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12:05 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ @Fabby I don't think ROs can do anything about smokey. I'm not on that list either!
@JourneymanGeek .... Technically, at least on Chat.se, you should be... all mods are by default. Being added to it in here requires asking in Charcoal.
@Catija ah
Still technically accurate and I thiiiiiink me and now mith are the only mod/tavern ROs
Anyway ya. ^ what cat said :p
12:28 AM
@Fabby a better analogy would be teenage babysitters babysitting teens :p
1 hour later…
1:30 AM
and happy new year~
1 hour later…
2:42 AM
Oh, its nothing much but I'm not feeling that well and will not be at my computer for much of the day. However, if its an emergency, or well, something that concerns me, just ping me, and I'll see what I can do about it ;)
(sinus is acting up, and I woke up with an epic sore eye that's slowly getting better)
Get well soon :(
3:42 AM
Its better than it was this morning
I could use some allergy meds but I'm out. The OTC stuff works well enough (This is not the first time, and its in between the sort that basically makes my day a living hell, and the sort that self resolves 20 minutes after I get out of bed sooooo)
3 hours later…
6:14 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ @Fabby only SOCVR has the rule that RO's need to approve SD privileges. So for The Tavern all you need is beg ask for SD privileges in Charcoal HQ. They will create a PR to add your MSE userid to the rooms.yml (or create the PR yourself and ask a dev to pull)
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6:37 AM
@Somewhat you are bit late but thanks! ;)
@JourneymanGeek ouch... Better now? Can you go to work?
Still night here ;)
@Magisch And a good morning to you in here too :)
@TravisJ Are you up late or early?
@Tinkeringbell Late I guess. I mean, it's only 11:30pm so, it's almost morning :)
@TravisJ Eh? Doesn't morning start at 6am, afternoon at 12pm, evening at 6pm and night at 12 am? :D
So it's not even night there, it's still evening :P
6:45 AM
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard night shift. If I'm too out of it I'll let the other locations know and ask them to cover me
Well, if I were to say "it's 1 in the morning", that would generally refer to 1 am. Morning technically starts at 0:00 and goes until 12:00 at which point it becomes afternoon. I think that "night" is technically accurate so long as the sun is down.
It's happened before
I do feel a bit better
Would an all caps "you're healed" help? Maybe with some bold, and italics?
I hear that used to help a long time ago
Trust in God and take your meds :)
Just picked up the otc allergy stuff that worked before
Allegra D?
6:50 AM
It's too damned bright tho
Claritin. Same idea
<img src="darkTheme.error" onerror="javascript:$('.lightTheme').css('darkTheme',true);" />
Bright problem solved. #jQuery
Sadly jQuery does not solve all problems... Actually now I have it being too bright and jQuery
Funny thing is how I have a random allergy that only affects one eye
I'm sure you will complete the set if you keep at it :)
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7:09 AM
20K code meta.stackexchange.com/q/315309/158100 /cc @JourneymanGeek @Bart @ShadowtheWelcomingWizard @TravisJ (needs 1 more)
@TravisJ I have had this happen 2 to 3 times a year. Same eye
Mostly clears up in 30 minutes or so
Could be related to sleeping position.
Happened a lot at the 3d studio so I always figured it was something there
7:26 AM
@Tinkeringbell for the kids night starts at 9 PM. ;)
But they do know that a day ends at 12 AM, then new day starts. (and Hebrew day ends when three stars are out 🌟 🌟 🌟)
Is there any site mod here that can help me with a small experiment?
doesn't matter which site
@Magisch sure
I need you to decline 2 comment flags from me
Can you give me a topic where I can flag 2 comments and you decline the flags?
@JourneymanGeek flagged top 2
let me know when you declined
7:38 AM
dismissed both
Is this to test the new auto ban for when you get 2 declined flags on New contributor comments?
(just kidding) :P
I wanted to see if it warns me if I have 2 declined comment flags without having any other helpful flags that week
Like it does for post flags
8:05 AM
Might have been worth metaing lol, if you had a good reason to ask
@JourneymanGeek I did use it as part of formulating my answer on Yvette's meta FR: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/315216/…
ah hah!
Oh well, carry on ;)
Flag summary is almost impossible to find on your own btw
And well, that's actually a good point to make
and cough no one ever looks at it ;)
I don't
You have to guess that that is somehow clickable
8:11 AM
@Magisch only in your own profile, yeah
@JourneymanGeek Once you become a mod, a Team Lead, A Manager, that's what you actually are: a babysitter.
