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2:00 PM
@hey I felt this might be plausible
I still don't get autocarrot (well to some extend I do)
I call it autocucumber after a meme
Something like a donkey with a carrot at a stick?
@πάνταῥεῖ its something that might happen if you spelled correct wrongly and it was carroted to carrot.
2:06 PM
cucumbered to cucumber?
autocucumbered yes
@πάνταῥεῖ schreibfehler
Yeah, yeah I got it. I feel jsut dumb now OK?
@πάνταῥεῖ no no
^needs to be autocucumbered probably ;-)
2:09 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ glad I could help.
I first tried verschreibung but that didn't translate well
You're welcome here at any time ;)
Meh. I only followed the German classes in case I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. I obviously went for another option ....
@TimPost can you do me a favor and just mark meta.stackexchange.com/q/309492/226653 as so people will stop bothering with it?
@Mgetz done, I have it on our trello board anyway (which is essentially the only practical purpose of status-review)
Well, I'm just a native speaker well grown with my idiom, high speech and english decades later to gain more perfection. I believe I can be helpful to solve some language misunderstandings. (@rene)
2:17 PM
@TimPost thank you, hopefully people will just ignore it now. It seems to have triggered some strong emotions based on the downvotes. As mentioned earlier it's also made me less likely to contribute because of how violently it was rejected.
@Mgetz Which is really ironic given the nature of the suggestion
@TimPost and yet entirely consistent with how downvotes on meta are used. They are used to vote on the emotional appeal of the proposal or question and not on the merit
@Mgetz I'm sorry. It just didn't seem like a good idea to me. My down vote is not personal or targeted at you.
@Mgetz there there ;p
@rene Is the question not well researched, or does not satisfy the asking requirements as defined in The help center?
2:20 PM
This whole "voting on meta works differently" hasn't held up at scale very well. I think we need to be a little more specific about how it should be different, and maybe think about being more deliberate about what we want to express, which means maybe looking at a voting system on meta that goes beyond the up / no vote / down schema that we have.
@Tim I don't really envy you for your job. ;) heads up.
(also, I think any post trying to change core mechanics gets DVs)
@TimPost though... special casing things rarely ends well. :(
Even if meta.se is a special case on its own,
But, but opinions ...
@Mgetz it sure is. But feature request ...
Well, if you've been around for a while and remember when all we had was user voice, meta was like OH WOW I TOTALLY CAN'T BELIEVE JEFF CAVED AND SET UP A META SITE, so we were really happy to make due with what we had there, even if it meant scratching our heads when folks would down vote and not write an answer to explain what they didn't like (which was pretty uniformly customary and followed).
2:23 PM
Took me 7 years to get meta sooooo
I guess its hard?
But the folks wanting to interact there these days are not that original audience, and aren't as accepting of the wonky work-arounds we put in place to make meta .. well .. 'work'.
@TimPost Anyways reputation (from where or whatever) should stay an indicating factor.
Heck, many people don't even know about those wonky work arounds.
So essentially, I think loving meta means making sure we poke it occasionally to make sure it's still meeting our goals, and remind ourselves to occasionally talk about what those goals are and why we have 'em.
@rene Is it a duplicate then? Has the question already been asked? (I'm taking your answer to mean the FR was not well written, badly researched, and thus has no merit in even asking)
@Mgetz it has no merit in being implemented
2:25 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Indicating factor for what? Participation, or vesting in the main platform or .. both? Not sure what you mean
@rene that's different than the question itself not having merit
@πάνταῥεῖ In theory, network wide rep would work if not for SO.
So, the alternative for MSE's rep is to use the site with the highest rep, and no rep-change for vote?
(and no bounty)
@Mgetz true
I consider MSE rep simply a sign you know the system ok
2:26 PM
that's something that should be reflected in voting up @ShadowWizard's answer
Jan 19 at 0:04, by Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog
I would propose this: the normal set of votes would be used solely to indicate quality, as they are for main sites and questions on meta sites, while we would introduce a new, separate set of "agreement/disagreement" votes that wouldn't affect reputation in any way.
What do you think of this system?
