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1:06 PM
@ArtOfCode when you have time, could you please answer a question about caching in the Pronoun Assistant?
A: Pronoun Assistant

Gerold Broser// If we're on a Q&A site, also cache all changes to the `users` object to save on API calls Can I purge this cache manually, e.g. after changing the About me entry and/or is there an automatic expiration period? (I implemented such in my user flair once [but it didn't work in FF then]).

1:19 PM
@AGirlHasNoName At work, I have coffee roughly every half an hour. My mug never gets cold all day.
wow, that's more than me even.
I do wonder, where does all that liquid go?
thats like 3 liters of coffee every workday
ohh I don't
I gotta pee like every 20 minutes
do you end up having to use the bathroom 5+ times a day
1:20 PM
@Magisch Was biology not your strong subject at school?
I swear a coworker of mine is nursing a coffee all day yet never goes to the bathroom
@Magisch Do they wear wellington boots to work?
I ... I don't know what that is
and given the context I'm not sure I want to know
1:23 PM
I don't drink coffee. My personal haunt is mint tea
@AGirlHasNoName yuck
@user58 Have some kids. Then the idea of getting pee on you won't be any less gross, but you will be far more used to it happening.
I'll pass on that for now. At the very least until I'm a legal adult. :P
I didn't mean today
1:36 PM
(I've never watched the serious, but I really like the book.)
It's not that serious.
...I need a nap.
@AGirlHasNoName after seeing my coworker go through the first 4 years of raising twins, I'm more convinced then ever to pass on kids .P
@Magisch OMFG I don't know how anyone handles twins
1:43 PM
I don't know but he was working full time and his wife part time. You could definitely see the long term exhaustion setting in
@user58 The book was great. I was a fan of the series, but Im a David Tennant fangirl so I am very biased.
I don't tend to actually consume most visual media. Eating TV screens is a messy business.
@Magisch That sounds... intense My wife was home full-time and we did them one at a time and it was still exhausting.
A true fan would spell the name correctly 🙂
He's still so happy to be at work because we have a pretty chill job all things considered and his weekends aren't chill
1:45 PM
I only spell things correctly if my spellcheck knows how it is spelled
4 year old kids are apparently a lot of work
yes they are
@user58 my puns are wasted on this crowd
you could have saved three words there
Ohh I enjoyd it
1:54 PM
@user58 They are pretty punishing, I have to say.
At least they're not ugly.
@Snow pun of the day. We can all go home now.
@AGirlHasNoName I'm already home!
ohh me too
Glad we took care of that
1:55 PM
@Snow Sir, this is the Tavern.
@user58 Oh, I woke up in the wrong place again.
@user58 SSSH! Don't scare away 70% of our income!
If that happens to you a lot, you should consider not going to the Tavern so often.
@Snow I'll just bring the bill. The duck was hard to catch.
^what do you mean home I'm a potplant I live here
1:58 PM
Dog... meet plant.
hmm speaking of getting peed on
Don't eat the plant.
Generally a bad idea to eat cacti.
Prickly pears are ok though.
2:02 PM
Picking them is a pain. From experience.
...I mean, not literally, but you have to be very careful.
If you aren't, it becomes literally a pain.
I must disavow any consuming of fellow succulents
Have you ever tried a sabra?
@AGirlHasNoName That assumes he ever left.
@JourneymanGeek I'm addicted to cooled pink champagne.
2:17 PM
Sir... that is... lemonade. Pink lemonade.
@JourneymanGeek Not according to The Eagles.
We are all just prisoners here of our own device.
@user58 Sassy and Serious 7 would be an action move I'd watch
Go to sleep
It's five thirty in the afternoon.
2:22 PM
Go to sleep young man person!
oh we've determined I'm human now have we
You determined I meant the English words for human beings.
@user58 Put your diamond hat on a dog and be one of the cool kids
2:24 PM
My diamond hat is... dead.
Journey is a cool kid?
What is the world coming to?
Cooler than me
Okay that's not saying much
@M.A.R. The party on the other end of the galaxy.
@AGirlHasNoName try ice cubes
@AGirlHasNoName Nah, your definition doesn't work
It's literally figuratively to third rule of coolness to get apostrophes right
@user58 tsk tsk tsk you're no chemist
2:26 PM
You got that right.
You could be Gus.
No, Gus is better looking.
You could be Gus having a bad day.
What is up with the potassium?
Keeps bonding to oxygen
Proper handling of reducing agents is thrown in the trash in this room.
2:29 PM
Don't reduce agents. We're low on Smiths.
@Gio Cul de sac. — πάντα ῥεῖ 4 hours ago
That sounds like a cool name. You're a Cool The Sack
Or just cool it, jeez
@user58 In time my friend. In time.
Why? Is Pennywise hot?
2:31 PM
@user58 The basal devil body temperature is considered high
@Zoethetransgirl whoever designed that should be sacked
It's that time of day when you swap to a chat room tab to find the conversation is extremely weird,...
...Roman style. That is, sewn in a sack with rabid dogs and throw in a river.
@user58 We did. They're burried in the remnants of the illegal sacks
We sacked 'em good
2:32 PM
@Snow Welcome to the Tavern.
@Snow Welcome to the Internet
This feels extremely Toy Story 3.
@user58 Ancient Romans used to throw disabled babies onto refuse tips. I'm glad humanity is progressing.
@Snow Hello World
@Zoethetransgirl Sorry,had to hang up the internet, I have a phone call.
2:38 PM
Cold of you.
...not that that's surprising. ;)
@Snow Oooh, so that's why my paws aren't touching the ground!
A: Using Stack Overflow in times of transitioning from a community to a company site

