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12:00 AM
Could anyone tell me why after 2014 the 2018 followed? How iz zat?
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer: btc restoration by Nick Fareed on bitcoin.SE
Rollduck to revision quack
I have just realised that i can have a gold tag badge in 6 answers.
12:19 AM
@nicael "sleep chatting"
Got duck?
Sterling Archer seems to have missed opportunity to change his text to above ^
2 hours later…
2:00 AM
@SonicWizard Look at you... editing stuff. :D
@Catija What's wrong with...editing?
It's cute... because you don't need it approved any more.
@Catija Haven't needed approval for about a month and 1,000 rep
I find it strange you waited a long time to tell me that
I just noticed.
You didn't tell me until one day after I gained close-voting privileges.
2:06 AM
@SonicWizard Yeah... that's what I meant. :P
@Catija And you have two questions where two hedgehogs wielding Chaos Emeralds have used Chaos Control: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/92635/…
I probably shouldn't have let @Shog9 know that the number of close votes was still set to 50 at the time
"How to be more lazy?" is not a question I see asked often.
@SFTP Personal Productivity?
Hi, good morning, tanks in advantage.
2:12 AM
Some possible answers here:
There's no personal productivity in SE, only collaborative productivity!
@HTTPS C'est vrai
> The Personal Productivity site didn't have enough activity during the beta and has been closed.
They used to put a comma in closure notices, wonder when they got rid of that
"The [x] site didn't have enough activity during the beta, and has been closed"
"The [x] site didn't have enough activity during the beta and has been closed"
Which one looks better?
2:19 AM
@HTTPS So it wasn't productive enough.
When in doubt, leave comma out.
It's optional here, there is no way to misread the sentence in its absence.
Yeah, although I like Oxford comma, I prefer the non-comma for this one though. The reading flow is (slightly) better
Ditch the Oxford comma. Go with Christopher Walken commas
"The [x], site, didn't have, enough, activity, during the beta, and has, been closed"
@SonicWizard I already say that in my answer... I just don't have a link.
It's the second paragraph.
2:24 AM
@Shog9 (I think I've seen that kind of style on SE before.... perhaps on the heated debate on Academia election...)
@Catija Fixed
I assume that I am the only one here who has not received swag for Dec 2017 batch :/
@TelKitty they want to trade it with your chooks
I am listening ...
@SonicWizard THanks
2:32 AM
will donate chooks but no delivery included
they are wonderful birds, very people friendly and will never chase after your pets or children
great for couple, single, couple with kids, or large extended families
@TelKitty One of my teachers used to have pet chickens
And the San Diego Zoo has peafowl roaming free across the entire zoo, free to enter or leave any enclosure they want or walk on roads for humans
2:46 AM
Are Community's helpful flags all autoflags, or does it also inherit flags from deleted users?
@rene I just noticed your screen gif here... can I incorporate it into my answer there?
3:08 AM
It's CC-licensed, which rene knows about...
Doesn't mean that it's not nice to ask.
lol, yup
Just cause the licence allows dosen't mean we can't be civilised sentient entities ;p
I'm not going to fix 9000+ posts with "plz help", but I can at least do it for those with 100,000+ views...
3:27 AM
@Catija And I've been able to review now: meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/57204
@SmokeDetector tpu-
Speaking of review, just out of curiosity @Catija why did you review this as "Leave Open"?
Because closing those questions because they're about something that SE doesn't have any more doesn't make sense. They didn't go through MSO and close all of the questions about Documentation now that it's gone...
Why is spam automatically downvoted?
yesterday, by Sonic Wizard
@JourneymanGeek What do you think of my cookie blocking proposal?
@SFTP I suspect the latter but I don't think anyone's cared to check.
@SonicWizard Because you want it off the front page/lower in the answers list, you want to show that there's something wrong with it and you don't want the flagging users penalized with "paying" for the downvotes (in the case of answers).
@Catija Don't we explicitly remove posts from the homepage if they have three pending red flags (on most sites)?
3:39 AM
I've never heard that.
@Catija It's in the FAQ. Also, I'd prefer that it show up higher, so more users notice it and flag it.
Considering how little gets past Smokey, I think that it's unnecessary to rely on users for flagging spam
Regardless, the emphasis is "this is not a good post". That's what downvotes mean.
Also, we've had cases (e.g. Anonymous Teacher) where spammers/abusers voluntarily delete their own posts if they see it accruing downvotes, to evade SpamRam
And where trolls get satisfied if they see their own post being downvoted
@Catija I kinda disagree on unnecessary
@SonicWizard I believe it's the inverse of that causation loop, not sure a reference for this but I believe a score of -3 causes posts to be removed from the homepage (which would be typical of a post with 3 red flags).
3:52 AM
@hichris123 Nope, it's -4 on most sites and -8 on MSE. However, I've seen spam posts with higher scores off the homepage. It's documented in the FAQ.
@hichris123 3 red flags OR score <= -4 for any reason
Yep, looks like I mis-remembered.
> 3 red flags on a question: question is banished from the front page and all question lists except search results. meta.stackexchange.com/a/58035
5:09 AM
Good morning @Shadow the Hedgehog
5:44 AM
Q: I have Anatidaephobia - can we change the duck as it is always watching me?

