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6:30 AM
@closevoters why close it? If this is closed, couldn’t we close every solved bug report as no reproduce? — Stormblessed 56 secs ago
7:00 AM
@djsmiley2k-CoW they are not mine, they're on my technically speaking ex's, hence the worry.
@Stormblessed I wonder, what's the point of leaving the question open if the bug has been fixed?
@Stormblessed You voted to close this question May 2 '17 at 16:50 that was 10 minutes after asking as it was no longer reproducible. I personally think temporary glitches don't need a bug report, SE has enough monitoring tooling to know something blew up. That is why I both down vote and close vote such question as they have no long lasting value, specially not for future vistors.
Early closing might prevent answers and that would help get a question roomba-ed earlier.
1 hour later…
8:19 AM
@JAD because bugs never, ever, get reimplemented, right?
Those who forget history, are doomed to repeat it, and so on
@djsmiley2k-CoW so then reopen it
@JAD meh
@CptEric ah
welp, make backup anyway
Note, I'm not arguing for closing it. I'm trying to figure out what the big problem with closing it is.
sure sure, i get that
I just never understood this close and delete everything mentaility.
hmm, I don't think delete is a good idea in this case
8:31 AM
Isn't that what happens to closed questions with no answers?
possibly depending on number of upvotes/downvotes....
hmmm my ear is almost working again
ear infection?
nah, popped ear drum from sneezing too much
never hold a sneeze
i tore an ab once.
a hell of a sneeze
9:12 AM
corpora @Bart @rene @Sonic @Glorfindel
@CptEric by holding a sneeze?
Well, I assume big people make big sneeze. ;)
Just don't sneeze while lifting a car!! :D
the surgeon couldn't hold the giggles while stitching the ab back and wrapping it into a mesh for proper restoration
@CptEric didn't hold it.
my sneezes are like nukes going off.
best combined with a easily scareable coworker
9:28 AM
@CptEric heh. Not nice!
i would totally win in a Jaws scar-showoff competition though
"this was a shark!" "this was a stingray!" "this was a blue eyed galway girl!" "this was the sneezest of sneezes!"
10:02 AM
I've a nice scar across my stomach, from pyloric stenosis.
lol no youtube, tiffany adverts don't make sense.
10:35 AM
tl;dr on the closing the loop blog post?
I've been ... out of the loop
Looks like they're basically deleting MSE?
(Or both?)
@TheforestofReinstateMonica not deleting.
> Hoggle: This is an oubliette. Labyrinth's full of 'em.
Sarah: Really... how did you know that?
Hoggle: Oh, don't sound so smart! You don't even know what an oubliette is.
Sarah: Do you?
Hoggle: Yes. It's a place you put people... to forget about 'em!
Taken from Labyrinth (the original 1986 movie)
no need to delete
just... forget.
Well as long as it's still useful for us...
Though I guess that also means meta will no longer be "featured".
@TheforestofReinstateMonica see here for reference and some second hand info.
Q: Will Meta Stack Exchange be removed now?

MEE - Reinstate MonicaThis is a question related to the new feedback procedures announcement. This site (Meta Stack Exchange) has various functions: (per the help center) Meta is for... ... Stack Exchange users to communicate with each other about the Stack Exchange network (asking questions about how the...

current status: regular users don't know, mods are split as usual (some angry, some less so), all the same under the sky.
10:48 AM
I'm pretty sure they'll regret it if they remove it.
On a completely unrelated note, if anyone is interested, I have about 10k clean residential IPs with proxies on them that I can configure to only allow connections to Stack Exchange and related sites. I wouldn't mind giving them out for free if anyone wants to let SE know just how bad a decision it is and happens to prefer to use one of 10k proxies instead of their home IP for whatever reason.
(SOCKS5, but I could change them to HTTP proxies too)
I would suggest removing that message since it almost seems a threat.
but don't worry. It is well possible that Microsoft will do the job instead.
I would never threaten such a wonderful site.
I just have all these proxies and don't know what to do with them!
@Hitodama Or a million and one other companies lol
@TheforestofReinstateMonica I was talking about this post.
Q: Is Microsoft Q&A the beginning of the end for SO?

gbjbaanbI saw Microsoft has created its own Q&A system, designed to incorporate the same Stack Overflow-style Q&A, but with additional samples, documentation and tutorials. Someone asked "Why not use SO" and got some interesting answers. I assume MS Q&A isn't using SO as the backend platform, as 'sald...

