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12:01 AM
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica uhm. I kinda have been dealing with this the last few weeks. Constantly
So I am pretty sure that a lot of these conversations have devolved to bickering.
If a conversation does no one no good and folks won't de escalate... They may need help to do so.
12:33 AM
I'm pretty sure my troll meter is well calibrated
12:44 AM
I've noticed that people are having an exchange in one Q&A and then retaining their ill feelings or bad temper and posting innocuous but deleterious clairification requests or insightful comments in another Q&A.
Until we get comment locks - if stuff gets too hot in comments, this is the one tool we have that works
1:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek please listen with an open mind. I'm trying to help you. I sincerely mean this with all respect, but a couple of weeks makes it quite new for you. This is why I've suggested getting some help.
@DeNovosupportsGoFundMonica uhm. I have been dealing with this the last few weeks. I've been back as a mod a while
@JourneymanGeek I completely understand how it can be challenging, and I'm sure you and the other moderators are trying your best
I don't think you really understand.
I mean neopronouns and nonnormative gender expression
I have experience in such communities.
1:18 AM
I am non-binary, and while that doesn't make me an expert on how everyone expresses their gender identity, I can tell you moderators are clearly in need of some help from someone with expertise
I also am very aware of when people go around in circles
@DeNovo ... you're talking to one of the most experienced, calm, and supportive moderators on the network. We're well aware that we're not experts, but going round and round saying "you need to get some help" ain't helping.
There are no circles here, just a sincere request
You may rest assured that every moderator will do the best they can with what information they have available. Beyond that, take it up with SE.
So practically, until someone higher up the chain of command steps up, the buck, unfortunately stops with us.
I'd rather just lock the comments but this is just what I have
1:25 AM
I notice that moved to chat seems infrequently used on some sites, perhaps instead of deleting they could get a room and have the conversation moved to continue elsewhere instead of plugging away on someone's Q or A.
@Rob if it looks useful or constructive I have been using it a lot
If it's not, it just moves problems to harder to moderate spaces
Harder?, I would have thought it would be easier (with the comment styled moderation tools, and the help from everyone handling any flags, alone with the cool-off chat kick that doesn't affect the main site). Really my only experience is that I've been handling chat flags for almost a year and only received three, so I assume that they are infrequent.
1:44 AM
@Rob They are far from infrequent. What kind of flags do you see? You don't seem to have 10k anywhere. Do you have 10k on main chat?
@Rob yup. Harder. Chat is divorced from the main site. At least on the main site I will see the flags
There have been 99 chat flags in main chat in the past 27 days.
@terdon-stopharmingMonica I get the blue dot on the other chat - IE: Not here or SO, but 170+ other places.
This is what I look like on the other server:
Your's would say a couple of hundred K.
2:06 AM
Ah, 4AM. Time to get up.
@Rob yeah, makes sense. I couldn't be bothered to try and track down your chat profile on main, but I saw you had various accounts with significant rep. I guess many of the flags I mentioned are mod-only, not 10k ones.
You can check at /admin/recent-flags, it marks which are mod-only and which are regular.
52 non-mod and 46 mod in the past 27 days then.
OK, but I don't see any from here or SO's chat, just everywhere else - for example I have a measly 366 rep. on Math.SE but one of my flags was from the Math.SE Chat (against a well known person with over 300K rep.). I didn't think about there being two types, but it makes sense, with the mod message type being available.