And the hover over tooltip says "Total flags marked useful" or something like that
No indication something like a flag summary exists
@rene Going there now...
@Magisch feature request waiting to be asked... ;)
8:17 AM
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard I rolled that into my answer to yvette's feature request
@Magisch it surely deserves its own feature request, as answer it has 0 chance to be ever fixed.
(as new request it spikes to 0.0001% ;))
Pretty sure a normal feature request has the same 0% chance with added difficulty that staff is never going to even read it. At least Yvette's has some staff attention
Staff see all feature requests. They just don't act upon (m)any of them.
@Fabby a Mod is an adult baby sitter ;)
8:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek some of our mods aren't adults yet though
side eying @mith
@Magisch So maybe mods are baby adult sitters sometimes? :P
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard Which three? Just the first 3 to randomly appear? :)
@Magisch some of us reached the adult age but beyond that ....
@rene Some? :P
8:39 AM
I don't want to get banned for stating a subtle put-down by generalizing a whole group ...
Ehhh. I'd say people have grown a little too scared. :)
That's a generalization, and I stand by it :)
And it's correct too: as long as the generalisation contains 80% of the population, it's a good generalisation
Oh... I meant to ask... [OoO] < What does that look like?
It's reminding me of something but I don't know what
Out of Office? the three-breasted woman from Total Recall? The trhee-eyed fish from the Simpsons? (that was later found to exist)
@Fabby The OoO is an abbreviation used in our project. the [] are added onto each JIRA item. But I just spent an entire sprint planning session (1,5 hours) wondering what it reminded me of :P
@Fabby It's not three-somethings... I see two eyes and a round nose, but I don't know where I've seen it before :P
8:46 AM
@Magisch well in a sense, we have the ability to handle more things on our own and a much clearer idea of what is expected of us
The position power helps too,
Didn't mean that as a perjorative
I'm sorry: I can do some white magic, but hooking up your brain to mine and FTP everything over and do a grep is black magic and even beyond me! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You certainly need an adult mentality to be a successful moderator
@JourneymanGeek Power corrupts.
@Magisch let me add, without losing your sense of wonder...
More meant that in more ways, folks see us as peers and sometimes when we actually use our responsibility, it's annoying
@Fabby true. Hence me trying to use soft power first
8:49 AM
@JourneymanGeek Telepathy. I was just writing that.
@Tinkeringbell I... Think so. Never bothered to actually read or learn about it, just something I was told at some point. :)
@Magisch Excuse me? :P
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard I'll go google it later ;)
It's an interesting concept
I believe @Mithrandir knows better.
the problem is when you befriend a mod first somewhere else, then join their community, and then do something stupid...
That's when it becomes annoying! :D :D: :D
Well if you think about it - you can ask a friend to stop doing something and they can listen
8:51 AM
@Fabby kick by a friend hurts more.
kicking @Fab
I rarely need the mod hat
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard :D
A lot of moderation is exercising soft power
If you're generally known for being reasonable your words can carry more weight then a banhammer or kick ever could.
And those things have more weight used appropriately
That's one way of doing it. Some take the Nazi approach: be a stickler for the rules, come down hard and don't let anything slip through your fingers...
(luckily not too much none of that going on here on the SE network)
8:55 AM
Be careful with invoking godwins law here :p
Well the problem with a purely authoritarian moderation style is well...
@Fabby That's kinda proven impossible. If I wanted to do that, I'd have to be online and modding a lot more ;)
It dosen't really scale on the internet
People can leave easily
Moderation on SE relies on the consent and help of the users a LOT more then anywhere else
8:57 AM
The only way SE scales as it does is if the common regular users understand and help with the direction of moderation. No site mods have enough time and manpower to manually police even their regulars in the day-to-day
In some ways yes, in some no.
Any definition of moderation which has problems will have those issues amplified by the community as well; mostly by common regular users who "understand" the direction of moderation.
@Magisch Oy! I officially started adulting several years ago apparently! :P
I am more and more coming to believe that this is the case with certain aspects of the current set of close reasons.
