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12:06 AM
Why do you want to shut it down?
does keeping it have any value at all?
How much does it cost you?
can you go static?
It might be useful to show people that I have done a big project before.
It doesn't cost much.
I think I might clean it up a bit and archive the unfinished parts to have any value as static things.
12:27 AM
I know we all are mostly against fun or humor, but this seems to be even worth a one box:
2 hours later…
2:29 AM
@πάνταῥεῖ PRIMITIVES...
they have VCRs and CRTs?
I think chat's happier about appropriate fun
Main sites are all FUN IST VERBHOTEN! SCHNELL?
(my german is worse than my french... nothing is worse than my polish, of which i speak none)
and all the russian I know is SOVETSKY SOYUTZ!
Which is sadly useless since the soviets got replaced by a slightly less cool evil empire that dosen't even pretend to be for the people.
@Catija ?
That's just a weird thought.
Most of it was, lol
2 hours later…
5:01 AM
1 more hour later...
5:24 AM
After uncounted time and eons passing....
1 hour later…
6:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek true! And I still have no idea what @Catija meant by that. :/
@YvetteColomb My first animal picture here: a mama bear and her two cubs
morning everyone
I found this on HNQ and there are some really mean comments on it
6:51 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog does it symbolize anything?
@Magisch can't see them now... most or all written by user called "SSimon", I guess?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog amazing :)
I am confused who is the problem here? student or advisor? apparently, the student doesn't care much, but advisor don't want to look soft. There is also quilt trip of OP bcs he was a father once. If you want help him unconditionally, or it is possible that you are bad in interviewing and assesing references? — SSimon yesterday
how did they accept him in frist place? — SSimon yesterday
@electrique ower UK student? — SSimon yesterday
And then one about how people with aspergers can "never have a good reputation or collaboration" in academia
@Magisch how is this mean?
@Magisch how is this mean?
One has full right to be offended by anything, we've been through it a lot, I simply can't see anything wrong of offensive personally in those comments.
7:06 AM
It's the general tone of their comments on that q
didn't flag the latter two as rude, but they add to the generally iffy tone
Well, one has the right to not be satisfied with something and say it. But say it in a non offensive way, and that appears the case there.
We can't force people to use nice tone, I'm afraid.
'family issues' is a shield phrase. That is what all students/employees learn as the answer to use when asked 'Why did you not turn up for lectures/fwork/whatever' when they have no explanation they can give. A reply of 'family issues', and nothing more at all, is well-known by tutors/employers - it means 'none of your business, you cannot ask any more questions without losing in any future court actions'.
considering they have a baby at home it's also probably the real reason
@MartinJames shield phrase... heh. Reminds me of GDPR for some reason. :D
"The sitter cancelled on me and I've had to watch the baby every day for 3 weeks" is more then a little "TMI" for a phd advisor, don't you think @MartinJames?
7:20 AM
@ShadowWizard lol, when I posted it, I did notice that it sounded a bit legalese. I am not a lawyer, honest! Please believe me! I'm just a serial killer and child abuser - I have no legal qualifications at all! :)
@MartinJames eww, you're Evil Dexter! :P
@ShadowWizard lol
7:42 AM
@ShadowWizard I'm on the autism spectrum, and I definitely do see something wrong in those comments.
Like I said... anyone got the right to feel offended or see insults everywhere. :)
@ShadowWizard "Be Nice" policy
All good, but I don't think that it's wrong to express opinions.
I'm not offended tbh but that tone doesn't jive with me
feels gross somehow. Idk where that's coming from just does
@ShadowWizard Well in theory...
we can...
It won't end well, but... sure
7:46 AM
sure, and lose most of the users.
Think that's the direction anyway.
Stack Exchange will be super nice, but empty.
@ShadowWizard I suspect most users won't care as long as they can ask questions
and "not nice" is "noise"
@JourneymanGeek I talk about those who answer.
@ShadowWizard that's another problem, but I kinda feel that more on chat than elsewhere
I'm not annoying ;_;

... not too much, at least
and a lot of the ones who complain arn't the ones who go.
