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12:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek No army buzzcut?, whew, that's a relief!
12:37 AM
@Rob now if I was going to give you a haircut... It would be much more creative
Oops, that's her regular haircut. Wrong photo.
There we go, signature on the neck.
BTW: That will be U$250 for the Royston du Maurier-Lebek signature.
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2 hours later…
4:55 AM
off-topic Reenabling hypervisor‭ - Ming88‭ 2019-01-16 04:49:27Z
5:31 AM
Does the search allow to filter by several tags? I'd like to find posts that have one tag or the other or both.
@NickAlexeev Yes.
> [To combine results from multiple tags, separate the tag names (enclosed in square brackets) with the word "or": [widgets] or [geegaws] returns questions tagged with either tag.](meta.stackexchange.com/help/searching)
off-topic / @bar @sha @glo javascript print table keeping original style‭ - SCOTT‭ 2019-01-15 21:21:49Z
6:28 AM
Okay, I'm going to be bored here for a couple of hours ...
6:58 AM
on/off wifi here
7:10 AM
on/off office internet here
7:42 AM
\o/ I picked the right train-part. This part does continue to my end destination ...
That sounds like . . . quite an accomplishment?
For me it is, yes
reading politics.SE these days is nearly as bad as reddit
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ It requires careful planning when I board the train
@Magisch That is no deal for you?
@rene 1, 2, 3, jump?
7:45 AM
as the train seperates in mid journey...
sparks flying, random things exploding...
@Magisch A variation of the bad apple idiom. One idiot in a strong enough position can decrease the quality of intellect in a lot of places
Imagining a flower epically rolling on the ground as the train falls off a cliff
Trains do stop at stations here ...
Although it is sometime tempting to jump on a freight train that goes in the same direction
@rene no but there are a lot of CoC violations there
Maybe politics.se needs a speaker of the House: Order, Order! ORDER!
Came in via a HNQ yesterday to read an accepted answer about how liberals are all against border security because they want to end countries as a concept and want illegal immigrants to vote for them.
since deleted, but still
don't envy the mods there
7:49 AM
Countries are so 1700
It's Facebook pages now
And Sugarberg is one of those big-head stoic universal guardians
@Magisch build a (fire)wall to prevent you from accessing it.
And shut down your computer if they don't let it
@Magisch FWIW... you are probably aware about the situation from reading their meta, right?
@andmyself Martial law? Shoot any crappy post on sight?
> Make [trump] a synonym of [donald-trump]
@andmyself Which meta are you referring to? All I see is the typical MODZ ARE MONKEYZ WITH GUNZ posts except with politics flavor
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Parrots.
Not monkeys
7:58 AM
And tag synonyms, but those aren't related
@Tinkeringbell That's IPS mods :p
@andmyself Not sure, I read and commented on a meta post accusing the mods of partisan bias though
8:13 AM
8:24 AM
Well, turns out the cheese board is stuck in customs here too. :/
And they even didn't ask for money, lol.
cheese... stuck...
8:40 AM
@ShadowWizard at least they didn't though it was actual cheese.
I have a feeling they thought it was a board made of cheese too
btw, small morning rant....
I understand. I know this isn't an answer to your question. I added it for reference purpose (also could not fit in comment box). — sssreddy 11 hours ago
@Derpy nah... think the issue was knives. All they wanted is my ID number.
(maybe to verify age? dunno)
another question with 50k+ view and no votes :(
9:02 AM
@ɪBᴜɢ :(
@Derpy I don't understand the rant... ?
Confusion about NAA flags?
IMO answers suggesting alternatives are fine, usually since they are being helpful, and indirectly can solve the actual issue, by suggesting another way.
@ShadowWizard no, still not liking that we accept EVERYTHING as an answer, even when the poster himself basically writes "oh, btw I am not answering your question"
@Derpy Which site does that!?
@Derpy suppose someone says "I divide 5 by 0 and get error. Halp!". Answer telling them how to prevent the value from being 0 is even better than direct answer about what to do with such error.
So while it's not answer to the original question, it's very helpful.
@ShadowWizard that is an hyperbole, by which I mean the only answer I can give is once again MU. It depends on the purpose of the question.
If I am a programmer and my current logic performs a division by 0 and avoiding that could be useful to me, yes you are right.
If I am on math and ask someone to explain me why dividing by 0 makes no sense then someone telling me "you don't divide by 0, try to divide by 2 instead" is only useless noise at best and rep begging at worst
Sorry but what is MU in this context? @Derpy
Don't think you refer to MU online the game...
(the only MU that I personally remember)
Multi Unit?
