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12:03 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer: Why does Candace never take a photo of boys' inventions? by Random guy on scifi.SE
12:18 AM
One of my friends all of a sudden started to write romance novel so she has brought my attention to romance novel covers because she was telling me how she paid to get one made for her book. I myself have not read a romance novel for possibly 20 years. So I went over to web browser and searched for 'Romance Novel Cover' and alas! I was greeted by what's more like escort promotion pamphlet's graphics ... if escorts ever makes pamphlets
12:29 AM
the evil part of me wants to find a dupe of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308875/…
@TelKitty sounds right.
1:02 AM
> Dealer wanted $126.00 for a new switch 84222-12010. I told him where he could put it. He told me he already had a few up there! mechanics.stackexchange.com/a/46443
this is like the romantic book cover in the animal kingdom:
2:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad NS for domain in body, bad keyword in body, blacklisted website in body: Loss Decreases recuperation time by Srj wsf on apple.SE
2:48 AM
A: VSC TRAC, TRAC OFF is on but ABS is not. What does it means?

user36805used some toilet paper to see the light

People find inspiration in strangest things.
Makeshift light filter, probably
3:37 AM
is unicorn relative to ... say a conjoined corn?
4:10 AM
vs twin corn, of course >_<
4:38 AM
@SFTP hmm. Sauce? :p
5:27 AM
Jeff unwisely entered the Twitter thread that followed Joel's blogpost.
I just summarized that thread for you.
whoever writes great news articles are also good stalkers
linkie? ;p
Its a bit like a trainwreck. I shouldn't watch but its so hard to turn away.
@ShadowWizard I'd rather people flag
More accountable ^^
(besides SU has a fairly small flag queue, most 'simple' requests are handled pretty fast)
5:44 AM
@SFTP Je(ff)baited
reopen the tweet thread again...
I can't speak for others, but I always downvote and VtC respectfully.
shrug I actually used to leave comments all the time. Now I just do it some of the time ;p
But I guess we arn't big enough to hate touches wood ;p
how to make intimacy sounds like a date rape so I baited my chook with a piece of hot and spicy vege piece and expected him to go through a whole series of mental episode, but instead the cockerel liked it, he finished the piece then looked at me expectantly
birds can't taste heat
dogs can, some dogs can at least ~_~
But Meta IPS is still better than that tweet
6:19 AM
That hot questions list, though
When IPS went into public beta, there were... 5? 6? HNQ at the same time
@nicael lol!
still quite true no?
Also LifeHacks, also PP&CG, also Community Building
PP&CG is dead no?
6:21 AM
@HTTPS it's not just the amount, it's the third with that title. Priceless.
Community building is quite odd...
PPCG by no means dead, I think
@JourneymanGeek SE site can't be "dead" usually, just "inactive"... for years.
@ShadowWizard naw, they do close down sites
@JourneymanGeek still very rare, only when nobody can moderate the site anymore.
Not due to inactivity only.
6:23 AM
PPCG is alive and well, and makes it to HNQ often.
Site can have half a question per day and still remain open/alive, as long as it has users who keep it moderated and clean.
@HTTPS Community World Building?
I might be misremembering
@SFTP SFTP is busy
@JourneymanGeek yup join the club! (of bad memory ;))
6:24 AM
@HTTPS HTTPS is busy too
There are some offers for memory boost being posted about this time...
@ShadowWizard I'd have you know sir, I have a photographic memory. I just sometimes forget to load it with film
@SFTP worldbuilding is busy ;p
@SFTP and @HTTPS are both busy securing their protocols.
I also get distracted doing 4 things at once ;p
still securing!
6:25 AM
Securing can take ages.
your key's too big
So don't lose it!
Hard to find big keys these days.
@SFTP more common are skin boost offers...
@JourneymanGeek the amazing part, that says a lot about the site, is that it's not even downvoted.
@ShadowWizard and my suggested edit sitting in limbo :(
Downvoted the toilet paper.
Upvoted the toilet paper. got insta-ban
6:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek edit??
on the other answer ;p
Makes it easier to read
@HTTPS you mean... shitcanned
That's literally polishing a turd... (editing that toilet paper answer ;))
6 hours ago, by SFTP
> Dealer wanted $126.00 for a new switch 84222-12010. I told him where he could put it. He told me he already had a few up there! https://mechanics.stackexchange.com/a/46443
^ probably that one
as usual, @Journeyman lacks... context. ;)
6:38 AM
@SFTP yup
@ShadowWizard lol, see what's the last thing he said?
6:53 AM
If there was no rep cap, Jon Skeet would now have 4,189,614 rep, and would have reached 1m reps back in 2011
almost 2^22...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: Relation between a Wizard's Previous button and history's Back button by athman8 on ux.SE
@SFTP this is arguably the essence of SE
people don't come here because they like the environment so much. They come here because it's unparraleled in finding an answer to your concrete problem with minimal hassle
7:15 AM
@SFTP where is it from? What you quote?
I thought Twitter, but googling the exact phrase only returned this chat room...
@HTTPS yup. Probably Twitter, but deleted by now.
(and @Norm kept it locally or in some archive)
Re-reading that quote, I think it's from the previous "Joel's self-congratulatory" tweet, possibly replying to Jeff's tweet...
@HTTPS which made Jeff quit the internet? Wonder who posted it that made such an impact on Jeff, who should have developed an ubber thick skin... :/