David MRelated to this question, is there an option to change the duck to something like a large purple Gorilla? I suffer from Anatidaephobia and it is realized when the duck is actually there, watching, always watching. No, stop, please, I didn't mean to spill my water. No, please, stop looking at me ...

Might have been funnier a few days ago
Could have a question on the April first: 'What should I do? There is a duck in the corner stalking me!'
6:07 AM
I'd almost guess it makes more sense as an irrational fear
6:27 AM
6:41 AM
@Catija sure
7:12 AM
Can someone check if my comment here is about right or am I missing the point?
7:23 AM
ah, sadly, I don't get enough of the answer to tell
@rene Seems around right
Well, it is an attempt to answer, so that is about it ...
OP is asking if it's correct that SE leaves websockets open until further notice, and the answer says "But you can close them yourself"
hmm, that is not what I get from their code but I'll accept that explanation
Actually it's worse
OP is asking why SE leaves websockets open causing tabs to load perpetually sometimes (as far as the browser knows) and the answer is a complete nonsequitur about closing websockets in code
7:32 AM
20K recruitment meta.stackexchange.com/q/308770/158100 /cc @Glorfindel @JourneymanGeek @ShadowWizard @Bart (needs 1 more)
@rene already delvoted
yeah, I assumed one of the votes was yours ... ;)
7:47 AM
5 messages moved to Chimney
Q: Is it okay to delete and re-ask an untouched question?

KarenAs asked in the question is it allowed to delete a question and reask it. It is worth noted that the question doesnt have an answer or even a comment. Here is the link to the question if necessary.

