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+1 for being specific.
12:26 AM
in comparison, must say I don't stalk as much as many others
I mean, even my preys are voluntary
although they don't say the such as 'your rod and your staff, they comfort me'
2:00 AM
"Protein structure prediction and design with Rosetta Stack Exchange" is going to be a new length record if it launches.
3:09 AM
@SFTP wut?
3:53 AM
Just got a First Post review on a question that was asked 10 days ago...
@Catija Nice stamp :)
@Doug I'll concede that point; big, but it doesn't answer my question. This looks like a golden opportunity to bootstrap the next massively successful "Stack Overflow" for the scientific community — instead of going down a path of segregating each community by discipline, and then again by tool. The blockchain/cryptocurrencies are doing this and the model is wildly broken and everyone loses. I'm just trying to understand how this does not belong in the science space created exactly for this type of subject. You can raise huge awareness in that community like the R community did in SO. Win, win — Robert Cartaino ♦ Mar 7 at 19:07
4:09 AM
Dear Stackexchange, I would like to donate my chickens
@TelKitty have you used the "Contact Us" link below?
@SFTP also ... what with the soft toys??
4:30 AM
@Feeds Gah, I keep forgetting the state tax. It's 3x as annoying as federal.
@HTTPS Likely, their previous first post got deleted, so their second post is now the first.
Got Marshal on eOS, with 13 NAA flags still pending... the oldest of which is Feb 22.
A: Old first post reviews on sites without audits enabled

Shog9Questions are added to the queue when they qualify for it. Normally, a question qualifies as a "first post" when it is posted - but there are situations where this doesn't happen until later on: The author loses a large amount of reputation (for instance, by offering bounties) The post's score ...

Could be that case. Thanks.
5:21 AM
> You have no more close votes today; come back in 18 hours.
<< bored
It's annoying that Recommend deletion is two.whole.clicks in LQRQ. Writing a script to shorten it.
it's cl not d, cl!!!
5:52 AM
Wrong order of queues: CV before suggested edits. Now seeing pointless edits on questions that should be closed instead, and can't close. :(
@JeremyBanks Thanks for your support :)
@JourneymanGeek almost voted with wrong reason... but now it's easier because it's the top one
Question about HTTP closed by HTTPS.
6:54 AM
65 messages moved to Chimney
7:43 AM
Hey need help, I have solid idea how to reproduce this. Need someone to choose "Improve Edit" for an edit I'll suggest (as anonymous user, don't want with sock), and remove the title change I will make. If it goes as planned, the old title will be visible, but the new title will show in "Top Network Posts" of the question author. @rene @JourneymanGeek @HTTPS are you in?
I'm in but only for another 10 minutes or so
oh, congrats for name change, @HTT!
@rene awesome! Please do it here. :)
If we see the new title here, I'll edit the bug report to reflect the actual reason.
@ShadowWizard done
thanks... but I was wrong after all, it's not changed in top network posts list after all. :(
7:48 AM
Maybe some race condition... oh well. Guess if a dev can look better into it if it happens again.
@HTTPS no, the bad title was displayed for over a year.
@ShadowWizard oh and yes, thanks. (This is the first time I got congratulated due to name change??)
No, it was about time you got secure ...
@ShadowWizard for the test you just did though
OK, I'm out, I commute to the office.
@rene enjoy!
@HTTPS we'll see, but I doubt it.
@HTTPS well, you're not the first... ;)
May 3 '16 at 7:41, by Shadow Wizard
Oh, @Sun didn't have chance to congrat you for the new name... so congrats! Infinite light... cool!
7:55 AM
btw, I guess it has something to do with the redacted revision
@HTTPS what do you mean? The redaction happened after the bug was reported, to remove the bad title from the profile.
huh, oh yah, just read the comment regarding that. hmm...
@ShadowWizard Did you upgrade to @HTTPS now? :p
2 hours later…
9:35 AM
@ShadowWizard well, that took me 30 minutes extra because of an accident.
so not much enjoy in that
wut accident!?
10:15 AM
A: Why is Aluminium Carbonate unstable?

Joe KelliherI have had 4 hours of sleep and my grades are UED what should I do?

10:31 AM
Under Every Dormitory
erm, ok
@HTTPS Whaddya mean, 'wut'? Humans...
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ wot
Unacceptable Even Dandy
Uncommon Energetic Daffodils
10:35 AM
is that rene?
