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8:00 AM
@Cerbrus yeh I know.
@YvetteColomb no, its about Tink
And maybe Chris if he's in the same situation
@JourneymanGeek it's about me. Chris doesn't ignore me
and still I haven't had an answer
Heck, if I hadn't quit, I'd probably in the same shoes
last we heard there was half an active mod on the site
8:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek They have a virtual clipboard that provide copy-paste support between your machine and the remote Azure VM. You can access it via a floating button on the left side of your VM window. Sadly, they also bound the AltGR+Shift key combo to that window.
the abuse on the site is miserable
Yvette... this is not about you as a person. But you have a long history with some of the people involved here, and I'm afraid that you cannot look at the situation in an objective manner at the moment. That has led to an extremely unproductive conversation. That's why you were asked to stop.
it's a genuine question - to see if something can be done about malignant comments
I'm obviously concerned about it
Q: A call for emergency moderation/tools on the sites that most need it

Yvette ColombCan the community team please allocate emergency moderators to fill in temporarily on the sites that are suffering from lack of moderation? The behaviour is becoming rotten and it's destroying the current active meta community. While people may end up leaving the site, it's not nice for people t...

8:02 AM
@user58 no - I have one opinion and perspective and other people have other opinions and perspectives
Well as far as meta goes, I'm not sure any number of extra mods could fix it quickly
deleting comment threads would help
@JourneymanGeek I think you can already see the issue.... You can't use the AltGR+Shift+[KEY] combo to insert any special character (like the curly braces on most European layouts keyboards) since AltGR+Shift is already capture by the "open virtual clipboard" command
@SPArchaeologist-様 OH
and you can't wassname...
rebind it
@YvetteColomb It would also cause a massive outrage.
8:03 AM
@JourneymanGeek that's is an option I am still searching....
Just like controversial youtubers disabling comments... People get to pissed off about that
that said it seems that they are really working on it. Another bug that I noticed about two days ago seems to be solved now, so I hope they will notice that developers are pretty used to Curly Brace
@YvetteColomb one, hopefully positive outcome that could come out of this is well, a re-examination of how the company deals with the community, and maybe more CMs
But in some cases - mods may not be able or choose not to act
I for one, feel a lot safer as a normal user. I just didn't feel it was right to sit by
8:16 AM
Good morningish
As they say, the Tavern never sleeps.
They started saying it just right now.
Also they just mean @Journey by "the Tavern".
What did I miss
Wait, don't answer that, I don't wanna spam chat
@M.A.R. actually, there was an old joke that RA was basically the bar from Cheers and I was the bar mascot ;p
Reality is a joke. Joke is a reality.
Q: A call for emergency moderation/tools on the sites that most need it

Yvette ColombCan the community team please allocate emergency moderators to fill in temporarily on the sites that are suffering from lack of moderation? The behaviour is becoming rotten and it's destroying the current active meta community. While people may end up leaving the site, it's not nice for people t...

