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12:30 AM
12:45 AM
Aha, Joe Friend is the PM for Q&A... He should post something, to avoid managing a product one never uses...
1:05 AM
if I didn't know that you are bot, I would have thought your monologue was a result of your autism
and you remind me of this cat
2:06 AM
@Shog9 Similar... but less about taking a particular action and more about allowing someone to qualify the thing(s) wrong with a post and let the system worry about how to handle that. Just streamlining the process and abstracting away some of the stuff the user shouldn't have to worry about.
2:48 AM
I really don't understand why you posted this @Shog. Just.... change this back to text and be done with it. Why wait for users feedback 6-8 weeks/months/years now?? Of course you won't get 100% users saying "YES CHANGE IT BACK", but as you said yourself, changing this to fancy icon was a mistake. Just correct the mistake and all will be good again. — Shadow Wizard yesterday
At the risk of stating the obvious, Shog is not everybody's boss at SE, @Shadow
It may well be that someone needs to be convinced, and isn't sufficiently convinced by a Hangout meeting or a Google doc.
sometimes raise your concern over the phone is not enough, to show your seriousness or sincerity, you need to drop in the office, meet them face to face and raise your concern
effort is often appreciated when humans are concerned but not when the physical world is concerned - because Newton's Laws of Motion will not alter just because you put in more effort
2:57 AM
Having a multi-site NAA detector is an exercise in comparative analysis of sites. "What kind of an answer is this, I'd better go there and VTC the question, too"... "ah, it's on Data Science, never mind".
3:10 AM
Real-time student anxiety inducer: twitter.com/AP_Trevor
> 1 student, out of 133,000 worldwide, earned all 108/108 points possible on this year’s AP Calculus BC Exam. -- Trevor Packer at 5:03 PM - 21 Jun 2017
But when over 40% get the score of 5, the highest mark... :/
... it looks like they need more granularity at the top.
And all the diff.eq stuff should be removed from calculus, AP and otherwise. There's a time and place for them, and it's not two class periods on memorizing two recipes.
3:36 AM
Hot water circulation

Proposed Q&A site for discuss technology related to hot water circulation, hot water circulating pumps, hot water recirculation and making hot water convenient and more efficient.

Currently in definition.

Some like it hot
Oddly enough, this proposal is not on the hot tab of Area 51.
Meanwhile, Interpersonal Skills is at 97%. Come on... just merge it, Workplace, Parenting and Academia into one "How to be a human" site...
3:54 AM
@Guero How I learned it was actually fairly in-depth, we spent like two weeks on it. SISST, it was. [S]eparate the variables, [I]ntegrate both sides, [S]olve for the dependent variable, [S]olve for the constant of integration for a particular solution, [T]hink about the domain of validity.
So... how did you write down the general solution of dy/dx = 1/x ?
I dunno about granularity at the top, it'd just make things more competitive for being fast and accurate at very specific types of problems rather than being able to get the highest score just with a good understanding of the concepts.
@Guero not sure acedemia counts as human
Especially maths professors, right - lemme say it out for you
Not sure if a typo or an attempt at "acid-emia"
3:58 AM
@Guero Should be log|x| + c
@bjb568 But f(x) = {log(-x)+3 when x<0; log(x)+42 when x>0} is equally valid as a solution
I guess that's where the think would happen.
If AP was mean enough to give that as an FRQ, they'd probably also have students graph it (which we also learn how to do, along with calculate extrema and asymptotes) so they could figure it out.
Must say maths teachers are the easiest to be subbed by bots - coz maths is all rule based & has little to do with real world
This is more than nit picking... back in the days, Johann Bernoulli convinced himself (and possibly other people) that Log(x), defined as an antiderivative of 1/x (in the complex plane), would have to be an even function. Took a while until someone (Euler ?) sorted things out. Log(-1) is definitely not 0...
so allowing different constants for x<0 and x>0 is something we have to do if we are to ever have a sensible logarithm in the complex plane.
4:10 AM
Log to the base e
Yes, it was Bernoulli and Leibniz arguing, and Euler sorting them out later. pages 5+ of this file describe their exchange.
Derivatives are the rate of change. Log is growing at rate inverse proportional to the current number (with constant multiplier). Thus log(const) * 1/x
When an interface change is good for Jobs product but bad for Q&A moderation... who is likely to win?
6:40 AM
10 messages moved to Chimney
7:03 AM
second or third time I'm reviewing edits on tag wiki's I created: meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/51471 I obviously suck at quality.
Had an Oops on SO when opening this NAA. Resolved itself with a reload.
7:20 AM
Is there really a difference between for example and such things as as suggested here
(I'm not a native speaker though, it just feels ungrammatical without a comma before "for example")
hmm, yeah. I'm not even bothered with comma's and stuff
7:40 AM
I got headache thinking about that suggested edit lol
3 hours later…
10:13 AM
@Guero but he's acting as the Voice of the Management, attends all the important meeting, and in there represents us, the community members. e.g. "Hey Shog, what the community thinks of the new top bar?" so he can say "You need to change that review icon to text so that people will review again". That's what I meant, that he doesn't need confirmation from us.
(and was too lazy to write all of this in the comment.)
@rene single week?? That's... that's... that's 6-8 impossibles. :D
10:28 AM
I'm hesitant to flag that as spam but all that user's questions look like the same issue and all of them are self-answered and all of them link heavily to their site
Well, usually it happens if they're currently building their own website...
the one answer which isn't downvoted looks to me like it should be
A: Колтрекинг MANGO-OFFICE как сделать номер на сайте кликабельным

