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12:00 AM
Just assume the question in...question was closed for a reasonable reason.
@Trasiva oh magic?
@Stormblessed I imagine there should be lots of that in the home page feed there...
We sure could use some more wizards
I put on my wizard hat and robe
@duplode yeah it’s a great policy until people close your own political rants XD
Well actually I don’t have any deleted stuff there
I got to 2K there with under 29 posts
12:03 AM
How's that possible?
With a 200 rep limit
Nevermind, I'm dumb haha.
Sounds like a nice ratio.
Only 19 questions and 6 answers, actually
@Trasiva this, this, this, and this
40, 39, 38, and 36
I remember seeing that California primaries question in HNQ :)
Yeah that was a really interesting answer it got
A: What are the arguments for California’s nonpartisan blanket (jungle) primaries?

Winston EwertIt would seem a reasonable assumption that the Democratic-controlled California legislature would have implemented this system in order to help elect more Democrats. There are few things more consistent than politicians favoring changes that benefit their own political interests. However, both i...

12:56 AM
@Trasiva repcaps are per day
@JourneymanGeek I realized that, that's why I said I was dumb. ;)
1 hour later…
1:57 AM
The new gendered pronoun FAQ is here.
Q: What does the Code of Conduct say about gender pronouns?

Catija Please leave any feedback or questions about these processes on this other post. Two weeks ago, we updated The Code of Conduct to directly address concerns over pronoun usage. We tried to anticipate likely questions, but… missed the mark a bit. Inspired by Gareth McCaughan’s excellent post...

2:41 AM
At least no one tried to close it.
It’s good, I think! And I’m seeing positive responses from people who hated the first
JonathanReez says "With this new rule no one is compelled to say anything"
It's better.
It is also important for people to feel heard. And this does that too.
"Please don’t put pronouns in your posts unless it’s somehow relevant." This is all I needed to see. Thank you for taking the time to rethink this and for the strength it took to admit you made mistakes the first time. — scohe001 34 mins ago
5:16 AM
So, why on earth was this deleted?
A: Why was this question and all answers removed?

Shog9The original FAQ was written as a supporting document for the blog post; as such, it omitted a great deal of material regarding goals and rationale. However, due to technical limitations, it became the de-facto landing spot for most readers, a role for which it was ill-suited. As a result, it was...

@Cerbrus the new one is out
also, morning
Darnit... There goes most of my (not so hard-)earned rep.
@Cerbrus ?
I had a +841 / -22 voted answer in there... The rep I got from that was retracted when it got deleted.
5:19 AM
@Cerbrus dang...
Uh-oh there are two @Rob s here
@rene I'm using that script, it doesn't seem to quite work
good night it's late
5:40 AM
21 messages moved to Chimney
6:01 AM
@Cerbrus That's a bad downside of it.
I wish my rep got retracted for it too though, heh
@CesarM this is a great time to get reputation you really wish you could trade for a time machine 😁
[no comment]
@CesarM didn't it?
It does get restored if you delete under 60 days after posting, no?
yeah, it did. You're back at 2800
oh wait, yea, it did.
I totally missed it
not that rep does anything for a diamond mod beyond 10
6:14 AM
Well, they could have just waited 60 days before deleting it, so that reputation would be preserved...
If you read shog's answer on that, thats really not so tenable
there's 1000 flags on that post, its comments and answers
I was shocked by the figure
and on that note, it's past 3am, I gotta go for a shower and bed
good night to you
6:15 AM
6:42 AM
@CesarM I'll just need someone to hand me some compensation bounties :D
7:05 AM
What happens to Area 51 reputation once the proposal is closed and deleted?
I believe it sticks...
I have around 300 rep on Area51, yet the proposals I was following and put example questions on no longer exist.
It sticks unless your reputation gets recalculated.
Now I'm curious... What if that FAQ were to be undeleted in ~55 days, and deleted again in 60 days, would the rep then stick?
