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2:31 AM
Offensive and toxic (based on Smoke Detector): biology.stackexchange.com/questions/74237/…
but not overly toxic
question... kinda smells like spam...
@Shog9 looks like toxic for me
Eh, removing the bad word would make it a low quality answer but an answer nonetheless.
@Catjia Eh, it would make it a low quality answer...
I feel like "toxic" has to be context sensitive to some degree
2:37 AM
@Shog9 Yeah.
like, beer is arguably toxic
@Shog9 toxic for me too
but if you're normally drinking beer, and you say "don't drink that beer, it's toxic" - there better be high levels of methyl in there
...now I want a beer
@Shog9 I want a beer too!
Speaking of booze, Andy specifically told me to thank you for the recommendation.
2:40 AM
What is the recommendation?
ah... Yeah, that's some good stuff
glad he liked it
I liked it.
2 hours later…
4:45 AM
foal born today 2018-06-19
6:01 AM
@YvetteColomb Well hello!
6:16 AM
@YvetteColomb Beschuit met muisjes (sorry, Dutch only so you have to Google translate it a bit)
49 messages moved to Chimney
6:58 AM
Got a registered post about an hour ago from DHL India saying complete KYC process. First I didn't understand why should I do that. But when read further, it's a shipment from US and I have to complete KYC with DHL in order to get customs clearance. And the contents ...... T shirt and stickers
Looks like the SO Swag for winterbash event
yet to receive
7:17 AM
@OptimusPrime nice! For me it was done over phone.
I wear the shirt sometimes, gave everything else to my kids. :D
Should also contain 1L bottle which is cool.
@ShadowWizard the letter said it contains a T shirt and stickers
by the way, got an achievement recently
@OptimusPrime and that's it?
@OptimusPrime which?
@ShadowWizard don't know. it may take few more days to receive the package. currently it is hold by the customs
@ShadowWizard don't know. it may take few more days to receive the package. currently it is hold by the customs
@ShadowWizard got my name listed on Microsoft Hall of Fame
@OptimusPrime wait, for what event was it?? Silly Moose?
@OptimusPrime cool!! How come?
@ShadowWizard They need to know whom going to receive the package. That's why DHL want me to complete KYC (Know your Customer) by uploading some documents. So that they can proceed to get clearance from airport customs
7:28 AM
@OptimusPrime but for what? Finding bug in Windows or IE?
To be honest, with the millions of bugs.... this probably can't be that hard..... :D
@ShadowWizard They had a configuration issue in their domain aka.ms
When tracking on DHL, till bangalore, it contained 1 piece
2.0 horse finally realised
7:50 AM
@YvetteColomb can we look forward to weekly foal updates now? :D
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Ethereum downloading blocks stuck by a153 on ethereum.SE
sd ignore
@ShadowWizard [:7038218] Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
8:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly non-Latin answer: Greater on the right side in Java by 王德森 on codereview.SE
1 hour later…
9:36 AM
The room title could be considered false advertising.
we have no @Bart, so no star to look at...
we have no Telkitty, so no chickens....
the free waffles... have been out-of-stock for months now...
and the crickets... where are the crickets?
9:56 AM
@Derpy what happened to bart btw?
He opted out ...
10:26 AM
@Magisch ^ this.
that is inaccurate.
This is far more realistic.
@Derpy I don't understand, any particular events responsible?
10:43 AM
not really. I was just stating that user contribution rapidly decreases as the "how much annoyance I have to put up with to contribute" coefficient rises.
Since lately a lot of established users seem to have either quitted or entered hibernation because of the many changes&drama...
maybe Bart is now sleeping in a cave too.
ooooooook, Twitter onebox can go VERY wrong
let's redo this.
