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I'm gonna claim credit for influencing the SO ask page improvements with my DD implementation on every interview from now on.
dd command? Disk drive?
1:54 AM
disk destroyer!
2:14 AM
Q: What should we do with the Organizer badge?

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogThe Organizer badge, awarded for editing the tags of a question, was originally introduced in response to an old, now-removed privilege that allowed 500+ rep users to "retag" questions. This was during a time without suggested edits, and later on when suggested edits were introduced, such users c...

@πάνταῥεῖ if I'm not mistaken.... happy birthday :)
first time in chat
anyone here?
2:26 AM
hi rob
are you new?
finally got 25 rep. able to chat now
oh you arent.
2:32 AM
i see your profile
well im with @SonictheInclusiveHedgehog on this post:
i influenced the question and am a constant commentor and upvoter!
ah I was scrolled up
and people were not talking about mangos
which would have been odd
and I thought advocaat was avocado...
2:40 AM
bye bye for now.
just rember
@SomewhatMemorableName not really
well im with @SonictheInclusiveHedgehog on these posts:
i influenced the question and am a constant commentor and upvoter!
2:42 AM
and bye bye
@itstoobadilostmymainaccount you said that already
@JourneymanGeek It seems their browser showed the messages as not sent, when in fact they were.
3:23 AM
weird, afaik, we need more downvoters, not constant upvoters
3:35 AM
We need people voting appropriately
and commenting appropriately
{for some unknown definition of "appropriately"}
Quality >>>>>> Quantity
@Catija true
But its better than "we need to DV/UV more"
4:03 AM
4:20 AM
@ShadowWizard if you have to say it's not boring it's boring
4:48 AM
meta.stackexchange.com/users/394235/user394235 Both this user's questions need one final delvote
5:33 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: streaming parts of an mkv container with mkvextract by Angel Waugh on superuser.com
6:40 AM
@Cilan well, you're easily bored! ;)
Hey! Anyone knows what local.mso.com was? I found it in an old (2012) userscript written by balpha
@GaurangTandon perhaps equivalent to meta.dev.stackoverflow.com
@SomewhatMemorableName oh cool, didn't know that existed. Thanks!
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog @Glor already did, but the second is not related, OP knows how to retag, just wondered if it will give a badge on own posts.
@GaurangTandon yeah it's a well kept secret! :D
@SomewhatMemorableName better than boared! ;)
6:56 AM
he looks more surprised....
sure he is, boar didn't expect someone to get boared..... :D
boared is gored man.
> An Afro-Asiatic language spoken in Nigeria in Adamawa State in the Numan and Guyuk LGAs, and in Kaduna State northeast of Kaduna town.
sounds reasonable.
1 hour later…
well technically its a possible answer
8:57 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog no, it's valid answer.
Ideally the original answer can be edited with new links, but it's not a must.
9:16 AM
@JNat cross site spammer.... thanks!
@ShadowWizard all gone ;)
@JNat cheers!
9:44 AM
@ShadowWizard It was the case when I initially voted, but the author edited it out.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: How much joyful to choose a best place for your vacation? by kaividart on mathoverflow.net
10:07 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog oh, missed that.
@rene pizza!
@Arrrstin imagine you want to buy a pizza in a foreign country. You arrive to a shop that does not sell pizza, but something else. People in that shop tells you that you are in the wrong place. Those are the downvoters here. No harm is meant. 15 is extreme, but result of the question not being deleted for many hours, e.g. like you'll stay in that wrong shop for long time, so more and more people will tell you it's the wrong place. — Shadow Wizard 1 min ago
Hopefully it will send somewhat clear message...
Q: Ignore this question

Anton GeraschenkoThis question is a hacky way to create some tags for you to use. Move along.

boo coffee.mathoverflow.net is dead. :(
looks like the parent company url lussumo.com redirects to safechoicesecurity.com .
@SomewhatMemorableName think it's the meta site before migration into SE
A: Should "Theoretical CS" and "Algorithms & Data Structures" proposals be merged?

Scott MorrisonYou might be interested in reading the thread on meta.mathoverflow.net about inviting in the TCS community. http://tea.mathoverflow.net/discussion/498/bringing-theorycs-over-to-mathoverflow/

10:24 AM
Hey! I regularly check suspected SE answers for plagiarism, however, I used to do it the lame way (paste into google, put double quotes, rinse repeat for different sentences). Today I googled "plagiarism checker online" and there's dozens of such software all willing to do this for free! I wish to ask which software's the best (in terms of effectiveness). Which SE site do I ask this on? Or is there an existing userscript that pro users use to achieve this functionality?
or, I should say it in other words, how do pro-users of existing SE sites currently check answers for plagiarism of content (from other online websites)?