@Mithrandir24601 I meant the other mith
9:01 AM
@Magisch Ahh, you're ruining my fun :/ :P
A mithake, that ping was
I accidentally mithpinged you because I didn't spell out the name completly
Yep but Mithtakes are the best takes
@Magisch Yeah, I'm used to people doing it by now - I'll occasionally respond when I see an opportunity to do so with comedic effect
@TravisJ which is one reason its useful to have a core set of users who 'get' it
On SU, a lot of the chat regulars are super awesome sounding boards
and we have ways for people to talk to us (SU Moderators have a room people can often find us specifically on)
IPS chat is kinda deserted lately. Guess everyone is busy with work/school or something :/
@Tinkeringbell I swear most of the chat here's been about moderation lately lol
9:05 AM
@Tinkeringbell :/ I should pop back in there again sometime and see how things are going
@JourneymanGeek That's okay, I'm learning a lot from that :)
@JourneymanGeek moderation chat should happen in moderation.
@Bart IKR?
I'm not sure if its the current crowd or current/recent events ;p
@Mithrandir24601 Right now, there's not much going on... which is kinda sad, there's enough to do :P
I'll try and get them working on the site again, instead of just chattering ;)
@Tinkeringbell Site itself seems to be winding down quite a bit. 4.4 QPD atm
9:07 AM
@Magisch Yeah, not strange considering we close about 90 percent of em. :/
@JourneymanGeek Maybe I should start swinging my smiting stick around a bit more to get this room into shape again.
@Bart heh, hopefully that's a process that's started
But the questions lately haven't been 'good' :/ And I dunno what to do about it
@Bart Is that that stick that I wasn't afraid of? :P
@Tinkeringbell well, you guys do have the problem of a somewhat... well unusual scope for a SE site
@ShadowtheWelcomingWizard actually I was talking about this instead:
Muḥarram (Arabic: مُحَرَّم‎ muḥarram) is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year. It is held to be the holiest month, Ramadan coming after. The word "Muharram" means "forbidden". Since the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Gregorian calendar. The tenth day of Muharram is known as the Day of Ashura, part of the Mourning of Muharram for Shia Muslims and a day of fasting for Sunni Muslims. The practice of fasting during Ashura stems from the hadith that Musa (Moses) and his people obtained...
9:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, I know.
@Tinkeringbell there's no need for fear when there's nothing you can do to avoid its consequences ... :p
that's the reason I stated
yesterday, by Somewhat
there'll be another New Year 2 days later...
And its one of those sites where I think a lot of people get more from chat than the site.
We dropped from 5.9 QPD in July to 4.9 in August to 3.8 in September so far.
Myself included lol
(I have no idea how I'd even ask my current IPS style stuff as a question ._.)
9:10 AM
Me neither. I'm pretty lost on how to formulate something into on topic
@Magisch Yeah. I think things picked up a little when we introduced the Sandbox, but that seems deserted now too...
people seem to have different standards for what can and can't be asked too
And I mainly chat when people ask these days lol
@Tinkeringbell Thing is, our criteria for closing and not closing isn't very clear
@Magisch well, its subjective by nature
9:10 AM
@Magisch Yep, if anyone has any ideas on how to fix that, I'm open to hearing them...
and so... since I was gone this morning... trying to catch up the convo since morning...
@Tinkeringbell a useful starting point would be actually great IPS questions
and work from there
I think we've had more people answering quickly than carefully considering the questions lately :/ Seems to me there might be a new batch of people with privileges that doesn't know/want to know what to do...
@Tinkeringbell no clue. I'm lost between what's phrasing requests, what's "how to" and whatever else
It seems like the evolution of what's on topic left me behind
@JourneymanGeek I've tried asking one lately. I thought it wasn't bad, but seeing the answers I got... :/
9:12 AM
@Tinkeringbell well, why are the answers bad?
@Magisch Hmmm...
Like this for instance:
@JourneymanGeek Not taking culture into account, calling me an entitled brat... Not written from any experience. I just got a lot of opinions on what I did, instead of answers on what I can change next time I want to do the same thing.
@Cesare, you did but unfortunately you asked something very opinion based and also "What should I do?". Both are considered not on topic for the site. You can take a look at the help center for some guidance on how to form your question so it fits the site and people can help you — Ontamu 1 hour ago
I mean yeah, but that's a lot of really complicated fine-tuning division for a new user to grasp
@Tinkeringbell ahh
9:13 AM
completly hopeless
Interpersonal Skills is done. We have asked everything that you can possibly want to know. We live in peace happily ever after ...
that's a really hard problem
@Magisch Yeah, I've seen those lately, I'm not fond of saying 'drop into the help center'. Why not think for yourself and point out what can be asked? :/
@rene well "Its not working out" is one option - buuuut
9:14 AM
tbh I think our on topic guidance is wishy washy at best
@JourneymanGeek Yep, especially since I basically botched the last push for back up
@Tinkeringbell from whom?
