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1:11 PM
opened SharePoint.SE out of fun, first question is about a dialog working only the first time.....
Since that is a common problem people have with SharePoint dialogs.... I open the question to read the full text
and, surprise, it is not about SharePoint. The user is using the JQuery UI dialog.
I probably know the answer in this case too... but..... should I answer a clearly OT question?
Bah. Humbug.
I always answer where I can, even if OT and it gets nuked from existance
because? that's the nice thing to do
even if it's technically the wrong thing.
@Hitodama I think you should comment and close, as the question is off-topic and you know why...
IIRC, a meta Q&A concluded telling people not to answer OT questions was "not nice".
@Raedwald Isn't that about users telling other users not to answer the question they just answered?
1:14 PM
@Raedwald I can understand not answering, as you're re-enforcing the idea of questions in the wrong place are 'ok'
@djsmiley2k-CoW technically, I should move the question to SO and at least answer that after it gets migrated.
but someone who doesn't get an answer isn't going to come back anyway.
@Cerbrus Ah, that makes more sense.
The consensus has always been not to answer off-topic questions
@Hitodama indeed, if you remember.
Hense why I answer, and let someone else take care of whatever they consider is 'right'.
1:15 PM
But some users get kinda aggressive in telling other users that they just broke TEH LAW
User gets an answer - is happy, might even take the time to learn why it was offtopic, Might stick around
IIRC that's exactly what happened with my first question on SO
Got migrated to SU and I found this wonderful world of questions to answer :D
So you basically got moderated into spending too much time on SU?
Blame the mods xD
Hey, my job at the time was so boring I was playing dwarf fortress at work everyday because I'd fixed everything :|
1:17 PM
Heh, nice
it was, and it wasn't
Playing Dwarf Fortress has a similar appeal to IT/programming.
yes @Raedwald that's why it was my choice of game
that and nethack :D
Building the perfect entrance fortifications for your fortress: hours of time wasted.
OOOOOHHHH, nice, now I realize that SharePoint does not even have support for code snippets.....
1:21 PM
So you can't answer? well played sharepoint, well played.
@rene the Help File is available, but it's a little terse. That explanation could be written after this section, explaining what you wrote on your GitHub PR; starting from: "The one that has been active ...". --- In the lower right corner (of those first two links) is a button [Edit on GitHub] that might do the needed.
Perfect farming layout to minimize the time your farmers spend running around: 2 hours or more
Perfect fortifications that could fend off hordes of necromancers: upwards of 12 hours
Your dwarves starve because all of the seeds got turned into booze one year ago: priceless
This sounds like a fun game...
Is this one of those afk "pay to speed everything up" mobile games?
1:25 PM
It's free
Nope. It's one of the best freeware games for desktop.
Desktop? Yay :D
But still in development. After years. So a bit buggy in places. And the UI can be challenging.
@Raedwald don't the new builds have an actual UI?
1:29 PM
Graphics look like something from the 80s but it's fully 3D with fully autonomous characters (You can't order you dwarves to do something. You can gently hint to them that something could be done when they're finally bored of partying) with subsystem damage (stay dog kicked Urist's thigh so hard the bone completely shattered and will never heal. Now you've lost your best warrior and another dwarf now has a full time job keeping the former fed and drunk)
dwarf fortress?
You can't euthanize Urist either because then his wife will spiral into depression and start murdering everyone on sight.
now (as in 6-8 something from now) with added graphic support.
nvm, different version apparently
1:32 PM
Recommended: lazy newb's pack, which is essential even for advanced players
@Zoethetransgirl no, it is the same game but the steam version should include a better ui and graphics support.
WHEN (IF) it comes out.
It's just a very fancy tileset
@JohnDvorak probably yep.
Not gunna lie though, I do like that tileset
connected ramps are sweet
@Hitodama "Now with graphics! (Optional ASCII mode available.)"
1:34 PM
@Rob I've made that edit on the wiki.
@Cerbrus yep, but so far graphics --> official tileset.
(Reads DF homepage for the first time in ages) "[new feature will] lead to our first fortress traitors, which should mark the beginning of the entertainments". Now that is pure DF.
Actually, that menu window is semitransparent, so it's not a pure tileset
I do wonder how hard the new graphics fails when you start throwing at it stuff like four-way doors.
or quantum storage
oh, btw...
Since I mentioned FF7 before...
could also share a "cursed" picture with you all...
(@Zoe liked it... so did I... but we are strange.)
1:50 PM
@Hitodama Well, that is really impractical.
