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3:05 AM
wow, was a quite slow... night...
I agree with Hurkyl's diagnosis. The site became ill for having an unhealthy diet of PSQs and their answers for many a year. C.R.U.D.E. is the foul tasting medicine. — Jyrki Lahtonen ♦ May 8 at 11:36
Of course, we could eventually rename that chatroom C.U.R.E.D., but that would be premature. — Jyrki Lahtonen ♦ May 8 at 11:37
ha! :)
3:59 AM
I think we could put TempleOS on a blockchain through an Ubrit-style functional representation.
"blockchain" -> users (clueless but willing) -> dedicated Stack Exchange site
How to get your Area 51 proposal approved: add blockchain to it. E.g. "Weapons with Blockchain Technology"
I see a familiar name, hmm....
4:10 AM
Evan is no fan of oppressive systems like these American legal "norms".
Our good man Mr. Arciszewski can also be found in that thread.
5:54 AM
@user1114 Mr EC is not a fan of SO's management. Ever
Maybe an environment where you help people solve problems, keyword being help, was not the right environment for EC.
@TravisJ funny thing is? Apparently he's actually not that bad on some sites
As in, he isn't the worst user there, and causes trouble from time to time, but overall, he certainly isn't good... just... not that bad.
Oh, in a sense that's the worst.
If its the worst user, you have a good reason to get rid of them
What about a not that bad reason to get rid of them? ;)
6:01 AM
Its the low level, borderline, buzzing in your ear type users that's hard to handle
Because they can be vindictive?
Because they know exactly where the line is, and dance right on it
Yup. Same thing.
(unrelated) Have you heard of CredSSP?
Been dealing with that today
Didn't it HNQ somewhere? ;p
27k views, I guess so
Isn't that your domain though? SU?
6:07 AM
Been busy T T
3 nightshifts in a row kinda affects my optics of stuff
Night shifts? What broke?
just my current schedule
supposed to be 2 this week but we're apparently cronically short of people
What type of work do you do?
6:09 AM
currently? Monitoring, and helpdesk
needed a job, pay wasn't too bad, and it keeps me in employment at least a year.
So you sleep during the day for those then? Or just up all night?
Not enough contact with actual hardware or software for my liking but ugh, its a job
Kinda come back home and catch up those days
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted website in answer: What's the correct way to ask for a feature in GNU Linux? by Liam C on unix.SE
6:35 AM
1 hour later…
7:42 AM
has any update been made about the arbitration VS foreign laws issue?
You mean since the last one?
The last I know is "Hey, let us explain why we did this"
7:49 AM
@JohnDvorak nope... I know about that post.
By now 3 replies on that same post point out that the arbitration clause probably won't hold in many foreign countries like Europe. Users asked for confirmation and/or comments on this - no reply was provided that I know of.
Sadly, this is really starting to bug me. I mean, bug me more than this whole arbitration thing already did.
You can always ask on law.se
they already did.
and I have already linked that post here.
Q: How does SE's arbitration clause hold up under the GDPR?

AdriaanToday the new Terms of Service of Stack Exchange have been released, sparking a lot of unrest about its arbitration clause; see the comments and answers on the linked meta above, and also this question. Does the GDPR prevent Stack Exchange from using the arbitration clause against EU citizens? ...

^ if anyone wants to pin it.
the point is that I somehow would want the staff to acknowledge that.
@Derpy They have lawyers and their own DPO working on that, so you can't really expect any other employees to make legal statements like that
You bet that every word of tim post's post about the arbitration clause is pre-vetted
IMO IANAL ACRONYM: Terms of Service rarely protect a company when they do something that causes you harm.
The real, and only, question from my point of view is: would Stack Exchange harm you as a user? From my experience I see a resounding no there, and so I just dismiss all this as noise.
That's just me though, feel free to take a different angle.
8:02 AM
Maybe when the current head gets smitten by a passing bus and a new reign rises
It's unfair to expect the CMs and Tim to bear that burden. They have lawyers for that and probably have been instructed by those lawyers to keep silent about posts where a response from an employee could be used as evidence against the company in a court
I don't particularly care about the TOS for now. SE is like the last company I'm worried about screwing me right now
I'd be more worried about Google. "People have whined about your content one too many time. No more uploads, no more subbox, we'll even take your email from you and tell our DNS to ignore your pleads for sanity".
