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1:08 AM
So I saw the arbitration opt-out discussion. I intend to opt-out on general principle as soon as the instructions are finalized. Yeah jury damages awards are broken in the US, but arbitration is also broken.
1:55 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yes, there's facilities for mods to take a break and let other mods know
@TelKitty hahahaha funny.. I don't think that's nsfw.. it's just funny... brain spring dwoing
@JourneymanGeek it didn't offend me at all. TelK and I are good friends off the site - actually face to face - non-virtual contact. She's an awesome person and we share laughs. She's one of the few people on the planet I'm not related to, I make time to see. but... she's' deleted her meta account.. it's pending.. so I will take my foal spam to the litterbox and follow her to the lounge to chat.
2:19 AM
@user3956566 She's scheduled her account for deletion too?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog yes. Her meta account. I'm not deleting my accounts btw. I've gone generic. It's a fashion.
@user3956566 I wonder why so many people are leaving. Is it because of arbitration, the inclusivity push, or...me?
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog not you? what's wrong with you? I think it's part of the first two and the level of stress in the community. People are drained and stressed. As much as I may disagree with people, I wouldn't want to see them leave, it's a shame
Speaking of leaving, I'm leaving UT for the summer and heading back home to San Diego. See you next fall @Catija!
the world is chaotic and over crowded. the planet has been stripped of resources and we're in a crisis (on many levels). A crisis, because we are more aware and many people feel impotent to make changes.
2:30 AM
I can't be bothered to worry about inclusivity. I literally don't care and have used "he" as the pronoun because I didn't bother to so much as look as the OP's name but only read the question.
All packed up and ready to go
have a good break
we're the opposite. Our session finishes next month and we move promptly onto the following session (only a few weeks break) as it's winter
Yep...one of my friends has cousins in Australia and he has a season switch for three weeks
of the year
2:33 AM
anyway.. I won't hang around much in here. I was mainly in here to stalk TelK.. and I need to keep the number of chat rooms I enter to a minimum... saves stress all round
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog the summer break between sessions is so long, they've now squeezed another session into it, if you want to speed up your study progress
@user3956566 Yep, so did my school
My family's planning a trip to Alaska for this summer, so I can't attend
...and it looks like I got upgraded to First Class
(for my flight back home)
3:43 AM
Another userNNN I should remember... if coming back on MSE...
Hi! Sorry for the interruption, I've a small question: is it possible to get the stats on what percentage of closed questions on a site in the past month, which got at least two reopen votes, ended up being reopened with complete five reopen votes?
4:07 AM
@GaurangTandon hmm...
is that questions closed in the past month, or questions closed at any time that got two reopen votes in the past month...
...or questions closed at any time but which had no pending reopen votes until the past month during which they got two
I'd guess ... questions in the past month that got closed + reopened by the community (not mods/golden badger)? (in simpler words?)
@hey Questions in the past month that got reopened without the help of Chaos Emeralds or the Master Emerald.
4:29 AM
@hey yes right!
@Shog9 good observation, sorry I didn't clarify before. i meant questions that actually got closed in the past month (so they got their first close vote within 31 days before from now)
actually I don't think that would really work because now the ending is not well defined. here's a slightly modified proposal: take the last question that got completely processed (any action that forced it out of the queue) in the reopen queue today. now take all questions before that question. stop at the very last question which got its first close vote on the thirtieth day from before now. now, is it possible to calculate the %age asked above?
or if you've a more robust proposal, go ahead... I'm just trying to measure how easy it is to get a question reopened without mods/mjolinirs once it gets closed
It seems strange that this didn't get announced here by a certain someone, and I just realized it a bit too late, but...
Parenting (beta) is currently on the first election (now, voting phase) for 1 out of 4 candidates.
ah, it was announced when the election would be done, but not after it had started...
5:05 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog Nice packing job :) Have you considered using plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes though? I have found them to be much more reusable, easier to identify contents (being clear n all), easier to carry as they have handles, easier to stack since they don't lose structural integrity under strain, and water proof.
@TravisJ The question is, where do I put the bins when I'm not using them? Boxes can be compacted.
My friend's storing them, and there's not much space in his small SUV.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog The bins stack into one place, so even with a set they only take up the space of roughly one bin
Packed they are the same size consideration as a cardboard box from an SUV standpoint.
@TravisJ It's a small Nissan Rogue; everything you see there (minus the suitcases, those are flying with me home) plus a small vacuum cleaner barely fir in it.
Plus, you can't later use bins to ship stuff. I used my old moving boxes to ship things back and forth between here and home.
Yeah, boxes are best for shipping. Are you shipping all of that?
@TravisJ No
3 mins ago, by Sonic the Inclusive Hedgehog