9:11 AM
> The Japanese and Korean term mu (Japanese: 無; Korean: 무) or Chinese wu (traditional Chinese: 無; simplified Chinese: 无), meaning "not have; without", is a key word in Buddhism, especially Zen traditions.
@ShadowWizard mu = nothingness
@andmyself oh. So easy to guess.
Now find what it means ^
usually used in Zen Koan when replying to a question that has no meaning to be, or when an answer has no meaning to be.
@ShadowWizard kgfds = mu
9:13 AM
You're too smart! :P
yep sorry, my bad. Have used the word MU so many times on SE that I often forget that others may not understand what I say.
@Tinkeringbell basically... any site? I was never able to have someone accept a NAA flag about an answer that does not reply to the question that was asked.
Usually I just ignore, but when the context is really needed, I can't ignore words I don't understand. :)
@Derpy Try IPS :P
We're ... kinda strict on 'answer the question asked'
framer challenged
@andmyself Those are so, so hard to write.
9:19 AM
what can I say... apparently if you start with "I have to build a SharePoint webpart for a client" and someone replies with "try Alfresco instead" is perfectly fine. No need to delete, just downvote.
Basically, someone posted noise? Good, now you pay with your rep to "hide" it.
Because IPS also has 'respect the premise'. So you still have to answer the question asked, the only thing you can deviate on is the approach you're suggesting (if someone is asking about a particular approach). Basically we need that, to prevent people from saying 'Don't come out' on questions about coming out.
@Glorfindel another total miss of your script: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/31432/…
I'm 10000% sure the original image wasn't that plant.
Since there is actual risk of NSFW images, I ask you to stop using your script to edit. Thanks. @Glorfindel
It's a pretty plant though.
Or at least manually review each edit your script is doing!!!!
(Sorry but I personally just really dislike and not trusting auto edits.)
@Tinkeringbell seems IPS is a total black swan in the network then...
9:23 AM
Problem of Popularity
(wait, where have I heard that phrase...)
@Derpy If you feel like reading a wall of text: interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/a/3309/1599.
That was our last discussion on those
@ShadowWizard heh, I actually checked that edit (like I do with most of them), but somehow missed it (maybe it was in between a Gardening & Landscape edit?)
@Glorfindel oh. Well, so at least you'll catch the really bad stuff.
Thought you just let your script run.
Not sure what happened there; maybe the image hoster reused IDs?
That's a potential problem for all externally hosted images, even the ones that do work via HTTPS.
@Glorfindel Now that you're here talking about scripts... don't forget to turn of the one for the give-away contest ;) It's on-hold now.
9:28 AM
@Glorfindel indeed.
> Images and videos that are not associated with an account are kept until they have not been viewed for 90 days. After 90 days, they may be removed
So I'll say that 99% of tinypic images on SE are re-used by now.
@Tinkeringbell thanks for the reminder but I had already noticed that :)
Oh good. I hadn't until this morning
oh, much wow, so fitting. And obviously the parrot wrote it. Not a surprise. Wonder what would happen if you posted the same answer on my meta question - the one I linked before.
Then it would be NAA :P
@Tinkeringbell Why? I was talking about the same question basically. Ok, I was talking about what to do with such answers that do not respect the question framing but the problem is still the same.
Yet the answer is basically the opposite
From my question:
> Here are some samples to help clarify what I mean (all sample have been made up):

Question ask how Superman can fly, Answer explains why Batman can't instead
Question asks why Pluto is sometime not considered a planet, Answer explains why the moon isn't.
Question ask how to translate a sentence into French, Answer explains how to translate it into Italian
Question asks why a snippet of code copied from an online sample doesn't produce the same results as in the demo, Answer suggest moving to a different tool / framework instead.
9:44 AM
@Derpy Just stop using <framework> 4head is a common answer
based on the feedback that I got, none of the replies from my sample above should be deleted or flagged as NAA
@Derpy from what I've seen neither of those is the case in your SharePoint question's answer you linked to. But I might have missed something.
More like "Question ask how Superman can fly, Answer explains how anyone can fly" (without actually revealing Superman secret ability)
@ShadowWizard I said that I have to manually set an item ID because that is a requirement for the problem I have to face. I documented that the approach suggested to do so by many other posts (both on SE and other sites) has a bug that may cause problem to people that have to do the same. The other reply states that you don't want to set the id in the first place.
@Derpy right. So it's a general advice for others.
@ShadowWizard that still doesn't make sense on that question.
But please, I didn't wanted to focus on that specific case.
9:52 AM
You didn't??
So I wonder
Didn't we?