Well, Jeff replied on that thread though
so he came back to the internet on that thread
7:21 AM
@ShadowWizard linky?
2 hours ago, by SFTP
Jeff unwisely entered the Twitter thread that followed Joel's blogpost.
@HTTPS I mean the thread itself
Just continue reading the replies from the original tweet (note that some tweets might have been deleted due to being offensive/name-calling)
@HTTPS What the heck is that
All i read is handwaving about privilege and demographic makeup
I get these are auxillary statistics, but where is the argument or problem statement?
"Most users of SO are white men aged 17-38" doesn't imply "It's a culture of toxic mascuilnity"
And then it degenerates into people moaning their question got closed....
@HTTPS no, not this. The one from October 2017 which made Jeff quit.
7:33 AM
I'd be interested to see this discussion about SO's "culture problem" but all that twitter thread is is name calling
A lot of name calling and slinging insults and vague references
@ShadowWizard yeah, I realized
9 hours ago, by SFTP
Yes, after some SJW Twitter incident.
@Magisch This always seems to be the way when any site (other than SE) talks about SE
@ShadowWizard linky to that?
@HTTPS what's SJW?
@Magisch I think this is the one: (i.e. thread root, see Jeff replies)
Hiring managers: how do you screen for this? https://twitter.com/_tessr/status/915965400008974337
@Magisch And this is clearly a result of the overwhelming number of programmers in that demographic - this is essentially saying that ""Most programmers are white men (possibly aged 17-38)" which seems not-remotely-surprising. Rolls eyes
7:40 AM
@ShadowWizard social justice warrior
wait, that's weird... that's not what I found.
buh twitter is complicated with its reply mechanism
@Mithrandir24601 those are just facts, yeah, like saying "Most asian men are below the average height", and it's a magic circle: women don't join because being "men only" intimidates them.
Most Shadow Wizards have two kids
@Magisch Shall agree on this one. There is no form of gender discrimination involved. Any form of toxic elitism on SO to my knowledge has always been gender-unrelated -_-'
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ wrong. Three!
@Derpy agreed
7:55 AM
Oh, it's an alternate fact then
alternate universe
@ShadowWizard oh, right. The third is still a baby, right?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ yeah she is featured now
You'd award the bounty once she's 4?
7:57 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ already did. She ate it with pleasure.
@TelKitty r00d, but that's a fact...
She's addicted to these:
@M.A.R. ^
@ShadowWizard aww, now I've turned on VPN and can see your avatar
She takes two in each hand and eat it for about a full hour. :D
(awesome way to keep her busy and happy ;))
What's her name, again?
8:00 AM
@TelKitty please, avoid. I think that kind of "joke" can be pretty harsh to people having / having relatives with / working with persons with those kind of illness.
now that's offensive ;)
in Shadow's Den, Aug 3 '17 at 10:50, by Shadow Wizard
@SagarV hehe the name of my baby girl is Ella
@Shadow Wizard's Ella VS. @Catija's Bennet CUTENESS DEATHMATCH
That is, whoever kills the most people with cuteness radiation.
@Tel's on fire today
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ lol
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ That's like... "death metal" producing "cute metal"
8:03 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I was going to ask whether you are a pedophile, but then I realised that someone will take an offence
Wow, you're really on fire
Like burning
@Derpy Thats a seperate issue to address
you should dance in the rain...
@HTTPS parkour in the rain is way cooler
I should carry out more productive activity
8:05 AM
Like, the evil SJW boss is a ninja following her
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ think she's just jealous :P
@ShadowWizard Jealous who?
@Magisch not necessarily. People who already experienced gender discrimination will probably assume that further discrimination is due to the same reason. When in reality it is just a "look! My rep level is over nine thousand!"
cuteness is in the eye of beholder ... I am sure some people find my posting of chooks preposterous, but at least I am aware of what I am doing
I wish mine was
8:07 AM
@Derpy Experience doesn't shape reality though
And addressing gender discrimination doesn't work if it's not a factor. You'll have to address something else then
In fact, we accept everyone! There are so many LGBTQ+ questions on IPS... oh wait, the toxicity was on SO?
@JourneymanGeek now that's sitist
Shame on you
8:09 AM
@Magisch many would argue there is no thing as "absolute reality". Just your own perceptions. That said, your own post somehow illustrates the problem.
I was wondering how people would react differently to me if I wasn't a dog I posted as a female ;p
I probably should experiement, but I don't really have questions until I do cool new stuff that stumps me, and I currently don't have anything cool :(
don't forget to promote a product though
You agreed that there is a form of "elitist toxicity" on SO, or am I mistaken, @Magisch?
Journeylady geek
(yes, JonEricson tried it - on SO)
8:11 AM
@HTTPS Keto trim diet
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Maybe use the indian equivilent of Jane Smith ;p
@JourneymanGeek ha-ha burn
@JourneymanGeek apaul did it on SO too, which is touched on a recent topic on Meta IPS.
@HTTPS linky?
On the other hand - I'd have to be super careful about my 'tells'
(cause it would give it away if I misused my its and wierds)
8:12 AM
Q: Merge request, after seeing how the the other half experiences SO