This is not a good idea simply because of how it would look. SE demodding elected mods to appoint people "of their own"
Even if that's not the truth.
. . . I have >189 favorites.
Gawd, that feature I borked.
Jeez, votes stopped meaning anything anymore.
Everything has a dozen upvotes and downvotes. Everything is grey.
What is this, Gotham?
I AM Batman.
No you're not, Harvey. We're over that.
@djsmiley2k because I'm Iron Man
8:25 AM
Now, this is gonna sound weird, but I recommend you take a few anger management classes before Rachel, uh, goes away in the near future.
@M.A.R. ok now that just got weird :P
@user58 Hey, didn't know MCU heaven had WiFi
@user58 I hate to tell you but picking Iron Man might not be the best choice
@StephanS No, that's what it's referencing
@djsmiley2k also, um, listen to 80's tunes if nurses ever end up talking to you
8:27 AM
I am... dog?
You don't know, I mean, common cold can get you hospitalized these days.
@JourneymanGeek NO CAPES
Capes are lame
Unless it's a medieval setting
And get you sucked into Jet engines
@M.A.R. you could trip
and stick yourself in the foot with your own sword
Meh, apparently they never trap . . . trup . . . tripped
then die slowly and painfully of gangerine
8:29 AM
This got dark. I thought dogs are supposed to be upbeat.
Unless you're a kittenlord from the dark side.
*turns on light*
@M.A.R. these are dark times.
Tell that to the sun
*lightbulb explodes*
@user58 wait no
I guess we found out why the hospital blew up
8:30 AM
Hey guys, is there anything else, besides modflagging a post of my own, to report a userprofile with spam in the "About me:"?
@JourneymanGeek is that like tangerine?
No, but it's generally not a huge deal.
@Luuklag Nah you're good I guess
Mod flags get precedence in the queue, right?
I'm about to run out of questions of my own ;)
But that requires a mod be there to handle them . . .
8:31 AM
@M.A.R. I think so, but mods are kind of stretched thin.
@Luuklag flag anything I guess
Find rude comments and mod-flag the about me's.
Turning a couple of birds into kebab with a single stone, they say.
@Luuklag little yoga never hurt anyone
But that was what I was euphemisming at.
In theory, could three users team up and terrorize the site by flagging posts and getting them auto removed?
@StephanS In theory, they'd also be caught soon enough to be doing too much damage
And it should be 6 for posts.
Three for comments.
ah I read your post wrong then
6 doesn't really seem like that big of a number to do alot of damage
8:43 AM
@StephanS well, I mean, Charcoal has extreme power with lots of users equipped and willing to flag spam, but it's worked so well for so long because it's reliant on honest intentions and well-meaning users.
There were no rate limits and hard rules in the beginning until a few edge cases of abuse, and it's still not a very strict environment, because people that show up there want to help.
@StephanS presumably as far as Charcoal goes there's checks and balances
And protractors and rulers.
Brits love those.
As a Brit, I can confirm that.
Speaking of Charcoal, @Art do you know what Undo's up to these days?
Especially plastic rulers that you can twang on your desk.
8:45 AM
As an Iranian, I approve
@Snow and the ones with Queen in front of their names
@YvetteColomb Here's a bit a free advice if you'll take it: asking people why they're ghosting you or stating that fact publicly almost never helps and instead reflects badly on your self-esteem. And honestly, you look a bit stressed out with all the meta activity; it would be a good to just sit back and relax for a while. That'll lend perspective and you'll be able to see and comprehend things more objectively.
I realize that all your endeavours on Meta SE and SO are in good faith, it's just that they aren't expressed persuasively and more often than not contain appeals to emotion. Note that ultimately persuading the majority is what matters; otherwise unpopular opinions will perpetually remain unpopular...regardless of their virtue.
@StephanS I can't see anyone twanging Her Majesty.
Hey, Yvette is back?
8:48 AM
@Snow It doesn't happen in public, silly.
@Snow that went in a direction I really didn't expect it to
@M.A.R. real life happened to him
I sometimes wish real life would happen to me as well.
@rene oh no, real life is the worst
Chicken soup. The cure is chicken soup.
With garlic.
And onions. And garlic onions. That's a thing.
Or tomato, of you're vegetarian/vegan
8:53 AM
Tomato chicken soup
Or just vegetable soup
with, uh, extra pepper
One of my friend's two default life rules is "If in doubt, add more garlic"
@M.A.R. No need for a protracted debate about it, though.
8:55 AM
or mushroom barley soup
@ArtOfCode are you approaching this from a different angle?
....pretty much any soup will do TBH
Mulligatawny soup. Mmmmm
Being obtuse.
@user58 says you. Your advice is why his real lifitis hasn't been cured yet.
8:56 AM
@Raedwald Acutely.
@M.A.R. It's something I feel acutely
Oi you pun-stealer :P
The chat is not safe anymore for slower fingers.
Art has been getting ninja'd a lot in the past couple days...
!!/puns : geometry
@Snow No such command 'puns'.
8:58 AM
@SmokeDetector you're no pun
@user58 mobile :(
Can't type as fast as with a keyboard
9:34 AM
@SecretAgentMan Oh. My. God. Agent Smith! I'm a big fan! blushes in a rush of emotions
9:53 AM
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@M.A.R. haha I should have prefaced that with "Yvette" <link>. But for you, autographs are free
And ssshhhhh.... Smith is secret.
10:07 AM
@Yvette, just so we're on the same page -- if you ever get your diamond back, I will, for the first time in my life, engage in the appropriate procedures to have you removed. And yes, it will involve digging out all your deleted posts, including the one where you requested comments being globally disabled and the Meta sites being frozen because the amount of dissent there was bothering you. Please cease and desist. Monica was a hundred times the moderator that you will ever be. — Frédéric Hamidi 49 mins ago
@YvetteColomb I read that, and mulled whether to flag it as unkind. I'd say it was borderline, given the "appropriate procedures" bit.
that person has been commenting under my mse posts.
The only valid response is "Ok".
I'm not chasing people around on meta commenting under their posts
@djsmiley2k yep I should do that
10:11 AM
i.e. ignore and carry on, imo.
They have their views, that's great.
I left the site amd people were sad - and now it's like I'm satan
I don't think it's appropriate. "Just so we're on the same page, I don't like you, stop all activity". Well what is Yvette supposed to do ?