Cindy MeisterI've been answering questions on-line for about twenty-five years. Transitioning from CompuServe forums, to newsgroups when Microsoft decided to give up its forums, then to MSDN, before landing here. (And I came here because the Microsoft Devs for Office said this is where they'd be, not MSDN, be...

Great answer, even without the score
3:04 PM
Agree, +1
@Snow you didn't see weird yet. Ask @M.A.R ;)
@user58 blown away in the wind? 🍃
3:43 PM
It's satisfying when you get to be the one that makes something poof
4:05 PM
@AGirlHasNoName tell us more.
:7992148 that
ohh it doesn't link cause it's removed
aw I thought it was unrelated.
Sorry. I'm not that kind of girl.
@AGirlHasNoName there's nothing to be sorry about..?
4:11 PM
4:45 PM
A: How to report a bug in a more private manner?

Martijn PietersGo to https://meta.stackoverflow.com/help/other and fill out the form; you can find that location by clicking on the contact us link in the footer.

@AdamLear so has the above policy changed?
Oh I got another email
> That's not really of a strong concern to us. Users can already very easily get the names attached to disassociated posts through past data dumps and the web archive, and we explicitly mention that removing your name doesn't truly anonymize a post in our FAQ on the matter: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/96732/how-do-i-remove-my-name-from-a-post-in-accordance-with-cc-by-sa-4-0

We don't see this issue as sensitive enough to warrant handling it in private.
Seems kinda defeatist but ok I’ll post it
But some like this one were so quickly disassociated that they’re not in the Internet Archive in the original form
A: Formatting Sandbox

Stormblessedthis post is so not by Stormblessed it’s just incredible how written-by-a-different-person it is (this is going to be for a bug report) Hi this is a person who is very non-blessed-by-the-storms.

