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1:17 AM
this one's for you
I wasn't the one who came up with the term...I can't find where I saw it.
You use it, you should be able to explain it
Is it in the deleted comments to the post mentioned there? (They mention that "two" users pointed them to it.)
I found it in a edit reason
Yes, I used it in an edit summary, but I'm not the one to come up with it
1:19 AM
Dosen't matter
You use it, you should know what it means.
Or you can post a comment you don't know either
I'm also tempted to question the wisdom of that big an edit
I know what it means, but I have trouble explaining things in words. Having a reference to where I originally saw it would be very nice.
The nature of that question is that if I answer it in a certain way, it will perfectly demonstrate the reason why I made such an edit
2:05 AM
Is meta cruft = meta commentary?
Such as "please don't downvote this question if it's bad"?
anyway, preparing morning for today's riot...
4 hours later…
5:38 AM
6:15 AM
No repro, but kinda too scanty on information
The want more help bit is confusing me
the text editor everywhere seems consistant
humm ok thanks.
There may be a few duplicates, though perhaps they should turn off Grammarly?
I have Grammarly, I'll check if that's breaking stuff again when at my PC
Otherwise: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/386395/6380541 MSO already has posts ;)
6:38 AM
@Tinkeringbell Spam account: meta.stackexchange.com/users/559668/pnxer2ch
Grammarly is known to cause issues here in chat; it prevents message edit boxes from graying out, so the white text is no longer white-on-black and thus not visible
@JourneymanGeek ^
In that case if there's no post here, there may be value in posting an answer explaining its grammarly....
7:21 AM
Turn it on to appear old and feeble.
Not sure that's entirely fair to grannies
there's probably lots of clever grannies, and ones that would probably kick your... rear end.
7:40 AM
I know at least 2 70+ year old women that could probably kick my behind in a fair fight
There are fit grannies anywhere in Singapore compared to the young and feeble teenager, that's for sure...
@Rob guh that gave some NSFW results.... lol
(after insisting not to correct it to granny ;))
anyone seen the new SO homepage when logged out?
@Magisch oh, there's some talk about it on twitter
It doesn't even work for me, it wants to sell me teams and show me about products. Idk where the questions at
7:54 AM
@Magisch kinda wondering if its worth a meta post and erm...
Not sure how they thought it was a good idea to be honest.
side rant: every app these days has *ly or *io as a suffix. why?
Lyionardo Da Vinci
no no
has to be one word
8:10 AM
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard Too much skin showing?
BTW: That's Granny, from The Beverly Hillbillies.
@Magisch Written in JavaScript
I for one wish more apps had pretentious and ambiguous names.
Apps have mostly lost their identity in Google Play Store.
Filling it with keywords so it'd show up in searches. And now even good apps do it.
I sometimes wonder whether they're referring to the spam link they're sharing, or the post.
The post probably, since it's definitely trying to copy a forum tradition, but still.
@JourneymanGeek a competing suffix is -ify
that would work better
But I'm distracted and trying to write an MSO post.
@JourneymanGeek throws bone
8:18 AM
@JourneymanGeek Oy, don't you betray us
I know talking about your Tutu raptor is important to you.
@JNat cross-site spammer for your gentle handle whatever. travel.stackexchange.com/users/99462/realtekh Oh, I think @Sha also uses a smiley. @JNat :)
The Beautify APP
That makes me physically unwell
I'm serious
@Marshmallow oh...
No tutu raptors here
Let's talk so it'd scroll off.
with lipstick
That creeps me out too.
I vote for direct removal
of the link, even
I vote for Tutu
8:32 AM
I vote for Rap-tor
@Rob hehe no... just saw the small thumbnail, closed screen... might check when no people around to see what it really was.
That's a ... T-Raps
The size seems right
Raptors were as big as turkeys.
The no-finger thing seems consistent with . . .
Powerpuff raptor.
The average score for the last 5 meta.SO posts is -7.6.
@Marshmallow umm... cross site how? That user has only one account, on Travel. Better let the site mods nuke it, no need for the heavy guns.
