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@SFTP I have them with a first round upset.
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Four proposal in the morning?
A: How should I request embargo on data access?

Journeyman GeekI don't think it works like that - that is to say, you can't pick and choose who gets to see the (limited) personal information out of the current or future moderation team. If you cannot trust the moderators (who all sign the same moderator agreement), and this information is necessary for th...

This reads a lot like "I want to choose which moderators see my personal information"
2:29 AM
@JourneymanGeek is it better if you also disclose that you're a mod on another site? Because you know better than most of us plebs...
hmm, maybe?
I don't think it's really relevant, to be honest
It's a reasonable concern at the time of contentious elections. There were some high-profile user deletions on SciFi in similar context.
And I got some site profiles deleted for this kind of reason.
I don't have to trust someone just because they got a few dozen votes.
2:31 AM
DOne so right at the end.
@Catija I don't rightly know what to make of that...
@SFTP well as much as you can trust any mod.
but picking and chooseing which mods can see (the entirely optional!) personal information is a slippery slope.
Especially since their concern is that they can't trust the soon-to-be elected mods
@Rob hypothetically soon to be elected mods
and that would indicate a bigger problem
and in a lot of cases we can't really do our moddy duties without them
@Rob in which case they can quit the site, talk about anonymising data or remove anything they don't want folk to see
I'm curious why the OP doesn't feel insecure with current mods, which hints there's a personal conflict with some mod candidates..? (they haven't even been elected yet!)
2:37 AM
So, as I understand it - there's "mod" or say "employee" flags on an account
but you can't go "I don't trust @journeymangeek not to sneak into my house and leave a warm present on my bed, as such, I don't want him seeing my PII"
or go "I only want mods who are disembodied heads to see my PII"
@JourneymanGeek Indeed. And I'm really unsure what PII he thinks mods have that could negatively impact him at work
@Rob Being able to find out who that user is in real life. The negative impact would come from what's in their posts. (I imagine)
It's Academia... people ask "I cheated on an exam / plagiarised a paper / slept with my professor / etc.. what now"
2:53 AM
I have that sentiment too though because it's also applicable on maybe Workplace and IPS
Or perhaps they did nothing particularly wrong, but discussed the shady dealings of their boss.
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@SFTP Only if they added it to their profile. Otherwise, as far as I know, only their IP is exposed to moderators. I kind of get where they're coming from; but if they voluntarily provided their name to Stack Exchange, then, well..
@SFTP @HTTP posting anonymously is an option.
@Rob Their email, tied to SE OpenId, could be firstname.lastname@university.edu and it's in the profile.
3:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek Posts are already there. Time Machine is not available.
@SFTP Yeah, hadn't thought of that. Good point
hence more or less, don't share any information you're not comfortable with sharing with anyone
But he's literally saying "I don't want specific mods seeing my PII"
Yeah, of course the request can't be granted. But I see where it's coming from.
In that case though - the mechanism is dissassociation?
Dissociating all posts? That's the same as account deletion?
3:12 AM
Perhaps only 1-2 posts are potentially compromising, then those can be disassociated.
in both cases
and there was one case when someone posted anonymously, and was associated later
Hmm, but I thought the concern is more on the poster's email as (S)FTP mentioned...?
(Email from account registration)
never mind~
3:27 AM
well, that too is (kinda) optional. And once again, if you're not comfortable sharing it with one mod, you shouldn't be comfortable sharing it with any
which I've never noticed before
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@SmokeDetector not really wrong for its crypto- counterpart...
4:01 AM
I don't have the problem with current moderators. However, under current EU law, I have a right to not provide an agreement to new parties that will be able if elected to access my private data. In this case, two possible ( not yet decided) moderators, I wouldn't like than to have my emails and location, bcs it can endager my career, and I wouldnt let myself be bullied out from SE. — SSimon 3 mins ago
this is kinda...