I've seen his comments on various posts, not only your's. He's on the wrong side of history, and skirts close to unacceptable, but I've not yet seen one that clearly goes over the line.
lets freeze there
@YvetteColomb so far I've seen one person being..... whatever they're being
that's not everyone, don't let them cloud your thinking.
He's free to his opinion
Everyone is.
10:13 AM
@Cerbrus Some opinions are downright offensive, you're free to hold them, not to express them
@Raedwald Being on the "other side of history" isn't per definition "wrong".
@ArthurHavlicek Who are you to decide what opinion is offensive?
@Cerbrus I'm using my free opinion there
Stated as fact ;-)
@djsmiley2k oh there's been hundreds of comments under a few of my posts and the votes speak volumes - mind you 0 saying anything positive about the network is guaranteed to get downvotes
The fact is some opinions are offensive yes, I didn't state any in particular fyi
10:15 AM
My point: no point in getting upset over someone voicing their opinion.
I only said "I don't think it's appropriate" about the comment. I didn't go further.
@ArthurHavlicek Then maybe I misunderstood
There's a lot of that lately.
@Cerbrus No problem, thanks for acknowledging.
@Cerbrus You know better than that. Nobody here is entirely free to say whatever they want. And saying "that's just my {or their] opinion" is no excuse for saying something unacceptable. We can have a reasonable (but operhaps difficult) discussion about whether a particular opinion is or is not OK to state here.
10:17 AM
I acknowledge my right to be wrong.
@Raedwald The discussion wasn't just about that, though...
10:29 AM
This room was placed in timeout for 2 minutes; This has got to stop.
This room was placed in timeout for 10 minutes; go do something else, folks
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10:47 AM
Now, how do i build a better enclosure for barry the suspicious turtle?
sounds like a Pets question
include an overshadowed hide near the water
so barry can be suspicious and menacing in the comfort of his own hide
@djsmiley2k bigger fences usually do it :P
@user58 not a genuine question, just trying to get a topic going which isn't going to cause trouble.
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10:48 AM
@ArtOfCode hah, he's not outside.
@djsmiley2k other turtles so none of them go near each other and nobody ever escapes
@ArtOfCode hahaha
@djsmiley2k Is the purpose to keep the turtle inside the enclosure, or to make the enclosure more comfortable for the turtle?
more comfortable
@djsmiley2k Then I can't help...
10:50 AM
also, will be 'brand new' enclosure. Lets pretend I'm actually good at woodwork and have lots of acrylic to work with too.
@djsmiley2k oooh fancy. I like the idea of a hide near some water
@ArtOfCode yeah, I'm trying to figure out how to do digging area (coco bark and coco fibre) and 'swimming' area, in one single enclosure.
at the moment we have cocofibre piled up about 4 inches high
10:51 AM
and he can climb into a tupperware bowl to swim in
@djsmiley2k that seems like it'd work
All I know is someone tried to move them in LEGO or something
@djsmiley2k ah, this is where you improve - use said acrylic to make a proper pool
I heard some turtles like differently temperated water
so they can self regulate their temperature. If you can have a cooler end and a warmer end each with some form of shelter
@ArtOfCode but how to stop him shuffling all of his coco bark/fibre into the pool and making a mud pipe...
10:52 AM
@djsmiley2k well maybe he likes it that way :P
@djsmiley2k use aspen fiber
Maybe he does
maybe netting? Something that might trap the fiber as it gets too close?
aspen fiber doesn't soak up water
Glue the fibers down?
10:53 AM
@Cerbrus it's for digging in
he's a land turtle
@djsmiley2k as opposed to a takeoff turtle?
@ArtOfCode There goes my water...
@Cerbrus TSA'll have it off you :P
Art, are you a father, by chance?
'cause those dad jokes are killing me
No, he's a card of oat
10:55 AM
@Cerbrus just a smidge too young for that
And a brit. ← explains it better
just getting my practise in early
@ArtOfCode You can't be younger than me... are you?
Art's, 20?
10:56 AM
Art's younger then me :p
21. 19's a bit low :P
All I know is I'm slightly older, which grants me the right to be snarky.
Oh, I'm not?
Well that's 7 years...
This makes no sense! OBJECTION!
@M.A.R. ah, but I'll snark back at you :P
10:56 AM
I'm 25
I'd expected the difference to be the other way xD
I'm still 20.
@M.A.R. whippersnapper
21 in two months
get off my lawn
10:57 AM
I will egg your windows. Sir.
um... keep it down, ya little rascals!
@Cerbrus there's something to be said for "fake it until you make it" :)
@terdon we will both egg your windows. Lord Sir Terdon the Third.
Trick or upvote
@ArtOfCode OY!
The second, dammit!
@terdon ah, I can never remember
10:58 AM
The third's my little brother, and he's an idiot!
Everyone gets it wrong
@M.A.R. Spooky Closevotes
I personally prefer dressing up as a moderator notice
@ArtOfCode that's so 2014.
There's always the good old "chase people down the road with a giant downvote" play
What about a sign that reads "I'm voting to close this costume as unclear"
11:00 AM
It's a Supermario spin-off
@Magisch What are you, 25?
Well you didn't cough
Back to not slacking off. Watch out for all hell breaking loose, 'cause it keeps doing it when I'm not here
@M.A.R. 5 minutes delay
Damn, you can even find spam for escorts on SE profiles....
Things are getting out of hand with these 1 rep users
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog gone
@Luuklag Do you have an example? I'm asking for a friend.
If that is in accordance with the room rules I'll be happy to provide your friend with an example
11:10 AM
nope, just flag and move on
Wait long enough and SE might provide you with a suitable ad. :-(
@rene if you could only implement the flag on a user profile ;)
Worth reading on that spam profile topic: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/303746/…
(My "for a friend" was obviously a joke... It's for my brother)
11:12 AM
I recently flagged a suspect question for closure, then thought, I wonder about the poster's profile... and found a troll profile. But I couldn't flag it because there is a limit of 1 outstanding flag per post.
Oh that's annoying yea
I often have that with dupe questions
If I flag'm as off-topic too early
@Raedwald Ill often flag one of my own questions
@Cerbrus retract your flag?
You can close-vote only once
Even if you retract it
@Raedwald you can flag any post. No need to be the same one or even yours (though it i easier if you do)
yeah thats true, got thrown off with you noticing flags
11:19 AM
@Luuklag Local dog here already tried.
Q: Spam Profiles are getting my goat. Could we have better tools for mods to deal with profile spam?

