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12:54 AM
I propose a free reputation button
I depose it.
@JourneymanGeek I depose your deproposition.
1:16 AM
@Asadefa free reputation literally takes away the value of reputation.
So what's the point? Might as well go free for all, ala yahoo answers or even quora
@JourneymanGeek Best idea I've heard all year
2:05 AM
@JourneymanGeek It was a joke
2:15 AM
2 hours later…
2 hours later…
6:31 AM
Not about Stack Exchange Network software Pressing F12 In selenium controled window using python and chromedriver‭ - Tayyab Nasir‭ 2018-12-26 06:29:41Z
Blatantly off-topic [Troll] First Conditional‭ - Most‭ 2018-12-26 06:38:57Z
7:04 AM
Not about Stack Exchange Network software How to Upload file PDF using PHP‭ - CallMeMissFanny _‭ 2018-12-26 07:03:54Z
Q: Help! A moderator asked me to undelete my "answer", but I can't

Jesse SteeleMost users might not be able to see my deleted answer here, to this question. My answer (linked above) was one of my first on SE, I was new, it really needed improvement. One of the new moderators deleted it and left a very useful comment, inviting me to fix it. I truly am thankful to the modera...

Welp, they're deaaad.
Morning breathing things and everything else
7:22 AM
So stackoverflow is not for new user. It's a secret community for experts only. — ptr_user7813604 2 hours ago
I like the train of thought
8:01 AM
I was looking for the Stack Exchange 404 but couldn't figure out which site uses the different image for that.
@andmyself hey do you have access to NormalHuman's API that check employee bit? I want to see if this user is SE employee. Thanks!
@Rob none, think they all switched to the default boring 404 page by now.
(same as beta sites have)
@ShadowWizard I highly doubt it
8:15 AM
@Mithrandir nvm, found how to get it via SE own API. /cc @andmyself
Jan 7 '16 at 8:19, by balpha
FYI, the API tells you if somebody is an employee: http://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/users/312743?site=meta.stackexchange.com
I miss the old employee page :/
I get why it had to go, more so now buuuut
It probably became a real headache to update too, with employees joining and leaving often. (i.e. likely that would have removed it anyway, even without that big crisis.)
I miss the animations. :D
I miss its existance, and what it stood for lol
(to be trite, happier, more innocent times XD)
1 hour later…
9:49 AM
@Journeyman heh, I was just about to ask closing and deleting that almost-hour-old OT question. ;)
10:28 AM
Work is nuts today :p
10:42 AM
@JourneymanGeek Work? What is that?
10:59 AM
I am just wondering whether SE people will come to 35c3, so that I could get a Not a Robot badge but unfortunately it is not listed on the promo page. :(
@ShadowWizard good for you... it seems he took down his site :(
wait, hmm... oh.. he only took down the main page
and... I saw Joe Friend left SE since December..?
To be replaced by Joe Enemy
11:15 AM
@andmyself who? Norm? :(
@andmyself yup, without a word and without even updating his profile.
And still didn't update his profile.
@ShadowWizard yeah, only the main page.. which is basically the table of contents
@Tinkeringbell the thing that I get paid for so I can afford to goof off on computers
@JNat hey, unusual request, but if you can please reset Joe Friend profile across the network to remove the wrong About Me (he no longer works for Stack Overflow), it would prevent lots of possible confusion. Thanks! :)
At this point it's clear he just moved back to his previous workplace, no profile hacking involved.
@JourneymanGeek I wonder, as a mod on one site, when you reset someone's profile, can you choose to do that network wide?
11:20 AM
accidentally destroyed the acccount instead
@ShadowWizard in this case I would rather not
Can't destroy account with more than 500 rep though.... safety measure added after such thing happened, probably. ;)
@JourneymanGeek yeah, better if SE staff do it, but still...
12:01 PM
sd why
Smokey you are laggy.
sd k
sd fp-
12:32 PM
@ShadowWizard it is. Also dosen't feel right
Sorry but leaving a profile with wrong and misleading info is worse.