@Cerbrus Nope. The threshold is not simply that it's deleted when 60 days old; it has to be non-deleted for 60 days. As an example, a post that was deleted and then undeleted 20 days later has to be at least 80 days old to qualify for rep retention.
No. The rules for reputation to stick on deleted posts is:
1. Has a score of >3
2. Has been visible (non deleted) on the site for more then 60 days
7:13 AM
@user58 And when does that happen?
@Tinkeringbell It never happens, unless you manually trigger it to happen from the /reputation page.
@Stormblessed You've been Robbed. 🤖
> Deleting and undeleting posts may reverse reputation effects as well, if these posts have votes. Actions previously taken on deleted posts cease to affect reputation within five minutes (source), unless the post meets both the following criteria (in which case the reputation effects will be permanent) (source):

The post had a score of at least +3
The post has been visible on the site for at least 60 days
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Hmmm.
(Basically, prior to 2012 reputation was never recalculated unless manually triggered. Area 51 was forked from the 2011 SE code base, so that feature didn't make it there.)
7:14 AM
@mag stroopwafels
Also, in December 2013 the ability to manually recalculate reputation was removed, but it continues to exist on Area 51 since, as I said, it was forked in 2011.
wrong tab
@Tinkeringbell the tab logos are the same :(
Also, reputation retention is not implemented there either, for the same reason.
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog I can't find it :(
7:15 AM
@Tinkeringbell Scroll all the way to the bottom
@mag true..
(Maybe only older accounts have it?)
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog This is what I see:
@Tinkeringbell Go to area51.stackexchange.com/reputation
7:17 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Well that sucks :-(
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Oh... that's weird.
It works though
@Cerbrus If you want to go rep-farming, it's important you pick the right questions to answer :P
@user58 If I click on recalc, the gained rep is lost?
@Tinkeringbell Did your reputation go down?
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog Yep :)
I lost about 150 points.
7:19 AM
meh... I did it myself :P
@Tinkeringbell Well, considering the massive rep gain, it was the right question and answer :P
You could say the crops died before you could harvest them though :P
I want a go back button in my keyboard now. :/
Plans to replace Area 51 with a next-generation site proposal process date all the way back to 2013, but never came to fruition.
841 / -22 gone... That hurts :P
7:21 AM
@Cerbrus Oh, it sure does... Did you rep-cap a lot?
Consistently since I posted that answer.
@Tinkeringbell Blame @user58 . If they replied yes, the rep is lost before we clicked on that trigger, we would have that rep with us.
Wait, are you all here for the rep?
Well duh
@rene Nah, I heard there were free diamonds coming...
7:22 AM
huh, I lost 1.4k rep on deletion there. Didn't notice it was that much on that post
@Tinkeringbell you're sort of the only one in here who still has theirs
Two days ago I tried to answer a question in just the right time so that I would hit the rep cap and not get any upvotes that wouldn't give me any reputation. Unfortunately, I missed the mark by one vote.
even tho there were two originally
do you remember way back when in TAS when you said you'd never want to be mod
@mag In here, yeah. Chris still has his diamond :)
some Bond theme plays
7:23 AM
and then 3 weeks later you were
@mag I've learned my lessons. From now on, if I join a new site, it will be solely for the purpose of being a mod.
Hey, I'm new here, gimme all the power!
@rene Totally!!
Or, less subtle:
@Tinkeringbell thereby ensuring you won't be through reverse psychology, smart
7:24 AM
Hey, I'm new here, kneel!
@mag Similar thing happened over here actually...Me telling the room that I'd never do it... then getting an e-mail ... and being curious enough to do it anyways.
Nice @mag
I know
it is kind of a pattern with you
> And the winds would cry, and many men would die
And all the waves would bow down to the Loreley...
Reference not gotten
At all...
7:25 AM
@Cerbrus It's just a rhyme... about waves bowing down? Should fit the 'kneel' :P
Blackmore's Night? In MY tavern?