Unless they crash and burn and ragequit
and on the other hand, if folks think being "not nice" is fine, we lose people we'd rather keep
Only that that is a problem that isn't going to be handled that effectively from the top
7:51 AM
@Derpy hehe, not you. :)
ones again though
@JourneymanGeek it's not being "not nice", it's not being able to say anything anymore for the fear of being flagged anyway.
@ShadowWizard ya, the chilling effect's kinda a problem we have at the moment
(e.g. "this answer is incorrect because [x, y, z]" - this now can be flagged as it can offend the author somehow.)
eh, whether the flag is accepted though?
cause in theory a no longer needed flag can be appropriate in some cases
7:53 AM
@JourneymanGeek no mod, three or four of those and poof, comment gone. And its author knows he did something wrong, so won't explain downvotes anymore.
And that's a small part.
and... kinda ironically, isn't that something that has been discouraged for years?
"Wait! A lot of your recent comments have been flagged and deleted. Before posting your comment, please read the [guidelines for commenting]".
@JourneymanGeek explaining downvotes in constructive way has been encouraged.
(Hypothetical message)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog has been suggested
@ShadowWizard and if the OP's seen it and reacted... we want it gone anyway
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog ... Pretty sure it should have been anyway ;p
This would be useful on IPS, which has a stricter comment policy than most sites
Every time I see that text, I go "its... not a clarification request" and .... not post a comment
so I guess that works? ;p
@Catija you meant "until you build up the muscle memory" right? Because unless you also memorize a lot of kanji... you writing will look like a 9 year old anyway :P
@JoeFriend hey, just wonder if the fact "Left nav, new theming and responsiveness" got -136 score has any effect on future plans regarding it? Obviously it's too late to undo/reverse it, but what about things that haven't been started yet? Personally I do support it, but can also understand the many people who are against changes, using "if it's not broken, don't fix it" mantra.
-136 isn't that low, some got even worse... :)
Net rep gain is still positive too: 630-524=106 rep
8:04 AM
@ShadowWizard and more than the raw score what the answers say are important
@JourneymanGeek yup, but most just vote without leaving answer.
People may have specific dislikes - the 'standardisation' of team elements, I dislike. The left sidebar on the other hand I'm ok with.
We should also take into account anonymous feedback from those without rep to downvote.
the fact that meta works gloriously on my phone makes me happy for when SU supports it.
(since I need to use desktop view on my phone to mod)
Someone wrote in a comment that the new design is like Facebook... I honestly can't see how??
oh, top comment.
The new layout feels like facebook. I don't wanna be on facebook :/ — rafid059 Jun 12 at 17:42
Think people just like to label anything they don't like as "feels like Facebook".
8:06 AM
8:31 AM
worse....it looks like....

them's fighting words
@JourneymanGeek Them's Fighting Herds
Them's Flighting Nerds.
...... and thanks to the magic of Google, now I know that someone actually made Sheldon Cooper as a MUGEN character
9:35 AM
I'm status-completed on MSO ...
@rene I dream the day someone will get the gold hammer power on a tag like
I wonder if using said power to reopen all the closed questions should be considered "abuse the system" or "ok, we get it, this power makes no sense for some tags"
only reopen dupes
@rene plant more rene flowers
@Derpy gold hammers can only dupe close tho
yep sorry, my bad.
Make it "close as dupe of the Announcing ToS change question"
3 hours later…
12:27 PM
sorry Smokey, nopony here
12:40 PM
Debugging app, finding out the specs don't match....
printing out a kanji
sticking that on your forehead...
1:25 PM
肉 on forehead
@Derpy Mojibake?
@Mgetz Retsuko
Just noticed a design bug, but I believe someone has reported about the questionable tag score's font size on someone's profile?
@Derpy yo no hable
@SomewhatMemorableName tag score font size is different depending on the score, it's been like that for years.
but no, didn't notice any related bug report.
@Derpy right I started to try to watch that and couldn't get into it
3 hours later…
4:36 PM
@ShadowWizard The up/down vote tally isn't particularly meaningful on meta, from my point of view. There are so many layers to making UX changes like this. And, the role of feedback on meta is unclear for many people. I'm working on a post that lays out my thoughts on the role of feedback from the community. So, I'll leave all that for that post.
But, there is quite a bit of good feedback in the answers. Not all of it is actionable, but we are already working on some specific improvements based on it.