In this situation I don't think there's any malice , and there's things someone who knows Joe can do that I can't.
Not much to do, just clear the About Me, IMO.
Well not really that final !
But no. Not something I will do at this point
@JourneymanGeek agreed, that's why I pinged a CM. :)
12:41 PM
@ShadowWizard @Mithrandir - Yes, that's the general idea - but it actually said: "It's dead, Jim.".
1:17 PM
@ShadowWizard What crisis?
Q: What happened with the Stack Overflow layoffs (11/2017)?

Robert GrantI'm curious as to why Stack Exchange laid off 20% of its staff, and crucially why is there a discrepancy between the PR statement "we cut sales and marketing" and the apparently reality of lots of developers announcing on Twitter they'd been laid off. Given the amount of time people invest in cr...

Shortly after that, the page listing SE employees went down and never came back.
Doesn't sound so apocalyptic
It was, for 20% of SE employees...
Yes I was gonna say that next
Dang, some 60 people
Laying off @Sha from the Tavern
Someone save me from the dumb TV show, PLEEEEEASE
1:33 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ which?
The 'All you need is love christmas special'?
Iranian TV show with a kid that has two moms, one is a drug addict and yet the attention of some badass mafia for some reason and she's the one giving birth, the other somehow got to raise the daughter without realizing it's not hers
Actually, we have TV show in Israel called "dumb". Really.
Let's see...
@ShadowWizard Does Hebrew culture whitewash things like in English, or talk bluntly like, say, the Dutch?
Nothing official in English, only this:
מטומטמת היא סדרת טלוויזיה ישראלית מסוגת קומדיית פשע שעלתה לשידור ב-26 בספטמבר 2016 בערוץ HOT3. יוצרת וכותבת הסדרה היא בת חן סבג, בה היא גם מככבת בתפקיד הראשי. במאי הסדרה הוא שי קפון. העונה הראשונה והשנייה צולמו יחדיו, כשהעונה הראשונה עלתה ב-26 בספטמבר 2016 והעונה השנייה עלתה לשידור ב-3 בספטמבר 2017. הסדרה גרפה בחודש וחצי שמונה מיליון הזמנות ב-VOD של HOT.ב-20 באוגוסט 2018 החלו הצילומים לעונה השלישית של הסדרה. לעונה זו הצטרפה השחקנית אורנה בנאי. == עונות == == עלילה == עלילת הסדרה עוקבת אחרי שירי אזוגי (בת חן סבג), שחקנית מובטלת בת 30 אשר נראית כמו נערה מתבגרת. חסרונותיה רבים: היא מרבה לה...
"מטומטמת" means "dumb", for a female, in Hebrew.
1:36 PM
Ugh that pink pig nose says enough
I like the insertion of the English numbers
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ not sure what you mean? Example...
blah blah blah blah 2016 blah blah blah
Digits are not English. I think.
@ShadowWizard Well, rene
Anyway, found official English link: imdb.com/title/tt6575296
1:38 PM
@ShadowWizard Roman I think
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ well, we don't have Hebrew version of digits.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ what about @rene?
@ShadowWizard He's blunt and sticks to the point
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ wait... aren't such things strictly forbidden by law in Iran?? (Same sex marriage)
Ya know, dominant culture among speakers. For example, Germans tend to keep it formal. They call a 20-year colleague "Herr Schwarz" (Mr. Schwarz) instead of "Karl"
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ this got nothing to do with the language itself though... each person and their, well, own personality. :)
1:41 PM
@ShadowWizard Part of that personality is affected by language
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I really don't think so. Culture affects it, not language.
Englishers call him "Karl" already after he's done with the job interview
@ShadowWizard Well both yeah and no
But yeah, the part I'm focusing on is cultural, not linguistic
@M.A.R. so how Arabic affects personality?
I was too lazy to type "Hebrew people's culture"
@ShadowWizard How would I know? Everyone around me speaks Azeri Turkish
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ buh... so how "Azeri Turkish" language affects personality?