Is he accusing @rene of being ... Energetic?
@rene , the Uncommon Energetic Daffodil
11:13 AM
@JourneymanGeek first order offense
11:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer: Can you carry peacock eggs from the USA to India in a flight? by William Adams on travel.SE
11:43 AM
@Catija To be fair, Sega is much much much much more dumber than than. This is the actual collaboration they did
And, obviously, it backfired horrendously, generating a ton of bad memes in the process.
@Derpy Hey you know this IP mainly aimed at children? Lets do a co-op with hooters
I think the folks who actually played sonic on actual sega hardware are in their 20s and 30s
we're old man, old
1 hour later…
1:09 PM
@JourneymanGeek that said, most of the players that actually played sonic on actual sega hardware are the ones that probably skipped sonic forces, aka the game they were advertising.
@JourneymanGeek Yah but the appeal of sonic is decidedly to children
minus a bunch of nostalgic people
In any case doing a promotion with hooters is like a PR person's way to creatively get fired tier of idea
Based on the history of bad sonic games, I think they will give that guy a promotion instead.
every action made in the name of destroying the image of they mayor IP must be rewarded.
See: Shadow the Hedgeog, also know as "let's make a Sonic game with guns!"
1:28 PM
Hmm . . .
No.$\mathstrut$ — Ivan Neretin 14 mins ago
He really likes strutting
Taken from Typescript official documentation
class Octopus {
    readonly name: string;
    readonly numberOfLegs: number = 8;
    constructor (theName: string) {
        this.name = theName;
let dad = new Octopus("Man with the 8 strong legs");
dad.name = "Man with the 3-piece suit"; // error! name is readonly.
Where you thinking of any specific game, Mr. Documentation Writer?
1 hour later…
2:51 PM
Suggested edit. Is this an improvement to the post? Perhaps, from a certain point of view.
3:31 PM
Life of a coder (expanding brain version) 1. automatically pick top voted answer @StackOverflow 2. evaluate answers and choose appropriately @StackOverflow 3. answer questions @Stackoverflow 4. become a gardener
Shog is an example of stages 3 and 4.
There's a troll on meta currently.
... Why... meta.stackexchange.com/questions/308294/… This... is... stupid.
both are deleted. You should undelete them so that we may join the ranting
3:43 PM
I recognize that name, though...
@Derpy The troll is likely reading this room, so better not
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: How small can I expect FDM 3d printers to print? by user10286 on 3dprinting.SE
4:02 PM
that user again...
I can go in Triage and click all the buttons, until an error message "out of close votes" appears. What's the point?
Reported 3.25 years ago, no action. :(
> Retired.

I've burned out on the site, outlived my usefulness, gotten sick of all the serial downvotes that don't go unreversed, given up on the clueless reviewers, and been fed up with seeing so many valid flags (from myself and others) rejected with "declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it." Enjoy the mess you've made.
4:22 PM
> Primary closes in 3 hours.
Isn't it weird how we get 4 days to vote, and that's over the weekend?
Primary round is twice as long as needs to be.
Hmmm... yeah. I was thinking about that yesterday, actually. Primary could easily be 2 days, vote starting Wednesday afternoon.
The rankings in relation to who's above the line and who's below haven't changed since then. primaries.charcoal-se.org/vote_counts/graph
4:49 PM
inb4 most of the voters forgot that it's still primary voting and thus didn't vote on the election instead
Q: Do these various Markdown-enabled systems play well together? A: ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯
Um... stormtroopers are not normally armed with lightsabers...
@notch The regex shrug: ¯\\\_\(ツ\)\_/¯
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user: How to add calculations to the gnome search bar? by hurriyetnews on askubuntu.com
@Catija trends crystallize very early
I don't think I've seen a primary yet where orders changed significantly since shortly after the beginning
OTOH one may argue that the time cost is spent upfront. A lot of information to absorb before one can decide whom to support.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user: E: Package 'apache2' has no installation candidate on Ubuntu 17.10 by hurriyetnews on askubuntu.com
Smokey's dumping long deleted posts here again. :E
Whereas, after the primary round (if one participated in it) not much time is required for final vote.
@SFTP the average user never reads that information.
5:07 PM
Yes, but we are optimizing for pearls...
Or rather, elections should be optimized for diligent voters.
