closed?
7:40 PM
2) we are a hurt farm even for people that can do that
@JohnDvorak go look
@Sklivvz Well, TBH, everyone here is experienced where they're active, but when we try to post something on a new site, we have no idea what to do (other than the general grammar and formatting tips).
It's the same for most new users, I think.
Ergh, I have so many programming questions that can't be asked on SO, and I know it. That's why I never ask it. Probably asking on a chat will be better (if not lazy).
Sure, but we are HURTING THEM
They have no idea what to frame their questions, and that's mostly not their fault.
I don't understand how people can ask programming questions
7:42 PM
They don't know if it's like Reddit, if they should be funny, or if it should seem like they're doing a fundraiser for lung cancer
like, there's so much information out there already
Sometimes I think we should open a new SO
@Sklivvz absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence, and evidence of presence of unfairly closed question would be best provided by your colleagues
@Sklivvz You need to stop making differences between "us" and "them". Moderating users aren't doing any more or less damage than active askers potentially could
Not interested in your diversions John
7:43 PM
@Sklivvz so be it, please, oh please open it and prove it to SO that they can.
It would be great
I mean, they would make mistakes
I think both Sklivvz and John and Olivia are right but they're facing different views of the vase.
they would create their own rules about what works
So do it. There's a bunch of open-source clones of SE if you wanna have a go
No I mean Stack Overflow should
7:44 PM
They won't
A lot of questions are crap. Are we clear on that.
Let me clarify... you believe that too many questions are closed, and not enough answers are deleted?
A lot of people want different rules, what's the harm?
Apparently the last welcoming developer-related Q&A site died
There's quite many that can be saved but are not helped. Now can we agree on this one?
7:44 PM
A lot of wasted time on something that might not work?
@Sklivvz All of those people, without knowing it, also like to have a site that they can search
@Sklivvz tragedy of the commons. Yahoo Answers is the commons.
a repeat of so docs?
@JohnDvorak I believe that there is not enough focus on the emotional side of being part of SO
Having spent a lot of time recently ending up in forums, it's awful
7:45 PM
I did not say they should not have rules
Answers aren't separated from comments, there's a million dupes and solutions everywhere. Finding potential solution sources is a bit like a needle in a haystack
@Sklivvz A red herring I think. Addressing that is hiding the symptoms, using a pain killer.
@Sklivvz Neither did I
But you are aware of what "different rules" for most people implies, right?
But whatever, it seems to make the only reasonable part of the direction the company is willing to go.
No closing, no downvotes, no dupes, no flags, no moderation in general for anything beyond blantant spam
7:46 PM
I mean, let's just open "a personal help desk programming site for free". Everyone's happy.
I don't think he implied that
@Sklivvz what do you propose then? In general, I mean
SO is already that
@KevinB We still resist, but yeah, I got your point...
@M.A.R. Having spent a lot of time looking at opinions, that's a recurring opinion. "Moderation is bad", "downvoters suck", etc.
7:46 PM
This went south fast. Or fast south. I guess lengthy quick chats are bound to go that way. Gonna go confuse myself with conformations. Ciao
@MetaAndrewT. Open SO for beginners, and only beginners will come = the answers will inevitably suck
Give it a few more years, we'll lose too broad and half the off topic reasons
@M.A.R. not at all: SO is a professional site. I expect to be able to come here either ask a question and get an answer or be helped in clarifying my question and then get an answer, or be pointed at an already existing answer. None of which should make me feel like I'm treated like a moron
@JohnDvorak The answers won't necessarily suck, but it turns into a convoluted mess where previous questions are nearly useless in the future
@Sklivvz that was none of the answerer's intention,
7:47 PM
Answers focused on a single case usually end up being too narrow to effectively help future cases
@PrincessOlivia He's been modding here before I was present, so I assume he's considered that viewpoint and trying to moderate it and find a reasonable connect to the reality outside SO.
But this whole discussion has been rehashing old meta posts.
@PrincessOlivia that's to be expected and embraced. Non-reusability isn't what I'm worried about.
@JohnDvorak we don't know that, but even then -- that was the effect. And ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, that's what counts, because guess what? Someone who's been treated (in their own eyes) with snark, will feel validated in treating others likewise
Assume good faith
@JohnDvorak True.
7:49 PM
@M.A.R. Yeah, it's 3am and I was about to sleep... oh well... drop dead on da bed
@Sklivvz I must recommend against your universal retribution approach if that's what you're saying. It hurts the wrong people.
I did not suggest any retribution
We should not hurt anyone
@Sklivvz Have you considered what you might make OP of that answer feel the way you behaved?
