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> Request for Product: If Twitter & Quora had a baby. Something that combines the timely, Github-for-thinking, building-block nature of Twitter w/ the timeless, searchable, compounding-knowledge nature of Quora. A true social network around knowledge. Not news. Not photos. -- Erik Torenberg at 5:22 PM - 3 Apr 2019
I think of Twitter as more of Github-for-yelling-at-one-another, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.
No, I don't think so
The silver lining of Reddit was always "behind the nonsense, there are still people quietly talking about stuff that interests them"
The silver lining of Facebook was always "when tragedy strikes, it's a really efficient phone tree"
The silver lining of Twitter is... "maybe if no one knows you're here then no one will talk"
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2:41 AM
Bright morning
3:01 AM
Q: How to make an "adult content warning" on a static website?

TomOnTimeHow can a static website (for example one built using Hugo or Jekyll) implement an "adult content warning"? Ideally it should remember the user so they don't have to answer the question every time. I'm asking for a friend.

The SRE team manager... does SO need a warning like that?
T.J. Crowder LOLed in a comment, voted to close, and answered.
3:34 AM
3:52 AM
I think a moderator is abusing their power what do I do?
4:16 AM
Q: What recourse do I have if I believe a moderator has abused their privileges?

joeOne or more of the following things happened to me on a Stack Exchange site: My post(s) were wrongly deleted or locked by a moderator A moderator posted a wrong comment on one of my posts I was suspended, but did not do anything wrong I asked a meta question, but the question was closed and/or ...

4:37 AM
Dishwasher is a serious business on SO
Q: Are the Stack Overflow mugs dishwasher or microwave safe?

doppelgreenerI was recently sent a Stack Overflow mug. It's the nice big one with the code snippet about filling it with coffee on the back: Is this mug dishwasher or microwave safe? I didn't receive any information about that with the swag drop. I'm assuming no for now.

4:58 AM
@GetAnswerWizard Hah. That's one of the cutest threads I've ever seen on MSO ;)
5:29 AM
There must be other tolls then just suspending people a year at a time?
Yeah, there's also the even longer network wide suspensions...
@Tinkeringbell thanks. I just want to help and participate and I get suspended for it
I have so many questions are there other sites like this one?
5:45 AM
@JourneymanGeek I got suspended for up voting to much
answering to much
editing to much
asking to many questions
revising my own post to much
talking in chat to much
5:48 AM
I got suspended for sock puppeting and that I never did
complaining to much
no warning just suspended
Years at a time. I feel defeated.
Gaming the system. I give away all my rep in bounties. All I want is to have a clean start,
Anyways please don't suspend me I will listen. I don't need a year suspension to learn from my mistakes.
5:55 AM
yesterday, by Journeyman Geek
lets just suspend everyone.
Well, then use the link you got sent in reply to your original question in here, and tell that to the people that a.) Have access to all relevant information and b.) Can actually revert suspension. Neither Geek nor me can do that.
There's no use complaining or musing in this room, if it would be useful it would be included as an option on that post you got linked to.
@Tinkeringbell The mods in some sites just want an easy fix and I understand but a year is detrimental. The reasons given for suspensions are vague. I had to figure out what I did wrong. I would like to see more tolerant mods who use 1 year long suspension as a last resort for hate speech or abuse or some substantial not for answering to many questions in one day.
Q: "Please invent my invention" or "Would X work?" questions; suitability and topicality?

uhohFor comparison, what a "good" i.e. well researched "Would X work?" reactor question might look like: Could a “nuclear turbo-jet” be built? Example 1 (as originally posted): The question What is the best Lagrange point for beamed power supply to spacecraft? reads in its entirety: If a ...

@Muze You said you'd listen. Then why didn't you listen to what I said above? Contact the CMs via contact us, complaining/musing about your suspension in this chat is of no use.
A: "Please invent my invention" or "Would X work?" questions; suitability and topicality?

SF.I'm against issuing a specific regulation on this sort of questions. JCRM is right - if the question didn't show any research effort or is completely misguided, we already have tools to deal with that. Downvotes, close votes (unclear, off-topic, too broad). Sometimes though the questions are qui...