apaulI ran an experiment after seeing a few posts on Meta Stack Overflow and Meta Stack Exchange. Most notably this post which suggested: Create a new profile (low rep points) that can be recognized as female and participate. Take notice of how you feel with this profile and if your experien...

I hope he didn't say "they get called fa##ot a lot"
> The results of my, admittedly limited, experiment was that it is kinda lame to be a new user. Not being able to vote, close vote, and so on really limits ones experience on the site.
Too damned true!
That's the expectation from someone who regularly moderates the site, certainly not someone who just uses SO for coding service
@HTTPS the blank slate is impossible
unless you've got a SO who wants to learn to code and dosen't mind being a guinea pig
I am freaking annoyed, rent from 2 of our houses are either short or not paid, had to complete company tax and annual GST return despite not much profit. I also have problem designing autonomous (toy) car's body because camera should not be shaking while the car is moving
8:15 AM
@HTTPS no the IPS one
@JourneymanGeek weird how they said "close vote" after "vote" though
@HTTPS corollary experiment. Try and see what happens if you put a candy colored pony picture as your avatar.
A: Why is the following statement about men not rude?

apaulSee, here's the thing about that... You could choose to place your self in the category of men I was referring to, or not. Aparently you felt that I was either referring to all men which would have included myself, obviously not the intention, or that I was referring to men who tend to behave ...

