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12:56 AM
@JasonC 0_0
@JasonC perfect opportunity to try the rice thing?
@JourneymanGeek I had it in rice for three days but it was toast
The nice thing about starting work early is no one's really in for the first two hours. The bad thing is the first two hours lull you into a sense of complacency, and people sometimes forget you started work earlier than them.
1:42 AM
Three SE sites have Comments/Answers ratio over 5: Skeptics, Hinduism, and Politics. (Excluding metas).
oddly, not surprised.
1:58 AM
1 and 3 are predictable, but why does Hinduism generate more comments than other religions?
Well, in a sense, there's a lot of differing philosophies and cultures under the umbrella of hinduism
and different ways of seeing things
2:11 AM
@ShreevatsaR We're not refusing to fix anything, we just haven't had the time to get to this. My team is responsible for many things and this is one of a sea of them. I also get pinged at a minimum of dozens of times a day across the network and chat...I don't get to every message (there aren't enough hours in the day). I'm really glad the community is stepping up here, but I'd be lying if I said I'll have time to assist in the near future. There's a lot in progress and all of it higher priority - that's the no-BS status of things at the moment. — Nick Craver ♦ yesterday
The absence of BS is refreshing, but saying that everything else is higher priority than this issue... is harsh.
Nobody on TeX Meta discussed the possibility of a userscript that would make the necessary replacements with a single click.
Oh well. It looks like they got most of them fixed by now.
2:27 AM
I run a server, managing 7 apps (ios & android), 2 houses and helps to manage another 3
and yet, I still have time for drone, chicken and you guys
and a company on top of that, albeit the company is as small as my tiny house ... not the point
full of holes, everything in my life is full of holes!!!
everything needs fixing
Review auto-comments should be one-flag deletable. (Better yet, age away.)
2:55 AM
TIL copy-pasting a CSV file into Google Sheets (followed by "Data / split text to columns") is a lot faster than importing the file with File -> Import -> Upload -> Where from -> choose how...
3:06 AM
newb tips
3:39 AM
4:16 AM
5:01 AM
5:21 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 mins ago, by humn
Is there somewhere else to steam? Show me out the door if not.
i recommended here :)
I sometimes try to delete comments and chats regretted. My own!
I'm a compulsive editor.
Is there no help?
@humn it's still not clear what your problem is. You want to undelete a comment of your own?
I want to delete some. Too late, seems. Perhaps that's how this display works.
@humn is that what that flag was for?
5:25 AM
maybe show us an example of a problematic one
@humn you flagged your own comment?
the date stamp on each comment is a hyperlink you can copy/paste
You've got worse problems, i get it.
@humn I'm actually trying to help you
I just want the ability to touch up a sentence or two after a minute or two. Small potatoes.
5:26 AM
or is this a terminology problem? On Stack Exchange sites, "comments" refer to remarks we leave on posts, like this one:parenting.stackexchange.com/questions/4367/…
whereas I'm guessing maybe you want to edit a chat message which is more than 2 minutes old
I think s/he means comments in a chat room
Right. My actual posts are as edited as necessary.
no real remedy for that, once a chat message is more than two minutes old, only a moderator can do anything
So I whine.
Thanks for understanding. (That's sincere! I really appreciate the chance to pule.)
maybe upvote this one
Q: Allow owner of message to delete them in chat

Myles GrayI have been using chat quite a lot recently and when posting some code blocks I sometimes get them wrong and it has gone past the threshold to edit it and I try to delete it but all I can do is flag it for a moderator. This in my opinion is very counter productive and annoying for the moderator...