6:09 AM
I have never got a reply there.
@Tinkeringbell I will try tomorrow
6:30 AM
@Muze honestly? You keep doing stuff that gets you in trouble.
Then you complain inappropriate places
If folks are suspending you for a year it means they felt a week or a month didn't work, and the next resort is getting a CM to suspend you for a year.
If you're not going to change, what happens isn't either.
Also in boarder context - its worth reading around where I suggested we suspend everyone (in the context of where voting is actually targetted) rather than picking that.
7:00 AM
@Muze So... the latest was probably due to copying comments verbatim to answer, which is actually a terrible idea...
Looks like you usually got the idea of how SE's policy supposed to work, but out of many ways, you chose the worse one...
7:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek Star boards can lead to things being taken out of context. (I guess maybe it's worth clearing the stars on that message?)
for this case? nope, I disagree.
7:28 AM
@JourneymanGeek Out of curiosity, do you think this essay is applicable to the above solution? (It applies to Wikipedia, but it can be applied to SE as well.)
@SonictheWizardWerehog I don't have the time and energy to read that honestly
@JourneymanGeek the third paragraph is the tl;dr summary
erm. Wouldn't that mean I need to read to the third paragraph to know that?
No, because I told you
I'm still unsure what value reading that has to me.
Certainly not after a nightshift and why am I not asleep.
7:32 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog competence is always required, but I believe I still miss something
Meaning that if someone still complains about similar things, is that a good reference point to point them to?
They need to, as we say in singapore "wake up their idea" and actually want to change first
then we can help them properly.
If someone has the willingness to change to the point they will read all that...
> ...with editors who are unintentionally and often unknowingly disruptive while trying to help. […] Many [users] have focused so much on assuming good faith that they have come to believe that [that] is all that is required to be a useful contributor. Sadly, this is not the case at all; competence is required as well. A mess created in a sincere effort to help is still a mess.
> For that reason, it can become necessary for the community to intervene when [a user] has shown, through a pattern of behavior, the likelihood that they are not capable of contributing in a constructive manner.
we can spend a lot less time helping them.
and get more done
We could point to it, but will it help?
7:38 AM
Then after 5 seconds opening the link, they return and say "what is this?"
If someone is genuinely willing to change, and is going to put in the effort - the best we can do is actually spend the time to engage and help them.
Nothing worth doing is worth halfassing.
There's also the risk it becomes a reflex
and because of their incompetence due to the incapability of understanding that, we put them on the ignore list...
(sounds a great idea...) /s
we're too focused on handing people prepackaged, nutrition free nuggets of advice that we forget the home cooked, useful sort.
FAQs and all are great, but nothing beats individualized advice
it's meta's and our job to hand that out as necessary
7:40 AM
And work out where its a waste of time too ;p
Cause sometimes the only way to win is not to play at all.
If we have a chatbot that can handle this 95% efficiently, then let's talk...
Actually I'd get popcorn if we chuck something that does it 5% efficiently at the "right" people
or on twitter.
But the russians beat us to it
95% sure the russians are just renting the services or using a playbook
social manipulation has been around for far longer then putin
@Magisch pretty sure they're smart enough to write bots to do that sorta thing
writing bots is easy - manipulating people effectively is hard
A lot of social manipulation spamming is still at least semi manual
7:53 AM
8:09 AM
TFW Someone shows up in my serial voting query and I'm like "wait a second, I remember him from meta"
Well, yes. I'm pretty active there ...
Plot twist, him = himself ...
Is it true that serial voting can use a diversity boost?
If you voted diversely, it may not be serial voting.
8:19 AM
8:33 AM
Don't worry, I don't understand a thing from how you fixed that bug ... okay, now I'm worried ...
Not as worried as if you didn't understand it either.
true that
Trust me, I'm a trained professional ...
8:47 AM
Actual stroopwafels
I have two packages of 15 each but I bought them for next Tuesday ... can't touch them ...
@rene Of course you can... There's plenty of time before next Tuesday to buy newer ones ;)
9:10 AM
Oh ... tempting ...
9:26 AM
Hey tim
@JourneymanGeek Is it possible for mods to reverse edit outcomes on deleted posts? Test link: meta.stackexchange.com/a/326327/377214
What would be the purpose of that @sonic ?
Reputation earned via suggested edits is already removed when the edited post is deleted
Yes, I know the editor still loses the rep, but it will be marked as a rejected edit in their history, be clearly noticeable as such in their activity tab, and count towards a potential edit ban (in case many others of their edits were also rejected).
!!/watch dkin\.in
@SonictheWizardWerehog That pattern looks like it's already caught by Potentially bad keyword in body and Potentially bad keyword in answer; append -force if you really want to do that.
9:42 AM
@Magisch Also, I just tested; the link to the edit review is still visible publicly to logged-out users, which means that the spammer now has a public-facing page with spam they can show to whoever's paying them.
An outcome of reject would mean it would be more likely to trip the system's heuristics for obscuring said edits as fake 404s, whereas that doesn't happen at all with approved edits.
It's been confirmed that spammers use edit review links to show whoever's paying them public-facing pages with spam, so SE implemented a trick where certain rejected edits show as false 404s to stop that from happening.
Rejecting these edits will also show a clear message to the editor that it's not OK to suggest edits to spam posts, since these result in public-facing pages with spam.
"It's been confirmed" [citation needed]
A: Can we get a lock on this suggested spam edit magnet answer please?