Flagging is much importenter
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ voting is trivial for a new user to get
@Derpy I think sometimes it's not ideal
I don't think the entire site culture is a problem
@TelKitty Life of someone who rents out houses eh :p
8:18 AM
@Magisch I've generally taken a very simple stand towards such things. If you harass another user, regardless of gender, I will throw the book at you.
Also received a letter telling me road work in front of a property, when called government agency, I was told the nearest infrastructure work would be 'far far away', but it's actually right in front of the property, like RIGHT in the front.
@TelKitty blackmail them, or their chooks
I'll tell you off. I'm not going to use words like toxic. I'm old fashioned and tell you "this is not how we do things" ;p
@Magisch and you agree that April may have perceived that the "discrimination" was against her because of her gender, while in reality she just found bad users that would have been rude either way?
@Derpy If someone was an ideologue and would always assume the worst of people and be prone to making sweeping judgements without finding out anything about what they're judging, sure.
8:20 AM
@JourneymanGeek eh, still I don't feel like missing out on much if I can flag for closure
@Derpy and there's a bit of an echo chamber - a lot of folks who disagree won't engage cause we're worried about.... toxicity, ironically
@JourneymanGeek ur licks are toxic
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ @TelKitty. Or maybe she miss the days when she was chat banned... who knows.... ;)
@ShadowWizard whoops, I meant jealous of who
8:21 AM
(also, this is how I handled one situation, other than mod messaging the user ) meta.superuser.com/questions/12972/…
so, goals. 1) This is not cool 2) If you see it, flag it.
Cause I caught that case too late IMO
@Magisch or more simply "if someone had already had to fight against discrimination and now as a results has built tall walls between her/him and the rest of the world".
@JourneymanGeek The niceness there is toxic
@Derpy That just means someone is close minded and unfair
@JourneymanGeek same... I was wondering why they call a group of people being... poisonous..
let alone venomous
@HTTPS to be honest? It gets the most attention.
And that's a big goal here
8:23 AM
I wonder which of the people on this chat is actually who they consider ... poisonous ...
I got dumped on most of my life for my mental issues that doesn't mean I get to assume the worst of people and expect others to put up with it
I'm poisonous
@Magisch I'm sorry to hear that
Don't get familiar
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ If I bit you, I might not die... but I'd wish I had?
8:24 AM
@Magisch you seem to be fine here
Yeah, that kind
that's called "foot rot"
its pretty hard to get rid of.... ;p
@TelKitty I don'T share a lot .. on purpose
@JourneymanGeek Lame name
@JourneymanGeek depends where you bite him
8:25 AM
@ShadowWizard Shadow's den is this way
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ left?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ of babies... she doesn't have any...
Naw, down.
Nowhere to go but down
@ShadowWizard Ooooooooooooooooo . . . Poisonous!
8:26 AM
Think someone once told it's not nice to have our children as avatar because it makes people jealous. o_O
Maybe Jan/John?
@ShadowWizard I've had the same dog as an ava for almost the entire time I've been on SE
It's not nice to breathe. It might offend dead people.
Stop breathing, @Journey
I am so jealous of those who have babies, I make sure to reincarnates into a pig and have 12 piglets at once in my next life
8:27 AM
@JourneymanGeek that's fine, getting a dog is as easy as going to animal shelter and picking one. :)
@ShadowWizard technically, you can walk into an orphanage and...
@TelKitty oh my. So I'll change my avatar to baby piggy! :D
@ShadowWizard we don't have animal shelters here. I am offended
@ShadowWizard actually, what I read is, it's not nice to have your children as avatar because it can be used for crime...
8:28 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ so build one! Be the first! Stand on your own!
I'll take a stand
Yes! You Can!
Malaysia boleh!
(wrong context)
Some rather Boh Teh than Bohleh!
8:30 AM
"Free dogs! Free dogs! 5 dollar shipment fee"
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ funny that
we kinda got our dog by accident with no up front costs ;p
@HTTPS crime? Like kidnapping them?
@JourneymanGeek the animal shelter stand?
@Magisch My point is... You have an "user" who clearly has some problem. You too seem to identify a problem in the community. Those may be related. You now have two options: a) try to help or b) turn around and close as "not clear / off topic" because the question was out of focus, didn't include the required haiku and didn't end with the required Illuminati approved secret signature hash.
@JourneymanGeek and donate, yeah. ;)
8:30 AM
@JourneymanGeek wat
TIL "god" can be a verb
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ and 500 dollars for the stamp
That said, I am also very aware that we don't exactly have the tools to do anything really helping
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ someone literally asked us to take care of their puppy, then never picked him up
@Derpy The option picked depends on what the community can stomach in this case
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username: Como realizar los calculos pertinentes en este script PHP? by fuckyou on es.stackoverflow.com
8:32 AM
@ShadowWizard kind of... I forgot from where did I read it, but it's when FB was in their Golden Age