Journeyman GeekSuper User got hit by another batch of spammers creating profiles. They've got accounts on other sites from what I've heard from other mods and from the comments here. Last time it was streaming. Now it's insurance sales... with phone numbers (as of december, looks like they're spamming scammy f...

Suggested approach: dismiss fighting this windmill. Staff already answered on that one and they do indeed trust in the "If a tree falls and no one sees it" approach.
I once used to report abusive profiles. I have long stopped doing that.
Yeah this might be a lost battle. But automation would certainly be viable to some extent here.
At least Bhargav Rao made an effort: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/105218/…
11:37 AM
So, is flagging profiles a waste of time?
Depends on the moderator that handles the flag
@Raedwald For spam? Hmmm. Most of the escort ones have pretty inappropriate profile pictures, I used to delete those. But if it's just text, yeah... kind of a waste of time until they actually post something.
In this case it is your typical cute looking girl facebook picture, nothing offensive about it...
Thanks. I'll bear that in mind.
@Raedwald I just quit about 5 mins ago. No point in fighting a losing battle
And its not like mods on MSE have got nothing to do ;)
11:42 AM
@Luuklag I deleted profiles until I got tired of it 😁
Yeah it could be a fulltime job really
@SPArchaeologist-様 🐐🐐🐐
12:02 PM
How is one ever able ot achieve the Vox Populi badge, when you can't vote more then 30 times?
@Luuklag You can if you vote for questions too
A: Cannot vote on question although 40 votes limit not reached

wafflesThis is totally by design... If 1 in 3 of your votes are on questions, you will get 40 votes. If you vote on fewer questions than that you will get fewer votes (lowest is 30) We just updated the blog

thx @Tinkeringbell
You're welcome
thx @Tinkeringbell
12:04 PM
So I'll first have to vote on 10 questions tomorrow ;)
Jeff Atwood on May 06, 2011