5:33 PM
@Mari-LouA: you asked me who I was, so I thought I'd continue the discussion here rather than getting our comments deleted for being too chatty.
@Mari-LouA - I'm nothing special. In fact, I'm a bit of a bore. If I tell a joke you've probably heard it before...
@Mari-LouA - and pretty much a "nobody" on meta, spend most time on sci-fi (not much time their, either, tbh)
5:51 PM
I hate comments :P
@ReinstateMonica I've just thought up of an idea. Tomorrow create a question where the protagonist name is Monica. Everything else can be normal, don't mention moderators, pronouns, LGBTQ, just a good solid question but put Monica in the question title, and see if you can make it interesting enough so that it hits the HNQ.
Or we could stop fanning the flames and trying to bring the house down.
Or people could decide for themselves.
BTW, you know what would be really confusing? If everyone changed their name and avatar image to Reinstate Monica.
@AGirlHasNoName the name Monica is disturbing? Or offensive, I don't understand.
5:58 PM
Do not pretend for an absolute second that your above suggestion is not intended to be anything except incindiary
Incendiary... no. Just want a person who's kept fairly quiet over three weeks see that "we" ordinary users, men, women and transgender people support her.
Can't that support be expressed in an answer on one of the posts we already have?
Well. I can get behind supporting her. I apologize if I misread your intent.
@rene been done, no effect
@Mari-LouA technical detail maybe: MSE is excluded from HNQ.
6:03 PM
6:18 PM
@Glorfindel Answered. I'll try to add expiration to it when I get some time.
@Stormblessed what is your avatar? I assume it's from the Stormlight Archive, but what is it? Kaladin's symbol?
@Mari-LouA If you want to, go for it. As @AGirlHasNoName says, I don't want to create unnecessary problems. I'd rather go for a simple, quiet protest. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/336024/…
Calling people, even some people, Snowflakes is not cool. I am not willing to suggest an edit but I think one is in order.
6:35 PM
@AGirlHasNoName What is it you object to? Do you find the term itself offensive?
@AGirlHasNoName Then what is it that you find objectionable? I read that as simply saying that some lavender folk are snowflakes, but that doesn't seem problematic. Loads of cis folk are also snowflakes. I mean, some of just about any group can be snowflakes.
Honest question, by the way. I am trying to understand, not to disagree.
I suppose that's the risk of putting 'snowflake' in the question as well
I wasn't saying no. I was being rhetorical
@ReinstateMonica I have just adopted your avatar too.
6:39 PM
@AGirlHasNoName Ah. So the term is inherently offensive for you?
Snowflake is a pejorative term that is often used to undermine people. Yes it is an offensive term
It can easily be rephrased and still be a valid post
Um, I just checked the 10k tools, and it looks like somebody just downvoted a bunch of really old, zero-voted questions just to push them to automatic deletion.
I would say that snowflake is pejorative in general without attachments to any community.
I'm not touching it a getting called a snowflake for my trouble
6:40 PM
@AGirlHasNoName I thought it was just used to describe people who, in the opinion of the speaker, are hypersensitive.
I already have enough people attacking me
@JoseAntonioDuraOlmos I agree
I know it's often used to dismiss the concerns of people you don't agree with, but in the context of the answer, I don't see it as bad. Especially since it goes out of its way to clarify that not all lavender folks are snowflakes. But then I don't entirely get the social connotations of the word. It's a pretty new term for me.
Calling someone hypersensitive is dismissive
Oh, so it is pejorative only to a few?
6:42 PM
@terdon there are plenty of terms which could be applicable to certain extreme cases, but using them uproots civil discource in general
Caveat: "snowflake" is a perfectly legitimate term for ice crystals.
@AGirlHasNoName OK. But saying that some members of a group are hypersensitive? I mean, isn't that true for just about any group you can think of?
@terdon it’s something that I’d flag a comment as “inappropriate for respectful discourse” for, at least
there's so much baggage surrounding terms like these that they should not be used at all if you want to have an actual discussion
@AndrasDeak Ah, so the word has become clearly associated with a specific political or social stance?
6:42 PM
@JoseAntonioDuraOlmos If you mean me I was agreeing with you
@terdon I believe so
> If this is the case with others as well (and me hopefully not just being a snowflake), how can we fix this?
That's in the question ^
@AGirlHasNoName My fault, I should use the reply command more often, was a reply to terdon.
(my point being that this is a broader problem than whether calling some allegedly hypersensitive people hypersensitive)
6:43 PM
@terdon very much so
I would also caution throwing the word hypersensitive around too. It isn't as charged but it is still dismissive.
Wanted: browser extension that just does s/snowflake/all singing all dancing crap of the world
@terdon in America, it’s what people on the right like to call people (in some cases nonexistent ones) on the left, and what people on the left occasionally like to call people on the right they view as hypocritical
@terdon it’s the Kholin crest
It’s at the beginning of Dalinar (and Adolin in the first book) chapters
@Shog9 syntax error: / expected, EOL encountered instead
I always forget that
6:49 PM
@Stormblessed Oooh, right. Thanks
In all seriousness: problematic edit since we need to now edit the question, an answer, and a comment. So, need a good replacement that actually reflects the author's concern, can't just elide or aproximate
Is 'aproximate' approximately approximate?
close enough
"overly-sensitive" seems close
6:52 PM
Looks the same to me
easily offended?
hyper aware
Easily offended should do
@Shog9 "[...] for taking offense where none was intended"?
what's a good term for that neighbor who complains if you leave gardening tools on the lawn, calls the homeowners' association if you forget to close a garage door, and calls the cops if you invite the "wrong sort of people" over?
Some people who didn't like that started (perhaps out of jealousy) blaming lavender people for going to far. Some lavender people indeed go too far.
6:54 PM
nosey parker
"Dick". < ours is called that.
6:55 PM
I feel like none of these are an improvement over "snowflake" :-/
mmm, that one's not bad
> Some people who didn't like that started (perhaps out of jealousy) blaming lavender people for being busybodies. Some lavender people are indeed busybodies. Some are not.
More/less offensive?
Mine take the name calling out of it
@AGirlHasNoName No?
@Shog9 busybody is kinda missing the intent of being easily hurt.
6:56 PM
I don't think it retains the original sense. Perfect for the neighbour though.
I liked "easily offended"
@Tinkeringbell Oh... I'm sure that neighbor is legit bothered, that doesn't make it any easier on me.
Maybe "Some lavender people are indeed more sensible than other"? — BelovedFool 1 min ago
6:57 PM
but really isn't it fair game if the question author used it? It's not super offensive imo.
That's what makes this a difficult edit. We have to capture at least two people's intended meaning for the term.
@AGirlHasNoName That doesn't read like native English to me
It isn't
@194636 It is if you change the last word to others instead.
6:58 PM
Well that would explain it then 🙂
The neighbor analogy is the best I can think of that treats both uses as being done in good faith (e.g., calling out actual antisocial behavior vs. reasonable concerns). If we start editing assuming one or both authors are acting in bad faith, we're probably just better off deleting the whole question.
@terdon I would thank you not to ruin my point with pesky correctnesses.
"overly concerned"?
Some lavender people have unreasonable concerns and act on them
> If this is the case with others as well (and not just me), how can we fix this?
> Some people who didn't like that started (perhaps out of jealousy) blaming lavender people for feeling hurt. Some lavender people are indeed feeling hurt. Some are not.
7:00 PM
How is that possible that you even consider editing here this question and its answers that make obviously an offensive mix while at the same time you deleted my answer recently without absolute any feedback.
@Tinkeringbell +1
@ChristineH.Richards how's your neighbor?
@ChristineH.Richards Your entire post was extremely offensive. This is one word.
Really? It feels like it's still kinda missing the point :/
7:01 PM
Ah the never ending search for le mot juste
@Shog9 What neighbour? I have no idea what you are talking about. Do you mind clarifying?
The one you share a cable connection with
I hope they're not too upset
I edited it
oh you're the OP
7:03 PM
@Shog9 If I only knew how this works maybe I could give you an answer.
Does it look better?
From my POV it is thank you
A: Formatting Sandbox