@user58 That's 404 to me here and on another site where I get flags.
2:24 AM
@Rob That'd be because it's a mod only page.
I do have a 'flag page' but it only lives for a limited time, if I go back it's empty the history is deleted.
2:58 AM
So essentially as a mod, moving controversial topics to char dosen't work for me.
4 hours later…
6:50 AM
7:38 AM
@KevinB hope you didn't forget to flush?
But yes, that's a "morning" equivalent, after all we all go there first thing in the morning. :D
Even @user58!
Anyhow, now waiting for someone to leak the next change in the network: the Abortion of Downvotes. Since downvotes are the most hated thing by new users, and not only, it's crystal clear SE is going to nuke them soon. My guess no more than 2 months from today.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard why are you dragging me into this
@user58 sounds like you woke up too early
Work, or army?
Just got to where I was headed
@user58 wow.... over 5 hours... so it's in the Darom?
Tel Aviv area
But... buses. And traffic.
7:50 AM
@user58 ouch. Our public transportation really sucks.... :(
@ShadowThePrincessWizard 6 to 8 weeks ...
@ShadowThePrincessWizard our public transportation is awesome if only not so many people would use it ...
Anyway @user58 good luck with that, show them what you got. :)
@rene the real test is cases like above.... how long it takes to arrive from point A to point B, versus in a private car.
With a car, one would spend about 2 hours to reach Tel Aviv from the North, maybe 2 and half... so it's over 100% increase in time in public transportation.
Which IMO is outrageous....
And even more frustrating, our Minister of Transportation is busy with silly and totally useless projects, never touching the core problems.
Last silly project is dedicating a whole lane in highroads to "car pooling", i.e. only someone who has at least one other passenger with them can drive in that lane.
Ministers have a short life-time to make some monumental decisions that they will be remembered for ...
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Thanks
@rene not here, we had same minister for 10 years.
And he knew he's staying that long from the beginning.
(he's in same party as our "eternal" PM)
8:05 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Oh, we have one of those! "Wisselstrook" where you needed to be with 3 people in the car. A former minister went on it alone to make a point, others were stopped with having 2 dummies in the car (three really if you count the driver).
Today the lane is only open during rushhour in one direction (to Amsterdam or in the evening to Almere)
@rene lol! Well here it's a 500 NIS fine (about $150) for violation, and they get caugt by cameras, I think.
Dummy can trick a camera easily... thanks for the tip! :D
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I spent about three and a half hours on the first bus and then another hour stuck in traffic on two internal buses.
And then ten minutes lost until I found the place.
@user58 well inside Tel Aviv it's unavoidable, pretty sure all big cities are jammed up. But the way to the city should take the same with car or without a car.
@user58 I have terrible חוש כיוון.... for me it would take over an hour for sure, unless guided step by step. ;)
How did you find the place? Google Maps?
8:39 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard secret
There is no secret on that map. Did you go left at leaks?
1 hour later…
10:14 AM
This still needs a delete vote @rene @ShadowThePrincessWizard
not anymore ...
10:49 AM
No luck. Oh well.
11:31 AM
@user58 bummer. Was that for the soundman role?
(how this works for one who prefers "they/them"? Sound[what comes here]?)
oh.. soundperson
12:02 PM
would 14 votes be enough for a consensus?
A: Should we have a tag for significant points in time?