4:46 PM
5:39 PM
@JoeFriend and yet it has a significant and important affect on participation
5:55 PM
@JoeFriend I'm really glad to hear that. It's so interesting to me that, on one hand, we get complaints that y'all don't take input from the community but, at the same time, when stuff is rolled out "incomplete" the way you're doing it with this, they complain that you're making half-finished work live. Sure, you could wait to release until it was more complete but you might make some choices that the community has a better solution for.
I think you're supposed to post a question on MSx
I think it's much more useful to y'all to get feedback at intermediate stages so that you might save yourself time working on either something people really, really have issues with or can opt to work on something that more people find to be of value.
how about experimental features being opt-x?
Sort of like user-selected A/B testing? I'm not sure how easy that would be to implement... plus, I'd worry that the people selecting to opt in might not be totally representative...
But maybe?
6:05 PM
Better than reducing usability for people who you won't get feedback from anyways
Here's the thing: you roll out a feature change that affects everyone, there's a really good chance it's going to affect a non-trivial number of people badly.
You can make it opt-in, opt-out, gradual rollout, A/B tested up the wazoo...
<cue XKCD spacebar heating>
...and maybe that'll help you quantify how many folks are likely to be helped vs. hindered by the change...
...but at some point, it goes live for everyone and that *n*% are still unhappy
So all these other things, they have good uses, but not making people unhappy isn't one of them. If you didn't want n% unhappy, you wouldn't roll it out.
and they'll complain you didn't listen to feedback
They complain anyway.
6:08 PM
I'm pretty sure nobody involved in this sidebar thing labored under the idea that lots and lots of people don't hate sidebars.
Lots and lots of people hate sidebars. Either because they get in the way, or because they tend to put lots of non-contextual tools ready at hand in lieu of useful, contextual tools, or simply because they associate the layout with Facebook / MSDN / Amazon / DevGuru.com / some other site they hate.
We don't suddenly have a left-hand sidebar because left-hand sidebars are universally loved
Why then?
We have it because in theory it allows us to expand navigation without making the top bar 6 inches high.
... or requiring users to depend on 8 different dropdown menus and remembering what's in each one so they can pick the right one the first time.
That's the reason. And it's a very important reason, but it is NOT a reason that everyone is going to appreciate.
If I just want to see questions in the half-dozen tags that interest me every day, a sidebar isn't going to thrill me. It does nothing for how I use the site and may even get in the way. And there's no amount of testing that's going to change that.
remembering your dropdowns would have been easier if they weren't icon-only and moving around with each update :P
6:13 PM
Note that I'm emphatically NOT saying that testing is bad or a waste of time. Just that you need to do it for the right reasons.
Chief among them, making sure that
1. your design actually accomplishes what you need it to
2. your design doesn't actively hurt other use-cases more than you expected it to
This is why stuff like New Nav got put behind opt-in feature flags: it wasn't entirely clear that it'd do what it was supposed to and had a very real chance of breaking the site for a lot of folks.
The sidebar may be annoying, but most stuff still works just fine even if you're constantly annoyed.
@Shog9 This was the same for the office ribbon, but you moved their cheese
If, suddenly, you can't filter by tag or search or follow links... That's a much bigger deal. That's gotta be caught and ironed out before you hit the entire population with it.
exactly 1mm to the right
or boot your computer :P
@Mgetz tangential, but the Ribbon is a fascinating case-study in doing this sort of work. Office was notorious for either not putting tools in the context where they were needed or actively putting modal screens up where normally-accessible tools were needed but now blocked. Half the point of the Ribbon was to be context-aware enough to give folks the tools they needed, when they needed them, without getting in the way...
...unfortunately, doing this involved potentially breaking hard-learned workflows for millions of people.
6:18 PM
@JohnDvorak that's not as funny as it sounds SE is a major target for malware authors that would LOOOOVE to get their nasty script running on SE sites
MS did some pretty crazy stuff to mitigate that, but compromises only go so far.
i hate the ribbon
@Mgetz I believe the EU gov't has even succeeded in that :P
@JohnDvorak no but it's another reason I think that SE needs a CSP
> Oh BTW, we too remember everything about you.
