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12:00 PM
Beer didn't make you taller than average though.... :D
@ShadowWizard 200lbs?
@πάνταῥεῖ yeah, that one might be result of beer. :)
I am scaring people in 1st place, and I still dunno if that's a good thing I can use in turn to teach them from the opposite opinion. In practice it seems to work well, but it's at least a weird way going to (thescaryguy.com).
@JourneymanGeek think it's pretty common to have different title for the same movie in different countries.
They match the title to the culture of each place, somehow.
I thought they made a 5th movie
12:05 PM
SE The Movie
@JourneymanGeek lol no, don't think this can happen unless there will be a new book too...
@πάνταῥεῖ also can't be done without a book ;)
I don't really follow hunger games so who knows!
Oh, all of this is part of reality TV show, of course, where the viewers can send gifts to those they like, thus helping them survive. ^
12:08 PM
you guys like living on the edge
@ShadowWizard I've been missing the call of duty probably. But I still can do better next time ;)
@skull why?
12:16 PM
@skull Well, over 50 you tend to change views ...
I've seen entire chat rooms shut down for conversations like this.
@skull Why? Can you elaborate please?
Heads can fly though... almost literally.... ;)
Drive-by flags
12:19 PM
Drive by, @hey Where's my popcorn? Customer lost :3
same for @bro
We're all f**k**g slackers! @rene was right!
@πάνταῥεῖ is wording that needed?
No, but stated!
I think you need some fresh air
Will get in a few minutes, my gals are going to pick me up ;-)
May 1st working man's mayday, have a beer and go for relaxation ;-)
12:32 PM
i gave up coffee
We'll talk about headaches and bad mouth taste left tomorrow @rene ;)
meanwhile I am sitting at home, working on Algorithmics homework
@skull Bad general decision. But tee-a-time is great one.
i like tea
@Vogel612'sShadow AI is a tough noodle to slip.
@skull Me too. Earl Grey, pinch of milk.
12:35 PM
no sugar?
No sugar, seriously not. I'm already suffering from periodontitis, not eager for more teeth simply fowling out :-/
i gave up coffee because i would break out in a sweat from just the caffeine
dunno why it doesn't happen with tea
\o @terdon
1:06 PM
sd 2poof
@ShadowWizard 2late
@skull yo!
I've never feature requested anything
11 messages moved to Chimney
What happens generally after I do so
and it's not been heavily downvoted/closed
1:15 PM
@AvatarShiny not sure I follow. If you never requested anything, how it's downvoted/closed?
Do you mean you never posted a request that was popular?
Q: Mathjax for the mobile web chat

Avnish KabajI know mobile users are relatively less in number than desktop. You can easily use userscripts on a desktop to enable chatjax but for us mobile users it's very tough. As far as I know I'll have to download Tampermonkey and then install the userscript. Tampermonkey has an inbuilt browser which is ...

No downvotes, no close votes. Afraid I lost you, @Avatar. :/
@ShadowWizard I missed this bit out
What bit?
I've never feauture requested anything on the mother meta
But at chem meta
I've had but it was a ludicrous request
This happens.
"even" for me!
Q: Can the combined flair restriction of 200+ rep on at least one site be lifted for a Stack Exchange employee?

Shadow WizardI just went over the list of Community Managers and this caught my attention: Different look and feel, too gray... poor Ana deserves more in my opinion. I went and dug up her combined flair just to see the reason it wasn't used: You do not have any linked accounts with 200+ rep True,...

