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2:01 PM
Does anyone else here feel a bit dissatisfied when opening a package that has tape saying 'repacked'? Like... now you're not the first one to open your package anymore :(
@Tinkeringbell depends what it contains... :)
My cheese swag.
@Tinkeringbell chances are the company that made the board and did the etching are different?
or is it customs checking to see if they are cheese knives or cheese knives?
@JourneymanGeek Nah... DHL made it go through security. It has that big red 'SECURITY' sticker ;)
2:04 PM
A person called SBV checked it, at station MXG
@JourneymanGeek Does it come with knives?
@Tinkeringbell Well, it can be used as a weapon, no wonder customs checked it, as @Journeyman said.... :D
@Mithrandir it does iirc
I didn't get involved in that contest lol
@Mithrandir Yes, it comes with knives
So... it might take a bit to get to me :P
2:05 PM
I'm waiting on a few packages at the moment :/
Not swag tho
It might. I got a text saying it would be delivered on Monday, but it took until today. Guess they were too busy with actual christmas presents ;)
Now I can start waiting on the watch.
@Tinkeringbell envious
(few T shirts from Tested, a second raspberry pi W ...)
2:06 PM
Time Bomb!
@Tinkeringbell I'm pretty sure unless they send everyone one, I'm out XD
I spent a lot of effort on that silly video... :'(
I think there was a comment there that said there may be a few more winning slots, but...
I doubt that means 200 winning slots all of a sudden :P
Oh well.
2:10 PM
@Tinkeringbell did they already sent the watches mails?
you win some you lose some XD
@Derpy I think its very likely she won one XD
@JourneymanGeek I'm interested in seeing what Tim meant...
so am I
@JourneymanGeek my point was asking if they have already sent the mail, which in turn would somehow shed some light on the "more slots" thing
2:17 PM
that said, asking MegaNat could probably be a faster option too.
@Derpy No, I haven't had an e-mail yet. To be fair, I'm not expecting one before 2019 either ;) CM's are people too, they have vacations too!
Also, thing isn't entirely ended yet...
my work ended two days ago. Calendar has ended, I am in sleeping phase now.
@ShadowWizard wrong pony, retry
@g3rv4 never sleeps! :P
2:30 PM
@ShadowWizard sleep is overrated
@ShadowWizard true, but those posts are not going anywhere
@g3rv4 I know! :D
@JourneymanGeek and they'll contain wrong info until someone edits them.
Tag subscription is also a mess now, only way is by creating a filter on se.com
@ShadowWizard better.
I would have accepted a Fluttershy too.
Well, can't beat using your own avatar, no? ;)
still, you get 7 for correct pony
2:36 PM
@Derpy so why deduct 3? Sleeping method?
SPArchaeologist, 🦄: Sugarcube, Ponyville, Equestria
7.5k 27 48
@Derpy I still can't figure why you're using two accounts in such a way.
@ShadowWizard effort. Just a gif, not some more elaborate fanart
(basically meaning I expected you to do the work to find me a nice wallpaper.)
@Derpy gif is better, it's more.... powerful. :)
2:39 PM
and to make it fair for @Tink here is a sleeping parrot!
That's not how I sleep!
But it's cute :)
So keep up the illusion ;)
So much powder.... :D
@Tinkeringbell hehe, you mean you sleep more like this lady? ;)
Wait. I have a picture somewhere, let me look
2:45 PM
LOL... who took it?? :D
oh wait... while CM's appear to be all away indeed, @g3rv4 can migrate the ASP burnination request to MSO. @JourneymanGeek what you think?
Okay. I declare that picture lost. I know it should be somewhere...
@Tinkeringbell twitter?
No account yet so can't browse your media there... :(
Nah, it's in my conversation history with someone, I know that for sure.
@ShadowWizard is there any reason why we'd want to do that ASAP?
(and would be better not to wait for the CMs)
2:52 PM
@g3rv4 not really... but if it's something obvious and nobody objects... well.. :)
then yeah, I'd wait for the CMs :) just that I can do it doesn't mean I should do it :)
Main reason is probably "When they get back it will be forgotten already". lol
@Journeyman can you mark @rene's flag as "pending" again and put it back in the queue?
(so that the CM's will have something to remind them)
@ShadowWizard you won't have forgotten about it
@g3rv4 I might forget... :(
@ShadowWizard I don't think that feature exists
2:55 PM
Too bad...
/remind me to remind @ShadowWizard to remind the CMs about that question I forgot
ouch, this isn't slack
Now in star wall!
That font... it's not italics... what is that? Oh, code block format.
2:57 PM
@g3rv4 lol! Tanks in advantage, I guess. :D
@ShadowWizard nope. You could flag it again and point out it's an old post that needs a cm
1 hour later…
4:13 PM
@ShadowWizard ^
btw, @Tinkeringbell / @ShadowWizard - I've updated the calendar post with explanations for every joke.
4:41 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ it's sweating problem
1 hour later…
5:49 PM
@Tinkeringbell Oh huh that ends today
Yep :D
And last I checked I was in a comfortable 16th place
I'm in 6th :)
Happy with that
Yeah, people like plushies better than time-travelling archaeologists, it seems :P
I blame FGITW
I started out as 8th or something...
It's okay though. Can't be in the top 10 every time!
5:54 PM
I saw the post a couple minutes after it was posted and optimised more for speed than super duper whizzy design work, so mine went in pretty early
So did mine. I have just enough friends I guess to make sure I always get around 40 votes ;)
I've got lots of free stuff this holiday... free card game the other day, Hacktoberfest shirt, this, some SO swag coming up for research...
'for research'? What kind of research?
I got my cheese board. I think that was it ;)
Julia asked for people from SOBotics to chat to them to help with some projects they're planning
Sounds like that might be fun :)
5:58 PM
Should be
1 hour later…
7:11 PM
@ArtOfCode I went for the effort. Guess we learned what pays off :p
@JohnDvorak Nah, if they want to be quicker than me, there is no time for leisure ;)
@Tinkeringbell undelete, then delete again
Well, have fun with that :P
1 hour later…
9:15 PM
Hello -- does anyone know if there is a Hat cHat this year?
ah ha, tanks
Yeah, they travel reaaallyy slowly on the roads. Annoying when you get stuck behind one of them.
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