@Aza Studying archaeology will leave you with some strange songs stuck in your head :P
Y'know, that's valid.
most of the songs stuck in my head are by shinedown
There were a lot of people that liked these kind of 'story-songs'. And they could sing them well too. I just listened ;)
7:30 AM
I have a small library of 'em in my head, too, though for somewhat different reasons :P
Care to share those? You're making me curious. We just discussed how that's bad for me but anyways...
Sure, what kind are you interested in?
I can also just run litmus tests, like starting with something to see how you like it: youtube.com/watch?v=edAxujKev1I
I don't know a massive library but I have a fair number.
@Aza I was wondering about the reasons, not the songs :P
7:34 AM
umm.... what happened to @Magi? :(
@Shadow still here, different name
@NogShine I... did explicitly say "unless it's recalculated", so... if you clicked on the recalc button, it's on your own head :P
got some unsavory messages offsite so this is a temporary solution to dissuade some
7:35 AM
Like me, I shortened my name too. ;)
@Tinkeringbell I did LARP as a kiddo, and it was kind of a tradition that we'd have nights where we just... sung songs, read poems, did improv, around a campfire until the wee hours of the morning. And y'know, the lead-up to that would have a lot of song-sharing.
So @mag what happened to your isch? ;)
He scratched it
You know it means "man" in Hebrew? lol
So it became kind of a tradition. Occasionally my friends and I have bardic circles, but it's been a while since we've done one. Next one we're probably just gonna drive out into the desert for a night, probably for a meteor shower or something, and just... y'know, share music. It's nice.
7:36 AM
(usually it's just "Ish" but "Isch" can also work)
@Aza Sounds almost like an archaeology internship! :) The song you linked is great too! :D
It's a lot like that, I imagine! But very acting-focused. Then again, I ended up in the sciences, anyway.
@Aza This sounds awesome. Especially the meteor shower! I've always wanted to watch one, but there's a bit too much light pollution here to fully enjoy them, so I just watch a few and go inside again...
@Shadow see previous message. I'm making it a little harder to contact me offsite unless you go looking
Yeah, they're real pretty. LARP spaces are magical, too. It really compounds.
7:39 AM
This was one of the softer ones: youtube.com/watch?v=yMl1M8NDNug
Now I'm not getting any work done today XD
Oh boy. Want me to really ruin your productivity?
Do you know the Irish Descendants?
Nope! I added a few songs I half-remembered and could find back to a Spotify playlist recently... but it wasn't very helpful suggesting more XD
7:43 AM
Ooooh boy. If you want, I can throw together a playlist of story-music?
Yes please! :D
I would also enjoy that for when I get home
if you want to post it in here
I'll post it in here, sure
I was sooo glad to find this one back though. That one made dinner preparations as a group bearable :)
@rene as we should.
7:48 AM
Oh, hell! SJ Tucker's real good. Have you heard her Wendy Trilogy?
Doesn't ring a bell. I don't think so :)
I'll throw the trilogy on this playlist :)
Sounds good!
I've gotta run, bbl.
Gonna take me a few minutes, both to remember and for Spotify to restart. I'll ping both of you when I'm ready.
@Bart but your twin isn't here :(
@Aza you mean both Tinkering and bell? :D
7:55 AM
Tinkeringbell and mag ;)
Fair warning, a lot of these songs are... sad. The difference between an archaeology dig and a quiet night in a forest around a ten-foot campfire is: we don't need our music to be quite as uplifting.
Sad fits MSE/SE at the moment, no doubt.
It's like a city after a tornado.
Some survivors return to collect their ruined belongings...
I have a playlist just titled Justice for MSE, right now.
(It definitely has songs on it about picking up afterward.)
8:00 AM
Well, new CoC/FAQ is MUCH better, no doubt.
Question is if it's too late or not.
I don't really know how to understand downvotes on my question about accessibility
@ArthurHavlicek tip #1: don't try to understand. :)
but... what question?
question about new FAQ, "do you plan to make a feature to make prefered pronoun more accessible". As I understand they you could either think it's a bad question, or think that it's a bad thing pronouns are made more accessible. Weird to be downvoted for a valid question :(
That... depends on the extent that people fighting tooth and nail to create vitriol still feel welcome, at the end of it.