5:18 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 1 out of 2): How to switch between two websites in a domain name? by Sputnik International on askubuntu.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (batch report: post 2 out of 2): How to switch between two websites in a domain name? by Sputnik International on askubuntu.com
Whatever, Smokey. :/
5:30 PM
@Shog9 I'm curious about something: are there users without enough reputation to flag contacting SE to request a post be closed or deleted? If so, does this happen frequently or rarely?
this is rare
most common case is probably folks who posted something they shouldn't have, flagged for deletion and were denied.
sd 2gone
14 hours ago, by Sonic Wizard
@Catija Nice stamp :)
@Catija I got the stickers yesterday. The postmark was worn off, but as far as I could tell, it said March 8.
6:46 PM
@SonicWizard Yeah, it was a Thursday, so that sounds right.
@shog9 around?
I am treading carefully. I just don't know what has happened
@Jhoverit What?
@SmokeDetector naa-
I'm seeing that I was banned for 30 days for no obvious reason
I am sure there is one...
Suspension? Review ban?
Just banned from chat at the same time @Shog9 froze the room I was in. I am clueless. Just asking for info lol
6:55 PM
@Jhoverit I'm enjoying a cup of fresh-brewed coffee
I need one, I've been swamped since 9am and haven't had time :/
I'm too lazy to look; are you user1596138
Am also curious why the room was frozen -- not here to raise hell, I thought we ROs handled the bad egg.
Sorry, didn't realize names were different
6:56 PM
wanna explain why you flagged my explanation of the room being frozen?
That's not exactly a helpful action in the context
Then I've got an answer.
But I don't.
So, I'm gonna finish this coffee & cigarette & hope one materializes.
@Shog9 am I missing context on why the room was frozen in the first place, after the situation was rectified?
I felt like drawing attention to what happened next.
That's about all
You should vape btw, it helped me quit cigs
6:59 PM
Nobody knew what happened, felt like someone went rogue and stomped us. Good to have eyes before the room gets destroyed, we've been threatened before
If that's a 30 day ban, so be it
Which room is this?
I have some idiot trolling one site after another network-wide, the mods have 2.4K flags in the backlog, and the JS room has a pending mod flag and a kick-flag leading to a massive pile of nonsense.
Someone want to tell me why?
That's an easy one -- we've had a troll coming back to us and not changing behavior, disrupting the room. Multiple kicks, a moderator suspension, etc
Keeps coming back, keeps getting kicked, but not before derailing the room. So we decided to Kick on Sight to try and salvage it.
That appears to have worked
Was that sarcasm?
7:01 PM
@Shog9 I'm not an owner or a 10K user. So I got nothing on that. We have some problematic users show up weekly and can't ever get rid of them
(serious question)
Kicks are great an all, but we need a real access list to permanently remove problem users.
6 mins ago, by Shog9
wanna explain why you flagged my explanation of the room being frozen?
I think I have attempted to explain that.
not really
7:03 PM
Yeah I was pretty forward
4 mins ago, by Jhoverit
I felt like drawing attention to what happened next.
4 mins ago, by Jhoverit
Nobody knew what happened, felt like someone went rogue and stomped us. Good to have eyes before the room gets destroyed, we've been threatened before
4 mins ago, by Jhoverit
If that's a 30 day ban, so be it
Most straight forward answer I can give.
30-day ban is for anyone trying to pour gasoline on a fire
You're the one who brought the gas
if you misclicked or don't understand what flags do or were just being an idiot, fine. But "drawing attention" is what escalated this entire thing to begin with.
I brought the community
Nah, I'm not stupid enough to pretend I misclicked :P
Three kicks is pretty effective for getting rid of a problematic user. It knocks them out of the room for long enough for a moderator to respond.
7:05 PM
I don't know what happened before I was there, no clue. It's been a busy day
We have a moderator in the room 90% of the time
We've had moderator help, but these problematic people keep coming back
The problem is, any sane moderator will respond by looking at what's going on in the room and trying to determine who is causing problems. Then removing them.
We'd love for him to be removed. We don't have the power tho
If the room is full of dick jokes and people mocking anyone who suggests that maybe this is not a good look... That's making the job extra hard.
Some ROs are reluctant to kick on site because they're scared of creating a more hostile environment because people will complain and whatnot
7:06 PM
...making what should be a really easy job extra hard.
Just for shits and giggles.
So what do you suggest we as ROs do here?