> The company that sent me the pictured fingerprint lock has provided the security quote of the year: “... the lock is invincible to the people who do not have a screwdriver.
reminds me of that 450$ smart lock that had a clipped on base panel you could remove and then only a piece of cardboard glued to the back of the battery was between you and the contents of the lock
@Derpy @Bart is not affected by drama. ;)
@Derpy huh? How so?
oh, it's big
Probably same root issue as the one in this feature request:
Q: The Amazon is huge, but that doesn't mean the oneboxes need to be

UndoRecently, animuson was dissatisfied with his clock. Therefore, one of our illustrious members sought out an Amazon link to a clock that would solve all of animuson's needs. And this happened: It's huge. Like, screen-shatteringly huge. It even prompted this message: Why are Amazon one-boxes...

11:08 AM
@ShadowWizard yep... right...
^ good luck, @ShadowWizard
... sadly, Spongebob doesn't have a "6-8 time units later" card
I don't expect any reply from @Hynes to be honest... I do it almost as instinct.
Surprised you're fan of spongebob, he's... not really couth... and as far away from ponies as kids show can be. No? @Derpy
@ShadowWizard who said I am a fan of Spongebob? It's Lizzy who is a fan of Spongebob time-cards.
To be fair, I didn't even know the actual source of those until a coworker pointed that out.
ohh lol
So you have coworkers following your actions? Nice.... ;)
nope, the thing went much simpler. A co-worker said "one eternity later" while running a set of unit tests, I asked if he was referencing Lizzy and the reply was "those are taken from Spongebob"
Simple indeed!
11:25 AM
@Derpy "So much later that the previous narrator quit and we had to hire a new one"
@Magisch Yep, I have to admit that was a nice one.
In the meantime, I just read Light Yagami from Death Note is in the new Jump Force game. But not as a playable character.
What a let down.
Even better, people arguing that "Light has never been a playable character in any Jump game"...
yep, never...
11:41 AM
maybe the laughing producer should have a look at Jump Ultimate Star. Was an assist there, but OHKO moves where far from powerful.
And that even leaving Arale out of the picture...
That said, they are clearly making a Dragonball fighting game with non-dragonball characters.
Maybe if they really wanted to include a lot of series for the 50th Jump anniversary... going the Smash route would have made a lot more sense :P
12:00 PM
been disconnected from the Taverns and SE for 3 days, and suddenly many changed
!!/coffee Suraj
@ShadowWizard brews a cup of Latte for @Suraj
@SomewhatMemorableName 3 days???? Feels like you're always around.
What has changed?
Left nav?
12:02 PM
Question wizard?
umm... you talked here yesterday...
22 hours ago, by Somewhat Memorable Name
Just noticed a design bug, but I believe someone has reported about the questionable tag score's font size on someone's profile?
so you got weird definition for "disconnected". ;)
@SomewhatMemorableName oh, it' alive?
Must admit... @JoeFriend is a man of his word. And timelines. Kudos!
Q: “Ask a question” wizard prototype

Jon ChanYou're all probably wondering who I am and where Joe is. I'm one of the developers on the Developer Affinity & Growth team with him, and I'm excited to tell you about a prototype that we'd love your feedback on. Questions and answers are what Stack Overflow is all about. The starting point for a...

SE actually making things in the time they say they'll be ready is really new and refreshing.
@ShadowWizard my PC's (almost) always online, but these recent 3 days I was almost AFK
so yeah, "disconnected" from the reality Tavern conversation
12:17 PM
So, you missed the Tavern in those three days? @Some
Surprising! Or not.... :D
Chance for more drama soon, the suspension of, eh, "Mr. Clickbait", ends in few hours.... can't tell what he'll do next. If anything at all....
@ShadowWizard mr clickbait?
@Magisch the former SE employee who went Anonymous and think HNQ is total crap, calling it clickbait.
12:42 PM
#hot-network-questions {
display: none;
Sometimes the chat rooms are shown on the right bar (usually when looking at a question, not on the SE main site), sometimes they aren't. What does that depend on?
@AnneDaunted it used to, it's broken since SE moved to new ad platform.
It also seems that the profile page is larger than the main page (I have a smaller window open), so when I'm on MSE it fits perfectly, but once I click on my profile page, the page is larger than my window.
Q: Are chatrooms no longer shown in sidebar on main site, only on meta?