@ArthurHavlicek Are you disputing the validity of someone's opinion on a feature request?
Votes on feature requests are often used to express (dis)agreement with said feature request... It's perfectly valid to think something is a bad idea and then downvote it.
8:05 AM
@ArthurHavlicek I can't see any question in your account. Did you delete it?
If you did just because of some downvotes, please don't.
@ArthurHavlicek In general, I think the reason this gets downvotes is because a sizable number of people don't think we should even be entertaining the idea of a CoC change at all.
A: Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ

Arthur HavlicekYou advise that questions and answers should be free of references to pronouns. Do you plan on introducing a feature for making one's pronouns more accessible? Perhaps this could be implemented as a colored dot near the avatar (4 colors for he/she/they/other, no color for people without a liste...

It just means some people don't agree with whatever you suggest.
@ArthurHavlicek making it "easy" to get that info is frowned upon as it makes the users an easy target, both from inside as outside the SE network
That leads a lot of people to downvote any post that would normalize the idea of respecting people's pronouns. It's hard to say with certainty, though.
8:05 AM
@ArthurHavlicek that's an answer, not a question. Anyway... it's score of 0.
The new FAQ is much better
seems to be keeping a positive score for now, too
@Shadow It's an answer in a clarification thread, and is worded as a question. Sorry for the confusal
@Aza It's not the fact that the CoC was changed that was the major problem, though...
It was how it was implemented...
I'm not... rehashing this discussion here.
@ArthurHavlicek you suggest a new feature "add colored dot near the avatar". People disagree with this. I personally don't want such a thing, that's why I cast a downvote. Nothing more, nothing less, and this got nothing to do with accessibility.
8:08 AM
Then please don't state a one-sided opinion on it
A lot of people very evidently are against the idea of using people's pronouns as requested. There are also a sizable number of people who have beef with how it was implemented, too.
I'm saying that the former group makes a pretty sizable chunk of the voting bloc on any given answer.
@Shadow I'd be glad to hear more about your viewpoint. Side note, my main point is not to request the feature, but to ask if that's in the pipe.
@Aza That's something you can't back up with data
8:09 AM
I'm... not getting into this here.
I'm not here to prove this to you, sorry.
And that's why I request you don't bring up claims you can't or aren't willing to back up.
@ArthurHavlicek I really doubt it's in any pipeline, and dunno about others but I do take your answer to be a feature request. I can't really elaborate right now, just don't want to have such dots.
I'm gonna keep bringing it up because it's real and happening. I just don't have energy to defend it for the fifteenth time in five weeks.
You and I have already had this discussion at least once before. Twice, if memory serves.
8:11 AM
You could write a meta question about it, and just link someone to it if they ask you to back it up
I'm not going to do that.
@Shadow I clarified it to remove what could be considered feature request.
Why not?
@ArthurHavlicek not really... asking "Does this exist?" for something that does not exist implies you want it to be done.
Sincerely, because there are better uses of my time.
8:13 AM
Anyway, please don't take it personally or delete the answer, @Arthur. Few downvotes won't do any harm except minor rep loss.
I agree, but then you have to accept that voicing such an opinion in a chatroom will result in people asking you to elaborate.
I'm, again, not going to spend time proving this is happening. It's self-evident from what many people are saying. If you don't believe it already based on what you've read, I'm sure not gonna be the one to convince you.
@Shadow No, but I'm worried to take feedback into account, especially if negative
@Aza Oh I'm not saying it's not happening
@Cerbrus I'm genuinely curious, why are you pushing back this hard against it, then?
8:14 AM
But unless I interpreted it wrongly, you make it seem like it's the majority of the votes that are caset because of that
@ArthurHavlicek it's like asking someone "Do you like carrots?" and the person says "No, I don't like carrots". Nothing you can do with the opinion or feedback.
I don't believe that's what drives the majority of voters
@Cerbrus That is not what I said, which I have already clarified.