6:19 PM
Sadly SE also needs a LOT of things
security is just one item on that list
I used pre-Ribbon office heavily for years, and... Particularly in MS-Word... I grew to absolutely loathe it. Completely stupid UI. Ribbon launched with a lot of half-baked ideas and was not in any way clearly better than what came before... But it laid the groundwork for improvements that would've been impossible prior to that point, and that's what paid off long-term.
That's where this sidebar thing is trying to go. Right now, it's not clearly better than the top bar nav. In some ways, it is clearly much worse. But, it is a foundation that can be built on.
the new left nav, i understand the purpose of it and agree, but then it has this whole... "create team" button that just gets under my skin
@KevinB You are gonna hate that I ran the Word product management team for the 2007 release and was intimately involved in the ribbon. ;)
The success or fail of this will hing on our willingness to actually build. Not just toss a couple more links in there for Teams, but actually build out the sidebar to be the sort of comprehensive, context-aware navigation that SO has never had.
Perhaps don't roll out the foundation before there's something standing on it?
6:22 PM
The thing with the ribbon for me though was that i rarely ever used MS products
@Shog9 this assumes that the EU doesn't pass their insane copyright directive and destroys the internet first!
so when one day i happened to need it, it was all of a sudden a very different ui that i didn't know my way around, and i still rarely use it, so never really got to the point where i did know my way around it
And, I gotta be completely honest: that will require 100x more work than what we have right now. It isn't gonna be a clear win tomorrow, or next month. If we're dedicated, it might be by the end of the year, and by the end of next folks will be saying "how could we have waited so long for this"... But none of that is proven yet, so asking folks to trust us is both insufficient and the best we can muster.
I can go into detail about how the ribbon was a roaring success for the goals set out by the product team even though a very vocal subset of dedicated users hated. It is important to note that the ribbons goals were both usability and strategic in nature. I could go on and on about this stuff. But I won't.
@Mgetz I mean... That's the optimist perspective: the EU might destroy the Internet first and we can all just learn goat farming instead.
6:24 PM
The version of Office I use on my Mac still doesn't have the ribbon.
@Catija you sure that's office?
Yep. Andy used to have an MSDN membership from his old work and he got me a free copy of... 2011...
@Shog9 I can see them doing this merely to prop up the artisan goat industry
@Catija Clearly you need to upgrade. ;)
Arrghh! Who mentioned the ribbon controls? Overnight, I went from a competent Word user to being totally useless.
6:26 PM
@MartinJames I did, in the context of fixing what was beyond repair in a way everybody hated at the time
@JoeFriend I am getting more used to it... I use it at work and I'm almost able to remember where the stuff I use the most often is. ;) But I can't get it for free any more, so :(
I actually like the Ribbon. It drives people to LibreOffice instead :P
eh, i just hate marketing in general, and to me it feels like that is the primary goal of the new nav.
@JohnDvorak which had non-modal styling dialogs YEARS before Word did. Still can't believe it took MS so long to copy that.
But better late than never.
@Catija Stack Overflow uses Google docs (and company) and I really miss office. Though, working on a Mac these days makes me miss it less. I have a strong preference for the Windows apps.
6:27 PM
@Shog9 if only you knew just how broken the office codebase was... you'd cry
oh the hours I wasted trying to merge Word documents from multiple contributors none of whom used styles...
I've never worked for Microsoft but I've heard horror stories about the word and excel codebases
@Shog9 What about this alternate proposal?
One more point about the dupes: I believe most of the new users don't like their questions marked as duplicates, because many people tend to downvote these (for lack of research efforts). Wouldn't it be better to lock such duplicates for downvoting (below zero score) instead? If these aren't upvoted, roomba can take care of them if there's no positive score. — πάντα ῥεῖ 32 mins ago
codebases for Word and Excel, or in Word and Excel?
@KevinB What makes your comment so funny is that marketing the Teams feature was an afterthought in terms of the left nav. Using teams was a huge consideration.
6:28 PM
@JoeFriend I like Google's suite OK but there are a lot of things that I don't think I can do... I'm too used to Office, particularly Word and Excel.
@Catija Me too
I'd rather just get the menu Meta SO gets on Main SO
@Mgetz I spent several years automating various Office apps via their COM APIs, and hacking on the raw document formats. Both of which were crufty as hell. I can't imagine the code that sat behind either was any better.