It's also worth noting that the employees are still human. This is their job and all but I don't agree with some of the flat out vitriol that seems to be bursting forth
Keeping perspective and all that yes mandatory arbitration is regrettable to be subjected to but I'm 100% certain nobody at SE is foaming at the mouth waiting to screw people over as soon as the opt out period passes like some of the answers seem to suggest.
Microsoft has better tools to screw people over than law, too. They could push out an update to brick everyone's PC and get away with it - because, guess what technology the law system relies on?
Paypal could screw me hard
8:07 AM
I have, like, $2 stored with Paypal.
I saw it happen to a friend. Took 3 years and thousands in lawyers fees to get it resolved and even then they ended up permabanning him for the audacity to question their random money holding
Also most companies would push the change and tell you to quit if you were unhappy
Yeah I just use it as a proxy for my bank account now
I am trusting paypal with a decent amount of payment handling.
@JourneymanGeek very true
8:08 AM
No problems yet.
@JourneymanGeek or just don't tell you "we may change these terms at any time without notice"
Pretty sure those new unannounced TOS would be 100% unenforceable.
That's not the point
Most TOS are unenforceable
Yes, sorry my bad, I hoped that wouldn't end in "nitpicking" buy yep, I used the wrong wording. Shouldn't have said *"staff"*. Replace that with "company."

so, new revision of the statement.

"I somehow would expect that the company had that issues sorted out BEFORE the initial announcement of the TOS revision and the arbitration clause"
They're mostly legalese scare tactics
8:09 AM
That pinned 9-star message is still really unnerving, BTW...
Steam's TOS has been unenforceable in europe for most of steam's life
Even the new disclaimer where you waive refunds explicitly contradicts european law
It does its job though: preventing people from trying
I love living in Europe
So, I am really sorry, but I don't think it is so unrealistic to expect that a company that has a world-wide user base would notice that the new ToS they are making leaves some weird "holes" about how many foreign countries will be handled.
Does a post on law really need to point that out?
I may have not realized the issues without that post, but I am not a lawyer.
considering how many people are running around with their heads in the sand in response to GDPR I'm not sure SE is doing poorly in that respect by comparison
Are you sure they didn't know they were pushing holey TOS?
8:14 AM
The ones that wrote the ToS should be.
I have zero idea how I would go about complying with GDPR...
so, either I should assume they don't care - like someone suggested here...
I just looked at the Contact us page of this JAMS and ... surprise, surprise, they only talk to people residing in the US. It is blatantly obvious in case of an arbitration involving a US party and a non-US party, which side they would favour. Not necessarily because of any deceit, but simply because they are seem to be ignorant of people outside the US (at least the Contact Us page suggests so, even though they also talk about "International Arbitration" and stuff). — Masked Man 16 hours ago
@JohnDvorak I have some idea, since I have to manage it in my company
@user5389107 please accept my condolences
Even for a small supplier / service provider company with exclusively big corporate clients it's an annoying hellhole with no limit to how much energy you can sink into the particulars
I can't imagine a user-focused big data firm like SE
8:16 AM
@Derpy they have some very weird definition of "worldwide"
or I can trust that they didn't notice
either way, the only conclusion I can make is that the whole process wasn't deemed the right importance.
oh, btw, this comment also really stands out.
ripoffreport.com/reports/… this is looking rather unnerving, though. It's pretty old and vaguely kooky, but I see some similar sentiments in Google results for "jams arbitration track-record" ... this too: reddit.com/r/personalfinance/comments/71o13f/jams_arbitratio‌​n/…tripleee May 11 at 7:18
^ but take it with a lot of salt. I have no way to confirm it
@JohnDvorak Eh. Nobody else wanted to. It was either me or some external firm that'd cost thousands and audit our procedures every year.
@Derpy ughm. I would take what masked man says with a pinch of salt. He kinda gets attracted by drama
8:37 AM
So, can someone ELI5 what's wrong with the new ToS? Especially, the "arbitration"?
(Sorry if that might sound ignorance, but I'm really weak at understanding law)
@hey Essentially it's supposed to mean that you can't sue SE. You can only take them to an arbitrator (which they select and pay) and that arbitrator will decide on the case and if you get damages or not. You agree beforehand to accept the verdict of that arbitrator as binding to you like a court order.
JP Morgan chase and other banks are notorious for using biased arbitrators to essentially get away with defrauding customers and prevent large class action lawsuits to be brought against them.
Thanks, that's really easy to understand! But then... I don't think I have any thought at all of suing SE...