not exactly what you are asking but I'm guessing there is one for editing as well
being able to delete and then resubmit is a clumsy but workable workaround
5:29 AM
Considering chat is an (almost) real-time, editing it in 2 minutes is already a privilege
@humn s'ok
Oh, the number of comments I've deleted and retyped to the confusion of their recipients.
thank god there's a 2 min time limit :)
Yeah, I guess it's better to think longer before posting. (same goes to everyone including me)
and speaking
5:32 AM
same for me too
don't you just love it when we're all chatting, but ignoring the elephant in the room :D
(... ready? ... thinking of what to type ...)
Thank you for letting on. Just want to edit every last keystroke.
ignoring elephant in the room
5:35 AM
(assuming that references something beyond my screen scroll)
@humn erm there's a user in here called Elephant
@YvetteColomb maybe they have a really limited screen scroll
@tripleee is there such a thing? Like a one inch wide screen?
Now I'm scrolling on the floor
@humn now that is confusing
5:38 AM
@YvetteColomb Apple watch?
@tripleee I was going to say that!!! lol
seriously, web designers who assume everyone uses their browser full screen should be lined up against the wall and aimed at with a ... blunt pointing device
That's what I was standing up against in another room!
Coders are people too.
Then I got potty-mouthed and tried to delete a message or two after a moment's reflection or two.
I didn't see anything bad
High standards! Very reassuring.
Thank you for diverting me here, Yvette.
5:47 AM
Guess that's all for now. Tantrum over. This is one of the most permissive media.
Keep calm and have a drink :)
@Elephant you are the the elephant in the room! 🐘
@Telkitty Thanks, kitty 😺
Now couldn't resist: I smell a rat.
When lucky.
(another strip to edit)
... now off again to smell awful elsewhere ...
6:02 AM
When a rat, cats, dogs, bears, lions and elephants are in the same room...
6:57 AM
sigh being on the receiving end of Mjölnir sucks.
if it's not a learning experience, maybe the hammering should be contested? I often hope for receiving users to go "duh, of course"
but probably the duplicate target is often too obscurely laid out to achieve that effect, at least immediately
Well it was pretty much an exact duplicate of the hammered question, with a minor variation on Code Golf. Not really worth contesting IMO. I was just annoyed that the question didn't show up in the similar question box at the top of the page.
yeah, that's certainly miffing
Especially when the time between hitting post question, and Mjölnir was about 15 seconds
lol. I'm told the similar questions box works better than search for dupes ._.
but if its within 15 seconds, clearly someone remembered the other one
7:21 AM
@Elephant you forgot a comma!!!11!!!
@JamesENL why? It's so fun.... :D
@humn who said rats smell awful? ;)
7:38 AM
looks like spam to me ^
8:04 AM
@JasonC Can't you do that in your own time?
@ShadowWizard gone already, OP deleted
@rene surprise! But spam also self deleted, which is bad, spammer can undelete it any time. :(
...and I can't flag it due to the pending spam flag. :/
bug report on the way! (6-8 hours)
8:28 AM
@ShadowWizard maybe he's learnt the error of his ways and the futility of spamming on SE....
@JourneymanGeek rofl! lmao! lol! hehehe!
@ShadowWizard , I should be so lucky
Now, everyone, back to making this place dull!
(rt in humn's clothng)
(and still desperately seeking and edit stroke)
we usually act dull in front of newbies
once you are gone, we shall start acting normal again
I tried to go.
(Too many ways to finish that sentence to even try.)
Now I'm trying to leave.
Should just split.
But found a place that loves to play with language.
Up there, somewhere, a double entendree from someone called tripleee! What could be better?
Stop me before editing again.
@humn me again when it's time to play along or pack up the marbles.
9:05 AM
@humn triple entendreee?
Thank youuuuu
I surface for chum. And other delights.
And write for effect.
(And want to edit every last line as if it were the last.)
Is this the echo room of the gods or of the feathers?
Perhaps someone led me into this canyon just to box me out.
(please let me edit, not just dribble on, it can get better)
9:26 AM
@ShadowWizard spammer destroyed. Can't undelete that post.
(More fun wordplay, to be unable to undelete something unregretted. Nice.)
(as a medical editor i wwwwwwwwworry for such a cutie, as an editor i stroke keys)
@Oded I know what you're thinking ;)
really wanna press that little button to nuke that chat spammer into the moon orbit, don't you?
9:36 AM
Let that be a joke!
stop me before i medical-edit again.
I can't find a picture of height challenged unicorn
It might be called a narwhal.
9:42 AM
What'll happen next? That's a great graphic!
I know right ... :x
@Telkitty let me guess, the fish turns around, and...
(laughter safely out of reach of a safety net)
(or a sanitorium net)
(give me a butterfly net, or internet)
(Or fishnets! On a kinky day.)
I should go back to Literature SE but this room really attracted my nuisance.
All from a moment of noisance.
Can't disagree with that.
2 hours later…
11:28 AM
@Oded cheers!
12:13 PM
It somehow happened that Buddhism site was launched (as private beta) on June 17, Hinduism on June 18, and Islam on June 19.
@Guero nobody went for the "Yeah, that's not scientifically proven. That's bullshit." ... great
@Bart the comment almost did that. And I might re-emphasize that comment once more.
Just post a link to it on Skeptics, and let them battle it out. :p
12:58 PM
Whether the thing is possible is not really on topic on the religion site, so I think it makes sense to have the question answered as "if this kind of thing were possible, would it be ok".
With that argument, I could ask for Unicorn recipes on Cooking SE. But hey, I don't participate on such sites, so let them deal with it in whatever way they like.
anyway, I decided not too~
Recipe requests are off-topic on Cooking.
@Bart faith is good for herding
but the herded don't need to know that
1:05 PM
humans are in super herds
The followers of the Tabs religion appear to be discriminated against.
I have written 10 spaces in this sentence & no tabs
Is it even possible to use tabs in SO posts? All I get is the editor losing focus.
I am a proud member of the church of Torbjörn, and encounter discrimination on a regular basis.
> Monday morning favorite activities: 1. Enabling HTTPS redirects for our chat. 2. Deploying Content-Security-Policy headers. 3. Poking bears. -- Nick Craver at 6:03 AM - 19 Jun 2017
1:10 PM
SO written in MS .net of course it has tab order
I'm hindu. I mostly avoid the hinduism site ._.
@Guero How nu r u? Text field is only an item on the screen, you can use tabs to traversing through controls
the things you have uttered today could win you a medallion for newbie in technology
uhh... read again. you may got boomerang'ed
(wait, was I trolled?)
1:30 PM
Poor developers. Better offset that trough with Ballmer peak.
Is it possible that "non-dev folks" also have to concentrate on something when they work? Hmm.
fake scientific graph
1:49 PM
Now I forgot why.
Perhaps you'd care for a W instead?
do people agree with the comments on this post: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/297349/… ?
@Guero sexy graph
the real question you should be asking is ... why spell it 'why' but not 'y'
Y the L? Guess I didn't completely get the messg.
@PeterDavidCarter I'm not quite sure what you're after there.
1:55 PM
? the F? (trying to amuse)
(failed many times before, nothing new)
@PeterDavidCarter yup, fair comments.
@PeterDavidCarter you misspelled Jon Skeet's name. That's considered a capital offense here.
Necessity is the mother of invention
who the heck is father then?
Only necessity knows
2:02 PM
@PeterDavidCarter you also seem to be confusing the function of moderators. Flagging them for an authoritative answer isn't going to achieve anything.
If necessity is a mother, who the _____________ is the father?
Couldn't resist.
Answer (please ^vote): Strange bedfellows.
Like politics.
A: Is it OK to flag my own question because I want someone to answer it?