MartinIf you've been using SE network for some time, you have surely seen some chat rooms displayed in the sidebar on the right, something like this: I will add that I consider something like this useful. It promotes chat and displays rooms that had some activity recently. Main question: Were there...

> So in short: the chat module will come back, it just might be a little bit before I can work out all the kinks
"little bit" = 6-8 weeks = unknown time... might be never.
Thanks, Shadow Wizard!
1:01 PM
1:20 PM
@AnneDaunted no repro... you disabled responsive design perhaps?
@ShadowWizard No such command 'responsive'.
Too bad!
@ShadowWizard That's possible. I now had a look at my profile options and "solved" the problem by simply disabling the left navigation bar.
Sweet 16! Exactly 16 non-frozen, non-private, chat rooms in MSE. :D
@AnneDaunted weird, on small screen it should collapse into hamburger menu, like mobile.
What screen you have? (resolution)
That's the point of responsive design, hence I asked. :)
Asking on Mathematics SE: Ask on MSE but with the title Mathematics Stack Exchange.
1:28 PM
@AnneDaunted yeah, they got bad advice in a comment on their previous, now deleted, question.
@ShadowWizard 1920 x 1080
@AnneDaunted umm... that's not small. :)
Wait... what did you mean "I have a smaller window open"? @Anne
@ShadowWizard these days.... a lot of phones are around that res ;p
What window?
@ShadowWizard Reminds me: On another stack, people needed to know the OP's location an so asked them to add the appropriate tag - they added the tag location.
1:30 PM
@JourneymanGeek sure, but didn't sound like Anne is using mobile
no, not mobile. I just meant that I keep my browser window a bit smaller (not full size)
hah, IPS?
@AnneDaunted LOL
TWerking Parents? :P
1:31 PM
That was my second guess
@ShadowWizard :-) The Workplace
yeah, @Journeyman was faster. ;)
man, so tired
!!/coffee @Journey
huh? Smokey is out of coffee?
@ShadowWizard Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
1:33 PM
@ShadowWizard lol. had some stuff go badly wrong at work yesterday, slept most of the day, and another nightshift ;)
@SmokeDetector so why don't you make coffee???
@JourneymanGeek ouch. "badly wrong" sounds really nasty. o_O:D
no sleep
lots of running around
But.. why?
@JourneymanGeek I hold you responsible for making me want to get a yorkshire terrier
@ShadowWizard oddly enough. If I told you, I'd be in violation of the OSA ;p
1:36 PM
I shall get one as soon as I move
@Magisch consider mini schnauzers as well
they're kinda squeeky but great dogs
current plan is to go to the shelter and pick the small dog I like the most
and the one that likes you the most
That factors into how much I like them
when we got ash...
he was a funny looking anklebiter ;p
1:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek boo
OSA is bad then!
violating it would be worse
and lol
@Magisch <jedi-mind-trick>cat🐈cat🐈cat🐈cat🐈cat🐈cat🐈cat🐈cat🐈cat</jedi-mind-trick>
I NEED this job
@Derpy have you seen journey'S dog?
I want one like that
small comfy dog :D
@Magisch he has his days XD
He didn't want me going to work today lol
well this evening
1:45 PM
@Magisch I am sure you can find one at the local cat shelter.
@JourneymanGeek jail?
I think
and mucho fines
if cat then I want a maine coon or norwegian forest cat again
those are so fluffy
they are
1:48 PM
I don't think I can own a small dog without a beard again
norwegian forest cats are also really affectionate
hacking into @JourneymanGeek's computer to find out all hiz secretz
@ShadowWizard the joke is...
there's probably none
unless you want to see the progress or lack of it in my matchmaking process ;p
1:48 PM
Actually, just need to hack your Facebook, it's all in there already anyway. :D
They log our key strokes and mouse movements, for heavens sake! Like the worst of malware.
I haven't logged into my facebook in years
You'd probably find out more about me from SE chat
@JourneymanGeek rofl... you think you need to log in in order for them to do it? ;)
I'd need to have opened facebook on that machine I assume
I literally spend 99% of my time on SE or stuff I run myself
oh and google
1:51 PM
hmm... trying password "ash"....