My friend's storing them, and there's not much space in his small SUV.
5:11 AM
Oh well, just food for thought next time :) I have found them to be very useful
But last year, I didn't have enough suitcases with me, so I had to check in a box the size of the large one pictured on my flight
Did the box survive?
Yes! (I did put a small layer of air cushions at the bottom for safety)
And thankfully it didn't rain.
I have seen some pretty beaten up cardboard boxes come off the baggage check conveyer.
I guess it just depends on if you get the guy that just stands in one spot and tosses all of the luggage, or the guy that lifts it over and places it down.
@TravisJ People check cardboard boxes all the time in India. In fact, when I was walking through baggage claim and check-in in Mumbai, I saw more boxes wrapped with twine than suitcases coming in and out.
5:19 AM
Not sure they had a choice in the matter. Enough tape, twine, and a lack of fragile contents works good enough for that situation though.
What were you doing in Mumbai?
Family trip to India.
We were actually in Pune and Nagpur, where my family lives
Right in the middle :)
We use Mumbai as our entry and exit points from India
I hope that is a connecting flight from Mumbai, it seems like it would take a long time travelling by land.
@TravisJ We generally book a flight to Nagpur on a separate ticket. But since this year we were visiting Pune, we drove there and took a flight from there to Nagpur later.
GoAir offers deeply discounted rates for checked baggage for international connecting passengers booked on separate tickets
5:25 AM
Sounds like a lot of travelling.
I timed it: it took 36 hours from the time we left our San Diego home for the LAX airport, to the time we arrived at our destination at Pune after driving from Mumbai.
Did you lose anything on the way?
No, but on the way back, the airline lost one of our bags; we got it back the next day.
I once traveled 30 hours straight and accidentally left my sunglasses on a train.
23 hours of plane, 3 of car, and 4 of train
Where were you going? Also between the U.S. and India?
5:28 AM
I was going to AUS
It was for work, although it kind of went sideways. But yeah, it started out as work trip.
Austin or Australia?
(Just making a witty joke, because Austin has airport code AUS)
Sorry thought that was a normal abbreviation, I hear it often
Ah, yeah my bad
If I was going to visit Texas I would go to Corpus Christi :P
5:32 AM
But 23 hours on a plane? Isn't that too long for a flight from LAX to Australia? Did you stop in Hawaii, Japan, or anywhere else?
Some airlines have crazy schedules
I had a 31hr journey
I had to LAX -> SF -> Sydney
shakes fist
PHX to Bangalore (roughly 12hr layover in Doha airport) :p
When booking our last flight, we had the option of waiting 18 hours at Zurich; thankfully they have a hotel on the airside
@SurajRao Qatar Airways flies to Phoenix?
I thought the longest routes were American Airlines to Honolulu and BA to Heathrow.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog no new york I think it was AA from PHX to there
5:34 AM
18 hours in Zurich is enough time to rent a fun car for the autobahn :P
My parents don't want to do terminal transfers at Heathrow anymore after our last trip
@TravisJ Will you please review the pending tag wiki edit on MSE? My review queue indicator keeps blinking.
I left from Heathrow once, but it was a departing flight, not a connecting one.
lol sure
It's just a little while until I hit 5k.
I tend not to review often, that was my 34th review on MSE.
I would rather spend my time trying to create content. Sometimes, the curating annoys me, when we are curating content on low view questions which have sat around unnoticed for several years.
Or reading, this was open on my other tab: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/260909/1026459
@TravisJ Which terminal?
5:40 AM
Not sure, it was in like 2004
International flight to LAX
I think so
May have been united
We had just been in Amsterdam for several weeks prior to that :P
What were you doing in London?
Being a tourist. Mostly I had gone to Europe at that time to do interviews about companies automating their facilities. It went in a book chapter.
Best work trip evar
@user3956566 I'm really sorry. But even full context aside, with recent events and needing to actually be a proper room owner, I'm trying to work out appropriate boundaries.
If I'm really overstepping lemme know but, other than the fact that wasn't one boxed, there were multiple potential issues with that post.
While you are chill with it, I have no real context at the time to know if it's ok, and yanno. Some folks :(
5:52 AM
So I just upvoted a question, it is a legitimately confusing aspect of the mvc framework at first, and it was immediately counter voted down in 2 seconds.
The level of hostility at SO is astounding sometimes.
Like, God forbid someone actually answers this question
Biased to new users? You could test that by asking the same question if the original question gets closed.
It wont get closed, I will answer it first.
Just really annoying.
Idea for A/B test: don't show half of users the author's reputation score on a question (make it hidden behind a link). See if users in the control group use other users' rep as a factor in their voting.
Oh, without a doubt they do.
Users are way more likely to excessively action new user's posts.
6:03 AM
@TravisJ I edited the question, but I don't know much about it. Could you review and/or rollback if needed?
I think people are looking purely at the length of the question
Edit is fine
+3/-4 ...
Encouragement for the OP: I don't know why this question has attracted 4 downvotes. You've been clear about you want to achieve. It's possible that those votes indicate disagreement about the merit of that goal, and the question could be improved by explaining why you feel this is worth trying to achieve, but that's all. — Daisy Shipton 21 secs ago
Q: What can I do to discourage subjective downvoting on my question?