I do it manually with Google though
Huh, I thought it was Open Source Recs
@ShadowWizard not very welcoming ...
@SomewhatMemorableName not very welcoming ...
10:44 AM
@NormalHuman that was posted before the spam link was inserted :) — Glorfindel 2 mins ago
curious ping!
@rene it explains the downvotes, and since users are offended by your "Welcome to meta!" comments anyway, think it doesn't really matter what we write, they will always be offended and feel unwelcome.
and that's a special case since it survived whole day on MSE...
11:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in body: Off topic ask about Photoshop portable by ALexMatt on askubuntu.com
If any of the pro users has any idea, please drop by:
Q: Which online software to use to check answers on StackExchange for plagiarism?

Gaurang TandonWhenever I have some free time on my hands, I check StackExchange answers for plagiarism. I am not referring to cross-SE plagiarism, I am looking to check answers posted on SE that have their content plagiarized from other Internet sites. I initially used to do this the lame way (paste into goog...

thank you!
@ShadowWizard Regarding your recent edit, can you also please update the FAQ answer?
11:27 AM
@ShadowWizard lol! I'll start my auto comment with Unwelcome to Meta! from now on .., ;)
Maybe from the shock they'll forget their anger..... :D
@GaurangTandon you might want to talk to SObotics. There is a project Guttenberg which checks onsite plagiarism.
11:58 AM
@SurajRao ah, that's cool. thanks for posting the link there :D
12:11 PM
!!/test spam removed
> Would not be caught as a post, title or username.
:7054362 > Would not be caught as a post, title or username.
12:48 PM
"Welcome to Meta! It seems you're lost and posted this question here. Unfortunately, this question is off-topic here since blablabla. Consider taking a quick [tour] to understand how Stack Exchange sites work. Oh, did you know that 90% 95% 100% of this message's recipients weren't really welcomed?"
1:05 PM
huge wall of code meta.stackexchange.com/questions/311689/… @Bart @rene @JourneymanGeek @Glorfindel
@ShadowWizard maaaaan
I really wish people wouldn't do that
@JohnDvorak too late, it's trivial so already got several same answers.
heh, funny it's exactly what you talked about the other day, @John.
darn, missed my chance to classify myself as not-so-overzealous-to-only-close.
so I guess you were sarcastic. lol
1:38 PM
that's fine, I would have missed out the double negation anyways, and earned me some downvotes. Unexplained ones, presumably, because it's less unwelcoming to me that way.
Hmm... when did Kasra leave SE? He has no diamond anymore, but his profile still says he works for SE.
Found it.
Announcement: sad goodbye to my Stack Overflow family but very excited to be starting a new job as Head of Technology at http://Inscape.life, a meditation and wellness startup.
He needs to update his profiles...
kinda makes sense though, I mean, they brought him in as an android dev right?
And that does look like a promotion
Anyway, even though he's not really around...
Farewell @Kasra and thanks for everything you've done in Stack Exchange! :)
@JourneymanGeek yup, sure is.
@JourneymanGeek yeah then he got re-assigned to DAG
Well ya
Guess this is the last nail in the android app coffin. :/
Now there's even no theoretical chance it will ever be revived.
1:49 PM
Reminded by his story on MSO, I surely wish all the best for Kasra's future
@ShadowWizard well tbh
If they do responsive apps and web notifications....
MSE works really well on my phone
We wouldn't really need the SE mobile apps any more
Jun 21 at 4:58, by Shog9
@JourneymanGeek well... did you know that.... SO mobile app has... err... multiple drafts feature? :/
@JourneymanGeek yeah, looks like they're going this way
@SomewhatMemorableName you mean iOS app
1:53 PM
And personally I think that forking off the SO mobile app was an odd/unpopular decision
Brian is awesome
@ShadowWizard SO Android app also has since its inception. SE Android app doesn't though
@SomewhatMemorableName I'm waiting for to be a thing
@Mgetz heh, yanno? I used to work in a place where that was a thing ;p
and lets hope not
that means SE is doomed
@JourneymanGeek it'll be an alias of
1:57 PM
I used to work in a VFX studio...
they closed down the office, by basically shifting out our non local staff... and folks were sad and drunk at work...
and then people started getting let go, despite them saying they wouldn't ...
so nuuu
I'd rather status "I wish I was drunk"
@JourneymanGeek They always say this, and then they do sneak layoffs to to avoid actually admit they are doing layoffs
I'm pretty sure it's going to happen in a few months where I work
Meanwhile, it's been a while for another DMCA meta post, this time on MSO
don't know how many posts were affected since SO is too big...
surely not as dramatic as this one on Anime.SE :)
@SomewhatMemorableName hehe, might be thousands, anyone can pretend to be anyone else and demand to delete anything. Paradise for trolls.
and what is "Lidl"???
Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG (German pronunciation: [ˈliːdl̩]; UK: LID-əl), formerly Schwarz Unternehmenstreuhand KG, is a German global discount supermarket chain, based in Neckarsulm, Germany, that operates over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States. It belongs to Dieter Schwarz, who also owns the store chains Handelshof and hypermarket Kaufland. Lidl is the chief competitor of the similar German discount chain Aldi in several markets, including the United States. There are Lidl stores in every member state of the European Union, except Latvia and Estonia. == History == In 1930, Josef...
This? ^
2:06 PM
> UK branch of Lidl, a European supermarket chain
looks like it
So a random troll sent delete requests on their behalf to harm SO. Nice.
@rene I'd love to delete but I'm a casual with less than 20k rep :p
@ShadowWizard it's going to get worse, not better
@ShadowWizard 20K MSO gets useless edits meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/370077/…
@Stijn sorry, I forgot the exact rules ...
@Mgetz of course, surprised the SO-haters out there didn't use this method more. This can bring SO/SE down pretty easily.
Just request to delete all the good questions, and SO is done for.
2:17 PM
@ShadowWizard if the EU copyright directive passes... expect it to become a tidal wave
then all they have to do is file false positives in the database
@ShadowWizard it contained screenshots of their folder structure and stuff like that in the question. It looked legit for them to have that taken down.
2:32 PM
@rene what? Who?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: Setting up the bitcoind to run at startup Ubuntu 17.04 by Nazari on bitcoin.SE
Hey! Is there a statistic on the ratio of edited posts to non-edited posts on SE? (edited includes both self-edited and others-2k+edited) I'd expect it to be > 1, but I just wanted to cross-check.
@GaurangTandon Posthistory on SEDE has that, for postid's with posthistorytypeid 4,5,6 are edited
@rene ah, thanks for the heads up, I'll try it out
3:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer: How many tubes can you balance in a centrifuge? by Matt Baker on math.SE
4:05 PM
Someone make Shog some coffee...
wake up; groggy as can be.
decide to work on carburetor before opening inbox, to try & gain some alertness.
realize belatedly that gasoline fumes probably aren't a good substitute for coffee.
I was confused by the "inverter AC" thing, too, initially.
@Shog9 Carburetor? Is your lawn mower broken?
Bought a used wood chipper yesterday
@Shog9 Ah..
4:18 PM
Of course, all the seals are dried ouy
And it's like 30 years old, so bottom is half rusted out
@Shog9 Yeah. $10 wood chipper, $200 repairs:)
Spent yesterday scrubbing off the rust, polishing the wheel, sharpening the blade
Remarkably good shape otherwise
But, I need to get the float bowl sealed
@Shog9 Usually need a grinding jig for such work:( I would just get a new blade.
Owait.. ' 30 years old'
eh, it wasn't too bad - the blade was much newer than the rest, probably replaced fairly recently; just a few minor chips
I used a whetstone
@Shog9 :)
4:24 PM
had most of the seals I needed too, but the float bowl... I donno, trying some gray permatex now, will let it cure today & see what happens.
either it'll work just fine, or I'll be ordering a replacement & cussing while scraping off the gray goo
I have a similar issue myself - our strimmer will not start. I've had the plug out and there is a spark. 'Finger over plug hole' test shows some compression. So...fuel/carburetor:( I just can't be bothered with it ATM.
yeah, those little engines are such fun. I end up having to adjust the tune on mine every time I use it.
who builds a gas engine & uses fuel lines and seals that dissolve in gasoline? Cheap string trimmer makers!
OTOH, I got it for almost nothing, since the previous owner couldn't get it to start. Not surprising, seeing as how the gas lines had deteriorated into a sort of gel on the bottom of the tank
They've changed the gas since then, though or something... Andy's motorcycle is from '81 and the rubber seals harden within a few months... it's awful. I don't remember if he's found a solution to it or not
@Shog9 lol, that will do it, for sure:)
@Shog9 Maybe the gas line was replaced with some useless crap, diesel line maybe, or some bit of plastic left over from the fish tank pump:)
possible, but I doubt it. Nice guy, but didn't seem like a DIYer
His solution to the problem was to buy an electric trimmer ;-)
...which means I got a full gas can with the trimmer. I think I paid $20; $10 gas can + $5 worth of gas...