So I got -12. No big deal.. it's even not declined. Yet. :)
This didn't make me stop, or even consider stopping, asking for new requests.
I see
1:23 PM
Sometimes you hit, sometimes you miss.
1:48 PM
I have no dved questions here. Got some dved answers tho
Oh, event 19 is moved, right?
@PrincessLuna I'm pretty sure I am.
Websocket died, last recorded thing to happen was event 19 from smokey
1:55 PM
1 message moved to Chimney
Smokey got a death note? Nice!
guess not
Poor Smokey.
@SmokeDetector yes
@ShadowWizard can you reject this
@rene done
2:21 PM
sd 2k
long time user became offensive troll.
You either die a contributor or live long enough to become the troll.
2:44 PM
Nicolas translated the blog post into Russian, figurines and all. ru.meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/7219/…
I don't think ruSO is really all that similar...
The figurines seem to still be in English.
Hi Jan <3
@bro Nicolas? OP isn't Nicolas.
@SterlingArcher it's May not Jan. April is also over. :D
oh good call I need to pay rent
2:55 PM
How much? ;)
Way too much lol I shouldn't have picked the 11th floor apartment
@ShadowWizard I am glad April is over ;)
don't want another meta question about chat quality
I don’t know what to say about this whole blogpost situation anymore. I consider myself a liberal, as in the classic meaning of the word and I feel threatened whenever SJWs ruin something I like. I’m so sad that it reached SO as well.
@SterlingArcher 11th floor? Why is it more expensive than the rest? I'd expect the first few floors to be, but 11? (unless it's 100 floors skyscraper?? :))
@TelKitty haha, you wish!
2:59 PM
Because the view is spectacular the higher up you get lol and there wasn't a 14th floor opening (top floor)
That April is all year long
@SterlingArcher ohh, I see.
Wait, what city?
locating @SterlingArcher
@the4kman SJWs? Care to... expand?
Sarah Caputo on May 01, 2018

In January, Jon Skeet’s rep crossed over one million. To thank him for his generous efforts and contributions, we hosted a brunch in his honor at our New York Headquarters in February. We also asked the community if they had any questions for him to answer in an IRL Q&A.

Please enjoy this delightful interview in which Jon discusses everything from his origin story, to overload resolution, to banana flower pants. We’re immensely grateful for Jon’s continued devotion to the Stack Overflow community, and we hope to give him another free brunch after he earns his next million rep! …

@ShadowWizard Oops, the poster copied the style of NC's translations and I didn't scroll all the way.
Maybe they should ask on some SE site how to upload YouTube video..... ;)
Thankfully, Jon does not post his SO answers by recording a video of them.
3:10 PM
It's like he understands the difference in signal/MB ratio between the media.
> This video is a duplicate of a previously uploaded video.
@ShadowWizard Web Applications I think
@bro yup
So they uploaded same vid twice, probably by mistake, and put the wrong link. Is it so hard to.... read what you just wrote? Go over it, fix the glaring mistakes? :/ (see, just like I did here! ;))
what do you think of the timing of that chat quality question @shadow
May starts! It's time to end discussion on April's and start discussing about labor now...
3:17 PM
@TelKitty not coincidence of course. Joel and Jay (and whoever else in charge) are probably pushing the CMs to action.
So plans kept in dark drawers are now pushed out.
Reminds me of war plans each country has...
@ShadowWizard Plans like these, I guess: dilbert.com/strip/1996-12-13
@Mithrandir thanks, but the thing is why they don't bother to put correct link in the blog post...
folks have been pinged
@Mithrandir so fix in 6-8 weeks. Great! :)
@bro exactly!
@Mithrandir and again, thing is why not go over the post when submitting it? It's super glaring, and it's a very short post to begin with. buh. Or meh? never mind. lol
It's like the blog post author kept some draft, pasted it and went away never to see what they wrote again.
And with that, time for me to go away. :)
3:30 PM
Which is probably the case: post scheduled to appear on a later day; meanwhile the video gets reuploaded
it's fixed now
also the more users and more often those users chat in a room, the more low quality contents there would be in that room, it's all statistics
prime example: Charcoal HQ :P
when there were few users, you crave for more, if there are a lot, you cringe about quality, so hard to please ...
3:55 PM
@bro so purple...
Blue Screen of ... Devs?
@JohnDvorak PURPLE!!
I suggest you turn your LCD for a less extreme viewing angle
@bro Who needs good UX anyways? It's overrated. :p
4:11 PM
It's not a good color scheme no matter the LCD
yesterday, by user5389107
I imagine some of the people whose primary opinion it was that you were being hysterical on MSO and needed to go are feeling pretty small seeing the diamond next to your name there @YvetteColomb
Too soon...
4:39 PM
Q: Would you like stackoverflowoverflow.com?

Adam DavisYesterday, 9 years ago, Tom Ritter registered stackoverflowoverflow.com with the intention of creating a discussion site for topics and discussion styles that didn't fit the Stack Overflow paradigm. Less than a year later Meta was created, replacing UserVoice, and Tom gave the domain to me to us...

