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That grill is the sex. Living within an hour of central London UK and not being a millionaire I can only dream of one day residing in a house as big as the room housing it must be.

Also edit reviewers, thanks for approving my tag edit on [feature-request]. I'm real proud of that one :)
12:27 AM
@Crowie That was a very nice edit; the previous version, quite simply, was rather ad-hoc.
I've made a few refinements to it, but good job; please continue making such edits in the future.
12:43 AM
@Crowie The tag wiki could use a similar revamp
12:59 AM
@Crowie You are welcome, it's great to see people doing those (and doing a good job).
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7:12 AM
15 messages moved to Chimney
Templating is hard. I got this gem in an order confirmation e-mail: Thuisbezorgd door $ds.getItem('supplierName')
Thuisbezorgd at 8am? o.o :P
I spend the whole day waving down any (wo)man with a van ...
my boss would have my head if anything like that went out to a customer
7:30 AM
@Magisch yeah. It is probably an architecture where content and code is separated and are not considered to be an integral part of the quality of the software. Hey marketlng! When this new release goes live, don't forget to make the needed changes to the templates
@rene One thing the bosses here are very particular about and attentive to is how customers hear from us. Whatever goes out has to be as close to flawless as possible
even template changes go through a dedicated approvals and testing process. Basically anything that affects anything customers can see.
/me chuckles.
@Magisch we got told off for saying we "fixed" the network cable when we "reattached" a network cable cause "Its not under us"
7:45 AM
(we reconnect loose network cables to fix a specific issue with our software)
why are there loose network cables to begin with
dont they have a clip to safely attach to a plug
8:12 AM
@SonictheReinstateMonica-hog depending on how you look at it, this is a or a . I never intended it to be a (it may have derailed into one) so I'm curious why you applied that tag.
(Normally, I would've asked that as a comment under the question but you know why.)
@Glorfindel practically that's kinda what it invites :/
I'd also argue the last 4 months were the terrible ones. It was going great before that
2019 collectively has the title "everlasting trashfire in multiple acts" in my mind
it's a good year to get depression from reading the news, thats for sure
@Magisch globally? I can't disagree
@JourneymanGeek good point. Personally it wasn't all that bad. If I ignore the crap that's outside my sphere of influence
I mean, personally for me 2019 was a great year. I got promoted and a huge raise at work, my rent didn't increase, all that was positive. But I can't seperate my own situation from the world at large because it feels like it's coming apart at the seams
8:22 AM
I feel you, it's a big reason I have tuned down the amount of news I follow. It just doesn't make me happy
You can really just obtain depression from reading too many news. It seems like your personal wellbeeing and mood is directly inversely proportional to how much news you consume
Exactly why I don't read or watch news, it was bumming me out too much :)
also feels like more then ever it seems like the KPI news media is going for is how much they can piss you off in ("generate engagement") in a given # of words
Something important happens, I hear it from a colleague. I like my news filtered and pre-chewed.
@Glorfindel with the status tag it has become super weird. I'll rollback that retag and wait for the "discussion" with sonic to see if it needs to be re-applied.
8:27 AM
@Magisch hmm, that plays a big part yeah. The public news outlet in the Netherlands has started doing that more and more too, so I stopped watching
...can I get a downvote for science purposes please? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/339896/…
@Mithical always!
@Mithical got you one, reply when you want it reverted
and not for science. What a post ...
Interesting. Okay, thanks, got the info I need
8:35 AM
and reverted
@Mithical you mean hat?
It looks like it was just that one downvote on SFF that's not showing up in my achievements dropdown. I wouldn't have known about it if someone hadn't apologized for causing it, prompting me to check the post timeline.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No.
@Glorfindel well technically it's a feature request. You asked to change wording of something, to a different wording you think is better. Changing to discussion or support would also invalidate the status tag, so no idea why Sonic made that specific edit either.
@Mithical CW?
@Mithical so why? New downvote monitor?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard *confused look*
There was someone who said he can know for 100% certainty he can know who downvote him.
Using some tool he wrote.
8:39 AM
Even we can't
I know.
Of course, further details about that magical tool never arrived. ;)
Unless you literally were watching and correlating rep changes across the site, in realtime
*shrugs* This was just to see if the downvote would show up in my achievements dropdown, to see if it was a bug with the dropdown or what.