1:44 PM
Unless you mean the linguistic part, and then we'd be distracting from the conversation
Think Hebrew is the only language that has no "sub languages" or thousands of versions, lol
Maybe it does . . . The conspiracy deepens
@ShadowWizard A little bit easier to use obscene language, for starters
I didn't write my thesis on it, Jesus.
You made me chat for half an hour for a simple question I asked and you didn't provide an answer. You win
And you're lucky today is my birthday and I've taken some off time to organize my stuff or I would have poked you in both eyes.
And your avatar is so small I could do it with one finger
@ShadowWizard Wasn't there one already?
I think it's the fifth time I'm making a ham account
Even though red meat isn't good in large chunks
2:02 PM
@Glorfindel When you happen to have a bit of time, you might check the MathOverflow chatroom. Thanks!
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ no, you
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ now it is big
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ I bought it couple of weeks ago, now it arrived
From Hollywood, no less. lol
@Tinkeringbell can you delete my latest answer on MSE for just a few minutes? It is about deleted answers and I want to look whether those answers still show a link to the faq.
@MEE Okay, let me know when you want it undeleted again ;)
2:11 PM
@Tinkeringbell thanks, I am done :)
Okay, you're back up :)
^ Not a good prankster
Not in the mood for pranks.
Trying to finish a horrible blanket, so I can finally start a proper new crochet project
@Tinkeringbell unicorn?
Nov 27 at 13:47, by Derpy
yesterday, by Tinkeringbell
I could do a crochet unicorn XD
2:20 PM
@Tinkeringbell nice! Did you show it to @Derpy already? :)
I don't think so. I finished that and then it was claimed by the neighbors kid.
So I have to make a new one soon-ish
What I really want though is to start another blanket
@Derpy the last item is really nice! But the YouTube link is broken because it's inside a frame. Not sure if it can be fixed. Thanks for all the fish! :D
2:45 PM
@Tinkeringbell @JourneymanGeek there was a comment here asking people to not edit with guesses only. Why was it removed? It's pretty essential and prevents lots of mess. (people guessing just to have the guess rolled back.)
when does the serious vote reversal script run every day?
sorry, not serious, serial
0000 UTC, 9 hours
@ɪBᴜɢ 3 AM, I think. (UTC)
@Rob sure?
Seems like a lot of things run on 3 AM, no?
One of us can check on Meta, do you want to?
2:54 PM
Yeah, least busy hour, probably.
@ShadowWizard it's edited right in top of the answer...
@JourneymanGeek sometimes people read the comments before they read the post.
(as kind of a TL;DR)
@ɪBᴜɢ It is 3, but you must wait 24-36 if it doesn't work for you: meta.stackexchange.com/a/126857/282094 - so you have to wait for the 0000 after 2 0300's.
It's also useful to prevent guessing in comments.
@ShadowWizard and sometimes people read the answers before they read questions:)
3:04 PM
@ɪBᴜɢ very true, especially in fun contests ;)
> [...] And this is how you swap two variables in Python without creating a third one. [...]
posts x,y=y,x
@ShadowWizard trying to parse what ɪBᴜɢ meant over there... :P
@EKons just write ɪBᴜɢ Parser, easy.
if I were to write such a parser, there are some others that need it more than ɪBᴜɢ... ;)
(like, waaaay more... not gonna say names)
3:12 PM
@EKons like... me? Or @MEE? :D
@ShadowWizard well... can't say who, but it's obvious whose fault it is!
@EKons yup ^
yeah... let's not blame this guy too much, he does good deed
Smokey isn't a guy!
exactly, but SmokeDetector is! ;)
SD is only a part of Smokey... :P
3:22 PM
@EKons k
Errh.... unlocking the bootloader of Redmi needs... 15 days?
What's bootloader?
@ShadowWizard I deleted that one, for the reason Geek gave ;) It had a no longer needed flag. Is that giving trouble?
(Are there now comments guessing?)
@ShadowWizard That message is not a report.