Jan 19 at 0:34, by Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog
@M.A.R. I think this would make things simpler. While the overall code would be more complex and it would be just a teeny bit more complex for NTs used to the current system, it would make things much simpler for AS people and perhaps for newer NTs. Regular votes would just be for quality, nothing else, everywhere. A separate set of dis/agreement votes would make things simpler to understand and not an outright mess for people like me.
@Mgetz at least I left a comment to accompany my down vote. The other 29 piggy backed on that I guess.
@TimPost I am not sure either, but that was exactly why I've been bringing it up.
I've been seeing a different phenomenon: when a question (in general, not just on meta) has a negative score, people tend to judge it more negatively than if it had a zero score.
@rene I stand by my rebuttal votes on meta shouldn't be emotional votes. They should be votes based on the criteria in the help center. This isn't about popularity, this is about making clear why the community did something.
2:30 PM
@JourneymanGeek I also thought that simple, just sum it all up from the specific sites you're participating.
@Mgetz I've noticed that. I'll consider that going forward.
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog That's an ole' myth the elderly already discussed ad nauseam, yes.
On meta, I've seen users see negative votes and simply not be bothered to read through the post and decide its worthy of an upvote. So if your post receives a couple of downvotes immediately, it's very unlikely that it will later be upvoted.
@rene then I've done something positive today 😊
You have, but you also did when you posted your meta question.
despite the outcome
2:34 PM
@rene doesn't feel that way, and the community emotionally disagrees
@Mgetz Sure. I can see how it works if you're at the receiving end.
And then comes SE staffs who are forced to post something that the community hates: MIT License
@hey "forced"
More that its an attempt to sort out a problem that the status quo ignored
2:38 PM
48 mins ago, by πάντα ῥεῖ
> There was a serious flaw in code published and positively promoted at your website and our spaceship crashed. Is there a way you could agree to participate with our losses? -Elon Musk-
MIT license is just fine @hey
@JourneymanGeek noting failed
@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog you're really stuck on this idea
And... I think that perhaps stems from your fascination with rules and process
but you should know... Many people are not so concerned with such things
Rules are fascinating
if there are two ways to upvote a post they like, they'll use both of them
if there are two ways to downvote a post they dislike, they'll do that too
Right. They downvote and close vote
2:43 PM
If you provide a person with a way to say both "this post is of low quality" and "I disagree with this proposal", you're likely to find that folks who disagree with your proposal also believe it is of poor quality
It somehow needs to match (or not) reputation not coming from a parent site anyhow.
@Shog9 Most of the time, yeah
the underlying mechanics don't really matter that much
@Shog9 confirmation bias is a thing yes
relatively few people are going to be like, "oh, I'm not going to use the Super Downvote because that will cost the author fake internet points"
2:44 PM
Dumb or damaging ideas are disagreeing agents
@Shog9 VERY few people
I'm like the additional commentary
If I had it my way I'd have a super super downvote that automatically deletes the persons account
I mean... Everyone in this room would argue about it endlessly, but outside of that...
@Shog9 That's good news (I'm trustful you already gathered data about that)
It's like the handful of folks in the SOCVR who talk endlessly about which flags to use on things, debating the philosophies and mechanics behind them...
...vs the majority of flags on SO, raised by folks who only flag one or two things a month tops, and are picked based on what sounds right in the moment
@Shog9 well to be fair the VLQ flag isn't the easiest flag to use and is more often disputed than not
2:47 PM
the fact that you even know that flags can be disputed puts you in a small minority
With 2-voting system, soon there will be a term "Downvote magnet by upvote" on meta, where you upvote an unpopular feature request to get it downvoted more.
if you want something like this to work, you have to look at the mental models of the folks who are voting. The way the options present themselves matter far more than what they actually do
VLQ has endless arguments about proper use :/
You gotta ask: why are these posts getting downvoted on meta now?
The reach has expanded?
2:49 PM
Also... It's a super bad idea to discuss your own posts in the context of such a discussion, since you & me & Sterling over here are all human and thus perversely blind to our own faults.
@Shog9 speak for yourself, I'm well aware of my faults and incredibly scared of others noticing them.
You might be able to identify what's problematic in someone else's proposal, or report, or support request... The chance that you'll be able to see it in your own - even if it is pointed out to you - is slim.
Emotional response from getting downvote due to a single voting system is already complex. Next, downvote squared?