IANAL, but I'm pretty sure that this would literally make our current user-moderator system impossible if its interpreted the way he did
@JourneymanGeek probably Stack Exchange Privacy Policy Update could help?
@JourneymanGeek Considering a new mod as a "new party" makes no more sense than considering a new employee such.
There's no way that works that way. Literally every website would collapse
The privacy policy says that SE may share personal information with moderators.
Certainly, I don't get to tell my bank that I will vet the employees they hire or contractors they deal with, and decide on case by case basis who gets to see my account balance.
4:12 AM
@TylerH The name's in the policy itself. As far as I know, appointing a DPO is another thing we do for compliance with the EU regulations. We didn't hire someone just for that, although that's neither here nor there. — Adam Lear ♦ Mar 9 '17 at 16:49
He's saying he wants a "restraining order" against a mod in the comments
...what is going on here
Someone forgot to take their medicine.
@HTTP Adam F is that real-life lawyer that they hired a while back.
taking it a little too far perhaps
there's definitely missing context here though
@quartata someone trying to be an armchair lawyer
4:25 AM
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So, problems here - we don't actually know if he's under EU jurisdiction - or what specific law he's referring to
yeah, considering the displayed location is Macau.. either he's from there, or currently there
Macau is... currently under chinese law?
Certainly not EU ._.
maybe with some elements of portugese, but certainly not part of the EU
4:28 AM
I think this can be considered as the context
Q: I have anxiety and hard time asking questions because I am concerned that I can be identified

SSimonThis is not my first question about privacy at Meta. In the recent year, I got more paranoid, but the following question where a user asked something, and literally, everyone can find out who he is, returned my fear of being exposed. I am so afraid that people can do even with me, that I hide my ...

Eh, ya
Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to meta rants. Meta rants lead to ragequit.
apparently there are more contexts from their Meta Academia posts
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer: How to tell an overweight person that the hike will be too hard? by Jhon on interpersonal.SE
@HTTP Post 2: Already recently reported [ MS ]
5:16 AM
sd del
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5:36 AM
turns out there were still some DW problems
sorry for all the bother
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad pattern in URL answer: Use Backblaze online backup with Ubuntu by Joe on askubuntu.com
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heh, I saw that one
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blasst from the passt
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@JourneymanGeek FWIW, I'm the data protection officer in my company and I have had to read that new EU law, and I think he has a limited case here
@Magisch he does need to be EU based right?
Only in so far as he can revoke his agreement for Stack to use his personal data then
@Magisch which more or less is an account deletion/post de...wassname, right?
not a "I don't want specific people specifically to access my PII"
@JourneymanGeek no
10:35 AM
Stack operating in eu and/or the data being accessed by people in the EU is enough
I didn't want to say outright he should delete his account then
Yeah he can demand that Stack delete his data
So his account would be gone
But he dosen't want that
PII is described as any information directly relating to a natural person, so UserID (not pseudo anonymized) and username fits that
So stack could fulfill their due dilligence by just deleting his account wholesale if he gets litigious
(IANAL I have to stress this)
... or just wait patiently until he gets thrown out of court
.... shouldn't someone at least wonder WHY an user would want to delete his account in order to protect his user info from a potential new moderator candidate? If he really has reason to do that, I think that there are bigger problem on hands that making fun of his concerns....
@JohnDvorak Well he could demand SE delete his personal data and SE would have to comply
from what I know
@Magisch which is more or less dissasociation
then no one can see it?
@JourneymanGeek Stack could implement it that way, yeah
@Derpy I'm not making fun of his concerns ._.
10:54 AM
There is no reason and no right to expect stack to do a piecemeal solution
nor should anyone be making fun of his concerns.
@Magisch which is more or less what I said ;p
11:12 AM
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11:33 AM
@JourneymanGeek nope, I was referring to some of the comments on the thread that somehow seem to express the "ye are paranoid" message
tbh though, that request is pretty arrogant
"The right to be forgotten" doesn't also obligate companies to continue to work with you. So I assume if he sent a deletion request (a C&D letter for PII storage, essentially) to Stackexchange they'd react by just deleting his account whole cloth.
again, I am not commenting the request. I am just wondering why he had to ask.