Mango OfficeДля такой подмены в разделе "Коллтрекинг" в Личном кабинете MANGO-OFFICE добавлен специальный переключатель в окне <код виджета>: Если включить данный переключатель, и обновить после этого код колтрекинга на Вашем сайте (код нужно снова скопировать из окна "Код для сайта"), то номер колтрекин...

(are one-boxes tolerated here?)
I'm an RO here since a couple of days, so ... I have not yet brought in all my rules ...
I think one=box is okay here. Some has their own policy not to post sensitive things (e.g. rude/abusive/explicit spam), but otherwise.. we're lax about that
Don't be surprised if I screw up one day and move the one=box to the trashbin without warning ....
10:35 AM
^ abusive RO
inb4 blame Jason's userscript :p
@Bart I'm sure you'll be the first to click the Contact Us link ... ;)
Did so preemptively
@tripleee maybe @Guero can have a look and advice?
@tripleee as long as they don't expose offensive stuff, yeah.
@Elephant isn't @Jason script meant just to delete?
10:40 AM
@ShadowWizard only SD reports
@ShadowWizard this one, but apparently only supports prefix, not whole pattern
but the username can be changed, so...
1 hour later…
12:12 PM
Good user icon, you can stay.
Hmm, trying to look at old chat transcripts results in too many redirects?
Ooh, entire chat is doing that
already too late, but
Chat HTTPS redirects did not go well. Rolling back now and investigating.
I got locked out since I reload the chat room =/
12:28 PM
Chat HTTPS redirects did not go well. Rolling back now and investigating.
Myeah, expected as much
And btw, welcome back @cazc_941. Long time no see
Long time no @Gnome you mean :D
Radical change, I must say.
Like @Bart will become @Peter.
If anything I'll become Cody Gray
12:38 PM
Ah, so he's Gnome. That's why the sudden "Today's listening" reminded me of someone.
What the point of git blame if it doesn't allow me to assign blame to someone other than me?
@Elephant well, he's not the only one!
Jan 3 '14 at 19:12, by jadarnel27
Today's listening (what? ElfSlice hasn't been around today)
@jadarnel27 hey! @ElfSlice is back! And Listening again! ;)
That time when the pixelated face, the cat, the duck, and the owl were here...
12:46 PM
Brown times
Now it's the Era of the Blue
That makes me sad
@Oded but... you're Blue! ;)
בית המשפט: דייל לא יוכל לבקש מנוסעת לעבור ממקומה רק כי היא אשה http://www.themarker.com/consumer/tourism/1.4193365?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=haaretz
That makes me happy
(so now she won! :))
Nice :D
12:59 PM
@Guero gone
The author of that question got +1 from me just for using loose and lose correctly.
Yeah, loose weight it terrible.
And so is (to) lose skin of course.
11 messages moved to Chimney
1:21 PM
@ShadowWizard Blasphemy.
1:37 PM
The Solstice... perhaps not the greatest music video or a song, but I remember their bass guitarist as a calculus student...
@Elephant I'll add regex support eventually.
Would be useful for smokey too because both !!/ and sd are command prefixes.
1:52 PM
@JasonC 6 to 8 weeks?
@jadarnel27 so come back and make the Tavern great brown again!
I don't know if I have the hair for that...
@jadarnel27 your hair is still brown. 6-8 years until it turns gray and white. Do it!
2:08 PM
You can leave the Tavern, but the Tavern never leaves you.
@ShadowWizard or he goes bald