Oh, also "mixed feeling", seeing +30 -129 when the post is getting upvote for high quality, but very much disagree with proposal:
People are too sensitive about imaginary points
And if you do see it, you'll try to deemphasize the impact on others
which stops you from being able to understand why they react how they do
which prevents identification of alternate solutions
2:51 PM
Kudos for all of your efforts @Shog9 @TimPost
cheers buddy!
@Shog9 is a solution being talked about to do nothing; seeing as we cannot control who takes what to heart?
@πάνταῥεῖ We try! :)
Well, even Jeff posted some recent reddit concern ;-)
2:55 PM
That tweet...
@SterlingArcher I think a good approach is to stop looking at our goal as controlling and start seeing it as communicating, persuading, guiding
May 3 at 22:57, by user315433
> I want to like it, but I keep having to quit Reddit and delete my account based on the terribad combination of opinions + downvoting. Particularly dispiriting on small subreddits; they need an "upvotes only" mode for subs. -- Jeff Atwood at 3:54 PM - 3 May 2018
@Shog9 mmm the context of control isn't always a bad connotation. Persuading and guiding are just synonyms
It's all control, just with a nicer tone of voice
2:56 PM
@SterlingArcher you have my mod vote ...
Reddit is not SO though
@SterlingArcher I can control my car reasonably well when sitting in the driver's seat. Less well when sitting in the passenger seat. Even less when when sitting in the passenger seat while my wife sits behind the wheel. Communication becomes a much bigger concern as the potential for control diminishes.
@SterlingArcher GOOD NEWS!
@Shog9 I hope to god you've actually tried that lol
to lie to one's self and say, "I can control these people WITH MY WORDS!" just sets you up for failure
in CoGro Musings, Apr 9 '16 at 2:03, by Shog9
It is our duty to remember that we are not gods, able to bend others to our will; we are not even legislators, commanding an army with a pen... We are mostly (and primarily!) tool-makers, and should strive to make tools that will be put to good use, observing their effects in order to build better replacements when and while we are yet privileged to do so.
2:58 PM
Where's that diagram showing SE an intersection of Reddit, Wikipedia and 1 or 2 others...
sometimes "silence is golden"?
@Shog9 Seems you've read your Terry Prattchet books
@Shog9 communication is great, but some people (not saying y'all) don't know when to stop. I'm just worried about the bystanders alienated by all of this
The ones who have been here many many years, scared to comment or vote because they have to tiptoe around red tape, and worry about their comments being taken out of context, etc.
There's been loyal losses already
@SterlingArcher this is where the notion that we can fix any problem by just adding more rules to the game falls apart. There are already more rules than anyone can remember; this is the source of much of the frustration on all sides. Folks just want stuff to work, and obvious paths to fixing it when it doesn't.
3:04 PM
I can absolutely agree to that. The notion that this is a simple fix is ridiculous
This is also where you have to be very, very careful with things like Codes of Conduct (or even our "be nice" policy).
@Shog9 you mean leaving it open to interpretation by the user?
I mean, not treating such things like magic scrolls that change people
@πάνταῥεῖ I still find it fascinating that at one point in time, that was the hardest rock out there
@Shog9 people put a lot of faith in the rules
3:07 PM
It's meant to leave it to the knobs and buttons of the engine and let it handle ...
Their purpose is to reassure participants that the game is fair and that referees are standing by. To this end, they should not neglect what to do when you observe poor sportsmanship, nor try to replace refereeing with an exhaustive list of potential fouls.
Failure to remember this results in a document that is used by participants to beat each other with, rather than one which they strive to abide by.
The NFL needed you about 5 years ago Shog
Even commenting "Be nice." could be perceived as not being nice.
Good point!
@Shog9 I'd actually be interested in what percentage of users actually use flags at all... I've seen people mention that they're unaware flagging is even an option.
3:09 PM
People just need to listen to heavy metal and relax is all
Build cool things with cool people and headbang
@Catija I think this is a problem, especially for comments where the option is hidden behind a hover icon
@πάνταῥεῖ oh boy I have a treat for you
They sound very Lacuna Coil-ish, with a mix. youtube.com/watch?v=SQNtGoM3FVU you may like this if you like that
also, brace yourself
@Shog9 I mentioned it on Twitter this morning and Nick seemed unaware of it being a problem. He passed it on to Joe.