So, you got someone causing problems in the room, kick 'em out. If they don't learn their lesson, then they'll be gone longer. But while you're doing that, don't provide lots and lots of reasons for mods to ignore the person causing problems and look at ... everyone else.
So you're saying kick, and then expect everybody to drop it?
Unless it starts up again, sure.
that's ... kinda the whole point
if you wanted to carry on a long conversation with the kickee, why kick?
"Boy, sure glad to be rid of that troublemaker. Now, let's keep talking about him until he returns so he feels like he never really left!"
Can behaving badly in chat beget a site suspension?
7:10 PM
I mean, I have never had an issue with that, but it's going to be fun finding out who thinks that's a dumb rule
Or would that just be limited to chat?
That in itself is going to cause some stuff, but meh.
@SonicWizard yes
@shog9 the condescending shit is played out. We get it, you're not done with your coffee yet
Are we talking about the chatroom that forced me to leave because I complained about textspeak?
7:11 PM
So then these recidivist trolls can be suspended on the site?
@SonicWizard recent case: user who started this whole fiasco dodged a chat ban and tried to communicate with us via comments on Main, ended up with a 7 day site ban
Still came back
@SonicWizard yes
note to self: trying to communicate will earn you a sitewide ban.
...and if they still persist, their site account can be deleted?
or chat account, or both
7:13 PM
I wear that kick with pride. Nothin wrong with expecting a tiny bit of mutual respect
Yall have a good one here.
@Shog9 That's not too useful, they can recreate that immediately
That's how you use kick.
@SonicWizard default chat deletion removes all content
all cross-links
Note to public: this (Sterling's) chatroom called me a troll because I "refused" to follow a rule I wasn't allowed to ask to be explained
But can't they instantly recreate their chat profile and be able to chat immediately because they have 20 rep?
so, naturally, I couldn't follow a rule I didn't understand
7:15 PM
@JohnDvorak iirc you were asked many times to stop correcting peoples grammatical mistakes
@JohnDvorak That is just so typically me
Which i don't care, but you were explained
Perhaps here isn't the best place to discuss that?
@SterlingArcher You didn't capitalize your I
Is that a violation in your room?
@SterlingArcher the kick was earned me because of correcting textspeak, not grammar. I was explicitly allowed to do that.
It can come across condescending, especially if it's repeated behavior
7:17 PM
I think you're having a bad day when you get Shog riled
@JohnDvorak bud, I'm not concerned with that right now, I wasn't involved
And there's no cause to name-call him or otherwise be frustrated by him
But I'm not saying it because of me, I'm saying it because I suspect the case discussed here might be the same as mine.
@JohnDvorak Perhaps the best way to verify that is to check the relevant transcripts?
I mean, even if it's not the same case, I believe it might be relevant.
7:20 PM
@Shog9 would you be willing to drop a message into the room explaining what you told me about the noise around kicks?
@SterlingArcher I just did.
I apologize that once more I jumped to a conclusion.
I apologize I just jumped into a serious discussion
Lemme guess, busy SO chatroom problems
May I ask what's JS room's opinion of me as of right now?
7:24 PM
SO primaries close in 35 minutes
@JohnDvorak owls r ugly
@JohnDvorak Afaik we loved you...
We do you love
A good bunch just didn't like the corrections
Thanks :-)
no offense intended
7:29 PM
Ah man, no drama
No offense taken, quite the opposite. Answer well appreciated.
Absolutely bud, I do hope you come back and join us
Just... not right now. We're sorting some things out atm.
It's messy.
I assume "some things" are why you came here in the first place
well understood
@JohnDvorak how come you changed your name?
People occasionally mistook me for a woman
7:42 PM
You aren't?
I have quite a migty opaque beard
these days beard isn't sign of being a man anymore
Well I'll be damned
@JohnDvorak Meh, I still get that occsionally
@SterlingArcher didn't read all above drama, but won't one year chat ban be enough?
7:46 PM
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, Mar 14 at 22:18, by TheOneWhoMade
Someone tell @MadaraUchiha she has visitors.
@ShadowWizard He did get a month this time
@MadaraUchiha well, mods better be ready to give full year in exactly one month then. :)
I'll be honest I laughed so hard at that one @MadaraUchiha
I'm sorry
@SterlingArcher It was amazing.
Kicks are not meant to fight trolls, just as something to do until a mod arrives and put actual chat ban.
It's tricky, what happens when half the room disagrees with the kick?