BoltClockNo, please do not use moderator flags for this reason. Doing so is a sure-fire way to get yourself into trouble with the very people who will see your flag. Why not to do this Moderators are people who deal with problems in the community, such as inappropriate posts (as you've correctly pointed...

2:23 PM
@Telkitty Kevin Spacey
Father of Invention is a 2010 American comedy-drama film directed by Trent Cooper, and stars Kevin Spacey, Camilla Belle and Johnny Knoxville. == Synopsis == Robert Axle, a New Orleans-based infomercial guru, loses it all when one of his inventions maims thousands of customers. After eight years in a maximum-security prison, Axle is ready to redeem his name and rebuild his billion-dollar empire. But first he must convince his estranged daughter to let him live with her and her quirky, over-protective roommates. == Cast == Kevin Spacey as Robert Axle Virginia Madsen as Lorraine John Stam...
2:36 PM
Did I step on a deep mud...
Commenting on a... bit controversial MSE post about study on voting behavior.
@Elephant huh, found it.
dragging @Elephant into the mud
I go with "If you don't understand it, don't take part in it".
I've decided that will be my last comment on that post.
I think this is a very interesting idea and subject that has somehow gone way off somewhere it doesn't need to be and I can't quite figure out where or why... — Cai 7 mins ago
@Guero they are preserved only if using code formatting.
@Elephant ask @Bart. It rarely works. ;)
It's like a diet: "That's the last day I eat chocolate. No more chocolate starting tomorrow!"
@Elephant wait, that's not your comment!
Unless you're a sock of @Cai? :D
@Telkitty yours?
2:59 PM
I wish, but I am not a pig farmer :p
@Elephant are you two related?
@Derpy lolwut
I seem to recognize the elephant on the right.
I only heard about flying pigs
@Telkitty how much does a pig cost? I guess mud is free, just put water on the soil.... :D
3:03 PM
@Telkitty ^ wish granted.
@ShadowWizard according to gumtree $80-@200 a head
@Derpy that's better IMO
@Telkitty whoa... that's a lot.
so cute :p
5:25 PM
Apparently Full Address, Full Name, Date of Birth, and sensitive voting info of 198 million american voters was leaked on an unsecured amazon cloud server
5:50 PM
8 messages moved to Chimney
@Magisch holy carp
@Bart My first instinct was "No fucking way" but apparently it's legit
I admit it is much easier to simply put all your data in the wide open instead of Facebook or Google carefully constructing an profile of you ...
6:10 PM
Now I know why the republicans aren't worried about Russian hacks. They just leak it themselves.
@bluefeet my first reaction
It was unsecured on the server by nothing but a sub domain for 6 months
someone is bound to have it
I think the republicans should now offer a program to all those involved to change identity ...
At their expense ...
@rene How do you change the identity of over 95% of registered voters in the US?
6:28 PM
I dunno but I assume the smart minds behind this data and its leak will figure something out.
At least they have a leader now that both has the money and the power.
6:57 PM
3 messages moved to Chimney
7:17 PM
> Thanks ahead
@Guero not sure if we had seen that ^ already ...
@rene hi
I need help, and I'm not sure if I need a moderator to do this or not, so I'm just going to ask one of you
Can anyone of you see how close I am to getting out of a question ban?
No, we can't nor can moderators I think.
I saw a quesiton about why do I have a question ban
and some guy said you're close
or something like that
I have 460 rep and I got banned at like 11
7:44 PM
You're allowed one question every 6 months then. Make sure that question is awesome.
Or go find your best question and edit it to make it better. I recommend adding a descriptive title.
8:04 PM
Hmm, that got resolved quickly ... maybe it was caching?
someone just voted all my questions, some up some down
Was it you @rene @Shog9
That's weird
It all happened 35 minutes ago
@rene there's a delay between the end of a suspension and the scheduled task that actually lifts the suspension. Also looks like Oded got in there & kicked it.
That makes sense. The task and Oded kicking things
8:15 PM
@Shog9 Can you see how close I am to getting un question banned?
I was banned when I was new, but since then I have gotten tons of positive rep, and answered tons of questions
And, it's been 9 months and I still haven't been able to ask another question.
29 mins ago, by Shog9
Or go find your best question and edit it to make it better. I recommend adding a descriptive title.
@NoahCristino do that ^^^
you have titles like, "Python file server" and "Strange Python Glitch" - those aren't very descriptive.
I'll edit them
I found out the error
wasn't related to the server
so should I delete?
@NoahCristino Self-answering can be good.
8:19 PM
The client was just printing data[:6]
I don't have the client code anymore though
Will I lose the upvote rep?
Q: When deleting own question, do I lose reputation points?