@Magisch True, we might want to revisit the help center text..
I'm like the #15th highest user by rep on the site and I couldn't tell you what's OT and what isn't in corner cases
And finding out seems tedious even for someone who's read meta for months
Which translates into "utterly impossible" for new users and into "angry my Q got closed for seemingly no reason" as well
@Somewhat oh, wasn't aware of that! Happy New Year!
9:16 AM
@JourneymanGeek Who the push came from? I think apaul started it. After the umptieth LGBT question got more opinions than answers
@Tinkeringbell ah
Now, SU has an entirely different scope from you guys but we've had a few situations where there was a major change in what was acceptable
@Magisch Yeah. I think someone made a good comment on my FAQ question on meta: We NEED a definition of what Interpersonal Skills are.
@Tinkeringbell and what a question should be!
@JourneymanGeek interpersonal.meta.stackexchange.com/q/3224/1599 That should probably be added there then?
Interpersonal skills are.... skills that are not intrapersonal :(
9:18 AM
@Somewhat Actually, I've used two defnitions so far:
L@Tinkeringbell rather than teling you what to do... ;p
I'm going to go "hey...so"
> Interpersonal Skills are goal-directed behaviors, including communication and relationship-building competencies, employed in interpersonal interaction episodes characterized by complex perceptual and cognitive processes, dynamic verbal and nonverbal interaction exchanges, diverse roles, motivations and expectancies. (the more scientific definition)
Software recommendations were on topic on SU and well at some point we decided they were not.
> the ability to communicate or interact well with other people. (google's summary)
It was difficult to actually not have any answers recommending software
9:20 AM
I think we need a lot simpler rules
And more leeway
so our community sorted it out by going "so, this is how you recommend software" meta.superuser.com/questions/5329/…
Something like that might help
@JourneymanGeek The issue is that, the group that gets it is the core group causing the problems. Mostly because the understanding put forth was slightly flawed, and it is just now over time becoming more and more obvious.
@Magisch I'm not so sure. We already have sooo many off-topic, deleted, bad answers... Having a wider scope with more leeway will only make that worse. TBH, I don't like saying it about 'my' site, but I'm hesitant to ask questions there, knowing that I probably won't get 'answers'
@TravisJ well never too late to actually try to clarify
especially if its a nudge rather than a shove
@Tinkeringbell I reckon on my one question about apologizing I got 2 decent answers, 5 "You don't need to apologize" and 2-3 people accusing me of warcrimes
9:22 AM
@JourneymanGeek We have posts like that, 'this is how you write from experience', 'this is how you ask for clarification or suggest an improvement in a comment'....
Agree. However, seeing as how entrenched the situation is, there needs to be a lot of logic and facts to back up the reasons for clarification.
@Tinkeringbell so.. the next step is when a post is not up to scratch, for the community to start using them
@Magisch Yeah, if anything, I don't see 'more leeway' fixing anything until we've got the answers in line...
@Tinkeringbell The answers will never get in line
We have a harder version of what TWP has been suffering from for years
@Tinkeringbell Have you read Jon Skeet's "How to ask"? (I know it is tech based, but the broader points are relevant across the exchange)
9:23 AM
@JourneymanGeek Trying too. The 'core' users of IPS are sooo very little though, compared to everyone using the site :/
So, I could jump in and close every question singlehandedly, point to the guidelines, and not get any work done for the day
@Tinkeringbell I'd say there's 20-30 core users on SU ;p
I don't like closing questions and not working with people to create a better one
@Tinkeringbell Add to that that closing before answers come in blatantly doesn't work with so few people who actively close
There's one I am hoping finds our way into chat - she's actually "getting" how the site works VERY well
@Magisch Hmmm. Maybe we should have this discussion again in TAS :P
We're probably boring the room here, and it gives others a chance to jump in as well...
9:28 AM
@Tinkeringbell Not bored. I have been on this topic for about 10 days now.
Its fine IMO, other than that its more for getting an "external" perspective ;)
@TravisJ IPS scope problems? Where? :P
@JourneymanGeek Kay :)
(done catching up the convo... apparently it's more about QPD, new user, help center, site scope, IPS...)