I would like to remember you the nomination we got before Shog removed it...
Inferring from the context probably because he had personal experiences with one or more of the candidates and fears retaliation within his field of academia if they find out who he is because he didn't endorse them / specifically not endorsed them
And that is either groundless paranoia from him or a valid concern based on solid precedents - in which case that person should probably be removed from the nomination
If a mod candidate is giving the impression that he will abuse his mod position even before getting elected....
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12:04 PM
@Magisch the right to be forgotten doesn't even require companies to delete the information they hold about you
@Derpy that is an entirely separate question though. If someone has a valid cyber bullying complaint against another user or mod on SE, that should go through the usual channel. If found valid, the suspension given would prevent someone becoming a mod anyway
@Magisch wording it "right to be forgotten" is going to cause all sorts of problems, as people think that is what will happen. In reality it is trumped by many other regulations and laws that require keeping logs, audit trails, references etc
And again I don't recall to ever having stated the opposite. I only said that it is a little weird to see very few people wondering why the user is afraid of cyber bulling.
12:26 PM
@Derpy kind of the general tone of his post I guess
@RoryAlsop You do have a right to revoke your consent for the storage and usage of your PII though, afaik
It's actually a massive headache because the new law also requires companies to have a procedure to remove someone's PII from all backups and any place that data could be and there's some very specific mumbo jumbo with what counts as a backup vs an archive
@RoryAlsop I am thinking of filling request to police about cyberbullying if you have the police report about potential moderator than I think SE will consider revoking that user nomination, I think that is my only option if I wan to keep account — SSimon 49 mins ago
This now looks like the guy is just desperately trying to get SE to revoke someone's nomination
on an unrelated notice, I just discovered a third special edition existed for Ni No Kuni 2.
And it has exclusive content too. Weird.
This way, no edition has every possible bonus item included
@Magisch nope. Not all of it. As an example, banks will continue to hold an interesting range of PII. GDPR is not a priority in all cases:-)
12:42 PM
@RoryAlsop All of it that isn't required to be kept for audit purposes
And it isn't actually required to remove from backups - as long as you can ensure that if you restore from backups you have an effective way to remove the previously removed data again
@RoryAlsop I've read a different article about that from the german association of IP lawyers
Although I admit I'm not a lawyer so I might be misinterpreting.
They make a distinction between actual backups and backups that are also used for archival purposes (for instance to satisfy retention dates of data). And require that delete-requested PII be removed from all backup media that is also used for archival purposes
@Magisch there is actually quite a lot that needs to be kept. For a number of reasons. I have a few lawyers, and I sat on my last banks GDPR programme so I'm pretty good on what banks need to do. We are a special case though
@RoryAlsop In my company's case it's pretty much just invoice and billing information that needs to be kept
Banks I imagine have a metric ton of regulations on what they need to retain
@Magisch most regulators have agreed that isn't going to happen. That said, Germany has the best personal privacy protection laws in the EU so I can believe it there.
I'm in the UK, which is not quite as good at protecting citizens
12:46 PM
@RoryAlsop It's a massive PITA for us. We basicly have to buy a second backup system to decouple from the first
It gets even more fun when your employer has to report to all the regulators globally. And they all have slightly different requirements
The german regulators are fierce in that
You have to be very careful with any sort of PII. The first reaction over here was to re-examine what we need to keep and toss out a whole bunch of PII and stop collecting even more
For the individual, I like the German approach. But as a techie looking at how to put in those controls... Not fun
I think it's a tad ham fisted
probably not helped by the fact that part of my job is now to deal with the ugly end of that stick
FWIW, OP is becoming less sympathethic by the minute:
> I oppose this candidate because of his detachment from reality and issue with other cultures. Fomite personally reported me to moderator team ower not agreeing with his approach. He attached the rude attributes to me. Why? he is not able to understand other culture and I am afraid my stay here will be jeopardized. I don't feel safe having him around as moderator because it is highly biased and represents only point of USA academia.
