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12:01 AM
Can somebody leave a comment on one of my posts somewhere, or something that sends me a notification
Also can somebody upvote one of my post, even just temporarily
I promise it'll be worth it
@Gerry Psst
Done; the comment should be one-flag deletable
@TravisJ ^
Almost. Need to figure out how to get notification icons to display.
The dropdowns and inbox and stuff work just no red/green numbers
@Gerry Mind doing one more comment?
Last one I promise
12:27 AM
Ah ha, here's why the notifications aren't working:
Q: Inbox/reputation notifications do not work on chat server top bar

Jason COn the top bar on chat server pages, e.g. http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/, the inbox notification icons do not work: The dropdowns themselves do work and do show unread items, highlighted normally, but the unread counts do not appear.

My userscript opens the main chat server page in an iframe then steals the topbar. I thought it was my fault but actually they just don't work at all.
Considering that topbar is being decommissioned, unlikely to be fixed
Although who knows, maybe it's a problem on websocket side, unrelated to frontend.
Also, 7 years since What makes a winning site proposal? by Joel himself
> Cooking site? Boring. There are a million. A site for top-ranking chefs? That's interesting... Please don't give me another site like this: Coffee Tables A site for people who are interested in coffee tables.
12:41 AM
12:54 AM
@JasonC der
Ping worked, but no notification :(
My understanding is that if you don't dismiss the little notification thing in chat (e.g., by typing in the room), it should escalate to a notification.
1:07 AM
Yeah; depends on your chat settings how long that takes though
Well, @TravisJ chat top bar userscript, but need to figure out if I can make notifications work.
Still, fairly straightforward, and seems to work well.
Super hacky, though, lol.
1:31 AM
@Shog9 Is cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/js/master.js available unobfuscated somewhere?
@JasonC no. Enhancements to chat are few and far between, as devs must edit the obfuscated source.
The scary part is I'm not actually sure if you're joking or not.
There is a dev server for chat... somewhere... and perhaps it serves unobfuscated source. I don't know. Otherwise, internal copies are probably it.
Hm, well maybe I can reverse engineer this with some success. I see that the chat topbar still has StackExchange.topbar.handleRealtimeMessages(), but the obfuscation makes it tough, and I also see main sites connect to a websocket that chat doesn't, so I'm assuming that's the missing link. It also looks like I can possibly poll /topbar/get-unread-counts, which is what the chat topbar does once on load.
1:51 AM
@Shog9 I think did once upon a time but I kept forgetting the URL and just got used to reading the obfuscated code
Well I did manage to figure out how to poll /get-unread-counts and kludge it to work with handleRealtimeMessages(), and in the process TIL how freakin' cool Chrome's JS debugger is.
See? There you go, @JasonC - just be like Tim. What's the worst that could happen?
mmm ... thinking about spaghetti code with sauce source
Somewhere in this script there lies an f. Some day I'll find it.
1:55 AM
@Shog9 I do have an item on my todo list that's literally 10 years old, though at least not programming-related
Those only go back a few years, max
…Someone will likely search Meta and I'll regret that
@JasonC I'll bet you there are a lot more in the unobfuscated source
Yeah it's pretty f'ed up HA HA HA HA HA.
