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12:48 AM
Not sure if research or a party invitation.
1:00 AM
^ a new SRE
1:30 AM
Ya, he's the Azure one they advertised a little back
Oh he lives near me
2:07 AM
Just realized that users in the Close Votes queue can't see the specific off-topic close reason selected by an RC flagger
(unless the one task I'm basing this on was flagged as blatantly off-topic)
They can. Except for that blatant thing.
> Thanks for the feedback!
This action requires 15 reputation.
Setting up an account is free and open to everyone. Set up your account today and earn extra privileges like posting, commenting and voting.
Join this community
<- voting anonymously. Seems different from what I remembered.
extra privileges compared to what?
Breathing and clicking buttons?
2:19 AM
extra privilege like posting!... is it on SO?
No, hardwarerecs.SE. So it's not really accurate.
Q: Please don't flag comments several years old saying, "Thank You"

Jeff FerlandIt's really a lot of useless noise in the moderator queue, and frankly the personal human touch of saying thank you is probably a nice thing in an otherwise more-hostile-than-average field.

whistles innocently
yeah, I'd custom flag the question and ask to purge the whole comment thread instead whistles innocently too
2:38 AM
we know trump has bankrupted a few companies, but is he on the way to bankrupt the U.S.?
that guy is very good with betting someone else money
poor people elected him but if he ruins the economy, it's going to be the poor who will suffer the most
@HTTPS eh. Best stick to where it's wanted
getting US bankrupt might be bad because any other currency is backed by the US dollar
We'll always have Bitcoin.
2:59 AM
Most currencies are not backed by US dollar but measured by US dollar
but yes if US bankrupts, a lot of economies will be in the water too ...
Including Bitcoin, likely
but some economies will benefit, there will always be the opportunists or lucky ones
Like Bitcoin.
Bitcoin can't survive as a serious currency, but some of its successors might
3:10 AM
Whatever. Bitcoin.
Anyway... why does it matter when a comment was written. It's being read today.
SE desperately needs "comment has been read" indicator.
3:45 AM
No, it desperately needs Stack Overflow TV.
Eggs.Stackoverflow ... by StackExchange approved A.I. farm
4:01 AM
You are worth $2.54 to facebook. I don't have a personal account on facebook, but I wonder if my info worth more than $2.54 on the internet
could start a site: HowMuchYouWorthOnTheInternet.com and tell people how much their info is worth on the internet and claim big data is at work on the backend
4:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer: How do I block India from visiting my site? by CrusadeR on webmasters.SE
@SmokeDetector naa-
A: Can I get a malware on Windows without administrative rights?