Jhonny Cash's One appears to be a a good stray in there ;)
3:15 PM
@Catija heh... the CMs were discussing this yesterday in connection with that proposal to expand flagging to all users
Was there a reason to prohibit users under 15 rep from flagging? Fear of flag abuse? I think I saw a proposal to at least allow users to flag content on their own posts/answers to their questions...
Have you seen what a 1 rep user can do with an avatar?
That's a lot of trust to put into a user
@Catija that might be feasible
the reason is twofold
#1 you could trivially delete any comment you wanted via sockpuppets
@SterlingArcher does a quick search for JPEG CVEs... Oh that's not what you meant...
#2 new folks routinely misuse flags for stupid crap like asking moderators to answer their question
3:19 PM
That's actually funny
@Shog9 Wasn't that what the flagging hellban was invented for?
@Shog9 snailboat just mentioned that this morning... well, asking whether their question was good, or something like that.
So, yeah, those two reasons are what I expected.
@Mgetz if every asker raises exactly one pointless flag, banning them does nothing but there are still a lot of flags
I did blacklist certain bits of text though, which seems to have helped a little bit
@Shog9 do you have any fun plans for the weekend?
Huh, actually, maybe I misread... I can't see a similar FR.
3:25 PM
@Catija it's an answer
I found a support question from a long time ago... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/197459/…
@SterlingArcher plant cabbages, build a light fixture
> It's the same reason we don't let newbies comment either. It just isn't necessary.
... Um... :/ Ouch.
Are you big into gardening? And are we talking a hanging light, or a recessed light?
My sister in law is dragging me out to a winery -- I do not enjoy wines :(
My green beans are all the way at the top of the strings I gave them to grow up... about 6'.
3:28 PM
Should be fun though, I'll just ride the motorcycle out there so I don't have to drink
@SterlingArcher just remember wineries often have non-wine things... like grapa
or cheese
Yeah usually weird smelling moldy cheese :X
When it comes to food and drink I find that a fancy pallet is just... weird.
@SterlingArcher I keep a small garden.
And a hanging light for plants
LEDs have gotten quite good
And they don't burn the plant if they get too close
well... they can
but the plant has to be nearly touching
I've singed a few leaves
3:31 PM
It's funny I found this on a marijuana growing site lol...
that's about par for the course
@SterlingArcher LEDs can get hot, particularly if they aren't as efficient as some of the more expensive ones. Phillips has 120 Lumen/W design but I don't know if it's commercial yet
There's actually quite a few 150W low heat LEDs out there
But I'm not sure if the price is worth just being slightly diligent
I buy nearly all of my gardening supplies at a wholesaler whose primary customer base is MJ growers
For LEDs, I've been following this guy for a while: ledgardener.com
I mean let's be honest some of the greatest new age botanists are in that field
3:33 PM
Lots of good info on various components, builds
@SterlingArcher You simply need a cool-tube for the lamp
Sodium light spectrum seems to work out best.
@Mgetz Samsung LM561c will hit > 160 easily; much higher if you underdrive them
A hear a magnesium fire provides sun-like light :P
@Shog9 apparently Cree and a few other have been pushing 300Lumens/W
not sure about longevity though
"300Lumens/W" Way too low.
3:37 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ that's not per bulb, that's per diode
> Remember, the vast majority of people actually using the site as intended are essentially anonymous touches
It is bad that my mind keeps trying to see a typo there.
2 hours ago, by rene
> the vast majority of people actually using the site as intended are essentially anonymous touches.
you're not alone? :)
Replace touches with though
@Shog9 Why are you continuously deleting my MSE posts?
3:39 PM
@peterh You're well known for weird ideas and answers.
rubbish! I delete them once and they stay deleted.
@Shog9 Yes, they are downvoted, but not because of the low quality. They are downvoted because they represent a minority opinion.
@hey Oh dear it is so hard to be original :)
And I only delete them when they've collected enough flags to put them in danger of being deleted w/ penalty if I leave them.