Do you get it? Did you get that one? Didja?
Back in the day we didn't have the built-in source prettifier or callsite-specific breakpoint features in Chrome either shakes head Nightmare
The prettify feature is stupidly cool.
people don't always love most the intelligent things - sometimes we just love watching dumb, fluffy creatures doing stupid things
2:07 AM
Polling /topbar/get-unread-counts sort of works, except for some reason the returned values don't update until a main site page is loaded.
I see the same behavior just with the chat server's normal topbar too. So at least it's not entirely my fault.
There are websocket endpoints for those things: meta.stackexchange.com/a/218355
Oh sweet
Way better path to pursue.
Is the SE account ID on any of the chat pages anywhere?
Either /rooms or on the main page. The SE JS object on the main page doesn't have that info loaded.
@ShadowWizard chicken is getting older everyday :p
2:48 AM
@TimStone If I have the fkey from the chat page is there something I can do to get the user's network account ID?
Or any way to get the SE ID from a chat page. The only info I seem to have available is the chat server user ID, the fkey, and I think that's it. Maybe whatever's in the cookies.
Maybe that's why the topbar on chat pages doesn't have notifications
Yeah, I know that's why it doesn't. Came to that conclusion. Been investigating the hell out of it.
It seems you're prowling an old dark system.
I'm so close to getting this working smoothly.
All I need to do is either a) find a way to make /topbar/get-unread-counts not stale, or b) get the account ID so I can open a websocket and subscribe to topbar events.
On the chat servers of so and meta, the user id is the same as their parent user id. And an API call can get you network Id from there.
2:54 AM
I guess I could ask the user for their account ID.
But this wouldn't work for chat.se.
Oh that's a good idea, but
Yeah that
Yes, when I wrote my primitive notifications-in-chat extensions, I just put the Id somewhere.
Does the chat.se user Id have anything in common with the API?
I figure I can at least cache the account ID once I find it by using the fkey as the key to minimize API calls (or user input queries).
Not that I could see
2:55 AM
what are you writing?
@Shog9 Top bar in chat room
Accomplished right now by loading the main chat index page in a hidden iframe, stealing the topbar from it, and hacking the crap out of it.
Really close to working except for notifications.
You can grab user's chat profile page with an ajax request, and that has a link to parent account, and that has enough info for an API call to get network id.
Ohh nice
@JasonC I mean, are you trying to do a userscript, or...?
Yeah in a userscript. Here's the last repo version github.com/JC3/SEUserScripts/blob/master/ChatTopBar.js
2:58 AM
ok. Then you can do cross-site requests without trouble, which means you can use Gerry's idea.
Yeah. Sweet. All right, I'm pumped now.
The more code I write, the more bugs I will introduce in the code, maybe I should stop writing code altogether
the more pastry you consume, the more baked weevil eggs you'll eat...
so you point is that vegans shouldn't eat pastry?
3:11 AM
Now that ru.SO has the light topbar, expect approximately 1 bug report per day from alexolut.
Top Meta.SE question askers in 2017: alexolut 179, second place has 43.
because I love you guys so much, you get to see more of my chicken pictures
looks hurt though
I don't normally show these to everyone
3:16 AM
@Elephant new feathers
no chicken is hurt while taking those pictures
Q: We need a moderator account suspension button