Stormblessedthis post is so not by Stormblessed it’s just incredible how written-by-a-different-person it is (this is going to be for a bug report) Hi this is a person who is very non-blessed-by-the-storms.

One of my neighbors owns an overly enthusiastic dachshund. The humans, fine folk.
@Shog9 could you please disassociate that (for a bug report)?
7:04 PM
So, I summed it up like this (as an outsider):

> Sooooooooooooooooo it's like this
My friend dave has told me, when frank comes to the house, frank always makes dave eat pizza.
Dave doesn't like pizza, nor does he want pizza. He's told frank this, frank ignored him
So I said new house rule, don't feed housemates pizza when they don't want pizza. You only give them the food they want.
Also, if you refuse to feed housemates your banned
if you make food and leave it out, your banned
Problem is Mark and Perry are confused. They want to come to the house. They might serve some pizza, but are ha
chat markdown strikes again
also your -> you're
lol yes it ate that, And I honestly hope no one is offended.
@Brandon_J Thanks for the edit! I removed my part of the conversation (since it's no longer relevant) maybe you could do too?
@BelovedFool good idea
7:06 PM
should of -> should have
incase -> in case
but I have no idea what the text means
lol thanks
but how... accurate a understanding of the situation is it :/
all I know is I quite fancy a pizza now
and possibly some chips
7:07 PM
Hahah yes
I wrote it down, as I was trying to get my head around everything going on.
Also this part seems inaccurate:
> You don't need to ask, but if you ask and forget, you're at a risk of a ban. If you don't ask, you're at risk of a ban. If you don't even know, you're at risk of a ban.
But I guess we won't know for sure until FAQ 2.0
that's simply how it's been explained to me
Fun fact: it's easier to shoot things into deep space than into Sun
7:09 PM
> You don't need to ask, but if you ask and forget, you'll have to order delivery of food on the spot. If you don't ask, you're at risk of having to order delivery food. If you don't even know, you plan for having to order delivery food that's not pizza.
I guess my point was, the mods never had enough power to deal with this in the first place
and that hasn't changed?
... and even if you want to shoot them into Sun, the best way to do that is to shoot them into deep space first, and give them a slight nudge when they get there.
I think the depth of the analogy has defeated me at this point, even with the parrot
I have, however, ordered a pizza
7:11 PM
As long as it's without pineapple... enjoy!
With pineapple
bah ninja'd
this analogy was brought to you by Dominos.
And because maybe it needs stating, I know this is more serious than not liking pizza
I know it's a way back, but the only acceptable pizza is tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil (chilli preferred)
we don't just ban people who don't like pizza
7:13 PM
throws the tomatoes back at you. Thanks :) Sounds like a good pizza ;)
@Tinkeringbell tomato base, not fresh tomato topping
@194636 Nice, I get to throw stuff that actually sticks.
my other half prefers Hawai'ian. We have our tricky moments.
@194636 no garlic?
@AGirlHasNoName I would allow it, but it is not preferred
7:15 PM
@Shog9 not sure if serious, but that's the entirely opposite of my point.
I don't do anything without garlic
still trying to parse shog's negatives
Anyone remember when Shog was the model of clarity?
no one remembers that
because it never happened?
7:16 PM
nah he wiped our memories
Aug 24 '10 at 16:51, by Shog9
ah, there it was
ooooooo waffles!
aLMOST as good as pizza.
7:17 PM
I'd be happy with golden syrup on pizza.
@djsmiley2k-CoW That's called a pancake. Pancake!
Aug 24 '10 at 16:37, by Diago
I really need to stop reading Meta for today, or I am really going to insult someone today.
Some things never change
@Shog9 that's how I feel about life.
At least you made it until now. I already stopped this morning (mostly).
I have added a few tags to my ignored list, mainly discussion, support, bug and feature-request
7:24 PM
I hear they're all duplicates anyway
I'm curious what the other reason could be ...
The remaining questions were closed by a flower, maybe?
Only at night
Flowers only close at night
I do? Oh ...
7:33 PM
@Shog9 it amuses me that this answers the whole 'people aren't nice on SO'
7:44 PM
At least the first point.
@rene the reasons being 'questions that weren't closed, were discussed'
8:02 PM
Dang it I messed up the bug
Wow Gilles has 1074K
oh Jon Skeet has 1138K on SO alone...
@Stormblessed The perks of a big site...
yeah and 720 gold badges
A: Jon Skeet Facts