(by cross site I mean user with accounts on more than one site in SE)
8:41 AM
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard almost as bad as Trypophobia
Not googling this! lol
Saw SO homepage in Guest mode. Got sick. Closed it. sigh
Ok. Long meta post...
with animated gifs
Its a "One does not simply" meme away from peak JMG ....
I don't like the direction SO/SE is going to. So far nothing really bad but I'm afraid that sooner than later, I won't stick around anymore. :(
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard Oh, you will. You'd miss chat too much :P
You are too optimistic, Shadow :P
8:45 AM
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard I guess I'm a fan of tilting at windmills.
8:56 AM
Is this comment red-flaggable? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/329763/…
I prefer to windmill while tilting a fan
@JohnDvorak I don't think so
"If you don't like my system, don't come here"
@JohnDvorak he is aweful polite about telling you to go away....
That's true
But he's still wrong :P
9:03 AM
Compared to "If you are here for rep-boring, then probably this place isn't for you".......<sub>Get lost!</sub>
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard eh? Maybe the other one was nuked then. The Smokey report right before that was this user spamming UX.
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard hey, be a little bit positively charged will ya.
Acids are awesome. Bases suck.
Funnily enough, bases usually taste bitter too. Not a coincidence.
@MetaAndrewT. if you're here to get stars, this place isn't for you.
@JohnDvorak lots of people are wrong on the internet
They're reserved for Bart.
9:09 AM
@MetaAndrewT. eh. Why is anyone on meta?
Does anyone know where Bart has been lately? I kinda miss disliking him :(
@JourneymanGeek for drama policy-making, of course...
@Tinkeringbell wasn't it like, yesterday?
I missed that then :|
Went offline early
@MetaAndrewT. well, also depends on how much of an impact we make
and some changes just seem to sneak up on us :/
9:28 AM
@Tinkeringbell heh
@Marshmallow oh... anyway better link to their network profile, where it's easier to see all accounts.
@Marshmallow so you're acid or base? ;)
@Tinkeringbell he came back! He talked! @Bart is pingable again! :D
Oooh, that's nice. Now let's not disturb Bart too much with pings or he'll be gone soon again ;)
10:13 AM
336 downvotes and counting. Wonder if it will break the record (504, appears to be final.)
10:47 AM
@Marshmallow gone before I got to it
@SonictheBracketedHedgehog gone. Didn't network-suspend, as I usually do, 'cause I wasn't entirely sure if this was a misguided user, or an actual full on spammer exploiting my benefit of the doubt :P
2 hours later…
1:16 PM
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard at this point I'm mostly hanging around to see SO crash and burn.
and we will see the age of Neo Stack Overflow, where every question is a duplicate of Stack Overflow freshly new!
@Stijn Disaster tourism? :P
@MetaAndrewT. Heh. Might actually not be too bad in case of programming questions: Just delete them every 7 years because the information is likely to be outdated :P
If the problem is still relevant, another programmer will ask again ;)
@Stijn well... to be honest I'm not active on SO for looong time anyway... but still sad to see it going this way.
It's like a house burning from the inside.
@MetaAndrewT. Neo!
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard That's how most house fires start, and often the building is still saved! :P
@Tinkeringbell in this case, SO is the main room, all the rest of the rooms (SE sites) are small and not really important. :(
1:28 PM
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard I dunno. I don't store my important stuff in the living room XD
That would be in a company cage.
Cheer up a little? :P
Good :)
Glad to hear ;)
Just pissed a but that a pic showing tiger in potty training got flagged and nuked, causing a bot to be suspended. meh
1:30 PM
Well, even bots need to SFW :)
And that kinda sounds like it's bordering on animal abuse?
nah, the tiger was pretty happy
That's... how they sell that kind of stuff. 'No, no, see, the tiger is totally relaxed' when they are actually medicated to make them docile enough for tourist pictures :/
Sometimes people say 'look, happy animal' when the behaviour we interpret as happy is actually frustration or something too.