I can live with a bit of drama from a $5 trimmer.
4:34 PM
@Shog9 OK - so can't lose:)
oh wait, he also threw in a full roll of replacement string. Trimmer was probably free.
I love craigslist. Amazing what you can get if you're willing to spend a bit of time cleaning.
@Shog9 'bit of time cleaning' so, it might be working next summer, then:)
eh, the chipper will run. I have a spare engine if all else fails.
...actually... I should check the size of the float bowl on that...
...see, this is why coffee should be the first thing in the morning, without fail
4:38 PM
@Shog9 Transplant surgery?
sure, why not
what's the point of being a packrat if you can't borrow what you need from something you don't...
1 hour later…
5:54 PM
Ah, he said that the ethanol in the gas causes the rubber to harden up, so if he could reliably find gas without it, he'd be fine.
1 hour later…
6:56 PM
@Shog9 I guess my most recent question was asked in regards to an incorrect comment on my other question. Can you please answer it? Also, can you please handle my most recent feature request (since it stands as valid due to your comment)?
@Catija yeah, there are stations here & there that sell it, but it's common for folks to use ethanol-containing gas without realizing what'll happen when it sits.
@Shog9 My discussion is pretty much irrelevant if the Organizer badge is awarded on non-tag-only edits. It was asked because another employee stated incorrectly that it's only awarded on tag-only edits.
(I understand, people make mistakes, and it may have been the case that it used to only be awarded on tag-only edits, but can you please clarify that in an answer?)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog you can verify this yourself by checking the list of posts for which it has been recently awarded.
@Catija Our rental car in Alaska can accept all the way up to E85, and our car at home can accept E10, so I guess their car must be older.
The bigger issue right now is that you edited the FAQ to be incorrect
7:03 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog As far as I'm aware, no modern cars have carburetors.
Or, at least, they don't generally...
I suppose someone may still make them.
@Shog9 I trust your comment, I just want two things: my feature request , and the next course of action for my discussion question.
Starting in the early '00s they built cars with different material used for seals, tubing... Most cars tend to use aluminum blocks as well, so less of a problem with corrosion.
You can retrofit older cars, but cast-iron blocks may still be an issue.
@Catija They do sell "ethanol treatments" that you can put into the fuel, but I'm not sure if they work
And since I'm talking about a motorcycle, it's even less likely that it would work.
I'd be more concerned about the lead missing in the modern fuel.
7:06 PM
When I was in Hawaii, I saw banners advertising "ethanol-free gasoline" everywhere
Yeah, there are a couple of local stations; get into Iowa / Minnesota / Wisconsin and pretty much every pump as an ethanol-free option.
Unleaded gas came out in the 70s... I think the bike was designed for unleaded fuel.
@Catija They even made the nozzles smaller so if someone attempts to fill at a leaded pump, the nozzle won't fit
Hmm well, Shog's device isn't that old
We still had leaded gasoline on the farm growing up, for a collection of ancient tractors.
Also used it as a solvent for cleaning paintbrushes and greasy hands. Which... was probably not great.
7:08 PM
I have a piece of art made out of sheet lead... we try not to touch it.
the metal is fairly benign, unless you're cooking in it or something
it's the more volatile forms that get problematic.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I don't understand the problem there
You make an assertion in your opening without explaining why you think that way
@Shog9 Too many options for the poor guy :P
I guess @AdamLear is planning a long holiday starting July, 26th?
7:12 PM
If you look at the user's comments on just one site, it may look like a one- or two-time occurrence, but those one- or two-time occurrences are repeated on multiple sites and the user has a pattern of leaving those comments, those should be all investigated together.
you're essentially describing a scenario that only employees can handle, and yet somehow /contact isn't an obvious choice... So there's gotta be more to this.
(aside: if your support request hits -10, it's a pretty good bet the folks reading it either think you're being disingenuous or are otherwise up to something... So best be making some clarifications ASAP)
@Shog9 I think I stated that I'm hesitant to use the contact form for a non-dropdown purpose unless it's officially sanctioned by an employee
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog why?
I believe I already left a comment "no brainer"
Go ahead and answer it and say that it's OK
7:15 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I have no ability to answer this since I have no idea what you're talking about
Again... You're describing a scenario with restrictions such that only employees can handle it
@Shog9 with respect to this post... how are the review queues looking now?
...while also implying that employees might feel it abusive if you used the normal channels to bring it to their attention...
The specific user? I was asking generally, but the user who prompted me to ask it also commented. They left the last comment.