gparyaniThe question here (How can I make Windows Server 2012 R2 like Windows 8.1?) is being downvoted by several people because they don't think it is a good idea, although it is a clear question. What can I do to get users to provide an objective answer instead of just looking at the subjective nature?...

(Ironically, that question later ended up being one of my highest-scored questions.)
@hey whats qft? google top result is Quantum Field Theory which is clearly not what you meant..
6:12 AM
quoted for truth?
Daisy upvoted the question from my observation.
Although, it could have been Tim's keys. Voting is hard to guess at. I only think she did because there was a +1 right as she posted that. Could have been a result of her comment, in which case epic
oh.. Urban dictionary I see.. I need to up my game in that
Haven't seen that for a long time
Messing with the local views file took me forever to figure out when I first started using the mvc framework. It is a legit question, -4 is a disgrace. I couldn't even find a duplicate.
6:17 AM
Yeah, it took some effort though.
I feel like the only questions which are upvoted these days are those that ask obscure/advanced questions. Or, if they're an established user. Bit of a shame that people see a short question by a low rep user.. their immediate instinct is to downvote.
I agree @Rob
Having said that, though, the first revision leaves something to be desired. Though that only stuck around for 2-3minutes.
It was at 0 for a while, even after my edit.
Then I upvoted it...
27 mins ago, by Travis J
So I just upvoted a question, it is a legitimately confusing aspect of the mvc framework at first, and it was immediately counter voted down in 2 seconds.
Well then I'm all the more baffled
6:20 AM
I don't even think the animation made it to showing +1 before the downvote hit.
@TravisJ animation?
After upvoting the question, it went from 0 to -1, not +1
6:37 AM
@ShadowWizard Because there are 2 users vote it down immediately.
I think that the problem can be solved just by providing a good answer. People see that the question is not bad and won't downvote it. I suppose.
Q: Experiment request: Temporarily stop showing characteristics about a user in the question preview to certain users

gparyaniJudging from my overall experience on Stack Overflow, what I've seen happening with others, and this chat conversation, it might be that users' votes are confounded based on the reputation of the post author, or based on whether or not they are a new user. However, this is unproven. To help (dis...

