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12:46 AM
I like how babaji is a blacklisted phrase
1:23 AM
When someone asks for a citation from an authoritative published reference work, is it cricket if the published citation you provide them with happens to come from a book for which the Library of Congress names you yourself as author? :)
If it is authoritative, why not.
I seem to have gotten away with it.
And yes, it is.
But why LoC specifically, you're either an/the author or not.
Because he would have had to click a little to notice that. :)
And I was trying to hold off as far as I could from revealing the kicker at the end of that sentence. :)
It made the question I just asked longer is all.
1:27 AM
A: Joint distribution in layman's terms

Ken M.Joint distribution is about selling joints (contain marijuana). So if I have 3 joints and distribute two of them, I have distributed two-thirds of my joints. I know you asked to stay away from mathematical equations, but if I have 3 of something and 2 of that thing I give away, I can put the 3 un...

Times like this I wish I couldn't read any German.
@SmokeDetector gone, and I got 6 helpful flags out of this international incident
If two people can't read any language at all, could they effectively communicate using emoji only?
In more practical terms, two people who don't know each other's language.
Imagine all the people, emoji-chatting all over the world...
1:32 AM
That depends what effectively means.
Some communication would be possible.
Edit is not necessary to be 6digit if we add/remove tag?
Tag-only suggested edits are accepted, and are okay in moderation. Not sure they give any rep, however.
Also, any change to the question title is enough for suggestion to go through.
We could try by instituting emoji-only chatroom somewhere... Can't be any worse than CoGro Musings.
1:49 AM
"Question" can be ❔or 🤔. "Downvote" is obviously 👎. Now just need an icon for "jQuery" and we're halfway toward a plausible SO chatroom.
@Gerry 👍
I was thinking more along the lines of 🚽
2:27 AM
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4:02 AM
4:52 AM
@Feeds Foreign accents, too.
5:11 AM
In review posts,which option should I click if I don't know anything about that post?
This link isn't opening ,iam using ipad
5:37 AM
6:24 AM
@Fawad so what's the text?
6:42 AM
@ShadowWizard ࿐
Wut that's actually a link, I will modify and send that link
@ShadowWizard goo.gl/Ufq1Pt
umm... no idea what you tried to do there
oh, a square. Nice!
Thought you meant you want actual text.
So @M.A.R. was right, you found your square.
I don't think some very fancy unicode character that works only on some OS/browser can be considered as "text". @Faw :)
Text, in my view, is a letter in some actual language. (and no, Unicode is not a language.)
@ShadowWizard hmm
well, there is unicode for anything these days, but it's not standard yet.
some will see it, some won't.
It's fancy, and not stable.
So... better not use it "for real", e.g. on sites, just for fun.
2 hours later…
9:05 AM
in Shadow's Den, 18 hours ago, by KennyBOT
~ Where is everybody!?!
9:49 AM
That's rare, SharePoint question in HNQ. /cc @Derpy
10:12 AM
@SmokeDetector fpu
@ShadowWizard Registered answer as false positive and whitelisted user.
So @Elephant will you change your avatar now to match @Gerry's new avatar?
That's a difficult question...
Not really. Yes/No/Maybe
Not now
10:15 AM
Well, searching for inspiration needs time
Or a muse
@ShadowWizard handled
@JNat thanks! Did he post more spam?
10:24 AM
Oh well, better safe than sorry.... :)
I see... a... @Bart .... here?
You're imagining things again
taking blue pill
seeing pink elephants
10:48 AM
I did not know @Elephant is pink
@Bart nobody know how he really looks like, same way we don't know how @Gerry looks like. They hide behind fake names and avatars. :D
@Fawad nah, smaller eyes, longer nose.
@ShadowWizard I feel pity on u
Some people here know at least one of them how they look in real life.
@Fawad indeed. @Bart, @Telkitty, myself... and of course @rene. ;)
2 hours later…
12:45 PM
@ShadowWizard Muffin?
1:10 PM
@Mithrandir attempts to reference human failure "fan" "works" will result in the message being ignored.
@Mithrandir I prefer קרמבו actually
1:26 PM
@ShadowWizard but they melt too easily
@Derpy ?
@Mithrandir so don't put them in oven....... ;)
@ShadowWizard :O What a radical idea!
@Mithrandir no worry, you're not alone. Few are those who can understand what @Derpy really means most of the time. :D
I think that in this specific case, I got it. For @Derpy, cupcake means this:
So trying to refer to this as muffin is a failure.
1:43 PM
@ShadowWizard nope. I am referencing the old habit to mention cupcakes while talking to mlp fans to reference a specific "fan" "work" (surely not fan, and I wouldn't also call it work to avoid offending actual works), hoping to annoy them.
obviously not what @Mithrandir intended, but since I have saw that before on these boards...
2:08 PM
I think I hate my new job ._.
@JourneymanGeek oh my... didn't expect to hear that from you, as you appear to have low expectations.... what went wrong? :/
@ShadowWizard I left work at 9, its a complete cluster**** and I have no clue what my work times or my job title is. I've not gotten a letter of appointment yet...
Its a job I guess
@JourneymanGeek and that's why I said you better sign a contract before starting to actually work... otherwise it's all confusing, unofficial, and prone to tons of mistakes.
But apart of that, what did you actually did there? :)
2:47 PM
hm. Oddly, lots of moving things around, a few setups...
mild horror at the fragile, very important access application...
@JourneymanGeek Sounds like the usual stuff of a small and unorganized company, also fits the very unprofessional way they hire employees.... so the only bad thing is not knowing what hours you should work? And what you should do exactly?
but I'm going to leave at a reasonable time tommorrow.
So just arrive when you want, and do what you're being told, otherwise what you think is correct. :)
eh. I can't put my finger on what exactly I hated.
heh, I see @M.A.R. got into you, you actually use apostrophes now! :D
2:56 PM
Just didn't feel like a great cultural fit. I'll give it a shot, but its not a good first impression
Oh, that its/it's mainly
@JourneymanGeek sorry to hear. What about coffee/food? That's also vital... :)
Non existant
FR: give rep for suggested edits in chat.
leave! now! While you can!
2:58 PM
On the other hand, I actually did get a decent work PC
but really, no coffee?! @Journeyman
@ShadowWizard lol. I'd like to survive my probation as a minimum. Maybe a year or so cause my resume is a bit tatty....
Unless the right thing/a better thing turns up tho ;p
I never expect the workplace to provide those things, as long as they are available for purchase in the vicinity.
there's a fridge with soda in front for a dollar a pop...
@Gerry awesome idea!
3:00 PM
AKA a vending machine?
@Gerry I'm happy to fix them if I noticed.
@Gerry no, an actual glass fronted fridge like you'd find in a convenience store ...
@Gerry dunno, in ALL the places I've been, not just as employee, there is coffee. Somehow, somewhere. Not always a fancy machine, even just a small place where you can boil water and bring your own coffee from home with fellow employees.
there's a ... microwave?
A small kitchen area with some equipment, sure.
I meant the part about providing coffee and food themselves. I prefer to choose such things on my own.
3:02 PM
@Gerry exactly. You have such a thing? @Journeyman
@ShadowWizard there's a tiny one
@Gerry ohh, that's fine, yeah.
and some benches in front since I pack lunch
He has coffee
of course it is
3:04 PM
@JourneymanGeek well, if you can make yourself a coffee that should be fine. :)
So while in good spirit, will you reveal how you helped @Shog two years ago? @Gerry? ;)
Or is this a Top Secret of Stack Exchange? o_O
I hope it was more than one thing.
3:15 PM
Sounds risky. Who knows how much Google knows about my day.
@ShadowWizard emm ...
Shog sounded rather bitter when he said 'He helped me a lot, maybe two years ago. That is all.'
I imagine coming back from work and being greeted by Google Hope reciting the list of my failures.
google hope?
@Gerry hopes Google Home will be kind to him
@Gerry oh well, I'll just ask your Google Home.
@Telkitty I don't think so. Though not sure what's the context of that message or what Shog was replying to...
3:22 PM
> Don't get me started on copy/pasting code. Just don't. -- Tim Post at 7:54 AM - 8 May 2017
Umm... wasn't it SO that made copy/pasting code into an industry?
@Gerry tell that to Tim, see what happens.... ;)
(but wear a strong helmet, he's a good sniper! ;))
@JourneymanGeek Yes. Referring to the expectation that what you said will be parsed correctly.
3:30 PM
@Telkitty nice tree
thinking about @Frank
I think there is a correlation between kangaroos & lacking of good reception.
Last weekend I saw many roos 😂
5:27 PM
@Gerry While the advice there seems generally good, blaming the active community members as "trolls" still shows a serious misconception about what the sites are about.
Key point: None odf the SE sites is meant as a personal helpdesk.
Wrote a comment there ...
6:13 PM
Jess Pardue on May 08, 2017