@JoeFriend If marketing it was low-priority, would y'all consider making the SO interface look more like the MSO one for users who aren't on Teams?
@Shog9 I did too, both my first internship and my first job out of school were working on C# or J# in one case office addins
6:30 PM
than have 'Create Team'. for now i've just removed it myself, but getting the meta menu back is a bit more work than i'm willing to put forth the effort for atm.
"here's what the spec says this means. Now, ignore that, because Word does something entirely different depending on the presence of a record earlier in the document, so look for that and set a flag..."
@Shog9 apparently powerpoint isn't too bad for c++98 code
@Shog9 My colleague does that as well, an his WTF/min rate gets pretty high when he's working on it ;)
@Mgetz I can't tell if that's a compliment or not
@Catija I didn't say it was a low priority. I said it was an after thought. We need an easily accessible way for people to learn about Teams. We just didn't think about it a lot when we were designing the left nav.
6:31 PM
@Shog9 This is why they switched to the XML formats apparently, they had to comply with the DOJ settlement and realized just how much of a mess the binary formats were that they literally had no documentation.
@Mgetz heh... Yeah, I remember that whole mess
@Shog9 Dunno, the friend who'd seen the codebase didn't elaborate
can't it just be a link like jobs is?
@JoeFriend Ah. That's fair... Though, I think the same question sort of applies? Couldn't the sidebar look like MSO and still have the Teams info?
open office format vs. Doc vs. office XML: FIGHT!
6:32 PM
@Mgetz Not true. No direct connection between XML formats and DOJ.
seems slimey to me to make it a bait and switch.
I ended up just giving up and generating RTF for everything. It ended up being a lot more portable, albeit with some really awful hacks for Unicode support
@KevinB Honestly i really don't understand the aversion to the Teams entry. But I'm listening.
@JoeFriend I'll have to trust you on that, but the scuttlebutt I heard from friends that are there was that was a motivating factor (but definitely not the only one by a long shot)
How is it bait and switch?
6:33 PM
OpenOffice format is just zipped XML. And pretty readable, too
It's "Create Team +", it leads to people not in the know to think they can create a team. but you can't, unless you're willing to enter a credit card
@KevinB So, we can only tell you about free features? Where is that rule?
pricing is pretty front&center upon clicking that link.
@JoeFriend label it as paid in the link itself
6:35 PM
it's not like you enter your team details & then find out it ain't free at the last step.
@JoeFriend Personally I'd appreciate a small (paid) annotation
one click earlier. One bait earlier.
TEAM$ ............... +$$
@Mgetz My team drove the entire process of defining the formats and working with the governing standards bodies. DOJ wasn't a focus.
I know you all understand that we provide a free service to 50 million people a month and need to pay for it some how. Stack Overflow has run a deficit until this year. Services like Enterprise and Teams (along with Careers and ads) will be the way that my team can keep investing in the free public service.
meh, the fact that the entire left nav was changed to support the Teams feature, the addition of the "Create Team" button just makes it look like it's going to be a free. feature that everyone can use, but it's not.
IMO if you're not participating in teams, it should be no more than the Jobs link is.
Make call outs to it in the advertisement areas or in other ways.
6:40 PM
Eh, there are other reasons for nav changes. We've pretty much maxed out what we could do with trying to fit all the things into the topbar
My understanding is that the left nav is part of the site styling unification to move to a simpler network-wide site design... moving the links into the left sidebar is a way to make the page header between the question content and the top bar shorter and still give people what they want.
I'm fine with that
@KevinB Well, they could add a hint: with costs
Give me the one from meta
@KevinB as I said above, this isn't going to be how it ends up.
19 mins ago, by Shog9
The success or fail of this will hing on our willingness to actually build. Not just toss a couple more links in there for Teams, but actually build out the sidebar to be the sort of comprehensive, context-aware navigation that SO has never had.
6:41 PM
"Home, Questions, Tags, Users, Jobs, Teams"
So, is "Home" included for ease of people who aren't aware that the site name takes you to "home" already? ... or is there some future plans for it that aren't implemented at this point?
I like that suggestion quite a bit
@Catija Both.