@TravisJ ^^
15 messages moved to Chimney
Ooh, please don't.
You will meta effect that question
@TravisJ Which one?
6:42 AM
I don't really appreciate the chat link from there.
The one linked from chat.
@TravisJ Anyway, what do you think of the idea?
@TravisJ I half suspect linking the question here slightly meta-effected it
To some degree, although I think the tavern is a little more restrained than raw mSO
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog The idea is fine, I +1. That said, I think it is obvious that users judge content based on who asked.
6:49 AM
@TravisJ most Taverners are VERY seasoned SEers ;p
A bit salty sometimes.
1. You need to find MSE
2. You need to find chat
3. You need to actually come on chat often enough.
6:50 AM
@JourneymanGeek Sidebar
It's why we occasionally have intrusion.
Its not really an intrusion
Its people finding chat
Most people also don't care for chat.
Eh maybe
I've been on chat pretty much as long as the internet's been a thing I've cared about so...
On the other hand, I have run into many users at Stack Overflow - even those who have thousands of rep - that haven't heard of MSE.
Its important to me
6:54 AM
mIRC, IM, dialup StarCraft...
@TravisJ there's folks who probably don't even realise the rest of the network exists
man, I didn't IRC until I got unlimited internet
I used ICC for a long time, and it came with a chess board and a chat client.
And that actually started with offline people
For reference, it was the Internet Chess Club, not sure about all those other ICC references google showed me lol
The International Cricket Council, I didn't even know that was a thing
6:57 AM
crickets ...
It gives my dad hours of entertainment
he's suddenly turned into a cricket nut
All I know is there is a bowler, and the ball has to bounce once, and you use a flat baseball bat.
Basically all of my knowledge of cricket comes from the movie King Ralph.
throw ball at bad. Hit sticks. If bat hits ball, try to catch ball as soon as possible and hit sticks.
More into soccer :) Or futbol, or whatever it is called locally for you. The one with the ball that has pentagons, there are two goals, and the ball can mostly only touch your feet.
@JourneymanGeek Same with mine
7:02 AM
Except if it gets too far from the field of play, then hands are okay. Oh, and that one player who never plays by the rules and guards the goal with his hands.
@TravisJ "Association football" is the worldwide name; "gridiron football" is that for the other football
Gridiron? Okay heh, amusing
"Football" "American football" and "Aussie rules"
The later is .... just odd.
and rugby football is real footy
Donate blood... play rugby.
7:04 AM
They use a hangegg, they play in a round playing field, and its basically full contact.
No one gets hit with an elbow as hard as a rugby player.
@TravisJ Lots of aussie rules players are missing teeth
Yeah, I have seen some highlight reels of the contact there
It is just ... sometimes I feel bad just watching it for the guy
I despise Aussie rules. What's worse is I'm about a 5 minute drive from one of the main stadiums. So every time there's a game on, I can't go anywhere
It's good fun to play, though
7:10 AM
lol I remember that game
Lately this has been my soccer giant.gfycat.com/WarmheartedGrimDachshund.mp4
"Derp, I say, DERP!".