@Tinkeringbell Scope problems at Stack Overflow as a result of the current set of close reasons. By expansion as IPS is part of Stack Overflow Exchange, you inherited many of the default close reasons, and by relation, many of the issues that face Stack Overflow.
9:30 AM
@TravisJ Hmm. I don't think the default close-reasons are a problem (yet) on IPS. We're struggling more with 'what makes a question and what not'
and 'why haven't people closed this yet'
and 'How is this an answer?!?'
You have a 1 vote close and 1 vote delete at your fingertips
If users won't, you can
@terdon SO also has the issue of having a ton of "historical"
baggage and one heck of a huge userbase
@Tinkeringbell "What makes a question" is defined by the topicality of the site. Your site came with a default topicality.
9:32 AM
@Magisch True. But say I close 5 posts immediately. I'd feel I have the responsibility to work with those 5 users to get their questions reopened.
@Tinkeringbell Why? Anyone can reopen the questions
5 users can undo your close vote
@Tinkeringbell well, not really, though I tend to sometimes ignore stuff I know the community will close
@Magisch So, boom, close. You get no comment, and will have to wait until some nice community member reads my mind? :P
if OP edits after closing, it even goes into the reopen queue
or cough yanno, guys "I wouldn't mind if people CVed that"
9:33 AM
The threshold for someone commenting is 1 user, closing by user hand is 5
or wait for someone to comment then close
@Tinkeringbell would you comment if you did it as a normal user?
Also, we get a lot of false positives in the reopen queue: People don't see there's still requests for more details in the comments, so an edit that does effectively no more than change the title might get reopened :/
Are you averse to scripted comments?
That's just a failing of the technical design of the reopen queue
@JourneymanGeek Yes. And scripted comments are okay, but they aren't very helpful for individual advice on how to improve a question
9:34 AM
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@Tinkeringbell - What is the primary reason used for closure at IPS?
A lot would be helped if mods consistently finished off questions that already have CVs and comments
@Tinkeringbell true
I don't use em
I guess. But depending on CM opinion that might be outside of mod mandate
I think David tends to use them extensively
9:35 AM
Scripted comments don't really help the OP.
@Magisch if they didn't want us to closehammer things, they wouldn't force us to closehammer or do nothing ;)
Cause literally every new mod goes "Oh crud, I can't just gently closevote any more"
@JourneymanGeek Inherently, most users realize some of the close reasons are improper at the moment.
@Magisch I could try that.
No one worries about closing questions which are clearly garbage. Opinionated is rather easy. Unclear is easy at times. Clearly off scope is easy. But when you close someone's question as being "too broad", in general, you probably know that it looks bad and would like to have 4 other conspirators to point the finger at.
The set of close reasons almost literally define how welcoming the site is. No matter how friendly you are, removing someone's content causes friction - removing content which had no reason being removed causes the decline of the site. Nothing gets rid of experts faster than reducing the areas in which they can contribute.
9:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: PLC - get absolute value of number when the CPU has no "ABS" instruction by yaseen on electronics.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: Modify Blog Module layout in Child theme by google on wordpress.SE
@SmokeDetector wtf
@Somewhat Post - Username google similar to google at position 23-29, ratio=1.0
huh, lol
Someone spamming a google.com link? ... that's a new one
9:44 AM
probably to increase their SEO in Bing ...
Bing? Never heard of it
Was that like Alta Vista?
@TravisJ I think IPS is struggling with a lack of 'experts' and a whole bunch of people that have opinions ;) I'd love to have some more 'experts' whatever defines an expert on IPS > maybe that's just someone who consistently answers from expertise...
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@Tinkeringbell what's an IPS expert? ;p
Jack Ma, wait, wrong skill...
9:47 AM
An IPS expert would probably be someone in PR, or at the very least who studied a high level of Comm at a University.
an IPS expert is... someone who never gonna give someone up...
@JourneymanGeek Well, there's this online newspaper, nu.nl. Once every 2? weeks, they run really neat articles on e.g. group whatsapp etiquette, where they have 2/3 'etiquette teachers' answer questions about how to behave on a group whatsapp
They don't really make good questions for IPS, but I'd say those people, that actually teach other people how to 'interact well' can be considered 'experts'
@Tinkeringbell why would they hang out on IPS? ;p
@TravisJ I didn't do either, yet I've found I could answer a lot of questions from 'expertise'... instead of just 'opinion'
@JourneymanGeek Hopefully to answer questions, but there aren't any questions for them to answer. I know the site has a problem :P
@Tinkeringbell "place for dramatic stories?" :)
9:53 AM
> Interpersonal Skills is my new favourite Stack Exchange site. People have a lot of weird concerns... - twitter.com/karltryggvason/status/931564049774579712
But yeah any site can use a clear definition, I think many lack that.