I really hate how much drama has been caused by the blog post and is still being
@JohnDvorak I don't want to disappoint you but it won't be over for another 6 to 8 weeks.
But hey, I did get a follow-up rant reopened - and I didn't even have an intention to answer.
I dont know why it's so hard to enforce the be nice policy on SO
4:47 PM
because people are not naturally nice?
I understand, but ppl upvote such comment, not flag them now..
Online users assume anonymity and like to exercise their power
Just hypothetically, what would happen if we shut down comment flagging for a week?
or does we got enough mod to handle all flagged comment ?
4:55 PM
@yagmoth555 a lot get cleared with 1, 3 or 6 flags
@JohnDvorak I guess we would see the real face of SO?
@rene ok, but does the user that got flagged, got listed somewhere after? to restrict him more and make some suspension after to no more tolerate from him? or it's the mod that handle the flag that take note of the user to handle it by himself later ?
@yagmoth555 oh, I'm not sure how that works. I guess they only see the number of comment flags on a users profile. I guess someone would need to customflag to explain a pattern.
But I'm not a mod, so can't really tell how troublesome commentors get noticed
@Shog9 I assume you're aware of what's going on SO currently right
(actually it's network wide but mostly SO)
5:21 PM
@yagmoth555 not oneboxing again... xkcd.com/1594 Human Subjects
If anyone is omniscient around SE... it's Shog
(Of course, nobody is)
10 messages moved to Chimney
> I'm starting to hate the meta site.
couldn't agree more, but not because of her reasoning.
5:29 PM
redirect loop?
The welcoming tag has 1 follower, I wonder who that is.
My work colleagues who only use SO from search engine without participating won't care about any issue from the blog and meta. Yet, I'm starting to feel distressed...
@bro I mis-clicked ..
@rene just click it once again (not twice!) ...
I'm on double-click Windows 10
6:02 PM
I just realized the "Jon Skeet" blog entry saved us partially from this insanity... the featured posts are much more tolerable now.
There's another Jon Skeet blog entry?
> Friends! I’ve decided to leave Stack Overflow after 8 amazing years. This will be my last week. It’s an unbelievable group of people and my gratitude can’t be sufficiently expressed. -- Matt Sherman at 10:52 AM - 1 May 2018
Escape from the madhouse
@rene oki, thanks
Not seriously suggestion causation, although there is a pattern in devs leaving SO.
@hey A brilliant strategy. When things go wrong, just distract people with Jon Skeet. Perhaps we can employ this strategy in chat?
Such as delivering a video of Jon Skeet looking disappointed to anyone who gets mute-banned.
We already employ this strategy in here with pictures of cats, dogs, chickens, horses, and also unicorns though...
> In 2013 I had joined the company to improve the lives of our users directly, but by 2017 I found myself able only to help them indirectly, by benefiting the company that was benefiting them. -- sklivvz
compare to
6:27 PM
> It is possible to disagree with the path of your own creation and continue to support it, but if your paths diverge enough perhaps it's time to take a different road. -- Nick Craver at 11:50 AM - 26 Apr 2018
6:40 PM
> That is not to say that things can't be improved here -- ask me about the /ask page! I dare you! I triple dog dare you! 🤣 -- Experts and newbies. Never the twain shall meet?
Jeff used emoji in the post.
Is it me or is drama particularly intense these past weeks?
It's started by April in April
ba dum tsss
April twitter showers bring May meta posts.
A true poet
lol. I just realized that we're oh so very lucky that all this happens in English, that is, a mainly ungendered language. In French, I presume things would be quite hectic.
@rene I think that's a pretty good estimate. Remember the code license thing: lots of strong opinions, meta posts, votes up/down, external discussions on HN and whatever.... it took about 6-8 weeks for all of it to fizzle out and eventually be forgotten.
6:59 PM
@bro If you filter out questions based on rep, you automatically filter out the answers to those questions. Which means you've essentially split up the website, where you and I can't interact with each other, because you don't see my questions, and your questions are too advanced for me to answer. Since new users rarely upvote, people answering new-user questions wouldn't gain the rep needed to get into your elitist society. Eventually, you and you're reputation-generation will die and the billions of uncleaned crap that you filtered out of your life will remain. — Clay07g 17 mins ago
Didn't take long to be called elitist. :)
@bro congrats! ;)
Duh. New users (i.e. 1-rep users) rarely upvote because they don't have enough rep to upvote in the first place...
They can give 15 rep by accepting the answer.
(Which, for my filter, makes the answerer "not new" at once.)
7:07 PM
@bro True, that's why that comment is so wrong... rep != knowledge/skill
I'm just taking April Wensel's advice... "Maybe you only answer questions one day a week, or you don’t answer questions from new users. Setting boundaries is an essential component of self-care." (emph mine)
8:12 PM
@rene you pang? (That's past tense of ping, right? No? Okay)
Q: Preliminary update on transition

JohnPJust an update before the official word comes down, but it looks like the transition to Medical Sciences is being approved, and we can start to move the site in that direction. What does this mean now? There a few things that will need to happen, (and probably more that I am unaware of). Addi...