The shoes, I mean.
Where are the hoof hands?
@M.A.R. good for you if the first thing you notice is the shoes and not who the two characters actually are ^_^
And the open mouth >:O
@Hitodama Meh, my fantasies are not even remotely at their final stage
First Fantasy MMXIX
1:56 PM
@M.A.R. if you are trying to imply that those are Final Fantasy characters, try again
I'm not implying anything, I just Googled them
They are dressed like FF7 characters, but they are taken from somewhere else :P
My world revolves around other things
@M.A.R. Like the sun?
@Hitodama Hiccup and Astrid
I dunno, the guy really seems too flimsy to effectively wield the giant Occam's razor
Finn from Adventure Time?
2:00 PM
@Hitodama I vaguely remember it as a kid
C'mon, @M.A.R. It's obviously Spike and Val.
Osiris and Isis
Asterix and Obelix
Hansel and Gretel
The normal one, not the Hawkeye version
I am so lost in this conversation
2:09 PM
Lost like Hansel and Gretel?
I'm found, but outside
I know I'm in the middle of a rain forest with deadly insects, and it's very reassuring.
I could have been lost in the middle of a rain forest with deadly insects.
Better than Australia
Also reassuring.
Just took a selfie with this Kong King guy. Lemme post it on Insta. The guy's really huge, almost as big as an NBA player
In Australia they had to cancel an episode of a kid's cartoon because it told the kids that spiders are harmless. In Australia, even a spider can kill you, though you still have to help the spider by not seeking medical attention.
2:15 PM
I'm behind the Sofa, with Jesus.
So close, and yet sofa
@JohnDvorak It's the little gestures of generosity that keep life . . . death . . . going
@JohnDvorak why would the spider need medical attention? ;p
for yourself
@M.A.R. So you know where you are? ;p
2:17 PM
@JourneymanGeek fang stuck where it's not supposed to be
BTW, I just saw an example of what I was talking about a few days ago.
"Ignore the down/close voters. They're assholes" is being thrown around, and left unmoderated more than usual.
@M.A.R. it's a-holes all the way down.
@Bart Reminds me of an ancient looping gif involving a literal ladder
@M.A.R. gone
2:23 PM
@JohnDvorak I'm not sure I want a looping gif of the mental image I just painted.
@Loong 👍 👋
There are twice as many "Good Answer" badges... tsk, and a regular of EL&U too.... Not my DV — Mari-Lou A 15 mins ago
Cut him some slack, Elven languages are a bit far from English
Quenya back that up? ;p
@JourneymanGeek Iran a test in the appropriate corpus
2:37 PM
Hm, there's a distingct lack of people russian in here to make puns...
Czech out later. It may thai-k a while.
So.... I saw deep-fake video made for one of our talk shows, video showing a politician saying things he never said in his own voice and in a totally legit-looking way. It was more scary than funny, to be honest. :/
@ShadowThePrincessWizard yep, wonder how long it'll be before video evidence becomes too untrustworthy
Deepfakes are easily recognized with some basic digital analysis
... But "the news" hasn't historically been known for thorough fact checking...
2:49 PM
thats good to hear... for now
For one, deep fake can't generate a sharp image
It also leaves a very distinct pattern of manipulation on the video. A pattern that can't be faked out of it.
@JAD yeah... scary. Here is the response of the politician to this: translate.google.com/… (Google Translated)
Nothing can't be faked out, just not yet
I'd be more surprised if our politicians weren't deepfaked... given the ridiculous stuff we've seen in the past 3 years.
@Cerbrus exactly, not to mention WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. People will share the fake vids there and it will spread like fire. :(
2:53 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Yea, that's the main problem
You don't need deep fakes when you can simply splice together two separate bits from an interview to create a fake.
One way to fight it is Google adding a quick "Verify video integrity" tool... but that won't happen.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Seems like an interesting project for google
So why not
right, and people will use that tool because...?
Because why not?
2:57 PM
@JAD I'll use it.... and people want to know the truth, but too lazy to find it if it's more than one click away. :)
For every person that shares fake news, there's someone that's annoyed at the fake news
People don't share fake news knowing they're fake news, usually. More likely those are people who just share anything they get.
I only know deepfakes for, uhh, other purpose...
@ShadowThePrincessWizard but will they care enough to check before sharing?
I don't think that's very likely
given the current record
The poeple sharing it won't
2:59 PM
@JAD depends. I believe many will (not most) and that's something too.