loco gAfter 67 years in the field i can assertively state that you my friend

Sometimes friendship takes long to develop. Still, a happy ending.
6:17 AM
My mind, ugh... I read that as "Can I get a malnutrition on Windows [...]" after finish reading the reported Health.SE posts...
6:29 AM
Where is the 'Donate' button on StackExchange which I could click and send my roosters for collection?
also ... still no swag :'(
One can donate to SE by buying an ad with, say, a picture of your rooster.
Hm. After I reported that Cross Validated is absent from the list, it got inserted right after SO, before SU and SF. Totally out of place.
contemplates an ad for Math.SE with "do your own homework, dammit"
Alas, no ads accepted there.
6:42 AM
No travel though, otherwise would buy a bit for my trip plan app
Also no pets ... for targeting my funny cats and funny animal apps
tbh, pets feels like one of those things were tasteful ads would be a very natural fit
7:45 AM
@TelKitty fingers are salty
Animal abuse
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ and full of fresh meat
But mostly salty
1 hour later…
10:14 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ Yanno what else is salty?
10:53 AM
@JourneymanGeek What?
11:36 AM
@JourneymanGeek salt
@Magisch Yup!
@ShadowWizard Please reopen meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1471/… and re-close it as a duplicate of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/306242/…. (I would have asked you to edit the duplicate links, but this question is an older duplicate where the Community user edited in the link.)
(In fact, it was closed just one month before the system was changed to link to duplicate targets in a separate banner rather than a Community edit.)
(Also, speaking of the actual question, the closed duplicate's current target only covers the case where one's own question doesn't have a good answer; my proposed target covers the case being asked about in the latter link, which is if someone else's question doesn't have a good answer.)
@πάνταῥεῖ [:6839691] Title - Position 66-82: company in India
@πάνταῥεῖ [:6839693] You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
12:58 PM
@SonicWizard sorry, disagree about this one. Yours is related, not the same. That old one from 2009 mentions nothing about reputation.
Cleaned up old dupe mechanism, but target stays the same, the faq.
@JourneymanGeek the human face you lick
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ ur mom is human
I think any part in out external body is salty, especially in hot days. :D
@HTTPS and finally, we have heir to Jason C! :P
@HTTPS ur face is hoomin
1:03 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ hm. ;p
@ShadowWizard Okay, it may not be a dupe of the target I proposed earlier, but it's definitely not a dupe of the current target (because the current target specifically asks if the one that's unanswered is your own while the closed question specifically asks if the one that's unanswered is someone else's). I'd recommend either changing the duplicate link to meta.stackexchange.com/questions/20042, or reopening it entirely.
By the way, I like your new avatar, @Shadow the Hedgehog
@SonicWizard no, the answer in the faq covers 100% that one as well. If anything, its title can be changed to remove the reference to own question, in my opinion.
@ShadowWizard No, the advice is different if the one you're looking for an answer to is your own vs. someone else's.
@SonicWizard sure thing! Now people can really get confused.... :D
1:13 PM
The question and answers have always covered for one's own questions; I just made that more clear.
@SonicWizard @Shadow For instance, you can't edit a question to provide status updates relating to your efforts to answer it yourself if it's not your own question, the edits would be too radical. Also, you can only upvote the other question if it's someone else's.
@SonicWizard different how? Worst case, we can just add another answer/section to the faq about questions asked by others. I see no need for two separate questions on the same topic.
1 min ago, by Sonic Wizard
@SonicWizard @Shadow For instance, you can't edit a question to provide status updates relating to your efforts to answer it yourself if it's not your own question, the edits would be too radical. Also, you can only upvote the other question if it's someone else's.
@SonicWizard well, might fit new answer/section in existing faq. :)
This is also a good FAQ proposal: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/20042
@Shadow What do you think of that question?
@SonicWizard not fitting as faq, and not dupe... think it's good enough in its current state.
1:20 PM
@Shadow Also, I should mention that that question has also undergone one scope widening already: it previously only covered the case where it got some answers, but they weren't good enough; now it's been extended to cover the case where it has no answers at all. I think extending it to cover the case of someone else's question would make it too broad.
@ShadowWizard Is it a good dupe target for the one you reopened and reclosed?
Or maybe it's better to altogether reopen that one and close the one I linked just above as a dupe of that?
@ShadowWizard Actually, since you already used up your Chaos Emerald's power on that question, we'd need someone else to actually implement the result of our discussion
FYI if you want to get ahold of Tim Post any time...just tell him Sonic's going to start linking to his survey again if you don't respond
@Shog9 has left the room
1:37 PM
@SonicWizard why too broad? "How to attract new attention to old questions" is totally valid as a general subject.
@ShadowWizard But the procedure on how to do that is different, if it's your own question vs. that of someone else.
@SonicWizard on the verge, won't use hammer for that.
14 mins ago, by Sonic Wizard
@ShadowWizard Actually, since you already used up your Chaos Emerald's power on that question, we'd need someone else to actually implement the result of our discussion
@SonicWizard that's true, @rene can if he'll agree with you.
1:39 PM