Why ye summoneth me, diamond one?
@Shog9 Can this please be migrated to MSO? OP doesn't have enough rep to participate there, and it's not about a specific question, but it's still a good question. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/310106/…
7:27 AM
I currently don't see any problem since Jade Software is not about programming at all, so it won't be used by them anyway. But if they want to have the synonym broken... then their call.
Would be nice if they did actually get the 5 rep or so to post on meta
Though I'd say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" (until someone really needs to use [jade] tag)?
I left a comment with a suggestion.
Can we get one more review on meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/57771 please? The review queue notification is driving me crazy.
Just relax, it'll get approved eventually
Or possibly rejected based on the votes
7:38 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog patience you must learn.
I only need to earn 55 more rep to review that myself.
@JourneymanGeek It's really the system's fault; it shouldn't be showing the notification to users with [2000, 5000) rep if the only edits to review are tag wiki edits.
I'm at 30k ;p
Didn't see it
I didn't see it either... and not reviewable to me
@JourneymanGeek It shows up randomly
but not really inclined to cruise the review queues unles sbored
7:40 AM
One minute you see it; another minute, you don't.
@hey You don't have 5k+ rep
Big thing I was unprepared at for work got cancelled.
Also I need to go pick up glasses that arn't flaking apart
So I can have a quiet, uneventful weekend of night shifts ;p
@JourneymanGeek I thought you didn't wear glasses, only a hat :)
Kinda hard to keep em on.
And it looks like I've been upgraded to first class on my flight to San Diego
8:16 AM
@JourneymanGeek Have you ever flown in a premium cabin before?
8:43 AM
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog I assume if they break the synonym between jade -> pug they still would need a question to get the jade tag to prevent it from being removed at 03:00 UTC as an orphan tag ?
a search on jade isn't hopeful to get that right: stackoverflow.com/search?tab=newest&q=jade&mixed=0
lots of questions still use jade/pug in their body to indicate the former name
TBH, I'm not sure anymore what is the request... do they just want to break the synonym and let [jade] dies, or do they still want [jade] to be available (but for whom? The trademark holder isn't related to programming)
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog no, pug needs to stay
:6944237 But if I'm not mistaken, the library is renamed to "pug" because they can't use "jade", being trademarked by other party...
they want jade to be available as tag
that is why I offered jade-platform as alternative
to not have go through the synonym break and create a huge mess with jade question being asked that really are about pug
see my search for the potential pitfalls of re-using jade as tag for something else
8:58 AM
The thing that I agree is: it needs to be migrated to MSO to get more exposure, because as of now, it's... pretty much a mess
That needs a custom flag/---mod--- cm to handle? ;p
Sonic already pinged shog9
Not a fan of pinging for that since it might not be shog who handles it
Also, I'm a stickler for proper protocol ;p
I'm not a fan either but obviously old habits don't die easily. I'm one prime example of old habits...
9:16 AM
@TimPost It seems my question got a bit lost in the other comments. Could you give an answer to it?
"We're looking at something possibly more robust". This is a bit vague. Does this mean that you aren't sure whether there will be other opt-out methods besides physical or electronic mail? If so, do you have any indication when you do know this? — Discrete lizard 19 hours ago
@Discretelizard I think there's a comment under my answer that suggests it gets rolled into the profile
You'll get a response, and our system is pretty good at catching spoofs (if someone makes DNS lie, then, well, nobody can catch that). And when we make the function something you access from your profile, we'll prod you to review your setting, most likely, so the worst case is really narrow to begin with. — Tim Post ♦ 19 hours ago
@JourneymanGeek It suggests being visible. It doesn't suggest that it is changeable from the profile. Plus, I still think it is a bit vague on the timing.
I'd rather have something more explicit
@Discretelizard it does say it's a setting. Timing sure
The normal 6 to 8 weeks won't cut it?
Given that 6 weeks is more than 30 days, no.
So I'd prefer 6 to 8 days or so.
9:21 AM
You can prefer as much as you want, that is not going to happen, will be my guess
I think there's a bunch of GDPR related work going on.
Might end up around then
Well, all I want to know is if I have to bother with sending emails of vague legal status or not if I want to opt out. I think not, but I'd rather be sure.
Won't hurt to
It is a non issue unless you need to sue SO Corp or they sue you
The email I send got confirmed. I'm now discussing which legal action to take with my lawyers ....
So, "If I receive your email, I'm eligible to be taken to the court"!?
9:32 AM
Yes, something like that
@JourneymanGeek Eh, right now it isn't quite clear what I precisely have to put in my email such that its legally clear that I opt out (yes, SO can reply that its fine, but does that mean that it is actually fine? I have no idea.). This whole procedure feels a bit too vague for me. I'd rather wait if there will be another option.
And yes, actually sending a mail wouldn't hurt, but if there is another option, then waiting for that wouldn't hurt either.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer, blacklisted user: When is usability over design more important? by Supriya Rathi on ux.SE
9:49 AM
I assume the same text as the written one
And since at the moment it is a manual process....
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in answer: Website flagged by antivirus software by anne kera on webmasters.SE
And since I don't work at SO.... I think people are over thinking this
I am certain I could scrawl my dissent on a paper napkin with a red crayon and send a photo to SE and it would be legally good enough
30 minutes lost into talking with a recruiter ...
@JourneymanGeek and you get... another swag?
The most creative opt-out request contest ...
sounds as a plan
10:17 AM
We (security mods) were aware of this shortly after it occurred. Unfortunately the redaction tool is being its usual annoying self and not allowing mods to redact. This needs a CM. — Rory Alsop 19 hours ago
"annoying" :(
The "abnormally" bit is why they wait for me in a queue (and now why I wait for an internal tool to become unborked) — Shog9 ♦ yesterday
"internal tool borked" :(
(sorry, too bored of not knowing what to do...)
I informed the security mods ;p
so, the update about the arbitration problem came in. Correct if I'm mistaken but it seems to miss something.
Am I mistaken or the new post completely ignores this argument that had been made multiple times?
Q: How does SE's arbitration clause hold up under the GDPR?