Is that on the academia election site?
12:59 PM
Spent a good long while trash talking 2 nominees over what was probably a rude flag on a comment. One because he believes the nominee cast it and another because another nominee defended Fomite.
Gawd. Well, I only have 129 rep there so can't even vote on the election, but I can flag etc...
I think his problem is he believes to have a right to be here like this is some official institution.
When facing the very real threat that if you're going to make legal threats and openly talk about filing false police reports that a website might just decide that you're not worth the trouble anymore.
@RoryAlsop Might want to get a CM on that by the way, OP is asking for ways to file police reports to compel SE to do something. I imagine they'd want to know ahead of time if something like this is coming
1:15 PM
@Magisch I assume cms read meta. And presumably here
@JourneymanGeek You're probably right
I doubt you can copyright an art style
@Magisch you could flag tho
Because I'm incredibly nosy I think I pieced together what the disagreement is/was
Probably missing a metric ton of context but I have somewhat of an idea now
1:35 PM
I forgot the election chat room... grabs popcorn
...And I doubt you took time to look at the whole site. There are more similarities than the art style. Also, to be fair, I didn't say "copied" or "stolen". I said inspired. That said, some may even argue that Extinction hasn't taken some inspiration from AoT, so I don't see much reason for arguing over it.
1:52 PM
@Magisch I have left a note for CMs - but I assume they are already aware
@Magisch I found as much detail as I could but ran out of time over lunch
Normally I wouldn't care, and I don't really have any skin in the academia election, but this OP is trying to legally compel SE to do his bidding and take action against individuals with no proof presented or present. And then he talks about filing police reports with the express purpose of trying to get nominees disqualified - this sounds an awful lot like actual bullying to me.
And all of that because his comments got flagged and he (presumably) got a mod message telling him to cut it
I'm specifically very concerned about this:
@Magisch as I said, I need to file complain to police or criminal department? — SSimon 2 hours ago
If you deliberately allow the user that is under investigation access to data, that is pretty much unacceptable by both standards of law — SSimon 2 hours ago
Essentially admitting he'd file a fraudulent police report just to prevent SE from operating the community elections as normal
2:16 PM
At the risk of playing devil advocate, I don't see where that message equals to "fraudulent police report".
Me neither... he seems wanted to file a real police report
The most probable actual scenario is that he had some fights with another user and that user is in a position to potentially take revenge on him in real life. Think for example of a student that has criticized the post of one of his teachers and so on, possibly escalating in comments war. He probably knows the real world identity of the "teacher", but the teacher doesn't know his.
Now he fear that if the teacher becomes a mod he could use mod level access to profile info to discover who "that impudent user that criticized me" was, and take revenge. If the "teacher" is an actual teacher in an university or a boss in a work place.... well, that is not completely unfair to fear.
I think I have already read in the past about bosses "suggesting" their workers to upvote their posts... Luckily never happened where I work, but I wouldn't totally exclude it.
That said, the way he is asking for "help" will indeed bring nothing good.
Either he has some real strong reason to ask and he is panicking right now, in which case it is better to contact the staff on a private channel and ask for help there, or he is trolling.
After all, we have people who think that fans of some shows must certainly be mentally ill... so you may never know...
2:32 PM
@Derpy Hypothetically - If I had a user try to bully me, in addition to getting another mod to handle it, I'd report it to the community management team. The thing here is, he wants a thing that dosen't exist, and seems to have it based on a complete misunderstanding of EU law.
and you are probably right. I only said that I wouldn't just assume he wants to fill a fraudulent police report with made up info.
heh, I'm a bit more cautious with my words. Have to be.