@Aza friendly tip: disengage. :)
And frankly, it's a little insulting
8:15 AM
I'm really... baffled.
@Shadow Sometimes, it's useful to delve into. Not often, but sometimes.
Okay, from my point of view: I don't like that suggestion, because I think it'd do more harm than good. To then be grouped with people who just dislike CoC changes whatsoever is not nice. That's why I replied to your message.
I don't think that fully explains what happened, though. I did clarify that I suspect a nontrivial block of people vote based on their feelings about pronouns, but that I don't think it's a cause of all downvotes. That... should have been a sufficient qualification, but it wasn't, because the conversation kept going.
Then I misinterpreted that message
And probably your explanation of it
All right, that makes sense.
8:22 AM
@Shadow You already did provide constructive feedback. But let me give you another example. If for example I'm a restaurant where I serve pork and wonder why Muslims never come, it might be a good thing someone takes time to explain me the details I have missed.
@Aza it's like a rabbit hole, but sure, if you're up for that... :)
@ArthurHavlicek true, but not accurate for SE case. What you suggest (adding dots) isn't a fundamental change, it's more like adding more salt to some existing dish.
@Shadow This one I wanted to unroll and understand better. I've gotten a lot of questions from people misinterpreting something I said, and using it to ask me to prove something I obviously can't prove (in these words). It always derails the conversation. When it happens, I'm highly suspicious that it's deliberate sealioning, and I do just walk away if I'm sure it is.
I wasn't sure if this time it was, though, which is why I wanted to dig in deeper.
I'm glad you did
Being asked to 'prove' something I obviously can't capital-P Prove was weighing heavily towards sealioning, but the gap between my intended meaning and Cerb's question was really far, which made me unsure.
8:29 AM
I'm guessing the problem is in my interpretation of "pretty sizable chunk"... I take that to mean more or less "the majority"
But it's probably more intended like "not insignificant"
By watching vote counts change live, I would guess somewhere between 35-70% of downvotes on pronoun-accepting posts within the first couple hours come from this source.
I... don't agree, but okay.
Wait, I go away for a bit and you guys have gotten all reasonable and understanding? What nonsense is this?
Owwait, this is Meta, I forgot
Hard for me to pin down a more precise number without being able to query votes. [shrug]
8:34 AM
It's definitely nontrivial in the sense that I think it has a real, measurable impact on the scores of posts, and I think it's possible to empirically estimate.
@rene I don't know what needs to be done about mse, but something needs to be done. It's taken a life of its own and it's unhealthy. No one is allowing things to settle. It's unimpressive and it looks like people are using it as an excuse to vent in general imo
On the other hand, if people don't have a place to vent, frustrations are outed elsewhere.
I note that CMs, who I assume, are in the US, have been responding to questions and comments on the new FAQ as recently as 3 hours ago, when it was very late in their time-zone. They deserve our thanks for going above-and-beyond, in an effort to engage with the community.
8:43 AM
Oh @Bart I saw the rendition of Phantom of the Opera from Floor on the actual program... It sounds better there than it did on my Spotify playlist :|
@Tinkeringbell Ooh, didn't check out the recording. Might be a separate thing or edited I guess. But damn that live version was good
@Bart Or my phone is just streaming potato quality music :P
It sounded a lot more smooth on live version, less shouty. I also had the feeling the one on Spotify started out too high, but ended too low... that was less with the televions version too.
@Tinkeringbell Hey, I like potatoes.
8:46 AM
@user58 Knowing how you like music too, you don't like potato quality music :P
Okay, I'm moving this playlist over to another account, then I'll share it here.
/me wibbles
Awesome! I'll be listening to it tonight then (My work laptop blocks spotify :( )
@SPArchaeologist-様 I use their contact lenses.
@Cerbrus they can go to discord or somewhere else.