AdriaanToday the new Terms of Service of Stack Exchange have been released, sparking a lot of unrest about its arbitration clause; see the comments and answers on the linked meta above, and also this question. Does the GDPR prevent Stack Exchange from using the arbitration clause against EU citizens? ...

@Derpy Apart from 'other changes due to GDPR', it seems to completely ignore any law outside of the US, so I'd say it ignores it, yes.
I wonder if I have a red crayon at home.
hm. And no paper napkins.
My cunning plan
for drawing a circle...
10:27 AM
ah. Actually more with the paper napkins
would red crayon even write on em?
I can pick up a pack at daiso or something
A pack of... red crayon. Yes.
I wouldn't be surprised
Daiso is strange and amazing
@Discretelizard <sarcastic>I wonder what percentage of SE users are in such situation. Small, very small, must be.</sarcastic>
Or they're still figuring it out
apparently the GDPR is a bit complex
@JourneymanGeek It is. The hardest part is that it there is no hard rule as to when a data processor is fully compliant with the rule, mostly due to some rights and requirements being intentionally vague.
10:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek then again they fall at the simple "let people know you are doing something or they will assume you are doing nothing". Which is the same point I made on the old post when two days later the promised update, no post was made - not even a "it is taking more than we expected"
@Discretelizard and some folk are kinda like "But what about mods - what's their right to PII" etc
sorry, but while I can totally wait for info when I know something is being worked on, I am not similarly fond of having to assume something wasn't just forgotten.
And some day, the forgotten ones ask for "Rights to be remembered"...
(huh, I believe there should be many sci-fi touching that idea...)
anyway, Steam got kicked off from Steam, so I can't make a joke about "Playing Steam on Steam to blow off steam"...
11:42 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in body, bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Pro Muscle bodybuilding by user828680 on askubuntu.com
12:13 PM
it's fun how JNat is still the only one using an animated avatar (even if not normally noticeable)
Who knows what's the secret behing Shog's avatar...
12:29 PM
> one thing you're very clearly "messing up here" is that you're asking on the wrong site
personalized comment. Very welcoming
@hey not animated
On my plane to San Diego, see you next fall @Catija!
@hey don't blame me ...
12:46 PM
@hey your fault if that will be added to my collection.
1:33 PM
of interest
@Discretelizard related to my previous message
A: Electronic opt-out, correcting miscommunication, and additional questions answered about the 2018 ToS update

NemoThis update doesn't address the ethical and legal concerns for European Union users. The claim that an arbitration was already in place is disingenuous: We already have an arbitration-like process in place as a Privacy Shield certified company; this is an expansion of that policy that has be...

1:50 PM
@Derpy Yes, I saw that one. This whole thing makes it look like SO's lawyers are rather unprepared for dealing with specific EU legislation. Which would be a bit strange, given the GDPR. Maybe they thought they could do the arbitration thing independently of the GDPR? Then again, there could be any reason whatsoever for this. I don't think I can do anything more helpful than shrugging heavily at the moment.
@Discretelizard again, some have suggested that the only reason we are getting this is because of Teams.
I guess someone high enough was advised by local evil lawyer to protect the company assets with the current fashion-buzword trends - arbitration.
as you suggested, I too have the feeling that how the clause was supposed to be applied wasn't the top priority.
@Derpy AFAIK the EU bans forced arbitration
just having it there.
so that would only apply to the US anyway
"local evil lawyer"
1:56 PM
4 hours ago, by Derpy
Q: How does SE's arbitration clause hold up under the GDPR?

AdriaanToday the new Terms of Service of Stack Exchange have been released, sparking a lot of unrest about its arbitration clause; see the comments and answers on the linked meta above, and also this question. Does the GDPR prevent Stack Exchange from using the arbitration clause against EU citizens? ...

@JourneymanGeek obviously a joke, should have put that between quotes.
So, there's a few things
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