Mari-Lou AThe series of events which culminated in the firing of Monica Cellio is so exceptional in the history of Stack Exchange, it makes sense that a special tag is needed in order to keep track of the ever increasing number of related posts. At the beginning, the tags: code-of-conduct and moderator a...

> I think 14 upvotes is a little low, considering we have seen posts with 100+ upvotes. Retagging 270 questions won't be fun either, although it could be done in daily batches of five posts. – Mari-Lou A
what do you think?
I'm not fond of retagging anything at this point... There's enough flame-bait on the front page as is.
It's a meta tag too
@Ooker nope, not even 140 to be honest.
12:20 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard yeah
Now I get to hop around the country for the rest of the day
@Ooker meh.
@user58 sounds like fun, but probably it's not.... nobody to take you home with a car?
@Ooker nah. And with the summary posts available as well it's not as if we are lacking easy ways to find related content.
@JohnDvorak hey don't think too hard. ;)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Nope. So I can, like, head from TA to Yerushalayim and then from there to the Golan... an all day country wide bus pass is a powerful but expensive thing
12:37 PM
@user58 very true. Luckily for me never had to go through this, when I was younger had a small and very used car, lol. (cost me 10k, paid half myself and half from parents)
So what's the next step with the army?
Don't quite know yet, TBH
I really hope it's something that will be, well, not bad. Because I've seen bad cases. :/
If you're offered חימוש do whatever it takes to get out of that, but pretty sure you know it already.
From the looks of the questionnaire I got they want me in intelligence.
TL;DR from what I've seen it's a bunch of cavemen, almost literally. lol
@user58 sounds good.
We'll see... intelligence automatically means several more years than a regular service.
12:50 PM
@user58 not sure. My wife served there and was 2 years perhaps, i.e. only few months more than the usual mandatory service. Maybe it's different with boys though. Where you read about it?
(also, wife served long ago, so of course things might have changed)
1:07 PM
so what is the threshold for consensus?
@Ooker in this specific case? Infinity... I won't go and add a tag on all the past questions.
I won't fight it either and won't roll back, but prefer a mod or CM do it.
@Ooker Folks do these kida retags sometimes. It has almost no value.
some stuff going on in here
1:25 PM
Flagged one comment by that "Tom", advised them to stop. Hopefully drama ends there.
and now for something completely different... here's a cool piano with extra keys:
2:00 PM
@user1306322 people like that make me laugh
2:23 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW which of them? Those using sock puppets to game the system, or those claiming to have proof of others doing it?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard yes
barking at @Journeyman
3:11 PM
@Rob that is a bit cheating, isn't it?
How? it's not a self-playing piano, or easier to use.
it has this "linking" feature so it plays two keys, right?
3:27 PM
I don't see keys moving on their own or anything about a "linking feature" (where pressing one key presses additional keys for you) after doing a search, do you have a link?
Inside a Bechstein Grand Piano hitting one key strikes multiple strings:
String puppet!
@Rob here is an example: youtu.be/PEHGxpRoZQM?t=187
It does in that video (with far fewer keys than my example) but I don't see unhit keys moving in the video that I linked to.
This is cheating:
Oh, yeah, sorry, I was referring to the general option to do that, not that it is actual used there.
3:42 PM
4:26 PM
The boy also had two people helping. Here is one person with more keys and over 500 stops - when you're pulling all the stops this what you're looking at.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard errr i was talking about people accusing mods of doing no work
@djsmiley2k-CoW oh. The chat message linked to a (now deleted) specific comment.
Well, I also sometimes get irritated a bit when I notice "last seen year ago" on a site mod profile, but that's not the case in that question, yeah.
3 hours later…
7:59 PM
16 messages moved to Chimney
3 hours later…
10:51 PM
The confusing results you're seeing have caused you to post your question on the wrong site. This is Meta, where drama is the norm and nothing can possibly progress because half the possible progress is currently disappearing. You could improve your question and post it on another site, like Server Fault, but don't bother -- the tcp6 0 0 :::30080 :::* LISTEN - versus 30080/tcp closed unknown makes me think you have an IPv4 client trying to talk to an IPv6 server, and that won't work. — Frédéric Hamidi 41 mins ago
11:27 PM
Q: Why is SE removing links and community ads about legal issues?

JNatStack Exchange staff will actively remove links to a legal fund campaign from user profiles, posts, and comments, as well as community ads surrounding Monica's situation and reinstatement. Why? [This post was originally posted by Juan M but ownership was changed with a post-dissociation tool so ...

oh my god
@TheforestofReinstateMonica well if legal insists not much they can do
@JourneymanGeek The same legal that told them it's OK to violate licensing? :P
(And legal insisted that they not discuss the situation in public, not that they remove everything?)
Well I don't know who is in charge or what the plan is. If any
I just know this mess gets worse and worse
yeah :/
Heh, someone donated $640 to Monica's fund specifically because SE was deleting links. :P
SE just keeps digging and digging.
11:52 PM
Anthropic principle says that for any population with sufficiently fast exponential growth, more people will witness the population's demise than not
I’m upset that they changed the post author so they could accept their own answer
In other words: any time you join a fast-growing project, in all likeliness you've joined just before its inevitable and rapid demise. It's not your fault. It's maths.
@Stevoisiak It's a little odd, I agree. It has never been done before that I've seen. Every official self-answer has always been under the same account, even if it doesn't bump the accepted answer to the top. I wonder what made this different. I'm not upset about it though, because I think it makes people more likely to see the hypocrisy being displayed.
I’m surprised nobody’s posted that using 2 accounts to accept your own answer is against the CoC
only if it's done by a single user!
Otherwise it's just garden variety cooperationeering
11:55 PM
@JohnDvorak Isn’t that still against the CoC?
Only if you can prove it, and guess who's the judge
I mean, they said themselves that they changed the account to bump the accepted answer
The question was reparented just so the accepted answer stuck to the top — Juan forgot self-accepting didn't do that. — JNat ♦ Nov 14 at 17:11
Honestly, I don't think that's the real issue here.
Given all the shit that's going down, reparenting a question to bump the answer is nothing.

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