A: Live: Left nav, new theming and responsiveness

doppelgreenerAdd Help, Meta and Chat links into the sidebar. feature-request The site switcher contains some pretty major site navigation features. I'd classify them as equally important as being able to navigate to users and tags, if not more important or more likely to be used. What if we added these to...

6:44 PM
well.. currently "Stack Overflow" link actually takes you to /questions
@KevinB I'm not talking about that "Stack Overflow".
I'm talking about the logo in the upper left corner.
Nah, it was unclear in how I wrote it... most sites will just say "Questions" - only SO says "Stack Overflow".
... And that's one of the pieces of confusion people have... sort of like the "why is there this "public" section if I don't have a "private" section I'm actually a member of?
@Shog9 I only like half of that.
@Catija the half that puts meta & chat as first-class nav elements, I hope
i do like that
6:48 PM
@Shog9 Yes. I feel the same way you apparently do about the site switcher. I mentioned it to DG in the TL earlier.
I never use the site switcher to actually switch sites. I just type the URL. But I frequently need to switch to/from meta, and on mobile editing URLs to add/remove .meta is fiddly so I use the site switcher (zoomed way in, and still mis-clicking half the time)
I hate it. I hate it so very much.
the my communities portion i'm indifferent about, i don't participate anywhere else other than mse, and i get there via my inbox most of the time
I use the site switcher to get to sites I don't use. Otherwise I have tabs open for the sites I use.
(Main and Meta).
anyone else having issues with slack?
I don't seem to be.
6:53 PM
beyond the general "it's very hard to follow conversations and everyone always talks like they're dropping in notes on the way to A Very Important Meeting" issue?
hmm seems my corporate workspace is having issues
Anyway, my point with linking to that particular suggestion is: losing the meta and chat links (or relegating them to tiny links in the footer) is something that happened years ago now to reduce overcrowding in the top bar.
We made a LOT of kinda unfortunate decisions based on that.
For example: no badges link on SO.
How can we not link to badges?!
Bunch of crap is almost impossible for new users to find unless they already know where to look.
Including "log off"
hmm... is there a reason there's no keyboard shortcut to get to reviews?
I hide the icon because i dislike the red dot, but in doing so there's no way there short of typing it out
I think the shortcut is for tools?
@Shog9 Well, it's under the achievements dropdown...
6:57 PM
@shog Did you notice that one of my messages above was out of band from the ongoing discussion here? I'd still like to get an opinion from you.
7:09 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I don't have an opinion. I'll think about it; first impression is that we don't even know if it's a real problem at this point.
That is, if we enable no-rep user comment flagging and get 10 flags on dup comments in a week... That's not really an indication of much. If we get 10 flags on dup comments and they all say "please answer my question, it's urgent!" then that's even less of a comment on the general perception of dup links
If we get 100 every day, that may be worth trying to dig into
@JohnDvorak There's a reason I use Office 2003 from time to time
That said, my university provides free Office 2016 licenses to students.
@Catija As a UT employee, you should have access too - go to portal.office.com, type "@austin.utexas.edu" into the Email box and click out, it should redirect you to a UT EID login page, and log in there.
I am curious about the not a duplicate flag and what the response to it would be... and it might be interesting if there were a way to suggest a user trying to flag with this reason to a help page explaining how to clear a duplicate closure.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Nothing happens.
@Catija Try "@austin.eid.utexas.edu".
Or try prefacing both with "someone", e.g. "someone@austin.utexas.edu"
@Catija I figured it out. It seems they've updated the login page. Try typing "someone@austin.utexas.edu" and clicking "Next".
I'm at work, so I'll look at it later.
It will say "taking you to your organization's login page" and direct you to a UT EID login.
@Catija Got it.
@YvetteColomb Caribou ^^
7:26 PM
Do users who have posts flagged as duplicates get any guidance on how to edit their post to show it's not a duplicate or otherwise dispute the post being flagged as such?
iirc they get a different box than everyone else does, with instructions
but i don't remember what those instructions were
I mean before it's actually closed. Since the duplicate comment disappears once the post is closed as a duplicate, responding to Tim's question needs to be limited to the time between the first duplicate vote and the fifth close vote.