That said, I must also said that I didn't took the time to see who the actual candidates are, or if there are other users commenting about the same "issue" in some other chat rooms.
as I said, he may have a point to be worried or he may have just made everything up in order to discredit a candidate, but I have no other info to judge so I won't take any position but limit myself to be an outsider watcher.
2:49 PM
summary: OP opposes 3 out of 4 candidates due to "dishonesty & biased in academia", and no one understood OP's argument because there wasn't any proof
To be fair, even if he has some ground for his fear, he wouldn't have to give proof of it on the meta board. On the opposite, it would be very unwise to do so.
The only thing meta could help with would be suggesting him the best course of action
which partially has already been done
on the opposite, his current post does indeed fall in the "rant" category and would not bring him much help. Even assuming good faith.
The only AGF:
in 2018 Academia Moderator Election Chat on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by Discrete lizard
@ff524 In fact, I'd go a bit further and say that SSimon's wild accusations have been useful, for once. For 3 out of 4 candidates (I feel padawan has been treated a bit unfairly, but ech, I do understand opposing all candidates is a bit of a tall order), SSimon expertly tested their response to accusations and/or other behaviour that can be interpreted as hostile.
I still say that IF he has serious reasons to be worried, he has to contact the staff and give them the full picture so that they may decide if this is indeed a situation requiring intervention
A meta post will only result in dramma.
aaaand, based on the last quote from HTTP, this may not be the case.
probably trolling then.
I'd put my bet on "extreme paranoid" then, from OP's history of Meta Academia posts...
3:09 PM
Does the machine empire come with free black blindfolds that are actually really advanced augmented reality visors?
???: AI becomes so much like a human, that they repeat human's history of war & peace
> @StrongBad Thank you, I would like to offically put embargo on my data for new moderators
and that's how it started...
(btw, apparently the context was revealed slowly on the chat, but still not convincing at all)
Wikipedia has "recent deaths" page, but no "recent births" page.
> Abu Zarin Hussin, 33, Malaysian snake handler and internet sensation, cobra bite.
@HTTP that said, now I'm curios. What kind of agreement one has to sign when he is elected as a mod?
or some site specific varient
On xkcd site, long tap on the image brings up context menu with alt text on top of it. At least in Brave... But that does not happen here in chat.
Perhaps not surprisingly, mod agreement is in English on localized sites as well.
@Shog9 Apparently the answer to that is "Catija's being paranoid... back away slowly and maybe she won't go crazy."
3:39 PM
That was a test for joining the Illuminati. You failed. :P
I don't think I want to join anyway.
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1 hour later…
4:56 PM
Where'd the question for reporting SO scrapers go? Or is that not how we do it anymore? At any rate I stumbled across this stackoverflow.link
> Please contact us directly using the on-site form. Select the "Stack Exchange content is being reproduced without attribution" option from the drop-down, and provide as much information as possible.
That particular site looks useful, actually. It includes Chinese translation along with the original post.
5:01 PM
Probably automated, so not better than what Google Translate would do, but using Google translate in China is not so easy.
Is there an SO in Chinese in the works? There's [jp.so] I think
No, there isn't and won't be.
They aren't making localized language SO sites.
Internationalization project is on hold indefinitely.
(any more).
5:03 PM
So Spanish, Portuguese and Russian is it?
Yes. And Japanese.
Q: Internationalization 'State of the Stack'

Tim PostFor those I haven't yet met, I'm Tim Post, the Director of Stack Overflow Communities here at Stack Exchange. When we said we planned to reverse our previous stance on localization some years ago, we really had no idea what we were getting into. We had some experience, we knew that it can be tri...

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with reporting it, because it does lack something in attribution. But I don't expect SO people to get terribly upset about it.
5:22 PM
@SFTP Haha. That looked like smokey's report.
Yes, because I lifted some code from Smokey to a userscript for formatting links in chat.
BTW, do you know that the answer you deleted on Hinduism meta is undeleted?
Now I know, but that doesn't make me care more about it.
In the long run, all our posts are deleted.