OdedWe have introduced a recent measure to help against suggested edit spam. We were wondering why even spam via suggested edits, given they get rejected and it occurred to Jon Ericson that what spammers need is a place to point their clients to in order to show that the paid for spam is on a public...

which is linked in the suggested edit FAQ
...and a full set of reasons to not edit spam posts is linked in the spam FAQ
Huh, I'm actually skeptical about Jon's statement, but I can't delve into it deeper.
10:21 AM
I am here
loook at meeeee
who kicked me and why?
@Muze well - you're not exactly contributing to the conversation.
look I keep seeing mods talk about the unanswered questions and thought I could help. I said I would not copy and paste anymore. I am still learning
10:28 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog though its not obvious its spam without seeing the broader pattern
@JourneymanGeek The edit summary said "remove spam"
am i spam?
That said, I've provided an argument in Charcoal HQ
@rene now grow a new finger of course. ;)
@JourneymanGeek To be fair, there was a large delay between those messages, enough to reasonably infer that it's OK to move to a different topic.
10:34 AM
@Muze Yes
@SonictheWizardWerehog Besides the point.
@SonictheWizardWerehog ah, oh well
anyway, the user is handled.
I am really trying hard not to be suspended. but I keep stepping in it.
Lurking tim is lurking
maybe he's waiting for the perfect opportunity to post
or suspend ¯_(ツ)_/¯
How bad is is the sock puppeting? or people dumping there old accounts and starting a new one?
In my jurisdiction, creating a false identity to sidestep criminal background checks is illegal
10:40 AM
Im just saying. If people are as addicted to SE as I am. they will find a work around just to get there fix
a year is a very long time to learn from a simple mistake
@Muze and the mods will find a way to drive them away. and you're way beyond the "play it innocent" phase. You played that card long ago, it expired.
I am only here to belong
There is also a reason why we have a multiple-strikes rule: committing the same misdemeanor again and again will lead to a felony charge
@SonictheWizardWerehog Only in the USA
10:42 AM
Sockpuppeting isn't worth it
@ShadowWizard "in my jurisdiction"
Here one can commit same crime 1000 times, it won't matter a bit, each case will be judged on its own.
If found out, your original suspension might be extended
@ShadowWizard not helpful
@Muze that's your problem: addiction
10:43 AM
the only thing I did multiple time is ask bad questions. I do not intentionally break rules only to get suspended. I just want to help that is all and ask questions
So, why are you addicted to SE instead of, say... Quora?
@SonictheWizardWerehog to whom?
This is an unproductive space to discuss suspensions and the reasons therefor
ok no more
@GetAnswerWizard Addiction doesn't necessarily lead to a problem user.
10:45 AM
@Muze you come here only to rant about your suspensions. That's far from "just want to help".
I don't know why I like it here. I feels mire real to me
@SonictheWizardWerehog true, you are also addicted to SE at some level, no?
@SonictheWizardWerehog I agree, but addiction might also lead to irrational actions.
10:46 AM
Also not to discuss a user's mental state please
@ShadowWizard are we not all a little?
It's just discourteous
@JourneymanGeek sure :)
No other reason to be on meta ;p
I can stop anytime I want
reads another meta post with no bearing on my life and no particular relevance to me
10:48 AM
I think we should explicitly prohibit them from discussing their suspensions on any site here, so that we have cause to take further action should they do it again (and thus violate said rule)
We don't really do hard rules 'round here outside of the CoC.
IRQ remapping (13 hours old!1! ;)) meta.stackexchange.com/questions/326303/… @rene @Bart @Glorfindel
But discussing your suspension in here is probably unproductive and liable to irritate canine overlords
@ShadowWizard I had been slacking ...
Discussing a suspension isn't necessarily CoC-violating, plus there's precedent for setting specific restrictions against users in chat
@Magisch and hedgehogs wizards too
10:50 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog you mean you and the anti ping rule?
@ShadowWizard No, something else (won't bring up here)
OK. My time is up, cya!
Well, I can just grab corn if someone want to discuss their suspension on here (and get slammed by Shog)
I've been slammed enough
I'm still thankful non the less
10:57 AM
Ok what about making warning for some of the badges?