guest271314We need a button for common users to suspend the account of one or more moderators for a brief period so that they can cool down.

Expect a very calm and constructive discussion to ensue.
My fingers are twitching right now
Time to take more coffee sedative
3:21 AM
I don't understand what's happening.
Type $.get(`/users/${CHAT.CURRENT_USER_ID}`, function (r) { console.log(r) }, 'html') in the console. Why do I just get a room card div and not the entire profile page?
I also only see that div in the response in the network tab in the console. But when I e.g. open it in a new tab I get served the full page.
@Shog9 Any idea what's going on with that?
Fiddler confirms
Hm.. Something something dynamically generated?
There's another thing, the popup shown when you click your user id in bottom left has parent link too.
Maybe the listener for that event can help somehow.
Yeah... I think I'll try that
I don't think it's a dynamically generated thing because the source of the profile page shows all the stuff. Plus the response isn't a full valid page anyways, even if it were dynamically generated.
But whatever, yeah, the popup.
You're full of good ideas, lol.
3:36 AM
`$.get(`/users/${CHAT.CURRENT_USER_ID}`, r => console.log(r), 'html')
Neater with an arrow function there
Oh neat
        if (Request.IsAjaxRequest()) {
            using (model.Profiler.Step("Prepare view"))
                return PartialView("RoomListUserControl", model.CurrentOrFrequentRooms);
@JasonC that ^
Who needs that?
I see space in the string, I sense danger
3:48 AM
could it be argued it's a waste of space in "Prepare view", can it not just be "PrepareView"? </trollololo>
I heard programmers hate whitespace, so I agree with above statement
The first page of most active chat.mse users contains 3 bots and 2 former employees.
Remarkable that Rebecca Chernoff is still #16 despite leaving 1223 days ago.
@Elephant programmers hate white space because although you can have them, sometimes retrieving names with them inside is troublesome, and you don't know if it's really a white space - it could be a tab ... it could be 2 spaces
@Shog9 Huh. Thanks.
Grabbing /users/thumbs/chatid then going through the API seems to be working well.
3:59 AM
Nice, and much less data to fetch.
Glad to hear I don't have any issues. But what's with pairing off?
Well, I guess makes sense one can't "pairoff" with himself.
Whatever that means.
can pair programming involves 3 programmers at once?
4:05 AM
(Inviting to a room, most likely)
now you have 3 pairs
4:31 AM
It's so close. WebSockets succcess.
Now just need to figure out how to work around /topbar/get-unread-counts not being correct, so that it's initial state is right on page load.
Probably impossible because caching.
Websocket sends unread counts only when a new even comes through.
And pages are apt to show stale counts, especially chat pages.
Unrelated ... Video Production has "video" tag and it's the most popular tag on the site. video.stackexchange.com/tags
Is a [video] tag necessary? --- I'm unconvinced by AJ's answer.
4:36 AM
He's imagining a situation in which the tag is valid. The reality is that it's used just because it's there.
5:03 AM
ergh, ok
Google Spell Checker suggested me to change "thinking for a while" to "thinking for awhile"?
Now that I realized that there's "awhile" but... is the usage true?
All combinations of for a while, for awhile, a while, and awhile can be used as adverbial phrases, with identical sense and usage. The for is optional, and a while is indistinguishable from awhile in speech, so they have no differences in meaning, or in grammar. Use which ever ones you prefer; all are correct and colloquial, and nothing depends on how you say or spell it. — John Lawler Dec 17 '14 at 19:40
I came here because I thought "once in a while" was correct phrasing, even though the editor in Google Mail (or is it Chrome's fault?) suggested I use "awhile". — L S Apr 7 at 15:41
@JasonC so... can we have SE Topbar on chat now?
5:27 AM
Q: Top Bar for Chat Rooms

Jason CDescription: Provides a fully functional top bar, including realtime notifications, at the top of all chat rooms. Now you can keep tabs on your site activity while chatting. Features: Fully functional with dropdowns and realtime notifications. Download: Github Github raw Notes: I ...

@Elephant Yes. Test away. @Gerry, @Shog9, @TravisJ
So far so good
It's got a lot of empty space; I could probably add things to it. We'll see if anybody requests anything.
I am on Jason's ignore? rofl
Are StackApps entries susceptible to be roomba'd?
I'm not sure
Good question
5:46 AM
I think they are. There are no negative, non-answered questions on StackApps before May.
Can't decide if that is good or bad. I guess it's not bad. Nobody seems upset.
Most of working apps/scripts have score more than 0, so they will be exempted. Placeholders, though...
6:01 AM
It's kind of silly that like half the code in that script is just to get the account id.
no review usually implies few usage ...
from my years experience publishing apps
6:43 AM
Q: 2017 - Is the search function ever going to be improved?

TelkittyIf a user knows an answer exists on a StackExchange site and wants to search for it using the function provided by the site, current search functionality is not allowing the user to do that well. For example: this is question/answer page I want to find: But these are the results returned:

Left a comment
Left an image
7:14 AM
7:54 AM
@Telkitty thanks! Actually those feathers look perfect for a pillow... :P
@Elephant black heart?
6 hours later…
Someone put BigQuery to a good use.
Private beta decision on BioInformatics is coming soon...
quick hax implies close source
> Bioinformatics StackExchange is less crappy than Biostars, but still crappy enough -- Paulo Nuin at 7:06 AM - 3 Jun 2017
Oh so it did end up in beta
May 5 at 15:06, by Jason C
And then we've got weeks of copying content directly from biostars to look forward to and pretending that that's helping the internet.
2:25 PM
> 75% of the participants did not know that content on Stack Overflow is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 and 67% did not know that attribution is required.
I'm seeing biostars and thinking the taiwanese third tier motherboard brand
(That is, of those whose GH repo had code from SO)
An SO post is much like a repo, with the creating user deciding the license, and editors having to consent to it if they add their contribution. So... add a check mark / dropdown to Ask Question / Post Answer forms?
> Is there a laundry stack exchange, or some ultimate laundry guide or wiki on the web? -- Daniel Tsou at 1:24 AM - 3 Jun 2017
2:31 PM
Sadly, Housework is stuck at 126 commits
I think I'm having a trouble with the auto-scroll on new message after having Topbar userscript, but I'm still not sure. Like, there's a little gap.. or something.
^ Just ignore this first.
> I mean to lunch all process at the same time
3:01 PM
it isn't fair - to constantly poke fun at a user who isn't in your top 100 most active user list
3:16 PM
Top 10 countries by http requests to SO;
That's it... I'm moving to NULL.
dev/null seems a good country.
void == null == nil?
3:39 PM
So @Jon your office is being closed tomorrow?
Sunday? Probably.
^ Shog's breakfast today
Tha only things I can recognize and name here are the fork and the plate.
> This is my first question here. So I'll try to be short and to the point.
3:45 PM
Failed already...
@JourneymanGeek Lol.
I get that too sometimes
a blank section on the screen
3:52 PM
perhaps not because of your userscript though, I'll try on incognito with only your userscript now
never had that as far as I remember
@Gerry the white stuff looks like whipped/(beaten?) egg-white
pavlova with custard and ... that looks like ham but it wouldn't be right
4:25 PM
Chat themed; still needs tweaks.
5:24 PM
Lol, awesome reply.
Any Safari support? — haykam Jul 30 '16 at 20:56
Has SE / chat been randomly really slow loading / connecting for anybody, or is that just me?
sorry, not being active on SE/chat right now, can't help :/
@JasonC loads ok for me
5:43 PM
@JasonC no problem with connection
6:21 PM
Why is TagName declared nvarchar(35) in SEDE, if the sites limit tag names to 25?
Of possible interest: top tag for each site
Wow. I want to punch whoever thought this made sense:
And then it prevents you from pasting. No override. Does anybody know how to paste stuff in Firefox?
@JasonC Did you type "allow pasting"?
Q: How to disable paste protection in Mozilla Firefox Developer Console?

Markus StenqvistI have noticed that in recent versions of Mozilla Firefox there is a super, super annoying bug that disables pastes into the developer console. This has to be the single worst idea ever. However, I have tried to allow it by typing in the text that it wants me to but I can still not paste in stuf...

Dec 24 '16 at 19:05, by bjb568
@zaq Next, AArdvarky AArdvark.
6:36 PM
bjb got it halfway right, next Ubuntu is Artful Aardvark
although there has been no blog post from Mark.
@ɥʇǝS we just confirmed @JasonC can't read? O_o
Oh weird
How did I not notice that. I think I was blinded by rage.
A few minutes later, bjb posted another prophetic message:
Dec 24 '16 at 19:30, by bjb568
Hyperdev is gomix now. How lame.
6:43 PM
The name was recognized as lame and changed to Glitch.
So I've got this userscript
And in Firefox whenever it encounters the jquery $ it just... stops. Even if ($ === undefined) console.log('test') else console.log('blah') just dies.
No errors. No output. Nothing. The script just silently ends at the first $. Anybody seen this behavior?
7:12 PM
@Jason did "@jason-c" ping you??
(or did you see the comment by chance?)
I just saw the comment, it did not ping me.
@JasonC if greasemonkey maybe this old answer is still relevant?
A: jQuery in Greasemonkey 1.0 conflicts with websites using jQuery

Brock AdamsGreasemonkey 1.0, radically changed the way the sandbox works, busting thousands of scripts. This is a huge problem, and I hope you will join me in voicing your opinion/experiences on the principle bug report for this issue. The Greasemonkey blog claims that you can workaround the issue with the...