Nobody wants to drive down that path, especially with friends
People get angry, more kicks are handed out.. and the room dies :(
7:50 PM
@SterlingArcher in those cases, RO can freeze the room.
e.g. freeze for one hour, posting message like "Come back when you're all more calm".
@SterlingArcher Let the events happen without moderation until the room agrees it's a bad idea?
It's called "timeout", not "freeze" for RO
That's essentially how God handled the Adam and Eve incident
@MadaraUchiha Flag spam?
@PrincessLuna Trolling for an extended period and through various kicks.
7:52 PM
A one-minute room freeze can already do wonders
Are mods notified when a room is put in a timeout?
I know that as an RO you can't see if a room is in timeout or not
Can you not? TIL
I gotta be honest: I kinda hate social systems. It's why I enjoy Stack Overflow so much; socialization is optional. So I tend to operate on a rather naive philosophy of social moderation:
If I'm in a room, then either...
- the folks whose conversation I don't care for will leave, or...
- I will leave
...and do what is necessary to make one of those happen.
@JohnDvorak no, I have a userscript that reveals it: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/285328/…
7:57 PM
But it's more complicated on SO because if the conversation in the room doesn't meet the Be Nice standards, they don't get to keep having the conversation.
Sufficiently off-topic rooms also tended to get canceled. Is that still that case?
At least the non-english and not related to programming at all rooms, I think this is the context
8:32 PM
@Catija there is a comment of mine in that post ...
@rene flags as spam Please read how not to be a spammer, and always show affiliation with your posts.
But ... I need the votes :(
Is there a reason why SE chat doesn't have the "[user] is typing..." feature?
because it's annoying?
And stalkery.
8:35 PM
Then why do most messaging services have it?
And annoying stalkery
I'd like that for answers
@SonicWizard M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ is typing . . .
Still typing . . .
What kind of an argument is "we should have it because others do"?
M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ is typing . . .
8:37 PM
to stay in the wow-factor
or be cool
There is empty space between the last message and the bottom bar
@SonicWizard It's for meditation purposes
You know, in case I have to type up a broken-apart message, I don't have to say at the beginning "wait a second".
You could write a userscript to fill it with kitten gifs
8:38 PM
...for me to finish before you respond.
I'd like to keep my keyboard activity to myself.
I really don't like the above.
if you reflect a bit on how you react to those indicators...
See, it's broken up.
...You see one, and you know you gotta either post quickly or wait, to avoid interrupting.
...Once you know they exist, you're sorta pressured into posting something, quickly, once you've started typing... since you know others are probably expecting something.
...There's more pressure to keep messages short and quick, rather than putting thought into them.
...Less chance of typing out a message, realizing it's a bad idea, and not posting.
8:38 PM
... when the messaging system reorders my messages.
You know what really bugs me is ...

A broken-up conversation

1 min ago, 29 seconds total – 7 messages, 4 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked just now by Sonic Wizard

... why the dots ...
ellipses are great
Ellipses are epic(yclic)
@MetaEd there's no place for meta eds here
8:41 PM
You know what? There's another way to fix this. All I need is a user script to automatically post multiple messages at once.
you can only do 2 in one(two?) second(s) and then have to respect the throttle
Has the typing notification already been requested?
@SonicWizard Twice
A script can respect the throttle. Plus, while not eliminating the possibility, it drastically reduces it.
Please request it, I have some down votes left
8:43 PM
Oh, god. Imagines thirty typing notifications covering up all the actual dialogue
GroupMe just combines them and says "30 people are typing"
Meh, we'll animate your avatar when you're typing
@rene I already did
Anyway, anyone have a user script to quickly trigger the "Wheel of Blame" easter egg?
Right now, the only way to activate it is to type some commands into the JS console
Please, kill the typing notification idea with ... no, not fire. Drown it in a drum of Mr Pibb.
8:47 PM
I heard it's happy hour. This thing sneaks up on me every week.
Yes, the drinks are on you today.
I am fine with that
You gotta find me first :P
I am somewhere in California, typing.
while standing, I may add
Happy hour's today? Where's the alcohol?!
I'll pull hard on the cable here and then looks for where a computer moved.
8:51 PM
That is a great idea
I'm full of great ideas
@rene those don't help with plant reproduction, I bet
I'm not going to reproduce my seeding jokes
You'd just toxify everywhere
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