@EKons your face is not a report! (because I can't see them due to your hat :D)
@Tinkeringbell not yet, and it might be late enough into WB so there won't be, but still... that was useful comment, IMO.
3:31 PM
I'm used to deleting everything! ;) I'll keep it in mind for next time.
so... nobody so far has asked the more serious question... can balpha please tell me the trigger for Clean-Up Duty?
burninate tag
@EKons waffles first!
@andmyself doesn't exist...
oh my.... maybe by commenting on one of [put name here] posts??
There was such hat in last years...... :D
3:36 PM
pretty sure that's never going to happen again
@ShadowWizard Shadow Hat?
Poor @JonEricson probably has trauma to this very day.... :P
@andmyself for pinging 1000 users in chat, yes!
on one server or collectively? ;)
3:37 PM
hmm... one server. ;)
chat.SE it is then :P
@EKons nooooooo
hey, I haven't even typed one @ over there yet!
@ShadowWizard heey, stop abusing my name!! Okay I use it just for pun purpose, but still .....
(so... @ andmyself, @ Asadefa, @ ArtOfCode, @ Alex, @ Aibobot, @ AvnishKabaj, @ AnneDaunted... I got bored :P)
3:41 PM
(did I get pung?)
(uh... if that "pung" you, then there's some serious trouble going on...)
It not pung, it's ponged. 🤥
3:57 PM
not fair... sing sang sung -> ping pang pung
songs aren't regular, pings are... @andmyself ;)
4:48 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ is that a problem?
5:48 PM
6:01 PM
@rene Only for people who don't get it
@OptimusPrime Hey Optimus, Bumblebee totally outclasses you
I came across a very old, deleted answer. It was deleted by a mod like a VLQ or NAA post would be. The user account was deleted. But it's clearly spam. Does it make sense to flag it for moderator attention for it to be deleted as spam? Or would that be a waste of their time? It would hide the post, but would it be useful in any other way (I guess the contact info in that answer is no longer valid after all those years)?
6:29 PM
@AnneDaunted meh, that would only be beneficial for recent, very recent spam.
@rene Ok, thanks!
7:28 PM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ really
Transformers Last knight was there on the tv today
and it contain the scene where prime and bee fights
Didn't visited this room for a while.
Since it is EOY, here's a comparison of this year with last year
Worked as an Angular developer in a company under many people
End of month, savings will be <$100
Worked 40+ hrs weekly
Tight schedule
Worked in another city and the travelling time to home is 12hrs

Working as an Internet Security Researcher
Own boss
There's no fixed salary but current savings cross $3500
Worked 3-4 hrs a week and 1-2 weeks a month
No target or anything. I can work whenever I want
7:45 PM
@ShadowWizard So far this is the closest I've seen to someone fishing for a secret hat by pinging me this year. ;-)
yeah, Shadow must be happy about this... :P
It's sad, many people's #1 job is defending their standing and their #2 job is working for cheap. Decades ago I earned over $200/hr electronic technician, now if you want that much a day they'll hire someone for less or advertise until they go belly up.
@OptimusPrime Wow. Then it's time to increase your workload until you hate this job as well and by 2019 Dec found a Silicon Valley giant.
1 hour later…
9:11 PM
NOT Donald Trump
1 hour later…
10:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek yes, almost. So I'm off to bed ... sorry.
It's ok
Thank you for helping deal with things.
10:55 PM
It's almost midnight!
And hey, I managed to stay up longer than @rene for once, it seems....
I slept like a man working day shift
I always sleep for 12-10 hours the first few days of vacation... And then I just can't get to sleep at night :/
Ah well, this should come in handy on New year's Eve
11:50 PM
I got serially upvoted on SO... :(
@JonEricson no hat... Oh well. ;)
@ShadowWizard seems you made a new enemy... :(
Can think of someone...
(because only 'friends' who serially downvoted you)
Yup that can lead to suspension if the "friend" happens to have my IP address and spoof their own to be the same.

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