(and SE does use jQuery so it fits)
I read that. Didn't seem to be the case, but then I found stackoverflow.com/a/4261831/616460 which mostly sorted out the problem.
Except now I'm getting mysterious errors with incomplete stacktraces, and some of my event handlers aren't being called.
And TIL Firefox's debugger sucks compared to Chrome's.
So.... use Chrome, not Firefox.
(and add a notice saying this doesn't work in Firefox, if you make the code public.)
Well I can't really debug Firefox problems on Chrome.
I've already got that notice. Now, I'd like to make it work in Firefox.
7:18 PM
@JasonC so... don't.
@Jason I hope your turbo activity recently here does not mean you stopped working on your IRL project?
I mean... you doubled your rep from 7k to 14k in three months... and done tons of SEDE stuff... and more.
heh it looks a bit like a leaf.
8:19 PM
@ShadowWizard Had to give up, at least for now. I really tried.
8:53 PM
Wonder who thought that "badges per minute" was important enough information that API should return it for every site.
@Gerry BPM, sounds important
@JasonC sorry to hear. Any other project in the horizon?
I think Jason means he gave up on Firefox, not on projects or life in general.
@Gerry oh, whoops. lol
He had that cool LED project, that's what I meant.
@Jason won't give up on life so easily!
It didn't specify how it needed to slide ...
A: What are the key differences between software engineers and programmers?

JerSoftware engineers are people who work at companies that call the people who write software for them "software engineers." Programmers are people who work at companies that call the people who write software for them "programmers." There are also developers, or software developers. They are pe...

But apparently there is a big difference between Programmers.SE and SoftwareEngineering.SE
Maybe as a software engineer you can earn twice as much as a programmer?
It makes sense to up scale or up market the name of your site or whatever those marketing peeps dreamed up.
9:50 PM
I'm going to include some tag excerpts in my blog post. How to attribute them correctly? There is no author.
I'll include a link to the tag, of course.
Well, I don't suppose I have to give the tag excerpt contributors more credit than SE does.
maybe a list of the editors from the revision history?
@Gerry That's a good question for MSE, actually.
Especially as the TOS regarding multiple / unclear authorship has been a mild topic lately.
I'm talking about top tags, where revision history can look like stackoverflow.com/posts/3624960/revisions
10:01 PM
Most of the editors have not a word of their own present in the final/current version. Some only deleted stuff.
Part of the reason I'm somehow lacking outrage over copying sentences from Wikipedia into tag excerpts. Plagiarism is claiming authorship of someone else's work. But nobody is really being recognized as an author of an excerpt.
How much credit should Jon get for changing Javascript to JavaScript?
That's it; I'm linking to tags/tagname/info, leaving to anyone interested to click on excerpt history link there.
10:19 PM
@Gerry Not much. My change was plagiarizism.
Ah, you copied "JavaScript" from Wikipedia or somewhere else....
@JonEricson is the hero Stack Overflow needs but not the one is deserves. — Mike C Oct 7 '16 at 16:26
Who would be the one it deserves?
@Gerry My vote goes for this guy ^^^. (The accordion player, not the green monster.)
10:41 PM
Its sunday morning. Its the one day I can sleep in now. Guess what? I'm up at 6.30
> Q&A for movie and tv enthusiasts (the description seen at stackexchange.com/sites#lifearts-questions). Y NO CAPS?
I don't think titlecase is in use anywhere
But TV?
> Questions regarding large spheres of plasma undergoing fusion.
^ my favorite excerpt so far
10:52 PM
> The practice of martial arts. How, what, where, when, why.
Posted: Most popular topics of Stack Exchange sites. 'tis the season for filler posts.
Useless FAQ

Proposed Q&A site for users who have questions without practical applications. For example: Why dogs are singing with music? Is there a religion with exactly two gods? Why vodka is always bottled in transparent glass?

Currently in definition.


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