8:51 AM
@YvetteColomb That's like a government telling their people can go to another country to vent...
no. The site doesn't have to host witch hunting and endless complaints to a point of poison. Just because people have resigned and there's an outcry, it doesn't mean that the ordinary rules don't apply.
that's my ten cents
@YvetteColomb That's one way to look at what's going on
@Tinkeringbell you deserve a pat on the back, you're doing a stand up job in such a difficult time. I don't envy you. fwiw you have my full support. It might not be worth much, but there's enough pressure on the mods here already. Take care
@Yve any example on what you mean? Things greatly calmed down as far as I can see.
8:55 AM
for instance Cerbrus - this question meta.stackexchange.com/questions/336409/… assumes that the mods are not doing their job. Mods look at who's flagging and can also decide if the flags are helpful or not. Mods are not fooled by coordinated or targeted flagging.
@Shadow agree to disagree, but I don't want to bring anything more in here than I already have just now
Music for huddling around a fire in a forest on a rainy day: open.spotify.com/playlist/1ckFkqDGMOVTl0mAqtjqxu
@YvetteColomb you read my mind and posted what I asked for right while I was asking it, not my fault. ;)
I cannot guarantee this music is all happy.
But, it's honest! @Tinkeringbell @mag you were both interested, there's the link.
8:56 AM
@Tinkeringbell I usually just have it on in the background, so I'll only tend to notice if it's either really off or if I'm listening to it for the sake of listening to the music, which isn't as often.
@Aza thank you :D
(This playlist is not meant to be played on shuffle, it's likely to be a little confusing if you do. But skipping songs is kosher. Alternatively: you do you, I'm not your mom.)
Some of us have to listen to stuff on shuffle because of not having Premium... :/
Seriously?? Free doesn't let you listen in order??
9:00 AM
is anyone interested in helping out here? meta.stackexchange.com/a/336416/310756 I'm so hated on the site, nothing I can say or do will help
Yeah, it's annoying. Breaks certain albums, such as Thomas Bergerson's American Dream.
I'm not asking for flags, I'm asking for comments to defend the mods
@YvetteColomb help you how?
@YvetteColomb Are you organizing a mob in a chatroom? Tsshhhh .... ;)
Then again, I like listening to eclectic mixes on shuffle. So... most of the time it doesn't bother me.
9:02 AM
Robert case is just made more complex than what it really is. Someone posted lots of rude comments, and was suspended to cool off after keeping doing it after getting warnings. End of story.
I don't think it's personal.
@user58 This would break some of my favorite albums :(
I got a warning, and stopped making nasty comments since then. No big deal.
It's an incentive to pay them, after all....
@rene yeh, don't you know I'm the masked conspirator and probably single handedly responsible for Robert's suspension lol Ah you gotta laugh
@Shadow defend the moderators. I dunno - be a voice of calm.. sanity? meh
9:04 AM
@YvetteColomb where? To whom?
@YvetteColomb No, it asks for data to back up the suspension and the concern about that reason raised by Robert...
@Shadow the community to should accept it, as both the CMs and a mod replied. So there's checks and balances - someone from the actual community has posted, not just SO inc
@Shadow sigh too hard.
I mean, at the moment I'm listening to an acapella Aladdin parody about exoplanets, so... take what I say about music with a grain of salt. ;)
(Too late to edit, so... link.)
@Aza it does I think, but you just have to start playing the first song. There is no "play in order" button.
9:14 AM
@rene care to have an impromptu MSECVR room? to take care of some duplicates? until the traffic dies down.
Meh. The review queues aren't that overrun.
@YvetteColomb and are allowed here
but use with caution
@mag ah cool
Straw poll: Would you recognize the phrase "woo-ah" without Googling it?
It's the sound you make when you're ten years old, no parents home, riding a skateboard down the hallway indoors, and crash into an expensive vase.
9:24 AM
not-so-silently judging those who haven't at least heard of Kim Petras
(note: don't listen to stuff you may find through Google at work, though)
@user58 Well, I have now. And I doubt I ever will again, so judge away! :)
Kind of a "love it or hate it" kinda thing, IME
@user58 I've never heard of Kim Petras.
now you have
That was mostly aimed at @Aza, though ;)
That's fine. If you had said Taylor Swift, then yes that would be something.