@peterh They're downvoted because you spend 90% of your words making assertions that you don't back up with the remaining 10%
3:41 PM
@Shog9 Uhm, thanks!
if you're gonna make bold assertions, you gotta find some way to convince folks that you're not just being a provocateur
@Mgetz I got that, stick to my sodium nitrate cool tube though. THX
@πάνταῥεῖ ok, I don't garden, and I assume you know your illumination needs better than I
@Shog9 Ok, I will put it more into focus. However, I think my posts wouldn't be so unpopular, then I shouldn't take care so much in this sense.
hashtag opinions
3:43 PM
if your goal is to convince others, you should... y'know... try to be convincing
@Mithrandir I disagree
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Of course. What did I expect? :)
@Mithrandir I disagree with being predictable too
Ur face is predictable
It rather stays the same week to week, i'd hope, so... yes.
We just won a new 10MW/38mwh contract at work :D
3:49 PM
@TimPost do you succeed?
Trying is the default
I hate default fonts
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ at least it's not comic sans
or papyrus
So this weird typography guy believed the correct spelling is "fount"
@Mgetz I'm reading that as "at yeast"
Papyrus is one of those fonts that irks me...
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ it'll grow on you
@Catija not an undertale player? (if you don't get the joke you're not)
3:55 PM
@Shog9 If I have delete privileges, can I vote to delete my downvoted accepted answer like any other high-rep user or am I also prevented from voting to delete in addition to not being able to just delete it myself?
my own answer, on my own question, couldn't be deleted until i unaccepted it
and i couldn't delete the question until doing so
even though both were downvoted
Did you have 20K on the site?
this was a month or so ago
"You cannot delete this accepted answer"
"Your delete vote has been recorded" on other's accepted negative answer
i gained like 15 rep from deleting them both
apparently it was longer ago than i thought, i don't see it in my recently deleted questions
3:58 PM
@Catija you'd be blocked entirely; different set of checks for post owners, doesn't degrade to 20K on failure.
Cool. The OP seemed curious about that, might be worth adding to the answer?
ugh, I'd better sleep than stream my consciousness...
@hey your consciousness is all over the place. Clean up your mess!
4:22 PM
2 hours ago, by Tim Post
This whole "voting on meta works differently" hasn't held up at scale very well. I think we need to be a little more specific about how it should be different, and maybe think about being more deliberate about what we want to express, which means maybe looking at a voting system on meta that goes beyond the up / no vote / down schema that we have.
well holy shit @SonictheInclusiveHedgehog
maybe your harping on this point wasn't in vain
keep on keeping on
left and right voting?
360° voting
4:29 PM
position the orb to represent your feelings toward this post
or just up/down, but when the status declined slap it stop, like an election
@Shog9 🐱‍👤🍔
orrrr... We could do the same thing we're talking about on SO: encourage people to write better posts
@Shog9 mandatory tutorial?
And then encourage voters to provide constructive feedback
4:32 PM
@Shog9 No way!
Salesforce like trailhead!?
@Mgetz simpler. Consider: why does posting a bug report not prompt you for steps to reproduce?
Why does posting a feature request not prompt for a problem statement, or hypothesis as to the effects the proposed feature change would cause?
@Shog9 because the template in the git repo is garbage dilbert.com/strip/2010-03-17
Why does starting a discussion not involve prompting for what you'd like folks to discuss?
Everybody gets Question Template!
4:33 PM
Why does a support ticket not ask for your browser and OS?
that ^
And then there are some who come from mobile app. Poor users...
a lot of users don't find the dupe before posting too, as a lot of feature request are dupes
@Shog9 Why do questions need browser and OS?
@Catija shucks, those should prompt for the question you want to ask
4:37 PM
That's a lot of templates to write. :D
and those users who ask to get over the question ban...
oh yeah, and definitely a template for burninate requests
Will it note that puns in titles are required?
with 20 fields to fill in
and a signature
20 seems a lot for smaller sites...
4:41 PM
@Shog9 I want to see the GDPR explanation page for this
Good point: there's still a chance that GDPR will just bring the entire network down and solve all our problems. Best not get too enthusiastic about other solutions.
^ that
Wait... I thought the easy solution to that was to just prohibit EU users entirely.
hmm there isn't even ..
I'd propose it... but I don't have the rep
@Mgetz we burned it at SO main....
4:47 PM
@rene doesn't seem like a tag you want to burninate as it's super important on the 25th... and could cost at least 20mil€ or 4% of global turnover
tbf it's not an SO tag
@Mgetz yeah, I'm checking with the insurance company if they cover those costs ....