Given the state of space exploration, I think the humankind has collectively earned its right to be forgotten.
5:35 PM
So, no need to worry about PII disclosures. They are local and temporary.
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 23 hours ago, by MetaEd
@Cereal If the sun goes out – we normally call that a black dwarf. Since that's preceded by a red giant stage that will engulf and sterilize the planet, your phone battery is the least of your worries.
6:44 PM
Q: Nothing fishy going on here! Nope, not at all

200_successFollowing Mat's resignation as moderator yesterday, I, too, have informed the Stack Exchange community that I am yielding my position as moderator. I know that it may be natural for many of you to speculate that there is some kind of crisis with the moderation team on Code Review. I'd like to a...

6:57 PM
Swype keyboard -> interesting autocorrect. I posted a comment with "bite to close" and considered leaving it as is.
Quick reminder, we've got maintenance scheduled for tomorrow. https://twitter.com/StackStatus/status/971847187813433344
What am I gonna do for an entire hour??
... could be more than an hour.
Chat, obviously. Chat is unaffected.
Actually, I'm pretty sure that chat will be down.
7:11 PM
Failing that: prepare a dozen of answers to be posted when the site goes live again. Ultimate FGITW
That could work :3
@rene Chat should be minimally impacted and should hopefully just blip during the upgrades. — Taryn ♦ yesterday
Huh... whatever "blip" means :/ :P
Watching the livestream of that clusterupgrade is also an option.
I have to make cake.
7:38 PM
Back when the Channels idea was first floated, a major theme was "SE search will have to be improved". Is it any better now than it was then?
When Teams have only a handful of posts, this isn't noticeable. But later...
I know I still use my script-enabled Alt-Enter shortcut for "search with Google", and I notice immediately when I forget the Alt.
8:11 PM
@Catija I'm asked to post blip here during the outage
Well... you have fun with that.
@Catija space cake?
St. Patrick's Day Cake.
Your own recipe?
No. I'm in the Frying Pan right now trying to figure out what to make.
8:17 PM
Don't put the frying pan on high heat or you might burn yourself
@Catija a few seconds of requests taking a bit of time. Possibly a few seconds of downtime.
\o Oded
@Oded HEY! :D That doesn't sound so bad.
@Catija keyword you should have concentrated on is "hopefully" ;)
o/ @rene
I assume Jon used the Internal SEDE here. Is the internal SEDE instance just running on a full copy of the production DB or does it has some ETL to include/generate extra timeseries data
8:25 PM
@Oded Oh, I'm sure. Taryn was using "hopefully" in regards to the 1 hour downtime estimate, too. :D
@Oded I said hopefully :P
@rene runs on a read-only replica, AFAIK
@Taryn 🀞🀞🀞
But, I agree with Punyon. You got this.
@SFTP well, there's an integrated network-wide search for the first time in years... (not public yet, but hopefully soon)
Oh wait - it is public
is this replacing the Google Custom Search one?
8:35 PM
@Shog9 Oooh. Nice. About time.
@quartata yep
oh hey yeah
I hadn't noticed
needs some love yet, but... Considering it's been abandoned for almost 5 years...
Prompted by updating Elastic to current version?
prompted by Google making their site-search ads really, really obnoxious
8:37 PM
Would be nice to have the ability to filter the searched sites - possibly with presets to metas/mains
don't try to search for a tag though ...
Much more civilized.
No way to filter by site, no way to sort the results.
Definitely needs work :P
I can't sort Google search results either....
8:47 PM
Suppress "Stack Exchange" in site names in network search results - partly an excuse to promote awareness of the feature.
Hm... does it only search within questions?
@Oded yeah. This was something Nick threw together 5 years ago and didn't touch again until... A day or two ago?
But, lotta potential there.
@Shog9 hahaha - I thought it might have been something like that. I did use it when it was still a hidden page.
Me too
it was great for tracking spammers across sites
With great potential comes great amount of work needed to move a unit charge.