I have a facebook blocking ublock filter
blocks all their tracking pixels too
One can't block Facebook
ish, you can
Don't be surprised if they still collect everything about you.
1:52 PM
some sites wont work if you try, though
oh surely
Think Facebook even found a way to block/disable Chrome developer console.
@ShadowWizard but there's nothing to collect about me ;p
also google's approach to that is lulzier
@ShadowWizard the "we are doing this for you so that you can't copy & execute evilevil scripts that will hack you" thing?
@JourneymanGeek well from context I know your full name, rough adress, how you look like, and quite a bit more
@Magisch there's very few photos of me online
1:55 PM
@AnneDaunted Not sure if you saw this but profile pages aren't compliant yet with responsive design... that's a known issue.
you know my full name off SE, country, maybe you can piece together where I live if you're local
oh that I've got thinning hair and I'm a little fat ;p
@Derpy yeah
@JourneymanGeek umm... you posted some YouTube vids of you.... no?
I'm usually the one with the camera lol
so maybe my voice?
@JourneymanGeek there are videos with your whole family on it?
Think I saw your feet!
1:56 PM
And dog vids
@Magisch guess who holds the camera? ;p
I didn't look much, I just trawled through the channel to find more ash content
its mostly ash content
and my brother's engagement is unlisted IIRC
.... might have my graduation
but then you need to know my name and sit through it until I turn up
@JourneymanGeek that's not hard. Your name is literally in your youtube channel
ah damn google and real names ;p
( fun fact, I responded to, and will likely still respond to, people calling me Geek IRL)
2:00 PM
I also have considered changing my legal name to that a few times as a angsty teen
I still picture you as the dog btw
even after knowing what you really look like
That happens a lot ;p
@Magisch Does not compute.
Compute does not
2:02 PM
@Catija I've seen his avatar for so long that I associate "Journeyman Geek" with the dog avatar
just like I associate you with your son
or a stuffed hippo ;p
even though you changed it a couple times the general theme is the same
@Magisch Yeah, that's sort of the joke... you're implying he's not the dog... and that's what doesn't compute. ;)
@JourneymanGeek Hippo was first, that's true.
And Hippo's last (I think) profile is preserved in my stackexchange.com profile.
ah, I've always done gravatar
2:03 PM
I actually need to do a new mod-hat avatar since ash got his teeth fixed
@ShadowWizard I think I have finally found which pony suits you the most. Star Tracker.
@Catija heh, the funniest thing was when I was talking on root access about ash's artitis...
and someone assumed the human had the issues, not the dog
@Catija Correct!
2:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek I'm lucky if I can get Hippo and Bennett together. I've sort of given up on the mod hat for the time being.
Read the plot of the episode he appears in...
@Catija I just get ash tired first
or distracted
he hates being photographed amusingly enough
Yeah, that doesn't work with Bennett... he just gets grumpy.
for every got one, there's... 4-5 bad ones
@Catija that's me!
2:13 PM
@ShadowWizard again, read the plot of the episode...
I would say it is pretty fitting :P
Basically, the whole episode could be summarized as
omg... this is so funny.... or sad... can't decide!!
Free our spy. He has kids. He is a father. #חינם_גונן_שגב #FreeGonenSegev
Wow... EOS.IO still only has like 7 meta questions... total.
Sorry... 6.
And one of them is their mod nomination post.
The funny part is the Hebrew which is wrong. "free" in this context should be something totally else... the sad part is that it's real, i.e. he's really a spy.
@Catija well, as long as there are people willing to become mods and active community on the main site, the site should survive.
Yeah... I don't know that there are. The site stats are really bad... and the moderator nominees are often unaccepted (in the case of nominations).
@Catija hm.
Well, I kinda think if that's the case at some point they'll shutter it?
2:21 PM
But they have 10 QPD... but the question quality... is kinda bad. Questions with multiple questions in one, questions that are just asking for links to resources...