@SonicWizard hehe, don't think he'll love that ping a lot.
@TelKitty I see you're in romantic mood. :D
@SonicWizard many faq entries got complex answers with lots of different scenarios.
@ShadowWizard I think many users (including rene) have complained about the answer being in a long, rather convoluted question
(and thus not as easy for new users to find)
2:22 PM
touch the snakey, touch the snakey EEEEEEK!
@TelKitty And here's the soundtrack
Romantic mood ... with weird music and baby snake?? That's too much for my simple mind ~_~
@TelKitty I don't think you're that simple minded as you want us making it believe you are ;-D ...
2:33 PM
innocent cat is innocent :x
We could have a lenghty, speedy discussion about that ...
2:59 PM
@HTTPS That's soo 80's
I mean those pixels ;-)
3:34 PM
What happened with this account? Where did they pick up the association bonus? Doesn't look like they have hidden communities.
@rene They probably deleted the account where they earned the bonus.
That is ... strange, isn't it?
@rene @Catija can explain further...she rewrote the association bonus FAQ
@rene ^ That was my 1st thought also (what @sonic said)
@rene me too
and I wonder if OP will delete their MSE account too
3:38 PM
@rene by design, actually. Once awarded, the association bonus isn't lost.
Did you guys see @Shadow's new avatar? He's Shadow the Hedgehog again
@πάνταῥεῖ reminds me of pixelated face
@rene What's your favorite character from that famous Sega video game series my name's derived from?
@πάνταῥεῖ nice try
3:45 PM
@Catija yeah. I got that. It just seems awkward to delete your best standing account and keep the rest. I would more expect to have them nuke everything. Anyway ....
@SonicWizard Have I've been talking to you?
@πάνταῥεῖ Not necessarily
@SonicWizard I have no idea as I only just learned there is famous Sega video game series where I should be able to refer to characters from the top of my head. No can do.
It was meant for @rene
@πάνταῥεῖ I understand, but you do realize that others can see your messages too, right, and comment on them?
3:48 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ +1 ;)
@πάνταῥεῖ Sometimes, I find your comments and messages a little bit off-putting and borderline rude at times
@SonicWizard Sure, that's why I'm banned at SO :-P ...
You can't really hide where you come from ;)
@πάνταῥεῖ Yeah, that's perhaps why you were suspended.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer: Obtener datos laravel con relación entre tablas by drjamesd3 drjamesd on es.stackoverflow.com
3:50 PM
@SonicWizard Sometimes I find your comments a bit too speedy and unconscious. But I already told you that.
@rene I was expecting you to go look it up, or simply say you are unfamiliar with it
@πάνταῥεῖ Yeah, I'm speedy.
(Just making an example)
@SonicWizard I'm smoking mary jane, meth isn't my drug :-P ...
@SonicWizard yeah, I could have done that but I thought it would be a bit more fun (for me) if I responded a bit out of line. I'm the greatest fan of my own humor ...
@rene That is just so typically me
hah, those Dutch...
3:53 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Oops, I did it again...
@πάνταῥεῖ Does mary jane like that?
@rene Mostly she does, yes ;-) ...
Good ...
@SonicWizard only by look
Feb 6 at 9:36, by Ano
@ShadowWizard You're always Shadow the Hedgehog in my book
3:56 PM
@TelKitty some people love it snakey.... :D
@SonicWizard yup
@πάνταῥεῖ This kitten got your tongue tied in knots, I see
@Shadow You once had more colorful avatars ;-)
@πάνταῥεῖ or Minecraft
(Apparently no one noticed I've been speaking in Britney Spears lyrics for the past few messages, save the quote.)
Huh? Who's Britney Spears?
4:01 PM
@SonicWizard that's another major thing you fail to understand time after time... many (most?) people won't go and spend time looking for things beyond direct links you post. I'm one of those who do, but I'm... weird. ;)
@HTTPS I sure hope I've given enough away in that one last message for you to tell who she is.
Random singer?
@πάνταῥεῖ more real-life, yeah... no worry, will be back at it soon enough. :)
@Shadow I'm wondering if user0042 could join here :-D ...
@HTTPS someone good with spears, probably. o_O
4:04 PM
@ShadowWizard Or brittle with these :-P
British Disney Spears?
Britney Jean Spears (born December 2, 1981) is an American singer, dancer, and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows as a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997. Spears's first and second studio albums, ...Baby One More Time (1999) and Oops!... I Did It Again (2000), became massive international successes, with the former becoming the best-selling album by a teenage solo artist. Title tracks "...Baby One More Time" and "Oops!... I Did It Again" broke international sales records. In 2001...
4:08 PM
@Sonic It feels soo good to have you as a backup for clarification!
deploying sarcasm detector in 3... 2...
I typed that URL entirely by myself
@HTTPS I didn't knew that anyone needs a sarcasm detector (well, Sheldon Cooper maybe)
@πάνταῥεῖ Comes in handy from time to time, when I have to check to see if Dr. Eggman's making a big plot
@πάνταῥεῖ Britney Spears lyric reference
@SonicWizard You recently had your coming out about autism. Well, I'm only suffering from Asperger's and can live well with it.
4:12 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I didn't say I had autism, I just said I was on the autism spectrum
I'm in fact higher up on the spectrum than Aspergers' people
The very good thing for all of us, is that it doesn't tell anything about intelligence
I believe I have to go with TK
4:27 PM
@Sonic Don't be scared about my (seemingly) grumpiness. It's just the way that I am, and I'm (too) well known for it ;-).
@πάνταῥεῖ My speediness is just the way I am.
^ That
Hmmm, regarding _rudeness_ (for new users) it seems we have exactly 2 choices:
- Growing mimosas
- Playing "Whack a mole"
4:51 PM
This is a dupe of something...someone please help me find it: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308842/…
Hi all!
When is an item not reviewable for us in review queue??
Q: Option to add a reason for downvoting