> Ideally, some of these [moderators] will be licensed medical professionals
That's the trick, isn't it
on the internet no one knows you're a doctor
8:19 PM
Q: I think we're done here

Carey GregoryEvery day it's an onslaught of new, asinine questions that are clearly off-topic requests for medical advice with zero value to anyone with medical interests. And every day my votes to close are futile. I was hopeful for a while, but one or two people who were finally helping to close questions a...

that ^being the post just before the transition one makes for some irony
Not to toot my own horn or anything (other than by saying I'm pretty amazing, and pretty much the best at being humble about it) ... but today is a good day. Almost 2 years of work, but we've finally released our game :D
Now ... maybe tomorrow is a bad day if the servers come crashing down, but for now, it's good :D
@Bart congrats! :D
8:20 PM
Sleep ... that's what I want. You all can party
too tss too tss too tss
@Bart Okay ...
Not sure what that search will do the ads I get served over the next few days ...
@Bart how many people worked on it?
8:26 PM
@rene Internally we are 6 devs, 2 artists, 1 communication. Then about 5 artists or so outsourced + music + writing + voice acting, etc. Not to mention QA and what not.
that is a serious team
Hi all.
A quick question - is there a way to "write lock" your own Meta question so that no more comments or answers can be submitted?
I submitted a question which no longer attracts useful comments/answers, but only inflammatory ones. @Shog9 intervened and cleaned comments :/
At least not for you
Just flag for a mod
@rene yeah, gets fairly sizeable at some points. The core team is fairly small, but with the external partners it's quit significant.
8:29 PM
@Patrick is that about your MSE question?
@rene Indeed. It proved to be more inflammatory than I'd envisoned.
@Patrick "worst" case you can always ask to be disassociated
@Patrick well with that click baity title ... you got what you asked for ;)
in all seriousness: yes, things get heated in this timeframe
8:33 PM
Ah, that's fine. Offense taken
yelling really helps
Wait, the neighbours are checking if I'm okay
@Bart @rene In retrospect, I might have (should have?) known. But the intensity and derailing of the discussions were unexpected.
@rene TRIGGERED! (it's the internet, SOMEONE has to be offended!)
Welcome to the internet @Patrick :D
@Patrick yeah, happened to me in the past as well. No worries you never get used to it.
I'm such a good motivator ...
8:35 PM
@Bart But at least some of the answers were on-topic and insightful. So I won't ask for the nuclear disassociation option yet ^^
@PrincessLuna sure thing
@Patrick I'm afraid that it's unlikely they will lock the question. Though, it's likely going to calm down.
@rene I feel not better already ^^^:)
@Catija in 6 to 8 weeks, right?
@Patrick that is what I hoped for :D
Depends on how many more blog posts Tim and Jay have up their sleeves.
8:37 PM
It was the start of a series ...
And they are singing up for Season 2 as well.
But they didn't number them, so we don't know if it's three or 6-8. :D
SO The Sequel
I imagine another word instead of "sleeves"
8:38 PM
@Catija Ah well. It's worth a try.
Never thought I'd attract Shog's attention on my first meta post though :/
He's got to stay on top of the rep leagues somehow. ;)
He's been slacking recently... he's got some catching up to do.
Look at this... third place for the quarter... shameful.
Though, that could be more of an indication of how much of a busybody @JourneymanGeek is. :P
Hehe :D
Didn't you also post an answer @Catija ? I remember several comments from you :)
@Patrick Not to you. I have a comment problem on MSE... But I do answer a lot.
comment problem on MSE? ... you should try IPS.se ...
I'm one of the top three commenters on IPS.
8:46 PM
I'm not sure if that is a good sign, either for you or the site ;)
Thanks for all your responses. I've flagged it and will wait and see.
Got to leave now, but might drop in again. Nice atmosphere :)
Have a nice day/evening
@Patrick thanks, same to you.

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