And that's a point that is important for me
@hey Also the reason why I don't care much
If you think it's not for you, you literally send one email or letter
8:42 AM
I'm not worried about SE screwing me hard enough that I'd have to sue them at the moment
I did send the email though, since they offered so graciously :D
searching for paper napkin and red crayon...
8:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek the point is that is not the user who is making those claims. The site he linked is. He just provided us the link.
@hey the point is that basically that means that in the case of a data breach due to their fault (see twitter, passwords in log files) you also forego the ability of joining a class action - or at least that is my understanding.
@Derpy er he literally linked to the contact us page, then made a crapload of speculation
and they could have picked JAMS literally because their lawyers recommended them
9:19 AM
@JourneymanGeek ????? !!!! Ah, I get it now, you where speaking about the first comment I linked. Sorry, I though you where talking about the second one, the one with the link to that "ripoff reports" site.
yep, the first one is indeed more paranoia-sided, but please take your time to put it in context. Read the whole comment chain and you will probably understand why he made that notice.
9:33 AM
@Derpy I literally said masked man
Triplee's good people, though sometimes overenthusiastic
9:45 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer, username similar to website in answer: Can I drive with a broken/without the spider spring in my clutch? by Kalyani Springs on mechanics.SE
10:05 AM
While stumbling upon other meta sites discussing about "that blog" ... why do I suddenly feel apathy to SE's promises about improving the tools to be more welcoming ...
SO is kind of not really welcoming....
the only comment I can made is that lately the company (again, not going to use the word "staff" since it seems to only make people think of Shog&CO, forgetting all the rest of the people that should be handling marketing, public relations and so on...) seems to be a little on the "reactive" side.
By which I mean - ignore problems until they gain too much visibility.
Obviously, this is just my personal view.
@hey cause tools don't make things more welcoming
tools help us deal with problems but you can't develop your way out of every problem
now I feel that blog is hopeless too
10:20 AM
It can be a start - but we really need to work on communication.
That said, a good start could be trying NOT to mimic Storm King "friendship, rainbow and ponies" line if you are discussing about how to make the site more welcoming...
@Derpy but that's not new
@JourneymanGeek you actually got what I meant? Weird. I was already thinking no one would get my message.
@Derpy on the other hand - at least some of our current CMs, and at higher levels are wading back into very visible people ops.
and indeed that blog spawned many ideas, some good, others bad, like "I suggest a change to the SE model, new users can't be downvoted until they either reach a certain milestone (50 rep or so), or post a number of posts (10 posts or so). This way the system will protect them and give them time until they are used to the culture of SE or the culture of the specific site within SE."
10:23 AM
@hey Well, but also some visibility over how we can better help users or run the community
I'm all about teaching people to fish over handing them a fish.
But kicking them in the stomach and laughing cause they have nothing to eat is just wrong.
@JourneymanGeek Just yesterday I saw a Breaking Magic episode. Billy and another of the 4 illusionists were doing some candid camera style trick in a restaurant.
spilled some vine on a jacket in order to make people think it was ruined, then putting it on fire too.
All the time, the people sitting at the other table (the "victims" of the candid camera) were laughing like mad, thinking that the jacked was indeed ruined, taking photos with their smartphones and such.
This is mankind for you.
So... I guess I should reverse the question? What condition/requirement for SE to be (perceived) welcoming?
@hey I actually think we are confusing 2 issues
Remember in the old days?
Jeff had a simple rule.
Don't be a dick.
So. Don't be a dick.
I could answer with a simple - be kind to others, but then I should define "kind". To define "kind" I would probably need to define "ethics".
I don't overcomplicate things. If you do something you shouldn't, I go "hey, don't do that"
Some folk listen, some folk don't.
If your actions are going to make other people leave, well, we need to take a look at ... what's happening and deal with it.
10:36 AM
The definition of ethics is something philosophy analyzes since ancient time. Yet, they don't agree even on the most basic things.
I assume for someone making those "bad users" leave is a good thing. That said, different views would be the smallest of the problems.
it is not like we are in the current situation because we don't agree on what "kind" is.
Well "make them leave" kind of is fighting fire with fire.
We first have folks try to set boundaries within the community. And if that works, we're fine. Otherwise, we... remove them
It's just that some people don't care. And some "people" actually take great pleasure from making others feel bad.
Well, those are the sort of folk we don't particularly need.
But hey, we're a content focused site first. People not having a chance to be mean is... a net win
again, sadly, I think you would need to fix humanity before fixing this site.
So.... are we too lenient on those old-timer/high-rep "abusive" users?
Sometimes I feel like SE is not yet a "fine" site, unlike Singapore...