Jon SkeetThese are written in the third person so as not to disrupt the style of the thing. But hey, as we all know, Jon Skeet can make 1 == 3 anyway, so it makes no difference. Jon Skeet is immutable. If something's going to change, it's going to have to be the rest of the universe. Jon Skeet's additio...

and all of this is 100% true I hear
Nice. I have 8, I think.
8 answer per day. Wow.
8:40 PM
Dang that’s a lot
Yeah, I would have to answer basically every question that comes in on my main site to reach those numbers.
9:00 PM
imagine finding the energy of giving 8 on average high quality answers per day
thats a lot
Perpetual motion. I. knew it.
Lol, NAA of the year
It's not insulting people so I guess R/A is a bit too strong
@duplode Well aren't they calling Android that?
Perhaps. Or they find icons moving around "ghostly", idk :D
@rene I know that MSE questions do not appear on the HNQ that is why I suggested that someone, who had previously told me which sites they were more active on, could create a question with the name Monica in the title, the OP's avatar says "reinstate Monica" wherein visitors to the HNQ would being asking, "Who is Monica?". It's a way to broadcast news without ramming it down their throats. Just a thought.
The tricky bit would be to make the question interesting enough that it makes the HNQ.
9:14 PM
@Mari-LouA I missed the conversation that you had with them on the question. That is far less inflamatory than I thought. Sorry again for my misinterpretation.
The tricky bit is getting yourself to compose a question after all of this
@M.A.R. "How do I get myself to compose a question after all of this?"
IT's probably on topic for a half dozen sites.
With minor tweaks.
Personal Finance
You lost me after philosophy...
9:17 PM
Politics. Definitely politics.
Let's not forget Eeps
@Alex It's a soul-searching @journey
1 results found
Probably most on-topic on Beer Wine & Spirits.
OK maybe not that one
Unless you're asking to ask on physics
3D printing
Amateur Hamburger
If you wanna transmit the question in times of an apocalypse
@Alex Wat, we have that one?
@M.A.R. Ebooks Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for ebook publishers and readers.
So if anyone wants to write a book about it...
9:23 PM
That's a meta question
Hmm, sounds like a useful community
I won't judge if there are enough questions to substantiate it other than "how download free book game of throwns" but the highest voted questions are promising
9:38 PM
Should I throw my two cents on the pronoun debate into the channel?...
Maybe that would be unwise.
9:56 PM
it depends
you're good as long as you agree with the official stance
if you disagree, even if respectfully, expect to be flagged and possibly suspended from the chat

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