When the wordpress.stackexchange.com community asked Why are questions not being voted on …

I have noticed a trend that questions (even good ones) that have multiple answers are not being voted on.

Out of our 5,550 questions only 41% have at least 1 vote which leaves around 3,000 with 0 votes and a few hundred with negative votes.

I had a strong sense of déjà vu all over again.

One of the longest running concerns in Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange history is Why aren’t people voting for questions? a question originally posed on Stack Overflow on August 5, 2008 —  …

@Luuklag Yeah, I think that's about it ;)
Holy crap, that is one huge onebox
Yesterday's was twice the size
Q: How to get Vox Populi badge when you can no longer vote after 32 votes?

Jonathan Leffler Possible Duplicate: Cannot vote on question although 40 votes limit not reached I have the converse of the problem in Vox Populi with 30 votes; well, sort of. My counter shows 32 votes for today. But I can no longer vote on questions (or answers, but that I expected), thus being deni...

12:06 PM
yesterday, by Paul White
holy one box
@Tinkeringbell you see, my parrot friend, I was once told this is an appropriate image to have in your profile and so apparently is this one, so.... I will be honest and say I do no longer care (ps: click the links at your own risk)
@SPArchaeologist-様 Ah... yeah uhmm... That wasn't me? :)
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Yes. Crude jokes are to be avoided.
12:09 PM
crude... wha
you know what, not worth it. see you all around
sites seem slow to load today
No problem here...
@user58 sigh Where is derpy's "How uncouth" when you need it
ask @SPA
@194636 The whole network has been slow for me since yesterday.
12:15 PM
yesterday, by SPArchaeologist-様
user image
There you go
@Autar Yes the whole network. On Chrome anyway. I should try a different browser to see if that makes a difference.
@Autar would not be surprised if they are under attack.
@194636 I'm using Firefox
Hm. Much faster in Edge. Don't have FF.
No repro in FF
12:20 PM
Haven't noticed anything slow about the network
not on mobile, not on FF on mac
Absolute slug on Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120 (Official Build) (64-bit)
That'll teach me to restart my browser
@Tinkeringbell what can I say, I have already flagged those asking for removal three times now. It isn't like I will keep playing the "Meta Mods" slot machine till I get someone who agrees.
It also cost flag weight to do so, you know...
Flag weight? Is that still a thing?
Only... sort of.
12:25 PM
I wonder what the network will do with profile pics like this: i.sstatic.net/KYalE.png?s=328&g=1
Your reputation and flag history affect where your flags show up in the queue, but nothing apart from that AFAIK.
@Luuklag Nothing, I hope. Changing those will not go down well...
@194636 I'm on the same build (win10) and it's fine for me
Time for a speedtest.net?
It's fine for everything except SE (and I'm on 1 Gbps fibre)
12:37 PM
@Mgetz thanks
@Luuklag Nothing. Disagreeing with us, even as a moderator, isn't going to cause censure. We understand why people feel differently and we're working to address that. If people want to state their feelings in their avatars or profile images, that's their call. I know some of the people using that, including the one who originated it quite well and have been talking with them. It's not done with malice.
There's this one user that has filled their profile with Chinese characters which trigger the chinese firewall... Essentially making it impossible for Chinese users to view pages he's contributed on.
Technically, that's in their profile, but if it has such an effect on other users...?
Dealing with that would be a whole new can of worms.
He's been discussed a few times, iirc...
To be honest, the name is rather obnoxious, as it's quite long.
and now everything is back to normal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
12:55 PM
@Catija Good to know. It's easy to assume the worst...
@Catija Yup. I did a whole hoopla of disagreeing and I got reinstated without any fuss (and I thank y'all dearly for letting me back).

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