10:48 AM
@hey every day thousands of internet users go to youtube to watch videos of people hurting themselves in the new "Epic Fail" videos (or risking their life in "funny car incidents" !). You expect those to care about others?
best you can do is trying to create a community that wants to be different.
Which brings us to the question. Does our community really want to change? Or it is just the few of us discussing here while all the others are still finding all this "be nice" stuff to be just an annoyance?
@hey that's something each site needs to deal with as it happens
I personally think those folks have less of an excuse
Sometimes going to more extreme moderation is really the way... at least for a site as big as SO
Like, mod messaging users who got comment flagged as rude once, then manual suspension of 3 days for each subsequent flag...
zero-tolerance policy?
11:06 AM
Please no...
@hey zero tolerance policies are incredibly exclusionary and generally turn out extremely badly
@hey That would become a zero-comment policy. It already has in my case.
also rude is very subjectice
@MartinJames a zero-comment policy wouldn't be so bad :P
they're misused all the time anyway
I... think i ranted about that recently
ah yes, on history meta
yay, unexplained downvotes galore! -_-'
11:14 AM
@Derpy we already have that
@Mithrandir Well, the downvote without comment would get moaned about, no change there, but at least they would have no specific username as a target.
@Derpy Yay missused downvotes galore, should we ban them too?
@Mgetz before that you'll need to make everyone agree on what a missused downvote is. I'll be back in 6-8 light years (yep, joke made on purpose. I know those aren't a time unit)
@JohnDvorak Tatter/blogs about 'SO is not providing any answers now - it's the fault of those high-rep user-moderators'
11:19 AM
@Derpy anything not covered by the help center page on downvotes
It's already settled
Next step: make Stack Overflow FFA for one day, then ask experts nicely to return the next one.
@Mgetz The OP's don't read that, so every downvote is a misused downvote because it arrives instead of an answer. You cannot hand in a downvote as an assignment answer, so it's bad.
@Mgetz settled != agreed. That was the whole point of my message. Even the thing that should be set in stone people are still arguing over.
@JohnDvorak they are already starting to find other places to be
Let me know when you do find one
11:21 AM
@Derpy it's a settled policy because it's corporate policy, the community has no say other than to ignore it
might want to check it out
@Mgetz nor they have any say on the be nice policy. Yet every day they argue about "room culture allows us to do that"
@hey Not to toot my own horn there, but there was an IPS question exactly about that that I answered: interpersonal.stackexchange.com/a/14232/2347
The gist is that how you frame the argument has a extreme effect on how people perecieve and act on it
The blog post was (in my opinion) an example of framing that is likely to make those reading it defensive (see the meta-firestorm of the past weeks) and is generally unconducive to solving anything.
@user5389107 if you're arguing you've already lost
which is why @Derpy will never accept my premise, albeit facetious
@Mgetz If you want to effect change you can't dictate that in a community like this. The only real way to make that last is to frame a convincing argument and present it well
11:27 AM
@user5389107 realistically there already are convincing arguments in the help center, but as @JohnDvorak pointed out: Nobody Reads Them
@Mgetz In the context of the blog post I was referring to something else
as I read it the blog post was an appeal to in part established users to be nicer and more welcoming. The argument in that appeal fell afoul of the aforementioned framing problem.
@user5389107 they always will. Those policies have traditionally and inherently conflicted with the more efficient workflows and wasted the experts time.
@Mgetz and returning to the "be nice" policy, in most situations no one should need to read them in the first place. You really need some rule on a wall to tell you it isn't polite to call someone "mentally sick"? Or that homophobic comments or racial offenses should be avoided? Really?
@Derpy "Common sense" isn't common
The fact of the matter remains it takes a lot longer to educate than to downvote and close
and that many of the experts on the site cherrypick what they want to answer
@Mgetz iirc the whole point of SO was to facilitate them doing that with as little friction as possible
hence why we don't have notify, DM's or other social features
11:34 AM
@user5389107 and it doesn't, and moreover to clear the chaff the easiest way to do so is to downvote and close
That is "I don't care about others". That is "I care only for myself". That is "I love make others suffer". There is no common sense involved. Those aren't kids playing with a lizard they just caught until it drops its tail in an attempt to escape. They are adult, fully aware that the ones they are talking to are other humans with felling like theirs.
It seems to me that the crux of the issue is that we're not just clearing the chaff but also sometimes get snarky or derogatory or pile on more then necessary to clear said chaff
No one is perfect and everyone does mistakes. But often the most egregious cases I see here aren't mistakes.