What do you mean by "treating others likewise" then?
@PrincessOlivia can't parse your sentence
7:52 PM
OP may have felt you were the toxic one, meaning you hurt them. (And please don't start a "I wasn't, they were" discussion - I really don't care. This is a hypothetical)
@Sklivvz Accusing others of bad intentions is hurtful if your accusation turns out wrong
@JohnDvorak I'm saying that if people are treated badly (in their own eyes) when they are on the site, then they will either leave or think it's OK to behave like they feel they have been treated
@Sklivvz PO's point is that the answerer may have felt treated badly from your behavior
@PrincessOlivia How so? I did not talk to them (or better I posted a comment and when they refused to fix I removed it). I actually avoided editing the answer so I would not have contacts with the OP.
7:54 PM
@Sklivvz And how did you phrase that comment?
You also publicly posted on Twitter at least once. Maybe someone follows you know is followed by someone who <long chain of magical Twitter algorithm stuff> ends up in the attention of OP
Something along the lines of "this is not an answer" and certainly not "yo dawg, go eat my socks"
@PrincessOlivia after 10 years of being ignored
ten. years.
What do you want done about it?
More than happy to offer the OP a beer if they are offended though. But they did not say anything nor appointed either of you as their defendant
@Sklivvz So if I came back 10 years from now and yelled at you on Twitter for not agreeing with me and not changing your mind, that's fine?
what would solve the problem?
7:56 PM
@PrincessOlivia I did not yell at them at all
@Sklivvz Do you propose we halt this discussion until they can defend themself personally in here?
@KevinB shog fixed the answer to something non offensive
Deleting an answer that has proven to be "useful" by the metrics we apparently use to quantify usefulness, isn't an option. so what next?
@JohnDvorak it's 100% irrelevant
7:57 PM
@Sklivvz you literally posted a screenshot in which you showed you flagged their post as rude or abusive
so the problem is fixed
move on
that 's an extremely strong signal
I have moved on 1h ago, why are you bringing this up mate
Can you please stop the accusation s and falsehoods @PrincessOlivia? I did no such thing. I posted the screenshot to show mods ignored my flags
And I am free to say I find something offensive all I like, that's not screaming at someone
And they're free to decide it wan't. ?
They are not
My feelings are my own, how can they decide I was not offended?
7:59 PM
@Sklivvz I haven't accused you of anything. I mentioned hypotheticals, because it pisses me off when people say they've been treated unfairly and in a rude way, but fail to see that their own actions can be just as hurtful as what they felt they received
They can't tell you how you feel
they decide how to action the post
you don't
@PrincessOlivia I know I tried my bestest to keep this about the answer and never about the person
@KevinB of course they can, i told them for 10 years
they just did not care
Did they say you weren't offended, or that their answer wasn't offensive in the objective sense?
This is basically rehasing the same ol' "Welcoming" blog post again. I don't think this issue will resolve well on here.
@Sklivvz People are offended by downvotes. What makes you think OP can't be offended by what you've said about their post?
8:01 PM
Use "contact us" to escalate.
i mean... there's nothing to fix, what's contact us gonna do
@JohnDvorak they declined multiple times to address my flags and ultimately sent me a "be nice" modmessage without reason
@Sklivvz No action doesn't mean they don't understand your viewpoint
@PrincessOlivia people can be offended by the rain, however it's not my fault if it rains. If I talk about a post, I'm not talking about a person
@Sklivvz Did the other person do otherwise?
8:03 PM
@Sklivvz Yet, you're offended by an answer that replied in a general way to your question. It's not your fauly if it rains, but it is your fault if you talk about a post. You could chose not to. you could chose to make it a rant. You could chose to go balistic. If you have a choice, you affect an outcome.
Well, I'm out (to bed).
If they only talked about their post, they're on the same footing as you
That's why initially I flagged it as NAA
Right, but what you initially did doesn't really matter
Which was rightfully declined.
8:05 PM
It's what you did every time you had a choice.
You're free to disagree
but doing so doesn't change that multiple other people didn't
Guys you are maddening
3 against one I can't even type fast enough
8:05 PM
No. You are maddened by us.
Anything more puerile to add?
@Sklivvz you also wrote "posted by a person that does not understand the problem" in one of your flags. I'd say that's targeting the person, and it can be understood a multitude of different ways, including ones in which OP feels insulted.
Asking us to slow down is a valid request, although I can't promise I'll succeed at that
@JohnDvorak Three against one is kinda maddening though. Either slow this down a notch so you're not all saying the same thing, or perhaps just knock this off for now ;)
so what I'm addressing my perception, but I'm not telling this to the other side...