How far does the CoC go when faced with political opinions that run afoul of it
@ShadowWizard I meant, my initial rant was about that, but the discussion I was having with @Tinkeringbell was about a more generic problem
anyway, I think that my question on SharePoint is indeed an example of what Tinker was saying.
come on,
I asked what the root cause of a bug in Microsoft implementation of a setter was, I got a reply suggesting to not use that setter.
What's next? Someone on medicine asking how a poison/toxin works from a medical viewpoint and receiving a reply suggesting he doesn't ingest it?
@Derpy well, I'd flag that as NAA honestly... unless the question is "how can I know if something is poisonous/toxin?"
10:07 AM
@Derpy Unless the root cause of things being buggy for you was you using the setter for its wrong purpose, that's indeed a bit of a ... disappointment.
But in that case, a good answer would've explained that too, not just said 'use different setter' (IMO)
I guess I really need to stop surfing network-wide meta addiction...
or to fix a sometimes problematic behavior of having a tendency to comment on any meta posts...
10:22 AM
@Tinkeringbell point is. Normally the identifier of an item is something that is autogenerated and you don't want to set manually. In my case, I have to because I am trying to minimize the damage caused by another much bigger scope issue. To make it clear: not following best practices is not a problem since we are talking about damage control.
I think we've reached the point where I'd have to see both the question and it's answer to form a more substantial opinion.
@Tinkeringbell If you really want to.. here
Hope it isn't to hard/technical to read
10:41 AM
@Derpy Well, as far as I understand, it does explain a little why using listItem["ID"] = someValue; fails where the GUID doesn't?
@Tinkeringbell are you talking about MY answer or the other one?
@Derpy The other one?
Might just be me...
nope, it doesn't. What it does is explaining what issues manually setting an id can cause and why generally you should try to avoid it.
Okay. I'm going to reread the question later...
@Tinkeringbell do you know anything about databases?
10:45 AM
@Derpy They're what you store data in.
ok... to put it simply.
You have a column that normally is managed by SharePoint. SharePoint uses an auto incremented internal counter to give it a value.
so first element gets 1, second gets 2 and so on.
I understand databases, and global unique identifiers ;)
now, if I force a new element to have id 4 it means that when the autoindex reach 4... we have a problem
and that is what the other answer explain.
no more, no less
problem is that that information while useful does not help me to understand the cause of the other bug I was talking about.
so, basically....
Yeah. And your question is asking why what you're doing makes stuff crash, and this is why? You're giving a value that's already in use.
It is like if trying to update a table while using SET IDENTITY_INSERT failed if I used some specific character in the value of a column, I asked why that happens and the reply I got explained me what problems related to identifiers inconsistency/duplication I could face by using SET IDENTITY_INSERT
10:54 AM
@Derpy I must've missed a part, but if your SET IDENTITY_INSERT fails because you're hitting one of the problems related to identifiers inconsistency/duplication because of using SET IDENTITY_INSERT... that explains why it fails ?
@Tinkeringbell sorry, I must be very bad at explaining things. Trying to keep it as simple as possible, but it is not easy. Let's try again.
Let's just put this on hold for a while. I'm at work, so not able to give it the attention it apparently needs.
The problem I found is that when you try to update any of the list item field that are considered by SharePoint "protected" (the ID is one of those, but "_CopySource" is another one for example) Microsoft code is bugged. You have two ways to set the value and those should be equivalent. Yet, one tells you that you can't manually set a protected field, the other one let you do so. I was asking that is the cause of this.
The other answer is telling me why trying to update the ID field is generally a bad idea.
Is there any way to see first posted message on chat ?
Just like my first post on tavern-on-the-meta
11:12 AM
yep, at least one way must surely exist.
you go to the start of the transcript for the room and start reading from there :P
may take a while, but soon or later you will find your first message.
Unless it was deleted, in which case you will find your first-not-yet-deleted message.
I just try to answer question on team but for that answer I need to know my first post on particular chat room :D
@Shree The recent tab had pagination IIRC
Although not built in the UI
oh wow, the oldest was pointing to the Den! it's a tarp!
11:28 AM
oh, nice, you can still find the old SweetieBot messages from when I created this account as an experiment for creating a chat bot
ye oldie times when Derpy used to play Connect4
in Sugarcube Corner, May 25 '15 at 8:52, by DerpyBot
~ Column 0 you say?

Ok, @SPArchaeologist, then I will play in column 2.
@Shree If you know what the message was about, you could search for a word you think you said, and fill in your own name at 'said by'.
@Tinkeringbell think the paging option is probably faster than the broken search :P
11:43 AM
I don't know. I like search boxes better than messing with urls ;)
@Tinkeringbell but the search box is known for behaving a little randomly.