Anyone who could start a bounty for the question that user mentioned?
Or maybe no
8:32 AM
@SonicWizard morning!
@nicael what for? It's off topic, programming questions belong to Stack Overflow. Probably there are also some pending close votes there.
8:54 AM
@rene I think it's better to change cmd /c D:\\mytiff.tiff to cmd /c D:\mytiff.tiff (change the double backslashes to single) in the answer for general case.
shouldn't VSCode default icon for the node_modules folder be a small black hole?
or at least a 16ton weight?
@HTTPS done, thanks
@Derpy Joke already made: devhumor.com/media/node-modules-1
@Derpy still less than the whole .NET system DLL repository... node.js has no GAC.
9:15 AM
\o/ SuperUser rep
@rene flower branching out to other sites :p
All my answers on SU are accidents ...
9:45 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: What has snowboarding taught you? by William Castillo on sports.SE
@rene I know, that is the very reason I asked for the icon.
@Derpy create a plugin ;)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Mostly non-Latin answer: How to detect if an address is a contract? by J dongkuen on ethereum.SE
1 hour later…
10:59 AM
sign-off from the office
11:20 AM
@rene many great inventions are accidental... ;-)
free spam flags - meta.stackexchange.com/users/387263/hostdens (user burination is also suggested)
11:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Shortened URL in answer: What courses would be useful for a DevOps Engineer? by Naveen M on devops.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 2 out of 3): How can I change the active theme programmatically? by Sankar on drupal.SE
1 hour later…
MS links are broken... :(
@SFTP Yeah, metasmoke is out of disk space
I see, we have to wait for device owner to do something.
I think Undo may have gone fishing college-shopping.
1:26 PM
@Magisch why not disable the problematic parts until the trolling wave is over?
@ShadowWizard this is independant of the troll wave
longstanding issue with the log rotation script
that can be fun ...
1:42 PM
you know that youtube shooter from yesterday, what if she was an A.I. robot tested by google and the whole thing was a cover up?
or she could be an A.I. robot, but not from google
She does look a bit not naturally human look like in that picture
You're much in the conspiracy business?
this is the female shooter
1:49 PM
this was one of google founder back in his young days
similarities anyone???
google literally based A.I. model on one of their founders fantasies
I'm not sure about the conspiracy, but the part of my brain that sees faces in things found something to be very strange about her appearance. That actually bothered me a bit, as I couldn't explain why I found her appearance to be strange.
1:55 PM
@TimPost I think its the expression
also her neck seems ... kinda oddly muscular
Could be? I was worried because feeling negative things you can't quite explain can indicate the presence of irrational fear that you didn't know was there.
Like a fear that a duck is watching you?
Ducks work for intelligence agencies, everyone knows that.
but are easily paid off with bread.
2:09 PM
I am scared now. Her neck 😨
The uncanny valley...
@hichris123 UCLA's expensive tho.
So I'm thinking either Berkeley or Duke.
I think someone's serially downvoting me...let's see if the script reverses it
Imagining bjb's freshman comp essays with "tho" and "thru"
Oh, I spelled those out.
2:13 PM
as tho and thru?
as in ugh.
I bet I actually used words that were too long. I got a personalized card from Duke and they seemed to slightly misunderstand my essay.
tho and thru are spelled ugh?
It'd also explain some of my rejections.
tho-ugh thro-ugh
I was thinking of freshman writing classes, where you also write essays, but are also graded on them...
Oh, those. I think I can generally get by without comment using thru, I haven't pushed it with tho tho.
2:15 PM
@bjb568 Personalized as in "bjb, we are worried about you"?
Thru is used on official signage on streets and stuff, but tho's probably seen still as a texting abbr.
@SFTP Pretty much.
Or more like "you got in, yay, we like you, you should consider this program".
They should be worried tho.
The application process is unhealthy and it's just getting worse as people are forced to apply to more schools and acceptance rates go down. If you want to go to a good school, you have to waste a huge amount of time with the app process and then go through being rejected a bunch until you win the lotery at one of the places you tried.
… if you even do. There's a lot that you can do or know to work the system better and there's a lot up to chance.
@HTTPS Now spelled "do", given that "donut" appears to have won over "doughnut"...
It's in the top school's individual interest to do all this and try to keep increasing the size of their applicant pool, but it'll probably approach a point where people don't want to bother with it and instead of getting real talent, a good chunk of the talent will just be attracted to lower-ranked places where they know they can get in and get money.
2:21 PM
Like SFTP University
Having a 2% acceptance rate sounds prestigious, but the real smart applicants are probably the ones that don't feel like taking the gamble.
<-- acceptance rate 48% (2015 data)
TIL Google has a search card for {college} acceptance rate.
The worst of it is a place like UChicago, which is pretty good academically, but when I went there it seemed kinda gloomy. They're ranked #3 and they have a bunch of applicant pools: Early Action, Early Decision 1, Early Decision 2, Regular Decision + deferals, transfer, waitlist. They advertise heavily to get unqualified applicants to apply and drive down their acceptance rate. The regular decision pool, which is the largest, is useless for applicants since the class is mostly full by then.
Do people actually want to go there enough to sign an exclusivity contract a year before they'd attend? I doubt it, but that's what you need to do to get in.
UChicago has the reputation of being an unhealthy place.
2:25 PM
I think it probably is, although people claim that its motto "where fun goes to die" has changed over the last decade.
@SFTP My allergies are not conducive to cold air
Maybe it's because they've been marketing themselves as a quirky intellectual niche kind of place. Their application is real unique and all because the main essay is supposed to be creative.
prestigious universities are all over rated, the fact that none of the humans has ever stepped on to another planet is the proof
I visited their campus in September 2015, and their buildings look like Hogwarts
2:28 PM
Every college tour says that their buildings look like Hogwarts. o_0
FYI: The acceptance rate for Delta Air Lines' flight attendant academy is less than that of Harvard
Can confirm (the Hogwarts thing)
@TelKitty putting people on other planets is actual rocket science.
@bjb568 better Hogwarts than the unseen university
@bjb568 UT's buildings seem very modern in comparison, even the older ones (with the exception of Littlefield House)
prestigious universities probably can get you higher on human hierarchy, but consider we are a dumb race, that's not getting you far
2:29 PM
Moral: become a duck.
I personally like Johns Hopkin's brick-and-glass architecture.
UT has Plan II
@TelKitty hehe, I have somewhat of a dim view of how people see education these days, but I don't want to discourage the youngster ;p
@JourneymanGeek Don't get me wrong, I think getting broad education is good for anyone who could afford them. Universities do teach people a lot of useful things.
2:37 PM
@TelKitty I kinda think in many cases - well people rely on them as a sign people know stuff too much ;p
2:50 PM
Thanks @rene :D
Gone with the petal~
@Catija Speaking of colleges, just as a curious question, why didn't you enroll until age 24 as you said?
@SonicWizard ... enroll at UT... I had over 100 credit hours of coursework when I started at UT.
@Catija From where?
If I may ask
2:54 PM
Three different community colleges across the country... a year in Seattle, a year in DC (Northern Virginia) and two years in San Antonio.
I took my motorcycle course at a NOVA Campus. They're actually extremely reputable
Maybe I'm biased though because I live in the DC area
@SterlingArcher Which one? They have like... five. I went to the Annandale and Arlington campuses.
3:08 PM
I've been to the Annadale campus, but my class was at the Loudon campus
The one off 7
3:27 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu-
@SmokeDetector delete
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: Are Jews reptilians? by Rakesh on judaism.SE
@SmokeDetector tpu-
Not gonna lie, i'm jewish and that's hilarious
3:56 PM
Praise the patience of TIm Post. But my snarks probably didn't help.
You mean with regards to that "you should delete this answer" user from SO?
No, wrt this
Ah... I admit that I feel like meta voters have a tendency to reach for the downvote button very quickly when it comes to people complaining about moderation... and as a mod, I appreciate the protective huddle but I wonder if sometimes it's not quite necessary.
I'm going to spite-upvote you now
Feel better?
@rene 95 H&I reviews X.x
So much... garbage.
4:02 PM
@Catija I didn't vote yet (despite my comment) as I still don't know which users they mean.
@SterlingArcher Oh, I'm still in front, done 102 ..
Oh it's go time
I'll try to set me to it tonight ...
@SterlingArcher Maybe I lied ...
If you get sabotaged it wasn't me, it was probably Shog
Oh that is for sure
Now I understand how people get so many flags. The late answer/first answer queue is full of NAA
4:13 PM
yep. and you can watch Nato
Or you can do FATC (Flag All The Comments)
New Answers To Old (questions) is a chatroom on SO, a bot posts stuff there.
They are usually NAA.
4:36 PM
@rene Tim being nice? Did he finally stick the key somewhere?
could be
5:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Remove key from known_hosts by asshoe on superuser.com
5:39 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link following arrow in body, potentially bad keyword in body: AOL Mail Tech support by danial brown on photo.SE
By popular demand: top 50 SO flaggers
And no, I'm not doing that for other sites.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in body: Using first name in university email by cigikath on academia.SE
Booyah. Still #1
Weird idea of the day: New Voting Option: Per-tag Bad-Answerer by liliscent on meta.stackoverflow.com
Just say no to any kind of sideway voting...
6:29 PM
> Thank you dear I think that will help.
You're welcome, honey. flags the comment, poof
A: How do I select all pixels that match an exact color value in Adobe Photoshop?