@Tinkeringbell I have ran ad campaigns before, and took some Business Communications courses some years back. One issue is that the community at IPS is primarily composed of programmers, and their versions of what IPS should be. #brogrammer #jquery #firstworldproblems
Mostly, I would also assume there is maybe one trained expert at IPS who was properly trained in how to deal with people with special needs. Maybe. Sometimes having actual science to back up situations makes a whole world of difference when it comes to behavior.
@TravisJ Yep. The problem is that IPS answer can't be put through a compiler and get a 'this works' or 'this doesn't compile' :/
@TravisJ Yep, there's a lot of opinion on how to deal with it, but not much people even take the time to do a simple scholar.google and look for a source or two that may back up their experience :/
@TravisJ nothing has come close to Alta Vista ...
@Tinkeringbell That would solve so many problems in the world though, if there were always a mathematically proven solution to every IPS situation.
@rene lol :)
9:57 AM
@TravisJ you mean, Suicide Prevention Lifeline?
I've started writing answers from experience a few times, but scratched them when I found sources/statistics didn't match up to my way of experiencing the world
@Somewhat Uhm, I would assume those people are trained professionals (I would hope). Never really called it... However, just because people have special needs doesn't mean they are suicidal... that's kinda wrong on a lot of different levels.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened url in body: Model selection for Time series? by user220217 on stats.SE
Sorry, my message certainly came out too strong, but I'd imagine that kind of trained pros, and umm... psychologist? Experts? Intrpersonal?
A psychologist would certainly do well there I would assume.
10:03 AM
@TravisJ I think we had one claiming to be just that and they didn't do too well :/
last line is relevant replace flying with moderation
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: How to make the hottest CPU temperature? by yaseen on electronics.SE
Also, the dangers of being a psychologist or something is that people start 'diagnosing' either the asker or the people they're interacting with. Which isn't really helpful.
@Tinkeringbell or stated as a replicable process
@rene "moderating your aircraft" umm, okay...
10:06 AM
@Tinkeringbell Also, as previously noted, the community is composed of programmers ;)
My problems are unique and different even from someone with the same cultural background
(or say my brother)
@Tinkeringbell on the other hand
Workplace has many similar issues - so... I guess you can make it work somehow
almost punny...
I would imagine there is a decent amount of overlap there
@Somewhat wasn't even intentional
Interpersonal Skills at the Workplace™
10:09 AM
Interpersonal Skills at the Academia™
(looks like my brain is in bad condition in attempting to humoring... I'll take a step back from this room for now...)
Yeah, there's an overlap there ;)
@Somewhat hey, I'm trying to bring something useful ... I accept that often fails ...
The problem with Interpersonal Skills probably is that there's ways of 'solving' that don't revolve around Interpersonal Skills (they would be okay on Workplace or Academia)... So we have that to 'fix' too.
Although I wonder if a solution that bypasses Workplace or Academia would be okay on both those sites
10:46 AM
@JourneymanGeek hmm?
@JourneymanGeek the people on TWP aren't experts either
source: am not, have 15k rep there
@Magisch Yeah, that's probably the 'similar issue' that can be 'made to work anyways' :P
11:07 AM
@Magisch arguably I'm not an expert on SU either :p
@terdon oh simply that it is the oldest and by far the biggest site
And many things could be entrenched
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and I'm just a googler with Japanese skill on Anime...
@JourneymanGeek or you probably mis-pinged someone?
considering 'e' is beside 'r' ...
Like, Error: expected 'TravisJ', actual 'terdon'
@JourneymanGeek Sure, it just looked as though you were responding to something I'd said.
My bad
I blame my sore eye
11:15 AM
@JourneymanGeek Still no better?
You type with your eye?
@Tinkeringbell better but not quite there
It's still a bit burny
11:36 AM
@JourneymanGeek :(
Maybe don't wear mascara any more :P I stopped doing that and haven't had any eye problems since :P
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@Tinkeringbell don't put mascara in your eyes ... RTFM ... ;)
@rene I never did that! I put it on my lashes and it managed to irritate my eyes nonetheless!
sure, sure ;)
True story!
@Somewhat That's actually pretty smart! :)
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