But there will be people that call them out on it
and people pointing out it's fake haven't stopped it before
And there will be news site that would add an analysis tool like that to their workflow
So let's say.... 20% to 30% decrease in fake news overall, not bad.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard except that the deepfakes come on top of the regular crap
3:00 PM
@JAD it can't be stopped, just decreased.
Max Pekarsky on November 06, 2019

The modern web is ripe for drawing. Whether you’re making a swanky animation, a game, interactive art, a data visualization, or an eye-catching resume, there’s no shortage of tools to choose from. When I started to code, I wanted to build a music visualization tool to represent my music library, and was overwhelmed by the number of ways available to tackle it. I kicked the can down the road for weeks (okay… months), paralyzed by the possibilities. Should I use an impressive-looking JavaScript library like paper.js for 2D or three.js for 3D? Or should I stick to native HTML Canvas or WebG …

"It's not gonna be used" or "It's not going to have any effect" isn't exactly a very strong argument though.
It's all just speculation
Of course
We need to deep fake SE too. :D
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Someone must have fed SO into one of those high-order monkey text generators already.
So if I'll guess that tomorrow will be hot.... it will be moved too?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Seems like a win-win. Limits the drama exposure, but you're still able to talk about it.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard you still think you're talking to actual people here, do you? I thought it would have been apparent long ago that we're all deep fakes.
Some of us aren't very deep, even
3:35 PM
"I like working with people."
Only Pekka is 100% genuine.
@Cerbrus I think the fact is, it doesn't matter if it gets used.
@rene that looks good. If you want a nitpick the next line: !!/standby-except <string> should explain that it is preferable to use this command and simply specify the longest running one (if it isn't down). -- Better than it was, as if people would "read the fine manual". :)
Same way people presume someone is guilty even when they're not, because it was 'in the paper'
Even if said paper publishes a retraction, people don't listen/care/change their thoughts
Only @SmokeDetector is a genuine person, who is pretending to be a machine. But the joke is on her!
3:38 PM
something something I didn't mean to make this about monica :/
@Rob ha! I leave that for the next editor.
@djsmiley2k-CoW if all you have is a Monica, everything looks like a nail ... or something ...
"We are currently offline for maintenance"
@Cerbrus where?
3:40 PM
Oh, reload fixed it
Sounds like Blizzard. Going offline for 3 days in a row the moment I have time to play.
@Cerbrus I think they serve that maintenance page if loading exceeds 5 seconds.
Welp, I've almost finished killing a tree for court next week.
All for a lower carbon foot print
3:43 PM
The irony is not lost on me.
Although, technically, I've already lowered my carbon footprint.
@fbueckert Started wearing carbon flats?
stillettos have a small footprint
I'm lowering my carbon footprint by removing half of the diamond cleats from my soles.
3:49 PM
This part is just wrapping up the paperwork to complete the project to my satisfaction.
And to the detriment of the installer, I guess.
@ColumbiasaysReinstateMonica beautiful.
@ColumbiasaysReinstateMonica Maybe that's what SE is doing: removing diamonds to lower their carbon footprint! :P
4:04 PM
Too soon.
3 messages moved to Chimney
3 messages moved to Chimney
I have a question that doesn't merit a post to MSE, but I'd like some feedback for. Has anyone else noticed content in the podcast and the official blog that feels like it is either blurring the line or crossing the line and is incompatible with the code of conduct?
4:22 PM
@JasonAller Pedantically, the CoC does not apply to the blog or podcast. But better to be specific if you are going to make accusations.
It wasn't intended as an accusation, just a request to see if anyone else had noticed boundary pushing things. The alternative is that I was seeing things there that weren't really a problem. If no one else had noticed anything then it is probably just me.
I have no desire to listen to any of them so I just blissfully pretend they don't exist
lol....also, for the first time ever, I'm have a reason to find one of the posts I made during SO.Docs (it was a really good primer on recursion and I forgot where I saved it)
@JourneymanGeek As I recall, Tolkien based that on Finnish (with many other influences and changes of course)
4:48 PM
@JasonAller unless there are concrete examples to point out, nope. And yeah, blog and podcast are different from the main site.
blog is really meant as marketing tool too so take it with a grain of salt (podcast used to be different but the new ones seem to be marketing thing as well)
Thanks for the feedback. I really wasn't sure, and I'm now I'm thinking that I was reacting to things that weren't really issues.
5:18 PM
Gotta know how all the bells and whistles work together if you want to be in the banned.
6:07 PM
7:00 PM
30 messages moved to Chimney
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