I would guess not
8:41 AM
Those showed up; it was just the one on SFF that didn't.
Else they would be posting a bug report :D
...and now I got an upvote on the post and it's not showing +8, it's showing +10. I'm baffled.
Other possibility is the apologised for a downvote they didn't actually do :D
@Mithical whistles innocently
@JourneymanGeek they did, there's -2 in @Mith profile there.
@JourneymanGeek No, I looked at the timeline (that's the screenshot). There was a downvote.It showed -2 on my reputation tab. It's just not showing as a notification.
8:43 AM
Looks like some bug.
Small, but a bug.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard depends on how much effort you want to spend, but the solution proposed by Journeyman is totally possible. I think I even mentioned that same idea at least three years ago, probably more
probably, it is not really doable on SO due to the quantity of data to process...
But I think you could actually do that on SharePoint if you wanted
does the API expose rep changes?
I think there's an API page to fetch detailed rep history
@JAD it does have an endpoint that gives you what is at /reputation, but you need to authenticate
@Hitodama go ahead then... ;)
8:49 AM
@rene does that mean you can only fetch it for yourself?
it also includes -1 from downvoting answers iirc
and system rep changes that aren't shown in the normal rep history
like recalcs and all that
It seems that you don't need the full history to see downvotes
oh no nevermind, it's a generic return type for both endpoints
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I think there are probably better uses of my time.
@JAD remix this or if you trust me login at se-reputation-audit.glitch.me
is there a list somewhere that specifies what is a private rep event?
8:54 AM
it is private ...
the list? :P
@JAD Does the rep endpoint actually work for other users?
there are multiple: full history requires a token, others don't
which has me wondering what falls under the public endpoint
cause iirc private rep events are system level events (that don't show up in the rep summary or notification box at all) and -1 from answer downvotes, as well as +1 from answer downvoted deletions or reversions
8:55 AM
can't think of any other rep events that would be private
9:07 AM
@Mithical brews a cup of Macchiato for @Mithical
Falling asleep. *yawns*
9:35 AM
@Magisch It appears that downvotes as not private in the api
(unless it somehow logs me in automatically)
If someone wants to check: api.stackexchange.com/docs/…
@Hitodama like? ;)
@Mithical any easter eggs for the coffee too, e.g. way to force specific type?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard not that I know of
@JAD I just tested for myself, the unauthenticated API definitely does not show downvotes you have cast and that have cost you one reputation point.
I have a strong urge to train GPT-2 on MSE question titles.
9:42 AM
GPT-2? I prefer R2D2.
Also, any bot would become non-functional and/or suicidal if trained on MSE/MSO titles.
On it!
Poor bot...
@Magisch oh derp... Only now did I realise that they were -2 rep changes... nevermind
9:44 AM
Why you call @Derpy? ;)
@Aza that is cruel and unusual punishment for the bot. What has it done to earn this?
Gonna try this with all questions first, then positively-scored questions next. Sadly I can't do the L or XL models
Going early for lunch today to avoid the noon rush of people. I hate standing in lines... :/
@Aza to be honest... the titles are fine, mostly. The contents... less so... so to speak. ;)
I can also do it on post bodies if you want ;)
you could ask a CM for a dump of deleted comments in case you want to do trial by fire
9:50 AM
grab the nearest CM I need database access to MSE pronto
Only one CM got direct DB access, I think.
Oh, maybe two.
they have internal uncensored SEDE iirc
The access you're thinking of is write access iirc
> Could the new Stack Overflow interface be easier to use when looking for some technical information (e.g. how to write a blog)
@Aza Might be worth talking to one of the bot projects
9:51 AM
I'm just doing this for like, an hour or two of fun, dw
If it sticks though... maybe
Theoratically, the worst of mse/mso should be gone between dumps
you could grab deleted comments en-masse from that. But i'm not sure thats a good idea since the quality seems to be a bit like youtube comments
which i'm pretty sure qualify as a weapon under the geneva convention
> How can I run JavaScript code in the Safari browser if I don't know JavaScript?
> Do you know what you're voting on?
9:54 AM
This is disappointing, I'm switching to downvoted-only
@JourneymanGeek I would personally like a dump of deleted comments sometime. Not because I'm qualified to do fancy ML magic with it, but as a repository to make myself sad on demand
there's a certain fascination to the frayed edges of human interaction ;)
Are other people also getting: "No questions found. Perhaps you'd like to select a different tab?" here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions ? The link meta.stackexchange.com displays some posts. It seems to be the same on other sites in the network.