lilianawhat is the tool in pixlr that is used to select all items that are a certain color in an image?? It has to be nine letters , to fit in the crossword puzzle i am doing and the seventh letter is a

How come there is no crosswords.se site
would it be full of questions like that?
6:39 PM
Man, judiasm.se is getting some hate today
I would think questions about crosswords would be allowed on puzzling.
@SterlingArcher Yes, it's a holiday for them, so many of their regular users and mods will be away for the next two days... so the trolls often come out to play at those times.
What holiday is it?
... Passover.
Oh shit
Crap i'm a bad jew
6:48 PM
I got screwed over so hard on my bar mitzvah. My cousin got a small paragraph of the torah to sing, and I had 2 and a half BACK TO BACK pages.
It took me 45 minutes to crack-sing it
Because who makes a 13 year old boy sing for 45 minutes? That's just mean
I assume we can watch that somewhere on YT? Please share a link ... nor for laughs ofc ...
I mean that was 13 years ago :P
I didn't even have a phone with a camera until I was like 17
Just re-master the super-8 will do ...
Will you attend the after party?
I'm a little bit bigger but I expect to be chair hoisted
Hoist me like one of your functions
@Catija I'm gonna be around, however, so please flag nonsense when you see it.
6:55 PM
(1) Hinduism; (2) Islam; (3) Judaism got hit in this order.
I guess it's not really a holiday thing.
@JonEricson Glad to hear. I'll let you know. I know Charcoal's keeping a close eye, too... though it depends on what gets picked up by smokey.
@SFTP Islam is amazing when Ramadan comes along:
Q: The increasing popularity of Islam.SE

Rebecca J. StonesTL;DR: Islam.SE's traffic is high and growing rapidly. We might even overtake Christianity.SE in the near future. We can expect a large Ramadan spike in traffic. Unlike Christianity.SE, most of Islam.SE's traffic comes from outside the US. Our per-day rate of questions is higher than at most p...

@Catija No problem. Many eyes make light . . . um . . .
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