IDK, blockchain frenzy and all that
Have you heard anything back?
still no
I'm still seriously teed off at dad
I can't believe he'd send the email assuming that they'd received the first one... while knowing that they probably didn't... that makes no sense.
and tbh, there hasn't really been anyone who seems as good a fit so far
2:29 PM
:( And I'm guessing it's not acceptable for you to more take things into your own hands?
I emailed her mom directly
But you haven't heard anything back...
well, its a big decision even at this point
and well...
@Catija Thanks for letting me know! Well, I didn't like the left nav bar and getting rid of it solved the problem, so it's fine.
Sometimes you do what you can, and let fate deal with the rest, lol
2:31 PM
@JourneymanGeek It's a big decision to just respond? What would be her parents' next step?
If they're ok...
Probably get us both talking
then see if its a good fit
@AnneDaunted Sure. :) There are a bunch of pages that are affected by it - the ask a question page, for example... but if you turn off the sidebar, you shouldn't have any issues until you make your browser width narrower.
but ugh. I'm not sure its an easy recovery from that mail
My dad did not come across well
Ugh. Sounds like a good question for IPS... "My dad completely blew this introduction with a potential arranged marriage partner - how can I respond in a way that might help convince them that I'm not as incompetent". :P
I did lol
I think dad kinda thinks I'm not ready
and is a bit distracted by the other thing
2:34 PM
Ugh... I think he isn't ready... or your mom isn't... you're the only one left at home, right?
Empty nest fears. :P
but well
But it would be nice to have someone help me too!
So, no move on convincing your aunt to do it for you instead?
Or you have to convince your parents to get her involved?
@Catija mom's passed on info for the one I'm super keen on, and one more mom thinks is an ok alternative
might be giving them a call soonish
2:36 PM
> Auntee!! Please help me, dad is really messing up my chances with this really amazing girl!
sigh lol
there's a lot of build up for a total stranger I found by accident lol
aaaand luckily the topic was hijacked before @ShadowWizard actually checked which character I compared him to :P
Not total stranger - potential spouse... who just happens to be a stranger at the moment.
@Catija well my brother went through about 4 meetups beforehe ended up with the one he married...
@Catija heh, maybe!
But she has to say maybe first
... yeah... so either you need to do it in one... or a dozen.
2:38 PM
Not four!
Four is unlucky in Japan, anyway... probably other places, too.
I don't even know XD
dad threw me about 10 profiles...
I didn't meet the critieria they listed of 4...
2 were.. erm...
Tetraphobia (from Greek τετράς—tetras, "four" and φόβος—phobos, "fear") is the practice of avoiding instances of the number 4. It is a superstition most common in East Asian nations. == Rationale == The Chinese word for four (四, pinyin: sì, jyutping: sei3), sounds quite similar to the word for death (死, pinyin: sǐ, jyutping: sei2), in many varieties of Chinese. Similarly, the Sino-Japanese, Sino-Korean, and Sino-Vietnamese words for four, shi (し, Japanese), and sa (사, Korean), sound similar or identical to death in each language (see Korean numerals, Japanese numerals, Vietnamese numerals...
I know it sounds shallow but rather unattractive
Physical attraction is important... just remember that photos aren't always representative.
2:40 PM
so I passed him the list and he'll probably sit on it
@Catija oh, I'm not meaning supermodel looks or anything....
Oh, I know. :D
Or even in comparison to the one I showed you, lol
The one you like is cute... but not like a supermodel.
(cause so far she's the cutest of the lot)
She looks comfortable in her skin.
2:42 PM
and tbh, that's actually kinda.. important
and while I'm not super super considering acedemics and work...
I'd rather someone who took the chance and did what they love over someone who did one of the more "reputable" courses of study cause it was expected of them
(like other than the ones who have PHDs, its like 99% of young ladies in my community seem to have studied accountancy)
@Catija and then it crashes...
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, that seems really good... and like something it'd be nice to tell your kids to do. ;)
@Catija eh.
I actually feel that my culture these days is too focused on well...
what you are and how much you make
over who you are
Yeah. That's sort of my point. Focus on being you, not some successful person who's hiding behind that success.
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