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11:00 PM
@Shog9 If I did, I'd be asking a . But in my question, I'm keeping both possibilities open.
Both possibilities are already open, as is evidenced by the different thresholds for both deletion and dequeuing on Stack Overflow
@Shog9 Yes, I'm aware that it's 2-3 instead of 1-5 there.
@SonictheIntrovertedHedgehog To put it another way, why do you want an answer to your question? What's the end goal?
@ArtOfCode For data and a perspective.
Aye, but what for? Purely your own curiosity, or with a view to suggesting a change?
11:04 PM
@ArtOfCode With a view to suggesting a change if the data shows that it's useful.
If the data shows otherwise, no change.
So follow Shog's suggestion
5 mins ago, by Shog9
You seem to believe the thresholds should be changed. You may be right - on some sites. But if that's your goal, then you don't need an answer to this question; you need to gather examples from the sites which aren't working well and ask for approval from their membership for the change.
In any case, though, what's wrong with asking curious questions?
Nothing. Badgering CMs to answer them to satisfy your curiosity, on the other hand...
@SonictheIntrovertedHedgehog here's your data: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/972004
you should be able to find whatever you need
Also that. If you don't know SQL, learning it (at least the basics of it - SEDE has a tutorial) would be well worth your while to let you answer a lot of your own questions.
11:11 PM
(Doesn't include deleted posts, but those aren't the ones you're concerned about anyway)
Thanks for the query.
But it's the the chewing of the fat and the thrill of the hunt, even if no fixed are found; a days outing for all:
I'd rather have my Autocorrect fixed, over 95% of the time it's helpful almost 0.01% of the time it's funny. When it affects enough people I'll put aside some time for it; in the meantime I'll enjoy my tack sharp 3 mm high lettering.
@Shog9 ahh. Zip ties. 21 century's equivalent of bailing wire :p
11:28 PM
Zip ties and duct tape and the occasional paper clip.
Duct tape is duct tape ;p
I don't think anyone uses/has bailing wire any more
@Catija add in some WD40 and you have yourself a toolbox
Art gets what I was going for. ;)
Maybe a can of air, too.
11:46 PM
do mods often do "partial job"?
2nd question migrated - must be a ♦, but the other three could have been closed along with a few extra mouse clicks
well, the last two in that image are already closed by community
? Community can close and delete. They can't migrate.
If the migrated question gets closed, it requires more work to migrate than doing the migration quickly.
I mean, why does a mod perform necessary action on one post, while leaving the other three untouched, when they could have closed them together?
Also, I'm on my phone, in the app.
so "inconvenient" to perform extra actions? :P
Mods don't - and shouldn't - do all of the community's work, otherwise the community can start feeling unneeded.
11:54 PM
@ɪBᴜɢ You can't delete posts through the app. So she would be forced to do an incomplete job.
@Catija but IMO "whoever convenient" should do the job, not the stubborn way "mods shouldn't do 'em all"
The app's limited functionality as noted by Sonic seems like a valid point
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