satsvelkeI think there should be a option to add a reason for downvoting for answer and questions so that the user should understand the reason of dowvoting and improve himself.What do you think ??

@NogShine It might have been closed already?
Is it safe to say the OP is being offensive in the comments?
@πάνταῥεῖ Reopen queues
5:03 PM
"So now what? Are you gonna kill me now???" is his response when @rene found him cross posting in MSO and MSE.
@Unitato What do you want to say? If someone is actually offensive, you might respond with a comment (take care not to heaten the whole thing), or flag it.
@Unitato That's not offensive, just silly.
It's aggresive, but not offensive
@HTTPS aggressive and silly. No need to flag or say something
Wait, you can flag as no longer needed
@NogShine one case is if you're the flagger
or you have done something (e.g. editing, commenting) on that specific post outside of the review queue
@HTTPS I voted to closed the question out of review queue.
5:14 PM
I'm much offended by it ;)
@rene You should kill 'em ;-)
summon KennyBot
I did flag it as Rude or Abusive already, hopefully that flag isn't declined.
@Unitato You can retract flags (and for some cases re-issue a different one)
@πάνταῥεῖ Is responding with a comment necessary tho? I thought what's expected is to flag, and flee.
5:17 PM
@Unitato I'd refrain to respond with a comment for such case.
Let's see what mary says ...
Who's that?
@Unitato Read up the transcript ;-)
@HTTPS I voted to close the question. Now the question is in reopen queue now. The review is not complete. Now, I am not able to review that item.
Yeah, I was misinformed, missed the "reopen queue" before replying to you ._.
Someone updated management page, removing Jack the CFO. But ex-COO and ex-CMO are still there
5:28 PM
@NogShine sorry, could you link the question and the review item?
I had a hunch that you edited the question while it has reopen votes, but it's already a wild guess...
Okay, I'm confused...
It might be because you're one of the close voter, and since the question hasn't been edited (or improved), the system doesn't let the original close voters to vote to reopen from the review.
Again, just my guess...
5:46 PM
I have participated in the queue in the past even when I have closed the question
I also have, but I only remember if the question has been edited.
Edited in the review queue? No
Oh, the user was nuked??
Q: Option to add a reason for downvoting

user387942I think there should be a option to add a reason for downvoting for answer and questions so that the user should understand the reason of dowvoting and improve himself.What do you think ??