@rene nah I think it should be allowed on meta.se as it pertains to stackexchange's GDPR compliance
Q: How is Stack Exchange preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

AzxdreuwaIs Stack Exchange making any changes in preparation for GDPR? What will the procedures be in order to comply with this regulation? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union...

a bit concerning that doesn't even have an answer
could probably be covered under legal
@rene didn't think law.se covered stackexchange itself
or how they are preparing for things
I don't see why they should make that public. At least not while they are prepping.
4:54 PM
To be fair, we have tag...
Why wouldn't they? It's not like GDPR introduces something that would harm competitive advantage. If you do business with EU Citizens you have to deal with GDPR
A business is run by staff, not by a bunch of unguided individuals typing stuff in textboxes on a webpage
@rene I do wonder sometimes...
me too
wow... username issue there too
4:57 PM
sd del
@Mgetz is "frantically scrambling to get a bunch of legally-required UI in place while auditing data" an answer?
@Shog9 yes, as is: 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
@Mgetz now exists, please provide an excerpt and wiki for it
@Shog9 that is paraphrasing the deleted answer from Marc ...
he's more optimistic
@rene I'm horrible at tag wikis... but I'll take a shot
5:00 PM
I'm dreading the first committed troll finding a way to abuse this
Where did I read that a tag on only 1 question could be removed at any time by the system? Or was it already disabled?
"Hey y'know that 10 year suspension for doxing other users? Right to be forgotten, chumps!"
@hey only activates if there's no wiki
@Mgetz let me know when you have submitted something.
@Shog9 And not on M&TV.
@rene submitted
5:06 PM
@Shog9 I can assure you that most of my customers (mostly councils) done less to prepare then you did and I'm the one who is going to take the penalty when they are confronted with GDPR related claims.
Sometimes, I'm just baffled by late contributions to canonical Q&A... stackoverflow.com/a/49997447/621962
@Mgetz awesome, needs reviews to be approved. It is in the queue now
@canon that seems ... wrong? Or at least is answering a different question?
Still an apple ...
I almost flagged as NAA... but I'm pretty certain that would get rejected. And I don't know that I want to bother with a custom flag.
So.... downvote it is.
@canon maybe some chatroom will help?
Jay Hanlon's touchy feely vegan cultural initiative aside... :P
@rene perhaps I'll bother the JavaScript room at some point later today
5:12 PM
they might be bothered with other stuff ...
@canon that, or feel free to drop in SOCVR and have the regulars there have a look. They also have enough 20K-ers around in case deletion is warranted.
@rene who knows... maybe that guy revises his post and brings something fresh to the table.
I did post in the javascript room, though
It's interesting that such a weird answer garnered an upvote. #smellslikecollusion
I should probably migrate this to the main SE meta.
Q: Image upload filename problems

FelthryStackExchange's image upload tool is very handy, and I especially like that you can just give it a url to get an image that's already on the internet. But there's a problem when trying to get png versions of svg images from Wikimedia Commons; it appears, though I can't say with confidence, that t...

wtb SVG support... 1Mlol all the things.
5:29 PM
@NickAlexeev it might even be an imgur problem ...
not sure who is rejecting it
@NickAlexeev maybe related: meta.stackexchange.com/a/240774/158100
and that's why I don't contribute to tag wikis, because there is some arbitrary criteria that isn't outlined anywhere on the edit page.
I need to wait for the other to finish
@Mgetz my bad, I should have offered some guidance and I should have reviewed more carefully
@rene I'm not blaming you, my complaint is that there is no guidance when editing. Leading to arbitrary and capricious results.
I'm trying to get the highlighting on the last code block to be lang-none here but it looks like it doesn't pick it up due to it being in a citation markup as well?
5:52 PM
@Shog9 if I flagged this post with a custom flag stating that, "While this looks like an answer, it makes no attempt to answer the question. It cobbles together bits from other, established answers and still fails to address the question." ... would you accept that flag or reject it?
I have to imagine that a flag is overkill. Still, that post irks me.
@Mgetz I've written some meta answer about that. here is one: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/312219/578411
sounds like you're asking if you can ask

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