I don't have any idea. I know about search but first post ?????? Still searching and try to give answer:
What happened in SOBotics 2018?
Feel free to add as answer anything that you feel is related to SOBotics (chat, bots, GitHub etc) and the year of 2018.
Question offer 200 Bounty :P
12:21 PM
Search is excellent for going backwards from the current time, I don't know how well it works for going forward from the beginning.
12:36 PM
@JNat long time no cross site spammer... now there is. Thanks! :)
@andmyself lol yeah think I referred him to the chat via comment :)
And the rest is History... :D
1:26 PM
@ShadowWizard No, it's actually Recent. Last page but still
Q: User image is too heavy

älёxölütJust noticed on this user profile: Yes, all we know that internet is fast nowadays, but ... 1.5Mb for (scaled) 164x164 px image is too much.

Speak for yourself
in Shadow's Den, Dec 31 '18 at 13:08, by FOX 9000
@Mithrandir 'recent' has a value of -1, which is not a valid message ID. Please provide an explicit ID.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ FAT64
Possible troll using grace period trick ^
(if they keep doing it, should flag for mod and have the account nuked)
yay! animated avatars are back!!
(go to profile page, the thumbnail isn't scaled thus giving original animated avatar)
/cc @balpha @Shog9 @AdamLear ^
1:52 PM
yep totally not scaled
as the url clearly shows
> -> i.stack.imgur.com/Ypz5v.gif? s=328&g=1
probably it is the usual old bug
Looks like imgur broke big time.
Nah, ALL images aren't scaled anymore, at least for that size.
It used to be a rare bug when one out of 100 or so won't be scaled.
@Derpy same image exactly.
Both 997x997
So maybe it's server side cache issue.
(i.e. some get the thumbnail, some get the original, which is even worse than all getting original as it's harder to reproduce or fix.)
yep, I still get the thumbnail.
@Derpy I see weird response header in the thumbnail picture:
cf-cache-status: MISS
You also get it? The full image returns a different header value:
cf-cache-status: HIT
So it might be CloudFlare fault.
@Derpy so for this user you don't see animated avatar? (disable your "show animated avatars" addon first.)
2:08 PM
i see an animation
@Mithrandir yeah we're in the same location
CDN cache is based on location
a few ctrl+F5 later...
yep, it does indeed load the original image, bug reached me now.
and since you mentioned it, it does indeed show cf-cache-status: MISS
Now question is... what it used to be before the bug.
2:10 PM
More importantly, compare it with the 48 px smaller icon
that also has cf-cache-status: HIT
Other sizes aren't affected yet
so yep, the cache must have died.
@ShadowWizard I meant that other image sizes report cf-cache-status: HIT so that must be the normal value
meh I'll submit a new bug report in hope it will get bit more attention. :)
And in the meantime, uploaded animated avatar of my own to have some fun until (if?) this will be fixed. :)
2:36 PM
wouldn't it be simpler to just use my userscript?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ one small fix is no a big deal, but a lot of small bug fixes is a big deal. — älёxölüt 42 mins ago
@JourneymanGeek the garden in one of the other video will be promptly crossreferenced with google maps pictures to find where you live and steal any future swag you may get.
@Derpy my neighbourhood has... we.... about a hundred apartments a building... ;p
3:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek ?
@Magisch 7s video of ash barking at someone
cant watch videos at work im afraid
but will when I get home
the sound is important
3:25 PM
@JourneymanGeek you can make account here and make webp with sound. No onebox, but still better than full video, I guess. ;)
@ShadowWizard or he can see it at home lol
this is one of those running jokes more than anything
@Tinkeringbell another example of the frame problem here. I would delete this answer immediately, yet it seem that 9 users have even upvoted it.
It is still there, yet it doesn't reply at the question that was asked in any way.
reading the actual answer I learned something about Javascrip that I didn't notice.
Reading that answer I learned that every way to get rep is fine.
3:45 PM
Sorry @Derpy I disagree. The answer gives alternative. Suppose I wanted to convert array of strings to array of integers and got baffled about NaN values. Looking at the answer you linked to, I would be given a better alternative to achieve the same goal. I don't need to know why the original code I had (which happened to be similar to the code in question) isn't working, if I'm given alternative that has the same final output I want.
aka SO isn't personal help forum.
So yeah, the answer might not help the OP, but it does help others. So it better stay around.
And if such answers give bad alternative then by all means, should be downvoted to signal that, or deleted in extreme cases.
@JourneymanGeek looks like.... Johor Bahru!
@ShadowWizard are you now training a dragon?