8:51 PM
@StackOverflow @OdedCoster @alvinashcraft @compassioncode @WomenWhoCode Could you all possibly remove some of the toxic pushback on the current nominees? It’s awful.
"Be nice should also apply to comments on nominations!"
We all know how great comments are for discussions, especially on contentious matters. Add to that the absence of flags.
@Oded That's the lady who was upset that only one woman has been nominated.
I really wish election comments had a flag option :|
@Catija yep. And seeing nasty comments on nominations is something that discourages many from nominating.
@Oded Yeah, I asked for some to be removed in here last night.
They weren't gender-related, though.
8:56 PM
There's a bunch of comments there that are just nasty, have nothing to do with the ability of someone being a moderator. Some just read as xenophobic.
I think that it's difficult to moderate some of the nomination comments because if they make points that are valid, you have to decide whether the wording of the point was nice enough to leave it.
There are a few that are simply not... civil.
Plus, you can't flag them, so you have no private way of saying "I think this is over the line".
That should be the line
That's a fair comment. But IIRC people were flagging comments just because they disagreed with them, instead of flagging them for being "not nice".
There are some attacks on people that just... have nothing to do with moderation ability or the nomination. Perhaps these people are taking a queue from what's normal in American political campaigns.
What if... there was a link to meta thread under each nomination, and users would post answers instead of comments? Those can be edited.
8:59 PM
I'm just clearing that entire itoctopus thread. One comment about reviewing edits is fine; dominating the entire conversation with some trivial nonsense is crap.
Oh, I'm sure there's a valid reason... I think it'd be better to make it so that flags have to be handled by a mod ... so rather than automatically deleting at three flags, a diamond has to monitor them.
@Shog9 there are also some personal attacks on people.
I think the stuff about IPS was already removed also
Wait ... wasn't that the point during election? Personal attacks on people?
9:02 PM
Yeah, that's what I asked to have removed...
Dec 6 '14 at 18:04, by Bart
How about we just lock users in a room and hurl insults and Nazi references at them. If they snap in any way, they are dismissed.
Ok, let's do this: if anyone sees a comment they thing crosses a line on a nomination post, ping me with a link. here's a userscript for getting stable links to election comments if you need one.
@SFTP this is almost akin to what happened on Academia from what I've seen
Oh, @rene is that why you haven't nominated... you didn't want to be attacked? the SO election chat room seems to love you.
yeah ...
9:03 PM
that's understandable, honestly
wait, @rene is not running?
Apparently, not.
rene is a delicate flower, whom we shouldn't subject to the election.
I follow the example set by others....
so ... staying in front of a horse paddock means to have piles of horse manure right in front of your accommodation ...
9:10 PM
and the only koala I saw in an area full of koalas is a domesticated one near the cabin where I was staying
9:33 PM
> I have a sneaking suspicion these are the same folks who scoffed at the one word processor class they took, and still format their headings by laboriously selecting the text, adding bold, and changing the font size. twitter.com/EliFitch/status/974282973926383616 … -- Shog9 at 12:30 PM - 16 Mar 2018
I know a lot of those folks. And their files fail web accessibility checks.
"Oh good, Wyatt sent his additions over; I'll just merge them into..." 6 hours of reformatting later
Maybe more people would use proper headings if their default styles in Word were less ridiculous.
"What's the faintest shade of blue we can find?"
Or if Word make the fact that there's a stylesheet more obvious period.
9:42 PM
^ MS Word defaults.
^ Google Docs defaults
I'm far more likely to use the latter.
I expect it's gotten somewhat better in the 10 years since I last used it, but defining a stylesheet in Word used to involve breaking out of the normal UI and going into some decrepit modal wasteland of pop-up dialogs. Guessing that didn't exactly help its popularity.
9:44 PM
MS can shove their intense quotes and references... pardon my subtle emphasis.
I am a linux expert, font is irrevelant to my existence </trollololo>
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