I think it makes sense. If you VtC, and the question is still in the same form, it's pointless to ask you if it should be reopened.
But I could not find a meta post on this. Few people ever ask about reopen queue.
5:48 PM
@NogShine No, edited from outside the queue to put it on the reopen queue.
2 hours ago, by HTTPS
and I wonder if OP will delete their MSE account too
HTTPS called it correctly.
@HTTPS A reopen vote was cast and not edited after the closure happened
@SFTP Does account deletion work that fast actually?
Aside: the question How long will Stack Overflow at least exist? was asked 5 years ago today. So the answer is "at least 5 years".
5:50 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Instantaneous for users who qualify for self-deletion (<=1 posts, =0 votes)
@SFTP Interesing. Good to know.
@NogShine I mean, I have participated in the reopen queue when I have closed the question, but the question got edited and thus put in the reopen queue.
@SFTP Yeah, probably a reference meta post for "When are users eligible for reviewing a certain post in the review queue?" is a good idea...
@HTTPS I thought of writing a post like that but came up with another bug rreport and asked.
May be later
There is How review queue is assigned? but it's closed as a duplicate, although the target does not address the question.
6:09 PM
cue "READ and See - It's Not a Dupe"
It's always so nice to see protocols talking, secure protocols in particular :-D
6:30 PM
Reasonable Question IMO:
By the way who upvoted ??? — user387942 48 mins ago
unanswerable, though
The ratio of reviews between reviewer #1 and reviewer #20 can be taken as a measure of how exhausting the queue is. High ratio => only a few fanatics persist.
Reopen: 8.95 ratio, slfan 30082 - bensiu 3362
Helper: 6.48 ratio, Brian Tompsett - 汤莱恩 7000 - JAL 1080
Late Answers: 5.49 ratio, Unheilig 17381 - nsgulliver 3165
First Posts: 4.60 ratio, Unheilig 22467 - tkanzakic 4880
Close: 4.37 ratio, EdChum 66131 - Infinite Recursion 15127
Triage: 3.88 ratio, slfan 29437 - Nathan Tuggy 7587
Suggested Edits: 3.16 ratio, Pang 26868 - Bryan 8516
Low Quality: 3.00 ratio, greg-449 31444 - fancyPants 10485
At least I know that LQ and SE are the only queues where I can contribute regularly without it feeling like an oversized chore.
6:46 PM
Reopen decisions are at least as difficult than Close, and there is no practical way to filter by tags (since the filter would likely be empty).
Hence, my philosophy regarding reopening becomes "if it's an important question, someone else will ask it".
I once complained on meta about inconsistent capitalization of "[Dd]ata [Sc]ience" in the tour...
Now I see in the off-topic dialog on meta:
6:56 PM
... kind of evens out on average.
broadband meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308844/… @rene @Bart @JourneymanGeek @TravisJ
BalusC overtook Darin Dimitrov for #2 on SO.
Score one for Java over C#.
@ShadowWizard Post 1: Already recently reported [ MS ]
6 months member on SO.... :/
8:12 PM
10 out of top 50 flaggers on SO are current or former moderators (Andy, Taryn, Samuel Liew, Bhargav Rao, Ed Cottrell, Undo, Andrew Barber, Flexo, josliber, Brad Larson) . Two others have a decent chance of eventually winning an election (Floern, Baum mit Augen), Qantas 94 Heavy and Unihedron also ran, but probably shouldn't have. And Community is Community.
8:22 PM
@ShadowWizard why don't you want to watch drag races?
@SFTP look at those phonies. Community is really underrated
1 hour later…
9:28 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ if anything, I prefer the panis enlargement spam, more useful. (In general, not to me!! ;-)))
9:39 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Creating art on yom tov by Rayaz on judaism.SE
The Panis (Sanskrit: पणि : ) are a class of demons in the Rigveda, from paṇi-, a term for "bargainer, miser," especially applied to one who is sparing of sacrificial oblations. The Panis appear in RV 10.108 as watchers over stolen cows. They are located behind the stream Rasā, and sought out by Sarama. They boast to Sarama that they are well-armed and will not yield the cows without battle, and that the cows are furthermore well hidden in a rocky chamber. Sarama threatens them with the might of Indra and the Angirasas who will recover the cows. The "rocky treasure-chest" of the Panis is identical...
Enlarging your demon sounds useful indeed.
10:22 PM
> Nice self-congratulatory post. Where’s the one where you apologize for creating a toxic, inhumane wasteland that rewards arrogance and shaming while excluding women and people of color? Is that one next? -- April Wensel at 12:11 PM - 7 Apr 2018
From the founder of askquestions.tech which is very inclusive indeed.
You won't get an answer unless it's some chit-chat about who uses what. But yeah, inclusive.
The part about excluding people of color is interesting, considering the number of users from India. But it's typical with diversity initiatives that the skin color is considered only if the passport color matches that of the U.S.A.
11:00 PM
also need to lower bars so there are more permanent trolls and peddler selling chickens on pet.SE on the network
11:24 PM
@SFTP and she didn't mention how a good chunk of cms both historical and current are female
going to a charity luncheon event ...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Luncheon meat detected: by TelKitty
11:42 PM
Indeed, why couldn't web applications also be on topic at SU? meta.stackexchange.com/q/308853
I'm tired of reviewing on Web Apps, where a dozen people are left holding the fort...
Someone has a spreadsheet question... a lot of times the answer is the same for desktop Excel and for Excel online. And maybe for Google Sheets too.
@SFTP I think we don't count. Nor do Chinese and other South Asians. And I've never heard of native Americans call themselves POC.....
And none of these whiners about female representation congratulated @YvetteColomb
@SFTP I wonder where that sentiment is coming from
SE is about the most technical and least gendered site on the web
You could be forgiven for mistaking all the participants as advanced AIs set loose
@JourneymanGeek Thats because Yvette won on merit
11:56 PM
@Magisch it's someone picking a big site to push an agenda
Her gender wasn't a deciding factor in the election. She won because she's capable of doing the job
@Magisch that makes the win more important not less.
@JourneymanGeek not if you oppose merit as a means of choosing leaders
Cause we don't need token mods. She stood up, was found worthy by the community and won. And yet....
@JourneymanGeek If tokenism is your goal, then a minority person winning on merit counters your argument

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