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4:11 PM
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My dad got angry once.
I never made him angry again.
@202324 ouch
I have 0 memories of my dad.
Me too, he keeps them all himself ;)
He left the country when I was 3, got back to a year when I was 6, and died when I was 8. Heard stories and saw pictures, but no memory of my own.
Bit weird since most people have memories from childhood... meh.
@Tinkeringbell lol
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I was about to say that...
4:18 PM
@Tinkeringbell officially it's due to the trauma of losing him (mental defense system), but I don't understand why, since I barely knew him anyway. :/
At some point in my younger days (as teen) I started to think I'm adopted and all the stories and pics are fake, lol.
This might still be true, but at this point.... I don't really care. :P
I woulda known.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard yeah, that makes sense anyways. Even 'barely knew him' can be a bit of a false memory armchair psychology warning
@Tinkeringbell hmm.... but when? In that one year he was around when I was 6?
I remember small bits from that time, all those bits are with friends or by myself.
I don't know :) I haven't really studied humans or their minds ;)
hiring @Tink for psychological treatment
How much you charge? ;)
4:24 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Please don't. I'll do more damage than good ;)
@ShadowThePrincessWizard enough that you can't pay it :P
Can't damage me more, believe me. :P
@Tinkeringbell hmm.... I can pay in chocolate!
Let's just not try ;)
4:25 PM
What would I need a 1000 bars of chocolate for?!
I could perhaps build a chocolate bar bar.
@Tinkeringbell well if it's baking chocolate... making 1000 lava cakes
This is all chocolate bars, for @Tink. ^^
@ShadowThePrincessWizard #ShipIt?
@ShadowThePrincessWizard mom would kill me. We don't have enough storage space!
4:27 PM
@Tinkeringbell put it outside with a sign "Don't touch, it belongs to the Red Parrot!"
Neighborhood will appreciate that, I'm sure ;)
use the menacing parrot as further deterrent
@Mgetz ship already sailed
4:28 PM
"these 250.000 tons of chocolate belong to ME and ME ALONE "
- Tink
@mag yes! Attach that pic on the box. :D
This reminds me... @Kevin I need to order another 100 capsules of Espresso.
I do remember my first coffee... sort of.
I would totally do that with mint tea
it's all mine
Hmm.... I got DM on Twitter from someone claiming to be United Nations peacekeeper. Is this some known scam?
So far she only asked for me email, and I refused.
Never heard that before, but sounds suspicious.
Well, I'll play the game for now...
Weird thing, the profile appears totally legit.
4:34 PM
might even be genuine and they're interviewing, but I wouldn't take any chances
interviewing for a story or conducting a poll or something
@Tinkeringbell I had to work on a chocolate bar packaging design at some point. Of course I insisted the client provide examples from the competition. I got sent back with a big bag bursting of all sorts of goodies and had a chocolate bar bar thing going on at work for a while.
@mag hmm.. good point. She says she's in Syria, and it's clear I'm from Israel. Still, the way her messages are written is weird, as if written by machine/script.
You end up having all sorts of new friends :P
> Thank you so much for accepting me as your friend, I will like us to be a very good friends and see what future holds for us
Doesn't sound very..... real? ^
@ShadowThePrincessWizard O_o
4:37 PM
Anyway.... will keep you updated.
I think.
Some sort of social experiment?
@curious no idea....:/
it's a scam.
It's always a scam
@curious wow, that's awesome! Must have gotten some new friends at work during this.... :D
@djsmiley2k-CoW nah, you're confused with cache.
@curious yeah! I know a guy that markets chocolate products for a living ... It's always a pleasure meeting him ;)
imagine working in a chocolate factory
you can bribe all your friends with chocolate
A friend of mine works in a chocolate factory. In the (corporate) PR department.
4:56 PM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Our electricity companies are generally run pretty well here. In my area, though, there have been some outages in the name of public safety when there has been a wildfire.
Wildfires are common here at this time of the year
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6:09 PM
Julia Silge on November 12, 2019

Welcome to November’s installment of Stack Overflow research updates! This month marks one year since my colleagues in UX research and I started sharing bite-size updates about the quantitative and qualitative research we use to understand our communities and make decisions.

In recent months, we have invested time and energy in improving the question-asking experience on Stack Overflow, one of the most fundamental interactions on our site. In August, I outlined what we learned from the question wizard, our first major change to the question-asking workflow in a decade. In September, Lisa  …

6:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell I would call it "practical", but okay. :p
6:44 PM
@Bart On a male level, perhaps :P
7:29 PM
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8:19 PM
I'm absolutely not looking for upvotes here or anything, but can anybody explain why this answer is getting downvoted? I've heard a couple of theories in the comments (though one of them is not how the system works at least). Is it just normal to downvote an answer to an on-topic low effort question? I don't really care about the rep here, it just has me bemused.
Some people are pretty adamant on not encouraging answering duplicate questions.
Makes sense, I suppose. I'm not a fan of it when it happens usually myself.
Probably should have assumed it was already answered, but it was easy enough and it didn't occur to me to look.
[shrug] oh well.
Of course normally I'd just delete an answer on an accidental dupe, but obviously can't do that here.
@Rubiksmoose Why not? Oh, because it's accepted?
Want me to do it?
Or would that be mod abuse? ;)
You can also hope OP figures out that if they unaccept, they can delete their own question.
8:27 PM
@Tinkeringbell hah! I've done that for people for sure. Might as well get rid of the answer if you don't mind.
@Rubiksmoose poof!
Awwww, I didn't get to downvote it.
@Bart I'll let you know next time I post and you can get that sweet sweet first downvote ;)
@Tinkeringbell thanks :)
9:07 PM
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9:43 PM
@Tinkeringbell The answer no longer shows as accepted; did that automatically go away when you deleted it?
@Rubiksmoose your avatar still elicits a sensible chuckle whenever I see it :D
10:03 PM
@mag :)
I love that you specify "sensible chuckle"
10:29 PM
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