There seems to be an outage. Every page I am going to shows me 0 questions found.
If outage, partial outage as of right now; I am not getting that error
Seems to work again now.
9:58 AM
On sites which have different domain, not *.stackexchange,com, the front page does not work either: superuser.com and mathoverflow.net
Ok, so it seems to be back. Probably it wasn't down for long.
is there a way i can search for one of my comments with specific text, i just got an announcer badge for posting a link to an answer which i have no recollection of, and is also in a technology im not familiar with
@WhatsThePoint Sure, use the data explorer.
Make sure you're using the correct user id.
Q: No questions found. Site is down?

LundinGetting sporadic "no questions found" when I try to click any tag. This happened just now, the site's been fine for hours. So it would appear that the site is down or misbehaving. Anyone else getting this or is it just me? (Meta works fine, not just SO)

@Mast i just ran this query and it didnt return anything, is it possible someone changed their id in the link to mine?
select top 100 *
from Comments
where userid = 7147233
and text like '%rails%'
@WhatsThePoint A lot is possible, it's also possible you didn't drop the link in a comment but somewhere else (chat, e-mail, twitter, anywhere).
10:09 AM
also tried changing the text to search for the post id too
I wouldn't read too much into it. I got an announcer badge for a question I'd never seen before. The system is broken, they tried to fix it, and it got differently broken this time.
Getting GPT-2 to work on meta posts is... a little trickier than I thought it would be. GPT-2 can normally mimic formatting pretty decently, but it's struggling with Markdown.
On the grand scale of things, shrug
@Mast ive already searched chat, and i doubt id send someone the link to a post in ruby on rails which ive looked at for about 5 mins
@Aza Is this going to be a "don't parse HTML with regex" problem?
10:10 AM
I already did that, <.*?>, easy
(don't kill me)
don't parse markdown lest markdown parses you back
also your above comment may have summoned forth the dread gods
Someone is going to pop in and try to explain to me why <.*?> is wrong, you just know it.
Not me :D
<([a-z]+) [^/]?>
nope, still not working (here)
10:13 AM
The only thing I really have to be worried about is if someone leaves a trailing < and another person later leaves a trailing >, but there are enough posts here that... it doesn't matter if I lose a few hundred of them to the regex gods
@Aza sanitize your input? :D
> If it appears that we can't find any matching data for a matching question (such as to see if there is a previous search history), we remove that question as "dummy"
this is very honest
@Aza That works, for some values of works.
> At first, the system didn't even take anything. Only new members started asking questions, and asked by new members. Now, there is a whole site dedicated to providing history for new users, and giving them this data of old users. I am sure that some newbies would use this information to improve existing features.
> It should be possible to do this with all new users. There should also be something to show this history in the future, as the system should know the history of new users.
> So, what is to be decided in the case of no new members asking questions?
10:15 AM
nope, SO only.
this is, shockingly cogent
@Aza since I'm popping in and out randomly - that's ML made up right?
Actually, blah, politics
Sounds like certain western political leaders if they were on meta :D
10:16 AM
I'm using the worse of the four iterations of this system, to be fair
> On December 20, 2013, the US senate voted to support the bill, which allows the US to request an extension for a one-year delay on a ban on voting to close.
> As a result, the ban on voting to close is now extended for two years, from December 20, 2013, to June 30, 2015.
> This means that all US senators - including those who voted to close - will be able to vote to extend the ban on voting to close.
lets all be glad the bot isn't self aware or it would be depressed
top shelf situational comedy tbh
10:18 AM
@Magisch That might explain Marvin...
In other words, clinical depression isn't a mental health issue. Clinical depression is an inevitable outcome of applying rational thought to the state of mankind.
> I know that if you don't have a knowledge of Java, you can't post a comment, but does a comment cast doubt on that fact?
@Aza My brain just went SPLRT.
@JohnDvorak that's a depressing thought
I depressed myself writing it
10:23 AM
> Where do I go to ask questions here?
> Is there any way to help me understand the technicalities?
> Why is there no offer button at the bottom of the page?