i.E optimizing for pearls not sand. There are enough questions and enough question askers.
If someone finds it interesting enough to try and save they'll do so. Otherwise it'll end up in the depths of the roomba
@JourneymanGeek Journeymen species are like that
The response to this is neither consistent nor centralized
which is the only way it even has a chance of working
Now I'm being speci . . . Speciaci . . . Specisist
Which mammal can reproduce the most offspring?
8:33 AM
@HTTPS yeah... well, seriously now, if people put public pictures of their children in swimming pool or in bath that can indeed be used for bad stuff.
@TelKitty holy crap. Bugs bunny is the man
@TelKitty heh, I watched a YouTube video about rabbit infestation in Aussie :)
there are a lot of bunnies in the neighbourhood ~_~
8:35 AM
The problem I think there is with SO is that the expectations are poorly communicated to new users
@TelKitty and yeah, blame those who brought them to Aussie because there are no natural predators
And the solution is distributing snakes
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ there's a documentary on that...
@JourneymanGeek Skeptics.SE material, I see...
8:40 AM
@ShadowWizard over the threshold.
9:00 AM
@ShadowWizard I was the first voter there ...
@rene yes you were!
9:25 AM
XXX founded four startups. Her most recent is ...
does that mean she failed 3 startups?
@TelKitty A lot of founders found startups and then sell them off
@Magisch exactly
I once had that talk with someone who is experienced in startups, and he asked "why would you want to sell a startup if it's (going) to be successful"
or spin them off
9:35 AM
A lot of startups work like this:
1. Get funding,
2. Make a popular product with no clear business model
3. Sell off to some big company
4. Next Startup
see: snapchat, whatsapp, instagram...
@Magisch tho sometimes step 3 is "carry on with no clear business model"
see twitter ;p
snapchat went through IPO, who has snapchat been sold to?
whatsapp had a lot of users but I am not sure it's actually making money, so in a way they had to sell
see "no clear business model" ;p
@Magisch that 800$ kickstarter founded juice maker...
9:40 AM
and myspace
@Derpy his new one is even worse
@Derpy closed down instead of being sold iirc
@TelKitty tbh this would be the perfect time to relaunch myspace ;p
I never even understood that tbh. If you're buying pre-masticated produce then why not just buy the juice instead
@JourneymanGeek indeed ... with a different name and slightly better algorithm
9:41 AM
And why in a big plastic bag?
@Magisch its "fresher"
it's literally not though
the engineering there was amazing tho
@Magisch I remember some of the founders receiving the actual juice makers. And the drm protected fruit "cartridges"
All that effort to do the same as squeezing by hand
9:42 AM
@JourneymanGeek I saw a video about how the machine was surprisingly well made
The fact is that if your startup is making a lot of money, then why sell?
@TelKitty cause you're bored, or know it isn't sustainable.
@JourneymanGeek wait, the bags had an extra feature: they were drm protected too.
or the money is good enough for you to start an electric car company and launch rocket ships
@Derpy you mispelled bug
can you drm protect the user hands so that only the ones who bought the fruit from your store can squeeze them by hand? No. And that's why you need the bags.
Now, that doesn't mean your users need or want them... but it is clearly a "good" way to lock them in your product
9:47 AM
@JourneymanGeek In the first case, you can become a shareholder, you don't actually have to be involved in your startup's everyday running. In the second case, your startup is failing, just not in the immediate future.
@TelKitty in both cases, you might figure you want to cash out
@TelKitty or (uncharitably) you make something you know has no future but sounds good enough that a big corp will defensively buy it out because that's what they do to anything that sounds remotely like it might become a threat to one of their services
@JourneymanGeek you make selling startup sound like selling a of pre-owned Toyota Yaris :p
@Magisch I personally know two people who sold their startups. Both seem to know some gap in big corp's popular products. One is definitely inside info.
there are way more startup closing than to be able to sell to another company at decent price
10:04 AM
also depends how much you are selling your startup for, I can sell mine for $500 for sure, but that's pretty sad :p
I'm sleeper...
10:45 AM
How does one join the Charcoal Team?
@Unitato Out of curiosity, what would you gain from joining it?
I don't expect any gain
I just want to offer network wide help to keep the site clean.
Okay, maybe I do want the satisfaction of a job well done, which could be a "gain", in a way.
You can hang out in Charcoal HQ, then:

 Charcoal HQ

Where diamonds are made, smoke is detected, and we break thing...
(I interpreted "Charcoal Team" as meaning stackoverflow.com/c/charcoal, the Team feature that SO is testing._
Oh damn, blame me for using wrong terminology
What would be the appropriate term then @Mithrandir?
@Unitato Just "Charcoal" works fine ;)
As an aside, your "About Me" is... umm... slightly not what I'd expect
specifically, some of the terminology in there may be interpreted as toeing the line of Be Nice
10:53 AM
Is it too vulgar or offensive? I was a bit skeptical about writing that.
What do you mean? I don't understand.
she was a very confident and :/ unicorn
Oh yeah, I'll fix that
@Mithrandir better now? I scrapped the whole thing.

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