for example the Electorite badge could it have do and donts so you don't mess yourself up upvoting to much on one user. I have get in trouble trying to get some of the badges
of topic for chat?
@Muze Users are expected to know the rule against serial voting. The script reverses away the votes and reduces badge progress, so it's clear and provides sufficient advice warning.
That said, it seems like a valid point, considering we have one confirmed case where a user upvoted every single question on a site to get an Electorate badge
I also have a problem in getting Sheriff badge on most sites...
I got it the old fashioned way on SU
11:06 AM
I didn't know until recently that up voting could be serial until I got in trouble. it does take some time to get all the rules. I'm not innocent just still learning all the boundries. It encourages failure
Muze, you're again steering this conversation towards complaining/musing about your suspensions. This morning you said you wanted to listen, then why not do so?
@JourneymanGeek Now i'm picturing a dog with cowboy hat and 2 revolvers
@Magisch And a golden star!
once I had this duck on SE what was that?
Quake Overflow?
11:18 AM
idn it did quake
@GetAnswerWizard Earth Science?
11:44 AM
I have a new and exciting pun
I have one too, but it only works in Dutch :/
There a Posts made of Timber
I really hope you'll never ever find out about my last name.
Tinkering Bell, no?
@ArtOfCode Hint: I'm the goddess of nice ;)
11:47 AM
@Tinkeringbell I don't even know your first name
I knew art's full name once, but forgot
@Magisch It's in the hint too ;)
Tink Twice
@rene I'm not that fat.
@Magisch knows Art's name, Undo's name, Tink's first name, and your first name. Is also totally not a stalker
Hey, I ddn't mean to suggest that....
11:48 AM
@Mithrandir Where did you get my first name? Nvm. You can just see e-mails ;)
@rene Well, you just did! XD
@Mithrandir Art even knows my last name
and where I live
@Tinkeringbell I have never looked at anybody's email that I wasn't investigating for moderation purposes...
@Mithrandir ;)
Neither have I, except an occasion or two where there was consent to sent a private e-mail :)
Crochet patterns are more easily shared by e-mail :)
Now I'm curious what your last name is @tink . And if it can be used for puns of questionable character
@Magisch My last name is completely fine and in no way useable for puns! :P
So... one way to get the room to be quiet is apparently to send them on a wild last name goose chase. :P
12:04 PM
I'm not actually hunting your last name down. If you wanted to share it, you'd share it. No need to dig
@Magisch Then why did the room get so silent all of a sudden? :P
There's enough people in here to talk ;)
I for one am digging through a large table
looking for order data
Still the same large table you mentioned yesterday?
I'm again looking for suitable messages to test some stuff and being amazed at how slow some things are.
12:07 PM
I'm running tests and wonder why they fail 1 out of 25 ...
I have to somehow coax this weird and messed up data structure to fit and work with our new ERP system without breaking backwards compatibility
I for one am staring a document and not writing.
My stuff sounds way more boring :/ Just 50 minutes and I can go have a meeting, and then I only need to survive 30 more and I can go home :D
amuse yourself by deleting spam profiles on mse
Eh. I don't have the userscript that makes that just one click. So I guess I'm too lazy? :P
12:14 PM
Just par(rot) for the course with you :p
decreasing pun quality is a sign of my sanity fading
Time to go get some mint tea? :P
I have some right here
In fact, I've been consuming at least 2 full cans of mint tea every day since I got it
No problems yet? :)
12:18 PM
Noun: addiction (countable and uncountable, plural addictions)
  1. (medicine) A state that is characterized by compulsive drug use or compulsive engagement in rewarding behavior, despite negative consequences.
  2. The state of being addicted; devotion; inclination.
  3. A habit or practice that damages, jeopardizes or shortens one's life but when ceased causes trauma.
  4. A pathological relationship to mood altering experience that has life damaging consequences.
  5. addiction f (plural addictions)
(3 more not shown…)
Besides needing to buy additional mint sooner then I'd rather
also sometimes I just smell the mint
it really is top shelf mint
@Muze you were told about this a long long time ago on a site far far away (well, not that far really) and then you were told again, and again. All the rules keep being described to you on each site you do this. They are the same rules each time. And yet you keep on saying "I didn't know" - well, you have known for a long time...