I was trying to make the mods understand
and tell you what
8:08 PM
@Tinkeringbell Understood
it would have been easy, over and over, to just talk to me like Shog did
just ask me
or ask the other person even
there are a million ways to defuse this
declining flags and ignoring the problem for 10 years is probably not the best way
Unfortunately it's not viable to spring up personal conversation on every declined flag.
There's also a million ways to ignite it, and a million ways to end it
@JohnDvorak which is why I (after 10 years) I escalated it in a way I know it would get attention
And guess what, it got a bit of that, so perhaps I was not totally off mark
Brought up to chat. I have no objection to that.
8:10 PM
I routinely post my opinions on Twitter, and Shog knows that. We've been friends for years
I don't follow twitter at all. Sorry about that.
That's fine, I thought you were going to bring it up
In any case: thanks for the chat
I hope we will find a better way to deal with the "I don't understand this specialistic question so it must be an XY problem" problem in the future
Everyone thinks their question is a special case and not an XY problem.
those that think about their situation at all, that is (which you do)
Well it was farily specialistic in the sense that it was about unicode, globalization and what is considered a valid name worldwide.
If you look at the answers it's depressing how many people answer with [a-zA-Z] or similar
And it's also fairly clear that the specific answer was based on ignoring the fact that there are actually laws around names and surnames, let alone that most of the heavy lifting is done by unicode and regex classes anyways.
8:22 PM
True. And "the variation is too high to be covered by any reasonable regex" is a valid (correct or not) answer.
Agreed. But it wasn't originally that
The words were different but the intent was the same (otherwise Shog9's edit would have been invalid)
it was a flat out "i would not bother" without any qualification :-)
I read it as "you shouldn't bother" rather than "I don't care to answer"
I guess we imply different intents. Shog9 may or may not have chosen to use the most favorable intent in order to make everyone happy (and that's why he's good at his job)
8:25 PM
Choosing the most favorable intent to make everyone happy is the generally recommended approach
As he said "You weren't asking for opinions or personal experiences; that phrase was out of place."
But basically that was everything there was. All the rest was added creatively.
Are you saying that Shog's edit changed the answer's intent?
I think he put in words what he read into it, but he added a lot of stuff that was not originally expressed
He gave his best interpretation and wrote in 300 words what the OP (according to Shog) intended to write
Whether those were the original intentions, only the OP knows
8:40 PM
Assume good faith
Even assuming good faith, it was a poor answer
IOW in need of improvement at the very least
Such as the one provided by Shog9?
I hope the sighing is over.
Because dang, I found an interesting fact nugget.
Steroids are so stable that samples of unchanged steroids have been recovered aging around 1.5 billion years.
Let's pretend that's important. Let me pretend that's important
c.f. DNA, with a half life of 521 years.
8:58 PM
Leaving regexuses aside, I find it curious that Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! has total area 110.50 sq.km of which 112.31 sq.km is land.
An antimatter lake covering ~2 sq.km?
That place name is epic!
Lojban uses apostrophes, periods and commas as letters...
My digital wall clock shows correct local time, followed by 9-26 TUE.
But I know it can't be right... This must be a Thursday.
In either event, I'm going to drink like it's Thursday.
Don't jinx it, it'll soon be Friday
. . . parents are sometimes assholes :/ Why would you name your kid "Robocop" or "TALULA DOES THE HULA FROM HAWAII"? Why would be so stupid or ignorant to ruin your child's life forever just because you can?
Can't believe I'm saying this, but (to a religious fundamentalist), naming your kid Pope Francis or Bin Laden or Stalin would make more sense than those.
That's why we can't be nice things I guess.
Dutchmen are wise.
9:19 PM
i mean... better than being the 15th matt
Better in the sense of ruining most of the prestigious future job offerings, and psychologically scar the kid for being mocked absolutely wherever they go.
That said
You'd have to wait until I catch up with the US election buzz and by then it'd probably be over.
But there's no shortage of Trump or Biden jokes.
Maybe the latter. You just wait for a while.
Fun 3D thing to play with.
Also relevant to my avatar.
10:05 PM
Anybody use outlook and send attachments from it? thehackernews.com/2019/09/email-attachment-malware.html?m=1
10:38 PM
I do.
Including OWA when I'm doing work things at home, which I shouldn't.
Not being able to email a Python script could be annoying, but at this day and age I would be sharing a Google Colab file instead.
In retrospect, the fire alarm at 4am is probably responsible for some of the things I did and said today.
But no matter. Pumpkin spice latte time.
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