But now I guess I'm only making your mood worse XD
real talk, a tiger is a wild animal and most of the time when these wild animals are handled for show they're sedated or declawed, both of which is pretty barbaric
@Tinkeringbell nah... all good. Just don't mention ads or new marketing home page and I'll be fine. :P
At least that new "homepage" doesn't have ads. lol
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard For that commandline git tweet btw: You can add everything and once using git add . :P
1:36 PM
@Tinkeringbell Never occurred to me to try.. with comma between file names?
I didn't want to use --all since there were some local changes that shouldn't be committed yet.
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard No, just git add .
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard Oh, then you can't use git add .
Or you'd have to remove those from the index after, if that's less work ;)
Guessed as much. And comma separated names?
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard or it's only ads, depending on your outlook
1:38 PM
@Tinkeringbell too risky I'll forget.... and other devs will find themselves facing weird bugs.... ;)
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard :P
You programmed weird bugs?
You really shouldn't commit those
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard the new homepage is an ad
is actually weird, when they had the half page covering herobar I didn't think it could get any worse
@Magisch meh.... no issue with SO/SE internal ads.
it got worse
1:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek It's only 1 ad though ... I dunno what everyone is complaining about :P
@Magisch the last time I wanted that hard was for SU's site design
@JourneymanGeek problem is it's just an ad... with no way out.
And I had help
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard yuuuup
Seems like the death by a thousand cuts is happening
And it's amazingly unfriendly to someone who just found the site
1:42 PM
this week meta is more negative then ever, SE apparently can't catch a break stumbling from unpopular move to unpopular move
Wonder what will make them revert that awful change... maybe 1000000 visits less every day?
@Magisch honestly I don't know how this was even approved
@Magisch Conspiracy theory: That ad is there to show people how bad a paywall would be :P
I wouldn't even know where to look on that page
or how to find the q/a
or that it even is a q/a site. That is a design nightmare. Natural looking wanders across 5 paid products and the Q/A is tucked away somewhere in a corner
1:44 PM
what if I don't want to make an account yet?
I don't normally go someone needs to reply to this but.... Erf
@Magisch the link is there, well hidden.
That might need addressing
yeah but its antipattern design
I'm used to that from clickbait trash that is a dime a million on the web, but se is supposed to be better then that
@Magisch funny thing is my cousin uses SO a lot. Never made an account
1:45 PM
@Tinkeringbell nah just different settings. So they'll get empty responses, resulting in various null errors, etc. :P
between this and the tracking beacon privacy setting ignoring google ads on SO, and the flat out malvertising on SE, you have to treat SE like any other internet forum now
block everything, trust nothing
And here's the funny part
I found out about this, from a SO mod, tweeting at SO
Well, I'm not sure its funny even :/
I found it out on a meta post
i'm logged in on all devices I access SO from
I don't do SO
but but
its kinda off when twitter ends up becoming a primary communications medium between a mod and the team
@Aibobot it just proves not many will be really affected, as most people arrive by clicking some search result. Still...
1:48 PM
@Magisch That... actually may be a benefit. They might not take the time to figure that out and ask their low quality homework dump question, people without an account might start using Google to enter StackOverflow, finding that an answer to their question already exists....
@Tinkeringbell the thing is...
its at odds with a lot of the original design ideals of SO
The more I think about it... this might hide Stack Overflow just enough to fix some things! :P
And I actually mean primodial, pre-network SO
@Aibobot 'original'... some things change.
Good news!
heh still no fix for onebox...
They were too busy building that new homepage. :(
1:50 PM
@Tinkeringbell yeah but ... :(
Going to pack and catch a bus, we can talk again/further in 15 minutes or so ;)
I've got all night
@Tinkeringbell that's a quick bus!
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard No, that's packing up and getting to the bus :P Once I'm on there I can chat again, using mobile ;)
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard the frustrating thing is I have a lot of faith in the teams with people I talk to
So these things blindside me a little
1:52 PM
@Tinkeringbell ohhh..... happy packing then! :D
@Aibobot yeah... ideally, they would ask for user feedback before such a big change... but in this case the only replies would have been "It's awful don't do that!!11!!" so guess it's better to just throw the change and hope for the best.