@andmyself no, I'm happy for my 100k rep. Think @Pandya gave me the pic
It used to be only in the About Me, but since we can now have animated avatars, I'm enjoying the moment. ;)
@MEE you probably won't get a notification for this message because it's probably more than 2 days since your last visit here.
@MEEisJohannGambolputty... will ping though as it's the full name.
A: Chat pings are not turning into notifications

ProgramFOXReferring to: https://scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/939/31259 Point 3 looks like the answer to your question because you got pinged with '@ber': @Ton will notify you if you've been in the room in the past two days and there's no other user for whom this would be a better match, e.g. someone ...

4:02 PM
@ShadowWizard [tag:status:no-repro]
how many pings you saw? @MEE
hmm.... so you visited here less than 2 days ago.
Will try again in 3-6 days after you leave. ;)
@ShadowWizard You want MEE to go away??? I am inclined to flag your message as unwelcoming... ;) j/k Experiments are great...
shoving @MEE gently outside so I can prove my point at some point
4:06 PM
@ShadowWizard Now I cant really tell if you are serious ?!? 0_o he asked WHY javascript behaves that way, not for an alternative! If I asked you why two substances combined together explode, would you tell me to mix some other substance instead?
@MEE did you now get ping on Sonic Den?
in Sonic's Den, 41 secs ago, by Shadow Wizard
@MEE boo! You get a ping here?
sorry, @ShadowWizard but if you weren't joking... please, just read the question again. The example the original poster is a common "javascript is evil" joke. You would expect a result, yet you get a totally different one. There is no reason for an alternative, the only scope of the question was understanding why that code produces that result.
Ah wait, you used my full name...
again, I am starting to run out of examples. This is like asking why the sky is blue and getting told to go on a planet were the sky is not blue.
4:14 PM
there's a heavy cloud inside my head
4:30 PM
@andmyself raining?
@Derpy joke? evil? Why? What's wrong with ['1','2','3'].map(parseInt)? It's not evil, and valid attempt to convert the strings to integers.
I'm afraid we'll have to agree to disagree, too bad you're not @rene so no ice cream. :D
@ShadowWizard do you expect that the code you just wrote would return [1, 2, 3]?
if you do, then that's why that line is usually a staple of any "JavaScript is bad" joke
because, as the OP discovered that will return [1, NaN, NaN]
@Derpy since ['25','100','9'].map(Math.sqrt); returns [5, 10, 3], yes.
it is even worse if you do ['10','10','10'].map(parseInt)
The second argument to parseInt isn't trivial at all, I found out about it years after starting to program.
that is why if someone ask you to explain that you explain that if you want to help him
4:39 PM
So I fail to see why you expect everyone to know using parseInt in map will trivially fail?
It fails. It's not evil. It's not a joke.
I really don't get you this time, sorry. :)
sorry, @ShadowWizard, I lost you by now. Really. I cant't tell if you are serious anymore.
It probably can be abused somehow, as anything in JS. lol
Good, so we have mutual loss of each other. Guess that's good. Let's celebrate! ;)
anyway, that line be used as a joke of why javascript is evil (by which I mean counter-intuitive and prone to errors) is not the point
my point is that the original poster of the question didn't know how parseInt works and that made him unable to understand that behaviour
the 420 scored answer does its job: it makes him learn something he didn't know
Getting told to use "Number" instead?
not useful at all in context, at least IMHO
@ShadowWizard I agree to disagree
this isn't js chat
4:45 PM
@Derpy yes, it is. As general advise for others. OP got the answer they wanted 16 minutes after posting the question. 8 years later someone came with alternative, meant for others, mainly, not for the OP.
@ShadowWizard that was probably better posted on a question that asked for one.
But yep, I am fine with the "agree to disagree" thing
@Derpy sure. But it's still a valid and helpful advise there too.
@KevinB alert("yes it is!");
I would argue that people who would benefit from the Number answer won't find this question.
Vanilla (JS) ^
@ShadowWizard SO: where saying thanks is noise and better remover, but answering other questions that nobody asked for is perfectly fine. I think it is also part of respecting the op intent but...
4:49 PM
@ShadowWizard :D
but my argument doesn't necessarily imply that the answer should be deleted
@ShadowWizard umm... lol how did you find out about that profile...
FR: a question should have at least one required tag and at least one non-required tag
5:01 PM
i think a similar one already exists
1 hour later…
so not per se
2 hours later…
hm, I can see some agreement there... :P
8:23 PM
8:43 PM
Another technique is to use the tree's leaves to filter the sun, and save the dynamic range for greater detail in other objects in the photo. Just move sideways a bit or stand still on a windy day and take a couple of shots to see one where the Sun is blocked out just the way you want.
looks like Mith's pics are attracting interest... ;P
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