...that's, uh... sketchy as all hell
I mean, you're not new here. You know how the system works. You know of the normal channels for this stuff. There's gotta be something special about this scenario or you wouldn't bother asking the question.
But, you don't say what's special about it
You don't say why just flagging won't work
@Shog9 Um...no? I thought it was clear in my post that I just wanted an official answer stating that it's OK to comment
7:18 PM
You don't say why employees might not be happy about being contacted
@Shog9 Yes I did
No, you don't. You just assert that it's not going to work
So... The imagination races. Are you talking about comments left by an employee?
Are you talking about comments left by me?
Perhaps Tim or Joel or Joe?
@Sonic Mod flags come with a description of the problem you see. What's missing?
@Shog9 No, there isn't. My inclination is to contact, but I didn't want to unless there's an official statement from an employee stating that it's OK to contact for this purpose.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog what purpose?
7:19 PM
@Shog9 No, I'm talking about the last user to comment on my question
I guarantee you, if you contact us about a handful of abusive comments we're gonna tell you "just flag next time"
@πάνταῥεῖ Apparently the name of the person flagging.
@Shog9 No, read carefully
@rene July 16, actually :)
what ever happened to flag and let the mods deal with it
7:20 PM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog no. Write carefully.
We don't have an official "list of all problems that /contact can be used for, and none other will be accepted"
There's a list, and then there's "something else"
@AnneDaunted If I flag the comments for moderator attention on a single site, moderators can only investigate the situation on that site. If the comments they've left are only a small proportion of the overall comments they've left, no action will be taken. On sites where they've left a lot of bad comments, they may get suspended on those sites, but continue leaving bad comments on other sites. — Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog yesterday
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog and?
how is this not true for everyone, everywhere, all the time?
Are you gonna send us an email every time you find a rude comment? Instead of flagging?
you CAN, of course
but... it's definitely less expedient than flagging
@Shog9 If there are a lot of rude comments spread out over multiple sites, yes
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog so what's the scenario here?
Someone spent 30 minutes this morning posting dozens of rude comments all over the network?
9 mins ago, by Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog
The specific user? I was asking generally, but the user who prompted me to ask it also commented. They left the last comment.
7:26 PM
someone posted rude comments on various sites, a few at a time, going back months, and no one ever flagged them?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog why do you think I'm saying "NAME THE USER" when I ask for a scenario?
I'm asking what the BEHAVIOR is
Their comments were once complained about here.
ok... Imma go for a walk, y'all can play 20 questions while I'm gone, and when I get back either the support request has been edited to describe a SPECIFIC BEHAVIOR along with a SPECIFIC RATIONALE for why it should be treated specially... Or I will just delete it.
(note, you can see all of that users comments, for all networks, in one convenient location)
@AdamLear so that you can pull the Open ID plug while you're still full of energy? Or is it all going to happen while you are on leave? Which would also be nicely planned ;)
7:28 PM
@rene The latter. :) I'll be out for a month, coming back mid-August
@Shog9 Fine, I deleted it. I want my rings back.
@AdamLear Wow! That is awesome! Are you going abroad?
Adam's not coming back. He's going to join the tech team of some meditation and wellness startup.
@rene I wish, but no. I'm just gonna hang at home, catch up on some chores and video games, avoid crazy NYC summer heat
Well, that sounds like how I do my holidays. And I like that a lot.
7:35 PM
Why did Kasra Rahjerdi lose his moderator diamond on MSE?
waffles ™
6 hours ago, by Shadow Wizard
Farewell @Kasra and thanks for everything you've done in Stack Exchange! :)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog he left to join the tech team of some meditation and wellness startup
I hope he enjoys it. :) I also noticed Ana's departure on Friday... :( It's sad to see the people you interact with depart.
@rene 🥞™
there is apparently no waffle emoji.. at least on windows 10
7:39 PM
I'm emojiless
> Waffle is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 12.0 scheduled for release in 2019 and was added to draft Emoji 12.0 in 2018.
@Catija you do realize we're coming back around to chinese from the long way round right?
It's just optimized for brush strokes which isn't an issue here
or that
7:41 PM
Because English isn't unclear enough as it is, let's make it even less so by using emoji for words...
Apparently, no one uses the bagel emoji to mean bagel.
hopefully thats visible in your country
Yup, it is.
7:43 PM
YouTube allows VPNs
@Mgetz Sometimes I feel like a lighthouse :3
@πάνταῥεῖ Gotta keep your lights on (a metaphore for having a halo and being good)
I understood the metaphor well
follow that up with some Self Control - Laura Branigan
7:58 PM
Jun 2 '15 at 3:28, by Shog9
The 80s were just a bad dream that lasted almost a decade.
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