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard for good reason
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard This seems to be MO for many unpopular changes lately
Because its a terrible change
ANd is kinda totally opposed to the whole messaging we've had about making it easier for new users.
I've been using the site, what? A decade? Lots of moved cheese
I couldn't work out where to ask a question
And its invisible if you're logged in
Its a trivial fix - add a banner saying "Looking for SO Q&A? Click here"
.... OOOH
Is that a lightbulb turning on, or you being really impressed with your own banner idea?
2:02 PM
I should've known not to ask a robot dog any complicated questions
@Tinkeringbell the banner idea was a lightbulb turning on.
.... someone thought of it first
@Tinkeringbell compared to an actual red parrot?
or a somehow capable of communication cactus?
2:21 PM
@Magisch :P It's not like the parrot has much wisdom to share, so I guess the cactus will have to do ;)
@Aibobot Near your main machine? If so, spam account: meta.stackexchange.com/users/557692/lovenaysacbd
I can do it off my phone
2:50 PM
JSON needz 2 more votes meta.stackexchange.com/questions/330150/… @rene @Bart @Glorfindel
@Aibobot such a bomb is not moving cheese, it's turning the cheese into sour milk.
If they would move elements around, maybe increase a banner size... that's moving the cheese. What they did is not anything like that.
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard agreed
I'm not a fan, sas you can tell from the fact I answered the MSO question ;p
@SonictheBracketedHedgehog for these things just ping the main account. Will be easier to keep track of
New development in the Austin area. They had to buy up old houses along that block to build a new high-rise, but one of the property owners refused to move out.
(also testing if uploading in chat bypasses the 2 MB limit)
3:08 PM
@SonictheBracketedHedgehog does it?
Yes; the image above is 3.46 MB
Think it can auto convert .png to .jpg to reduce size.
It's JPEG...but it seems to be downsizing the image automatically.
Only when uploading from computer then. Right?
The size of the image you posted is 583kb
Yep, Imgur did some automatic downsizing
Except that can be a bit of a problem. The grain structure of the film I used to shoot this photo is no longer really visible.
No idea what it means but yeah.... you win some, you lose some.
You can upload to imgur and post link, hopefully the grain structure will be preserved.
@ShadowTheCurlyBracedWizard It was shot on a film camera, then subsequently developed and scanned.
It's consumer film, so it'll look fine on a small print, but if you zoom in you'll see that it hasn't captured much detail
2 hours later…
5:43 PM
The next message will be posted 2 hours later.
It kinda seems like the rest of the network is just using Stack Overflow as a work horse and only paying attention to everything else. It is truly disheartening.
I ardently stand up for the SE team at MSO, but lately, it is getting harder and harder to.
@TravisJ honestly? The rest of the network was pretty neglected
@JourneymanGeek - Oh really? There is no "the rest of the network" if the main site is neglected.
@TravisJ hmm maybe you misunderstood my intent
Erf. Swapping accounts. Aibobot is me too
@TravisJ I don't think the new front page is good for SO.
Or anyone else
5:56 PM
I am fairly sure that you were referring to the same line of conversation at MSE which continuously points out that SO isn't SE, and so it should have the same level of input.
so my intent is literally "You guys shouldn't cover your star property in a billboard
"But hey, its great no one else has that"
Yes, I understand that. But the underlying theme you also present is problematic.
@TravisJ its one folks at SO (the company) are familiar with
and pretty intentional
It is a theme that represents the idea that SO is doing fine and there needs to be a lot of work on all the other sites.
@TravisJ SO dosen't seem to be doing fine
5:57 PM
Not now.
The company is familiar with the issue of other sites needing attention because their team is scattered across the exchange dealing with side issues.
Not for a while. And quite a lot of it, to me was the loss of focus on Q&A and the community
And now, as a result of that fracture, the main site is starting to show legitimate issues.
incidentally the other sites did suffer from that
@TravisJ but a lot of that attention wasn't on SO the Q&A site
That is what I just said.
"other sites needing attention"
But it was on SO the brand, on things other than what SO called public Q&A now
5:59 PM
I stopped contributing to MSE in large part because of the overarching voice that the rest of the network shouts out towards Stack Overflow.
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