@Shog9 IMO such is probable for some specific sites (Stack Overflow) + specific tags. But OK, you need to gather that data 1st.
@Catija Just my concerns:
A: Allow New Users To Flag Comments On Their Own Posts

πάντα ῥεῖOne point I am missing from your proposal is, how the new users should be made aware of that feature, and what the purposes of flagging (and its consequences) are. I'm fully with you, that those users should be able to act about blatant rudeness themselves. Though that would require some clear d...

OK, so if that's the case, then that seems more helpful than flagging a comment.
8:07 PM
@AdamLear I'm sorry ...
I'm not going to push my luck with the 6 to 8 weeks joke ... ;)
Haha, it's not gonna be that long.
(Famous last words)
No worries I'll remind you ... later ...
And as always, my stuff trying to be constructive at MSO is downvoted :P
I really have no idea what's DV worthy from my answer.
I'm starting to believe it's still because of my suspension and bad persons shouldn't get a voice.
8:29 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ ... Suspension?
OK... but that assumes that people know you're suspended and look. I didn't know until you mentioned it just now. Since you've got +100 rep on more than five sites, your SO activity doesn't even show up in your MSE user page. Someone would have to go to your network profile to see that you have 1 rep on SO.
They can check my profile, and I'd suspect they frequently do (well, I'm doing so for others)
But yes, feeling being in charge for spam and other flagging triggered by smokey, I've collected quite a number of site joins :3
But your MSE profile doesn't show your SO account at all... that's my point.
Got it ;)
It's buried ...
I am probably suffering from a persecution complex :P ...
8:39 PM
It happens to lots of us. :)
8:49 PM
I spent 6 hours of fever induced debugging to learn that "that's working and it's how you programmed it"
I want to cry
sure, go ahead ...
9:14 PM
Is rude and profane language allowed for translations at language oriented sites?
Q: What does this phrase mean? Wer hat Ihnen denn ins Hirn geschissen?

RenasaurusWhat does this phrase mean? "Wer hat Ihnen denn ins Hirn geschissen?"

@πάνταῥεῖ Generally, yes. There's a caveat for questions about rude language.
@πάνταῥεῖ I learned something today.
Also corrected speling eror.
@Catija They've been asking for a translation, and I did so :3
@πάνταῥεῖ Hirn is brain?
@πάνταῥεῖ Are "translate this for me" questions on topic on the German site?
9:22 PM
@Fabby Yup!
Danke Schön.
@Catija Well, only for exceptional cases.
Is there a different word for "mind" and "brain" in German?
@Fabby Mind could also be Gedächtnis IIRC
That's "thoughts"
9:26 PM
@Shog9 markdown wins!
AFAIK that dichotomy only exists in English and it annoys me as there is no such thing as "the mind" without a brain.
So I don't use the word "mind" at all
@Fabby No, thoughts translates to Gedanken
I'm disappointed now...
Seems to be complicated to synchronize that brain related stuff from German to English. ;-)
Moose was wandering about our hotel @Catija @YvetteColomb
9:30 PM
Stay back! Meece are dangerous!
Yes, I know
This was shot with a zoom lens
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Are you staying at scandinavia for holidays right now?
No, at Denali, Alaska, same latitude as Iceland
@πάνταῥεῖ :D
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog You're Swedish?
No, I'm American
9:32 PM
ah, sorry
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Ah, cool! Enjoy, and be aware of the Meece ;)
didn'r read that far yet
Well, @sonic is fast and some other things. Nationality doesn't really matter :3
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog To be honest, moose would remind me of another kind of shooting than shooting with a lens...
@Fabby You're about the moose bacon. Admit it ;)
9:34 PM
Yeah, if a bear starts charging at me, I can outrun it :)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I can't, but I can still shoot it...
Bears run faster than Vorlons.
Not everyone is a sonic hedgehog!
>:-) >:-) >:-)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog That sentence is literally taken from "Planet of the Apes - Revolution" :D
I actually got up close to a bear, on a bus
Man, I have to visit Alaska!
India first though!
9:48 PM
@Fabby When Alaska says it's final frontier... they kinda mean it, it really is mostly wilderness.
@Catija Well, we can make them aware about that, as I did with my edited answer now. Thanks for your input!
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