9:35 AM
There are only a few Taylor Swift songs that I enjoy. Dunno why.
@user58 I'm not into that entire genre, pretty much anything with a drum machine beat turns me off, so nothing specific about this particular artist.
my taste of music is rather weird
I grew up on a steady diet of Abba and Jean Michel-Jarre.
And The Moody Blues.
liking music is almost binary for me. I can't put a finger on what exactly, but I really can't get into a lot of songs
9:37 AM
@mag do you have examples ?
I have a few key artists that I like. They revolve around a same genre, and I mostly like them because it remembers me good souvenirs.
I really like Shinedown - Diamond Eyes and Shinedown - Sound of Madness but I can't get into most other shinedown songs at all
there are some pop and rock songs that I like, although it is seemingly almost random, and no guarantee I'll like other things from the same artist
Sheesh. A CM writes "Please leave any feedback or questions about this FAQ on this other post." on the first line of a post. Guess what happens next.
Takes me right back to my childhood
@Raedwald All feedback is left on the 'wrong' post? :P
9:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell No, not all. But, I'm out of clue sticks (comment flags).
10:05 AM
@YvetteColomb @Cerbrus I carefully avoided bringing charcoal into the equation, mainly because I don't moderate that group nor am I part of its committee. I would appreciate if you both would like to remove your comments specially because I have not noticed much of it being leveraged in that way. It only adds to the confusion if we mention charcoal. Thanks.
@user58 @ me tomorrow and I'll look!
@rene Charcoal isn't related to that question, hence my comment :P But sure, it's like it never existed now :-)
A lot of the comments and responses to the CoC stuff seems to be totally ignoring that chat exists.
@user58 I'm kind of surprised that there isn't a CoC specific chatroom. But then it would be a crazy idea.
10:14 AM
@Aza do you write? Fiction? I was really impressed by the quality of prose in some of your meta posts, I'd like to read more of it :)
chat is only to post cat.gifs
@Snow it's one click away... ;)
But seriously though, such room has very low chance to survive.
It'll just get so much flags it'll be nuked by mods.
@Shadow Who would want to be the RO for a chat room abut the CoC? I can't imagine.
@Raedwald nobody
10:54 AM
@Raedwald wouldn't touch that with a 25 foot barge pole
imagine the tavern except all you talk about is the CoC
@mag And everyone that wants to have a discussion or argument or troll about pronouns went there. The room would be continually timed out. Then the meta-meta discussions about removed comments and time-outs would begin...
keeping an ever so mild lid on the tavern boiling over has been emotionally taxing during the last weeks. I can't imagine a room just about that would work out
@mag I can
Just keep it locked :D
11:21 AM
@user58 Not too surprising, given that chat is a relatively minor part of SO/SE
@JAD minor but very vocal
All the drama started in chat as well. (TL)
not so much vocal, but very personal, in contrast to Q&A
If Stack Exchange had better channel to communicate with mods, all of this mess could be avoided.
So I'd say the contrary: people underestimate chat and its power.
11:38 AM
@Shadow a while ago I thought of asking if Shog considered setting up Teams site to be privately shared between (public facing) employees and moderators. It could serve as kind of "meta sandbox" to try and polish things before posting publicly, especially for network wide featured announcements. Current approach seems to rely on TL for stuff like that but chat format kinda has proven to be very poor fit to simulate real meta
@gnat a mod only team already exists, and has been used for that purpose for some of the posts in this
@gnat the mods team could work like that
@Shadow they have all the channels they need. Not the resources or sometimes the will
@gnat whole Q&A site seems like an overkill
@Shadow We have a team, it's basically that? :P
@user58 older or newer stuff?
11:51 AM
@Tinkeringbell hmm? what "we"? ;)
@Shadow Moderators have a team. That team's site is basically a 'whole Q@A site' just for mods ;)
And it doesn't feel like overkill :P
Well, still doubt it's better than chat for secure channel with SE staff...
Moderators.se ....
@Tinkeringbell Does it have a meta site too? Because that would be meta-meta-meta.

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