My hope is just that Sara changes her mind or leaves to help bring inclusiveness to another company and SE goes back to normal.
Because it's not like the damage is quite irreversible at this point.
again, see above suggestion
10:55 AM
fix'd :P
oh, well, at the very least they should notice how silent chat is becoming
but to hear the sound of silence...
I prefer noise.
Signal is optional.
11:19 AM
It's frustrating because MSE/MSO is very useful.
There are plenty of things that wouldn't be possible to ask on a bug tracker or feedback channel.
11:34 AM
@Hitodama chat?
when was the last time you saw anyone from SE (other than Shog9) on Chat?
Back in the day, before all this cool stuff with agile and ci/cd and such there was a rule "you eat your own dog food"
It meant, developers used the products they produced.
@djsmiley2k-CoW Catija has been here every now and then.
Ok, that's two.
any senior management?
I wonder how this will affect those who, for whatever weird reason, have most rep on MSE.
11:49 AM
@djsmiley2k-CoW I meant that users are "abandoning" chat too.
Tavern or chat in general?
Because Tavern doesn't seem particularly dead. Not that I'm often here myself, though.
(Just when I have something to complain about or need to push buttons)
@TheforestofReinstateMonica to be fair, it seems a lot "deader" than it used to be. And other network rooms to.
I also did a quick test/search....
Seems that this year very few are mentioning WB even on the rest of the network
which is somehow strange.
@TheforestofReinstateMonica obviously it's only a n=1 sample but The Water Cooler over on Workplace is significantly quieter these days, some of the regulars have left, others have scaled back their involvement in SE and others just have things going on in outside life.
I can understand usual Tavern users assuming that there will be no WB this year, but I totally expected it to come up on other rooms.
The DMZ (Information Security) is slightly more active now, but it's also not very much affected by the current goings on.
@motosubatsu yeah snow left and richard isn't around much anymore
@djsmiley2k-CoW tim was here from time to time a while ago
he used to be a director, although not anymore
12:15 PM
@Hitodama I think this is a perception thing
those who cared, naturally appeared in meta
so those in meta, think the entire network cares.
@djsmiley2k-CoW ? If I understand what you mean... nope
@Hitodama Nope, what?
I'd say something like 90% of the visitors to SE, have no clue who monica is
I was used to see WB come up quite a bit by the start of December in many other rooms I keep an eye on.
Not this year
80% prob don't know what the winter bash is.
@Hitodama oh right
People forgotten it's normally announced by now?
Only discussion I saw was on a chat room for what I assume was Spanish SO
BTW, am I mistaken or both the Parrot and the Dog are away right now?
12:25 PM
@Hitodama It's the day after thanksgiving. Not sure how that relates to journey or tink, but things are a lot quieter today anyhow
@Hitodama dog just walked into work
our office dog walked into a important supplier meeting today
@Rubiksmoose I'm pretty sure they don't want "a representative sample", they want a diverse sample.
Where "diverse" would obviously be based on US ideas of racial and gender groups
but somehow miss out black people again
12:33 PM
Anyone, any 4 people, care to test with me if this edge-case exists: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/339381/… Where you get a notification if you cast the 5th re-open vote on one of your own questions?
@Magisch I'm on a set of night shifts, and I kinda am living on an inverted sleep cycle
So not at all
1:15 PM
@StopHarmingMonica There is actually value to that in statistics. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/…, but you need to remember that you oversampled.
And presenting a stratified sample as if it were a random sample is extremely deceptive.
1 hour later…
2:37 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard gone
@ShadowThePrincessWizard gone
2:52 PM
Unimportant, but the future is frozen. No more future...
The future is now the past
We're at least one mess past it now
3:03 PM
41 messages moved to Chimney
4 messages moved to Chimney
@StopHarmingMonica until next mess.
wait what. A mobile game with MTX?
2 hours later…
5:05 PM
@rene One more week!
I've learnt a bit more in the last week; I'm not the only one to sue them, and their customers are abandoning them in droves.
2 hours later…
6:49 PM
7:07 PM
@fbueckert excitement is building. Do you know how many and the amount they are being sued for?
7:29 PM
@Feeds #6 👍
8:02 PM
@rene At least two more after me.
what do we want to talk about?
8:20 PM
What did you buy today?
Time? No, I spent that...
I approved my wife to purchase Ryan Serhan's $500 real estate sales course (marked down to $250) for... reasons.
@rene Both for the max for small claims; a storage company. I'm guessing it's the company that's storing their solar panels.
@AaronHall sounds like a bargain
Also had one default judgement before my suit; not for small claims, either.
For over $50k. And they didn't show.
@rene if she does any real estate business whatsoever attributed to it then I suppose it's more than paid for itself.
8:26 PM
@fbueckert that is telling. Does fit expectations
Couple articles in the news about them, too.
Mostly complaining about how the local electric company took advantage of them, and now won't give them any more slack.
It's also something she wants to do, so I'm not going to discourage her diversifying her energy away from creating albums of religious violin instrumentals that she can't get churches to let her perform and sell...
My parents do lots of sales classes, but after a certain point, getting checklists of sales activity and practicing sales talk doesn't marginally help your economics (it doesn't seem to be helping theirs, but the economy where they are is bad...). I want my wife to eventually (early next year?) get some certifications, like "Accredited Buyer's Representative" and so forth...
She asks me because she's not making much money, so if she closes some deals she won't feel like she needs to ask me anymore (or so I kinda hope because I actually do respect and love her).
Anyone got any ideas to help me better communicate the love and respect thing? I get pretty focused on work and technology and don't give her as much attention as I should.
8:45 PM
Yeah, don't ask me. I'm single for a reason ...
Q: Why is the "Loop" survey restricted to those 18 and above?

user58The new blog post Introducing the Loop: A Foundation in Listening links to a survey, that appears to be what the Loop is at the moment. That is this: "Through the Loop Survey" on SurveyMonkey When I go to that survey, the first thing I see is this: To continue, please confirm you are at...