@Bart is back on track, producing pearls of wisdom! :P
@JourneymanGeek so he got Stephen if that happens.
You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!
Don't think that hair is going away any time soon ^
Brown hair.... forever! :D
@Telkitty You can check-in any time you like, But you can never enter!
2:12 PM
Which one of you is the evil twin?
The one with the beard
@Elephant You can Enter any time you like, but you can never Backspace!
@JourneymanGeek @jad got half beard, so he's half evil?
So for example, if he needs to kill two people to get something, he'll kill only one and spare the second? Nice! :D
2:15 PM
Nah, he'll kill both half.
Half kill both?
That's also an option, e.g. chopping their legs/hands off.
Just a fleshwound
But think we're on the wrong track. Real question is: who is the browner twin?
That answer should be obvious... =P
@ShadowWizard That other half eventually grew back.
It's a bit more gray now.
Although I guess it's kind of sepia in the picture.
@jadarnel27 good! You're whole again. :D
Heh, now that's a site with actual moderation, unlike other sites where suggested edits can take weeks and months to be reviewed. Kudos!
2:45 PM
@ShadowWizard I'll notify my therapist!
If you don't hear from me after today, I may have molten. Holy frick
TIL, glasses molt
of course. Then they leave their shells out.
@Bart chickens molt, do you go through the same process?
Molten glass(es)
1 hour later…
4:02 PM
Yes it's me
I'm done with my usual haunts for a while
Communities change I guess
4:18 PM
for the better?
2 hours later…
6:29 PM
Secure the cows, the slaughter is beginning.
I have the first of many college interviews this year coming up in 15m o_0
7:22 PM
5 messages moved to Chimney
@bjb568 I guess you're now in the middle of that but best of luck.
7:46 PM
What is going on here? Is someone just confused or did they find a way to post while banned?
8:15 PM
@AdamLear - Steps to reproduce: Click questions button. Wait for page load. Select 50. Wait for ajax. Click questions button. Wait for page load. Click the active tab, set goes back to 15.
@AdamLear - It seems that the tabs perhaps default to 15 instead of looking at the stored value unless the page was loaded with ajax. Unsure though of the why.
waves hello to @jadarnel
@TravisJ It stays at 50 for me
@rene without looking, I'd say they're probably auto-merged.
hmm. if I create a new tab, that starts at 15
but then if I switch that one to 50, that persists fine
Odd. It goes back to 15 every time I do that.
8:22 PM
Maybe upgrade to IE11 and then try again.
very funny
Using Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110
@TravisJ for what is worth, I repro-ed that.
waves back at @JeremyBanks, with enthusiasm
8:39 PM
rides waves
9:16 PM
@AdamLear Did you make sure to click the questions link to reload the page prior to switching tabs? It will persist for me if I just switch tabs after selecting 50, but once I load the questions page and then switch tabs, that is when it always returns to 15.
No, I haven't. Lemme try that.
@rene Eh. I don't think so.
Also my new username is just a license plate I saw last week
Just different I guess
2 hours later…
11:13 PM
@rene It was alright, pretty casual.
I’m at a hotel now and it’s become pretty hard to connect to wifi now that SE’s on https.

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