Dave SIf someone posts a question and then decides to withdraw/delete it, do they suffer a reputation penalty? Note the following message: Delete this answered question? We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge. Repea...

@Andy I need one more upvote :( Can you help me out ;) stackoverflow.com/questions/40030188/python-file-server
Please don't beg for upvotes.
8:31 PM
Also, fix the title like Shog suggested
I'm fixing the titles
But I just want to delete that question. Because the error, was actually completely unrealted to the code that I shared.
@rene I'm not begging, I'm politely asking ;)
Don't see the difference
I upvoted but now I realized the answer isn't related to the question at all
But, my vote is locked
8:45 PM
The title didn't improve on that question. Once your post is Mortensen'd I would leave it alone.
Ah, we made that a verb now? I missed the memo.
@NoahCristino you have to wait for the answer to be edited, that will unlock your vote.
Why would he edit it?
It's been a year
@Andy it might be out on the next batch, in 6 to 8 weeks. You'll get it, just pretend from now on you read the memo.
@NoahCristino maybe because you commented ...
8:49 PM
@NoahCristino need it for..... ?
@ShadowWizard ?
If you were at 1995 rep I would understand, but you're not...
@NoahCristino why do you need "one more upvote"?
To delete the question
since if you have 3 upvotes you won't lose rep
@NoahCristino but you can't delete it anyway
It got upvoted answer.
@ShadowWizard But it's a terrible question
No one answered
8:52 PM
@ShadowWizard I think he means this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/40030188/python-file-server
@NoahCristino it got upvotes, and answer with upvotes, so it can't be really that terrible. :)
Q: Python file server

Noah CristinoI followed a tutorial to make this, and I'm trying to add an ls command so you can see the files to download. The code works, and all the prints return the right things, but the client only shows six letters of one of the files. Server: import socket import threading import os def RetrFile(name...

@ShadowWizard You looked at the wrong question
Maybe terrible for you, but others find it useful. Let it be.
@NoahCristino oh. Still, 2 upvotes means 2 people thought it's useful. Why delete it?
Idk why they upvoted
If you really want you can delete, and lose just 10 rep.
8:53 PM
The issue was unrelated to the question
@Andy verb is new, but that guy is famous for long time.... ;)
Feb 11 '11 at 14:05, by Yi Jiang
(Yeah, picky, but if you don't, Mortensen will come after you ;)
@NoahCristino well, if you can explain the real issue maybe self answer is due?
But, I don't have the code where the issue was in
the issue was in the client and I posted the server code
@NoahCristino well, your call... personally I'll just leave it be. No harm done there.
Ok, I'll just leave it
Think I still got some not-so-good questions on SO.
yep. Dunno why downvotes, I suck at C/C++ so can't really tell. Also no real answers, I can delete it (the single upvote on the answer is mine)... but heck, why bother? :)
@Noah wait, you're Q banned on SO???
@NoahCristino you really think Shog will go and serially upvote someone? lol
9:10 PM
Just one question so I can delete

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