Mods have told you, communities have told you
There really is no excuse. You have been told in no uncertain terms what will happen if you sockpuppet or create new accounts again to get round suspension
12:51 PM
@Downvoters: Why the downvotes? — Dakkaron 55 mins ago
1:46 PM
@Glorfindel Yes, they have some reputation on one site; thus they understand Stack Exchange, but their Flair is only from six sites, and mostly from one:
1:58 PM
Wait. in January an Dutch F-16 was hit by friendly fire during an exercise mission. It was hit by its own bullets.... how?
@rene Ask on aviation :P
Hmm, I might ....
too late
Ontology Blockchain got closed automatically because none of the sockpuppets committed to the site, after pushing it through the definition phase.
I'd be actually interested in the Operations Research site, but OTOH it's carving out a piece that Math and CS ought to have covered jointly.
@rene link?
2:01 PM
@rene there's a few ways that could have happened..
@Tinkeringbell here: aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/62007/… and here is the full story (dutch): nos.nl/artikel/…
@rene I read the article already :) thanks!
That one doesn't ask how that stuff was possible though, so you might still have a chance XD
2:17 PM
@RoryAlsop Why am I suspended in chat in Space.SE?
@RoryAlsop I did not know I could get suspended for low quality questions, I though it was OK since a mod said it was fine to make answers from comments for old question with no answers but I did it wrong. They said I answered to many questions, yet I have no negative rep from doing so. I won't paste and copy that way any more anywhere. I didn't need a 1 years suspension for doing what I thought I had permission to do?
@Muze I would guess because of your behaviour in chat.
That all I have to say I will not mention this here again
@Muze we have been through this sooo many times. You are not really telling the truth as to how things progressed, are you
yes i am. it always something new
2:21 PM
your suspensions increased the usual way, from very short, to short, to medium, to long, and every time you have had so many warnings
@Muze nope - you do the same on every site you get in trouble on
just because you move to a new site and start again doesn't make it new
You have also been told this many times
And I told Muze this morning that this room wasn't the correct resource to discuss or complain about a suspension. Would be nice if the conversation stopped there.
:7646048 noted - I'll stop now. Cheers
Thanks, both of you :)
@RoryAlsop thank you btw
2:29 PM
It seems neither ELU nor ELL discussed the usage of "golden age" vs "gold age". I prefer the former unless it's literally the age of using gold a lot...
golden age is correct.
Noun: golden age (plural golden ages)
  1. A period of happiness, peace, prosperity, and/or great progress.
  2. (classical mythology) The Golden Age.
On the other hand, my Google Feed recommended me Why am I welcomed to Stack Overflow rather than to Stack Exchange when I am on another Stack Exchange site? as trending... with 800 views.
gold age - noun: a period of rampant speculation in which fortunes are lost and gained but mostly lost
2:33 PM
OK, I see Jon has a point there.
@GetAnswerWizard I get those
@Shog9 ahh, like the bitcoin age, yes?
heh, yes
or any of the numerous actual gold rushes
(which were sorta famous for the little boom towns that sprung up around mines, but somewhat less famous for the much broader effects of wildly fluctuating metal prices that followed / surrounded them)
So, who lost fortunes in the rush for user-generated content?
2:46 PM
Probably the most notable of those.
3:00 PM
How do I find out how hot I am? ... um, a wrong website for that?
Try a thermometer.
7 hours later…
@g3rv4 I guess that settles it then. The staff bit allows retagging but not editing.
10:27 PM
should do both actually
@Shog9 I've made an FR for that
Q: Staff members who aren't moderators should have binding edit privileges here on MSE

Sonic the Wizard WerehogRecently, many staff members who lack moderator diamonds have been posting here. Such staff members have a secret "staff" flag on them, which allows them access into the staff-only chat rooms on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, as well as the ability to edit moderator-only tags. However, these staff me...

10:55 PM
@shanemadden Please look at this: Bug Report.
@Rob Not pingable here. You sure you meant to post that in the right place? ;)

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