> There are no buttons at the bottom of the page, so I guess they are not properly formatted, and links are not to the top of the page. There are no buttons at the bottom of the page, so I guess that links are to the bottom of the page. There are no buttons at the bottom of the page, so I guess that there is no place to go to ask questions here.
this user is having trouble getting the page to load
I have probably seen about half of those
That was downvoted question titles, which I think was a pretty boring proof of concept
(The good stuff is deleted and mixed with "how do I do [x] in html" questions anyway.)
10:31 AM
Here's another one for ya: Strong anthropic principle guarantees you will exist in a universe that supports the existence of conscious observers, in a location that supports the existence of conscious observers. Strong anthropic principle guarantees exactly that and nothing more. Also. The population of Earth is growing exponentially. You are most likely an average person. In an exponentially growing population, the vast majority of people will be born in the last few generations.
The Doomsday Argument has some deep statistical flaws.
daily yikes: a supplier off handedly admitted they use # lines of code commited as a key KPI for their devs
> Asking people to do work which shouldn't be performed by a third-party is like asking someone to write code which isn't being used on the internet. Someone should have taken that question and turned it into code.
remind me to never trust their software again
Working on getting the bot to write good comments, now.
10:33 AM
protip: until MS drops the react nonsense and moves to Angular, trying to bruteforce Angular into SPFX project doesn't seem worth the effort
In other words: Strong anthropic principle guarantees that you exist in a state that allows your existence. Strong anthropic principle is perfectly okay to let you suffer. Strong anthropic principle gives you a very high probability of seeing a massive die-off of your species that will never be recovered from.
This is... slightly less successful than I thought it would be. Like, it's working -- pretty damn well, at that. MSE is just... boring? It's just boring, it's writing MSE comments.
Ye olde average MSE comment.
Text-writing bots were better when they were terrible.
> The most important thing here is not that we remove irrelevant questions that are not in the "right place" on the network. The most important thing here is that we remove the most irrelevant questions that have very little ability to persuade new users to answer the right questions.
10:38 AM
like it's just writing cogent, reasonable comments, this SUCKS
run it on 4 chan
and then step back from the machine as it combusts
consider: no
@Aza 8chan then?
That would count as cruel and unusual punishment
10:39 AM
(don't kill me)
@Aza MSE ought to be boring 🤣
> "You can't have it both ways" is not an acceptable answer. I have had several close votes on the question, but the question was closed because of a bad answer. I didn't take the original answer as a comment on the question itself, but simply as a comment on the question itself.
Like, I can't emphasize how readable these comments are, straight out of the box
@JourneymanGeek what exactly made you go "now that's too far" with respect to 8chan vs 4chan
I'm not sure there's much of a difference they're both maxing out the toxicity meter
10:41 AM
> Not sure if you've seen this before, but on September 5th, a user who was "banned" for posting "You have a smoking gun" on the previous day was not, in fact, banned for posting "you have a smoking gun" on the previous day. It was a moderator who banned for flagging that user.
ye olde moderator complaints
@JohnDvorak :D I was just about to link that.
> If you want to send some hate mail, you're allowed to do it. It's just not cool to do it.
have you finally found the apex of spam
a bot that automatically makes constructive comments
setting prefix='Viagra' and seeing what comes out
10:43 AM
@Magisch compared to MSE?
> Viagra: "It's not the drug itself, it's the interaction with the user that is problematic."
> Viagra is an excellent medical device, but it is a bit too expensive for a lot of people. I've read about this from several people. It's a bit too late to change it.
cough if it is, the user might need to see a doctor
@JourneymanGeek no it seemed like you were objecting to the bot parsing 8ch comments but not 4ch ones
10:44 AM
I didn't even see the mention of 8 chan
@Aza s/viagra/insulin/
> Viagra, erectile dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction. I tried this a few years ago, and I'm glad I did. I'll make a little note to my answers that I've done this.
> It's a joke. It's a joke!
(within the same comment)
Weird. I didn't notice I was in the Anime room.
@Aza Either your bot passes the Turing test, or most MSE comment writers don't pass the Turing test...
10:46 AM
Is there a whole room for Viagra?! going to that room
> Insulin::get_rate_limit() => 0
> If you have a high cholesterol or diabetes you should be eating a high carb diet and exercising. As a matter of fact, I've had a requirement to exercise to the point of exhaustion because I was tired of having to do it all the time.
Now it's just spitting out medical advice.