It's just a "I don't care".
@Derpy you're making a lot of assumptions about disinterested and non-personal interactions.
@Derpy Not really, experts are still donating their highly valueable time for free to help others
Unless you think SO is being used as a tool for self aggrandizement.
11:37 AM
@user5389107 nope, it is simply that due to too many messages posted that is now out of context. Let's see
nope, too late.
consider it linked to Mgetz message about common sense, some rows above
can you edit it to be a reply of that instead?
too late to edit.
@Derpy when people don't have a face to place with the person they are interacting with they tend to react in a much more callous way.
> “Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.”
Robert E.Howard
@Derpy You'd be shocked how different some cultures and people are
We have such a broad array of people here that you can't assume nearly anything as given.
11:40 AM
@user5389107 and what makes those cultures "right"?
I didn't say they are
Just said that yes, some incredibly basic things do need spelling out
@Derpy all cultures are "Right" from their own perspectives and norms
then my point still stand. Your "hearth" should tell you. And if the "culture" twisted you to the point that you now think that killing people from other races is "good"... then we have a bigger problem.
@Derpy Welcome to broader problems in the world
@Derpy what if your gods demand it? (Aztec)
Why should your westernized human life valuing norms take precedence
11:44 AM
What if my god asks me to kill cows every once in a year, and your god says it's murder?
Practical example that I encountered while running a minecraft server was a couple of saudi arabian guys who were offended that one of the admins was female and had power over them. In the end they left. Cultural conditioning is a powerful thing in framing your perspective
@JohnDvorak Kararite jews Vs. Hindus
@Mgetz I will leave this to people who knows more about philosophy than me, but I think Protagoras had some to say over this.
To put it basically.... you claim morals comes from gods?
@Derpy my point is that inclusion has some boundaries based on where you start, morals (norms) are always relative and societal. There will always be culture conflicts that are irreconcilable.
and that is the precise point on which we disagree. Moral should be absolute, not relative.
11:50 AM
@Derpy who's morals?
@Mgetz mu.
@Derpy This is getting really philosophical but where would you draw an absolute moral basis from?
I could propose a source of absolute morals, but 99.9% of all population would send me to hell.
@user5389107 that's is a question I cannot answer. The nature of morality/ethics has been discussed for ages and no agreement was found. Some say it is to minimize pain, some to follow gods rules, some to maximize global gain... some even say that there is no answer but the search is the meaning.
@JohnDvorak Hell or a hell like equivalent
11:57 AM
A good chunk of the 99.9% would send me to the literal place.
@Derpy And now you know why you can't assume an absolute moral basis for the purposes of governing stack exchange
@Derpy The issue is that morality is the based on social norms which vary from place to place. For example the Chinese Communist party considers it acceptable to sacrifice the entire population of the DPRK to protect the Manchurian border.
@Derpy misread as "maximize global pain", got curious...
I'm not religious so I kinda subscribe to a version of the golden rule. Basicly try and minimize harm you personally cause and don't do to people what you wouldn't like
@JohnDvorak Seems nice
12:00 PM
The only downside is that I'd have to learn Norwegian.
@JohnDvorak true, but you'd have universal health care!
I already do
@JohnDvorak show off
In the end, a society is inclusive to those who can adapt?
12:03 PM
@user5389107 and that is already close to absolute, isn't it? The only problem is that you will never agree on the edge cases. Like, it is assisted suicide right for terminally ill patients? And so on. That said, if it wasn't clear before, I will restate it now. The culture does not define morality. Your social norms call allow very evil things in some case, but that isn't moral. It is just someone coming up with an excuse to cleanse its soul.
@Derpy except it's not, in fact two of the three most popular monothestic religions don't agree on that at all.
Also "morality" is just the bedrock internalized societial norms
when your relativism is "People don't matter all that matters is what _______ thinks" you get some pretty messed up (by our western standards) things
This relativism breaks down when _______ dies, though
@JohnDvorak that happens every couple thousand years and is replaced by a newer, better __________
from morality to lodash.
You mean, underscore
12:13 PM
@JohnDvorak all hail the supreme vue.js
@Derpy Most importantly it's mine and nobody elses
@JohnDvorak Tomato, tomato
I can'T ascribe that to others
12:43 PM
@JohnDvorak I need to find an excuse to visit our Prague office.. sadly it's non-billable travel so it probably won't happen. If I'm lucky they'll let me visit our Montreal office and pick up some poutine.
1:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek I dunno, he and Jeff seem to accep each other now. Probably be comradarie of having both been a part of something that is now dead.
are: morality: I just want to raise the use of “convergent instrumental values” as a form of semi-objective morality. That is: we might not agree on what we want, but 90% of us should be able to agree on 90% of what it takes to achieve those goals, because they’re a things like “have a stable society where people don’t randomly kill each other”. Lots of questions can be boiled down to this level, without getting down to conflicting moral axioms.
@user1114 The problem is that outside of those two items it diverges very very quickly.
@user1114 does jeff still get crap on twitter every day?
I don’t think he gets too much crap unless he’s stepping in it.
I've heard someone on twitter refer to him as a "well known white supremacist" and just had to chuckle. Lemme see if I can find the tweet
1:26 PM
Well the bar for racist is now so low that you need to break your spine bending over to avoid it, so that doesn’t surprise me.
He's probably one of the furthest things from
The idea that wanting borders to remain is a form of racism is a particular popular form of anti-morality that has evolved recently.
@user1114 Probably not a good idea to start a political discussion in SE chat
It’s Time To Take A Stand
1:29 PM
pls no....
politics are everywhere these days
even on minecraft servers apparently
There's another way to look at it though
A lot of folks choose to interact with others entirely through hostility or trying to provoke a reaction
@user5389107 I'd just forgot the latest lets play I was subjected to, you had to remind me. ;_;
@user5389107 sounds like someone that bandies such names at people that may disagree with them regardless of reality
As far as I can tell, that blog post is the only thing Joel did during my time at Stack.
This company is so far gone from having leaders remotely in touch with their users.
1:40 PM
But morality?
alwys got some morality to throw around.
Well that’s not true
He also gave a bunch of media interviews selling the lie that Stack Overfloe is for everybody so he could sell more Talent subscriptions at the expense of site quality.
He is a faucet of harm.
1:48 PM
@user1114 That's a pretty negative view
I must concede, I can't help but notice the company blog posts tend to invariably get viewed in bad light by the community. Pretty vigorously so, too
@JohnDvorak I still think the latest blog post was so poorly recieved because of its framing, not necessarily because of its content
@user5389107 That sentence is mean hyperbole that I regret.
What content? "Hey, people, don't be rude"? Sure... "We need to tighten moderation because of a few bad apples"? Pls no.
@user1114 might want to get a RO to bin it then
1:56 PM
I can do that for you
But can we take a deep breath, think then do said mean hyperbole please?
I imagine Journeyman with this "I'm not mad just disappointed" look in his eyes
I mean, I totally get the history and all
@user5389107 that is something I get a lot
Do you want us to take an action that would alleviate us from having to trash your messages later today? :P
Hey I tried hard to be nice this time :(
@user1114 Unlike you though, we literally have no insight to how SE works at that level
1:58 PM
@user1114 shareholding
outside what the CMs and devs tell us
And I've literally been in the same shoes as you so, I know its hard
literally ... shoes? No.
@JohnDvorak had an awesome job, mass restructuring overnight.
I don't even want to know what you were doing in user1114's shoes
oh, to be clear, I bear Stack no ill will for laying me off.
1:59 PM
I literally went from "whoo, this is awesome" to packing my shit and going home in 3 days
@Mithrandir he's a dog so probably playing fetch
I was one of the most junior at the company, and remote.
@user1114 totally the same place I was in
Why Oded lost his job, on the other hand, will be a mystery forever.
Since he was incredibly valuable in everything we did.
2:00 PM
He had a massive depth of both community and engineering knowledge.
Eh quite
That annoyed me a lot more than my personal situation.
but we will never know the high level politics involved
.... so, I just produced a "depressed" low-tone "Yay" following some intriguing discoveries about a lame bug with angular material, bindings and event emitters....
2:03 PM
I was thinking about Fluttershy (as probably you will guess knowing me). My co-workers though I was referencing.... Deborah Kurata
Next one who said I am the weird one...
apparently, she is also known for "yay-ing" all the time thru her courses.
ah, keeping with the Angular theme.
2:29 PM
@user1114 never thought I'd see you posting mlp gifs
@user5389107 all of stack overflow would be better if Ponies were more common
I don't care for mlp but I don't especially dislike it either
I can now see all the close votes having a "Make it 20% cooler" gif
@user5389107 I am extremely happy that it's faded into the past :P, but I went at "Twilight Sparkle" on meta for a month, with an avatar to match.
objective morality = ponies? problem solved.

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