Damn that really sucks that people under 18 can’t do it
I mean everyone as a kid lies that they’re 13 on the Internet but still
And apparently this survey thing is the new meta or something like that?
9:37 PM
@AaronHall support her and make sure she understands you're there
try to spend some time catching up with her progress, if she doesn't know about it maybe you could find some cool TED talks for her
@AaronHall seems like a good frame for an IPS question
and that's pretty much it, if you're fine cash-wise make sure she understands there is no pressure, that could help too.
that's how i did it and it worked. ish.
ish - tragical stuff happened. life sucks.
9:55 PM
@fbueckert there should be a sitcom about this company, airing on weekends at 9 p.m.
well, we're both really into the goal of getting a lot of money in savings for retirement, but we don't have an official budget. I'm hoping to get a financial plan from my financial advisors with a budget in it. That could probably help.
But there's the big factor of her barely making any money, which I'm hoping the real estate sales may improve. I figure, worst case scenario, she takes a min-wage gig that her license and a cert or two makes it a no-brainer to hire her for. Then she'll have her "own" money for studio time and marketing and stuff.
@M.A.R. Eh. It'll be really boring.
Company takes on too much business. Sucks at doing their job. Customers get mad. Customers sue. Company folds.
IPS is way too public. This chat is borderline.
@fbueckert duh. Sitcom
With maybe a little bit of death throes in there with threats of suing customers, mismanagement, incompetence, etc., etc.
9:59 PM
It's about making stupid faces
Also, no sense of corporate responsibility.
@fbueckert I'll WATCH this
IT Crowd?
@AaronHall I am an orange
@M.A.R. Steven King's IT Crowd - I'd watch that.
10:04 PM
@AaronHall studio time? What kind of work?
Oh, you said she’s a violinist?
She really wants to play for local churches (in and around NYC) as a guest musician, so if anyone wants to make introductions...
boasts I cut some of her video and stills. (danged if I can't remember the program I used, but it was in Linux.)
@AaronHall Is she into playing other genres, apart from classical & church music? There's some interesting stuff happening in alternative country / contemporary folk, eg imwithherband.com
It’s great that she’s so dedicated. I was a music major once upon a time but couldn’t devote my time to the actual work of developing.
@PM2Ring at this point she really doesn't want to hear any suggestions from me. Introductions? Yes. Suggestions? No.
Brittany Haas, who's a member of the Live From Here team, is a very versatile violinist.
@AaronHall Fair enough. :)
10:15 PM
I kinda wonder if being in nyc with so many musicians makes it harder to get gigs. Though, there’s probably more to get, too.
I know NYC is good for jazz musicians. A lot of Australian musicians do well there (which means we don't get to see them much here in Oz). But I guess it depends on what genre you're into.
She's got great reviews for lots of proposal gigs, but gets them maybe 1 a month at the most? And they pay like on the order of $200 a gig. Any "serious" musician (that hasn't "made it") has to be doing other side work, as far as I can see.
The Christmas season should be a big opportunity but with really niche genres... people like listening to stuff they know like the Bach Magnificat... choral or orchestral music. Or interesting small groups. I still remember a great flute/harp performance I went to 20 years ago.
Has she thought of private tutoring?
So I'd say she has a strong competitive edge (website, videos, repertoire, broadway experience, teacher of students that won lots of prizes) that should help her "make it", her way, but the economics (supply/demand) are terrible. She's done private tutoring, but wants to get away from it.
10:30 PM
Ah. Yeah. I can understand that. NYC has to be a difficult place for musicians.
Well it's definitely tough for her... which is why I support her getting a side-gig in real estate.
I had her studying for the general stock-brokers exam a long time ago, after visiting NYC on vacation, she got enamored of the trading floor (which is still dying...) I did not have strong hopes for that, but the education was good. Every bit of education she wants I'll support. I told her I'd pay for her a Master's degree (Arts) in fact.
I won't support sales-school after sales-school, though. One? ok. If you're not making sales after several sales schools, you need to improve your economics.
(differentiation, different field, whatever it takes, but smiling with a new mental model for sales isn't it.)
10:57 PM
anyways, I explained it all. If anyone needs me to explain anything on any topic whatsoever, I'm a professional know-it-all, and I work pro-bono for my friends. :P
11:16 PM

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