!!/medical advice
10:49 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No such command 'medical'.
> The new CoC does say: "Transcript and error messages are not required to be upvoted by users." +1, guys.
this one, this one got me,
> I am a moderator, and I will, in all seriousness, be offended by any and all comments. If I am going to violate the rules, I will make it clear, and I will have the chance to explain myself.
10:52 AM
Some days....
Yes, there are some things to think about in [bug]. I can't promise anything. That one looks like more of a challenge as it doesn't have an obvious formatting flaw that the other did ie. all the content was there in [feature-request] but the readability could be easily transposed.

I'm sure my curiousity will get the better of me...
I give up, I think. I just wanted it to generate funny comments, but all of this is just, stuff like
> Elections are a great opportunity to see whether there are any effective barriers to entry to the community, and whether we can make it so that more people can get involved. The problem with that is that if you are going to be trying to help people, you need to make sure that you aren't a burden.
like, good comments. terrible.
when you're trying to generate troll comments but fail, does that mean the troll has actually succeeded?
10:59 AM
I guess, but I'm the one being trolled :(
I know the answer: buy more graphics cards, try again with m o r e m e m o r y
"I am a moderator, and I will, in all seriousness, be offended by any and all comments" still has me cracking up though
11:15 AM
> You voted to close this question 10 mins ago
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I did yes.
@πάνταῥεῖ I did too
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Good so son. Much appreciated. ;-)
As soon it's got closed, delete vote please.
Not enough please
11:22 AM
One more please, please
Good boy! Now I'll vote.
Also, if I'm your son it means you became a dad while being less than 10 years old, which I don't think is technically possible. @πάνταῥεῖ (unless I'm mistaken about your age? ;))
> man who may be about 20 years old
I'm double
(and no, I'm not 2020)
But think you can still adopt me? Is there age limit for adoption? :P
@JNat cross site spammer. Thanks! :)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard IIRC there's none.
I believe there's none even in any directions of age. I.e. a younger person may adopt an older one.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Adult adoption can be a lucrative thing. See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fr%C3%A9d%C3%A9ric_Prinz_von_Anhalt
@PM2Ring It's often done for these reasons
Though for my personal case it won't be lucrative, unless a rich young person adopts me :D
chewing noises
@JourneymanGeek THX
11:45 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard and what about the poor ponies fallen in the sea about 10 months ago?
I will suggest a scope-change. Basically this is a wake-up call to the community to actually overcome the inertia, make up its mind and do something. I just now realized it. I will edit and vote for reopen. — Trilarion 46 mins ago
Jan 10 at 11:14, by Tinkeringbell
@Derpy Okay, so new thread for you: I saw this (Dutch) news video this morning. A while ago, a big shipping ship lost a few (270) containers of stuff, and they opened and now there's all sorts of stuff washing up on Dutch coasts. One of the things is MLP figurines. A real-life pony farm now has opened up what apparently is a 'My Little Pony Rescue Center' where people can turn in the ponies, they are cleaned up, and then people can 'adopt' them again :)
12:00 PM
Woah, I had forgotten about that one :)
12:22 PM
Oh no, I've retracted my spam flag by accident :-P
for or by?
@Aibobot by, of course.
Why does smokey report the same post 3 times?
Three things running?
@Mithical Makyen/EC2-linux
@Mithical Makyen/Windows
@Mithical iBug/Sandy Shores
12:25 PM
!!/standby Mak
@Tinkeringbell You mean three instances of smokey?
@Mithical iBug/Sandy Shores
All fixed
@πάνταῥεῖ Yep.
12:26 PM
@Mithical THX
Couldn't somehow drag the word instances from the recesses of my mind.
My mind isn't what it used to be!
I'm getting old :(
How old, 30?
28 now...
I am planning on reaching 30, yes.
12:29 PM
See, 28's not old. You're not old till your 30s.
I'll try and sneak in the watching once the new manager is in another meeting :P
@Mithical Oi, I'm nearing 40. Such statements hurt me.
@Gimby ow my back?
12:42 PM
@JourneymanGeek well yes, but that's mostly to do with the fact that I'm a huge computer nerd and not my age...
@Gimby and probably don't have a good chair :D
@Tinkeringbell better not, it doesn't get much better after that, speaking based on my own experience ...
12:58 PM
@rene probably not
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