Welcome to the Stack Overflow podcast #108 recorded Thursday, May 4, 2017 at Stack Overflow HQ in NYC. Today’s podcast is brought to you by peanut butter and Stack Overflow Enterprise. Visit stackoverflowbusiness.com for more details.

In today’s episode:

Joel is back! After a month-long surgery hiatus, Joel is back to talk about how much better the podcast is when he’s gone. There also may be some ranting about hospitals and the Apple Health app.

The right way to pronounce “hummus.” …

@JourneymanGeek I own a convertible version of the knightrider car :)
> Still, it took me some time to add Stack Overflow to my toolbox. It was because I wasn’t yet sure of how to ask the right questions.
7:17 PM
@TravisJ Stack Overflow is a very common tool for almost ever developer nowadays. We need to make clear why it is so useful, and what's the point of keeping it useful for everyone. Despite the blog poster denied t argue further, I wrote another comment there.
I love when engrish meets trying to be hip. The sign on this new sandwich shop says "We don't make the sandwich... we building them."
@JasonC We should propose Burger Building at Area51
Sandwich Engineering
Though I'm missing a gastronomy specialized site at SE. Could be a really great resource for chefs.
I love watching that kinda stuff at TV :-P
7:33 PM
Burger building? Ever made a burger patty from shredded beef? That is good.
7:48 PM
@TravisJ It's more about if you should put the cheese below the patty or above.
In. The cheese goes in the patty.
8:03 PM
Here comes a puzzling election.
@TravisJ That's the turkish style. But you see there are things to discuss seriously ;-)
@Feeds Or conversely, if someone at missile launch control center tries to order Chinese for lunch using Amazon Echo. (Sorry, China.)
@Gerry "A diamond will be attached ..." Well, that's tremendously important ;-)
@Gerry Auto correction saves us, as mentioned earlier today :-D
I bought +3dpt glasses today BTW. I can see everything very clear now ...
I actually meant to link to Puzzling election and got Sharepoint question collection instead.
@Gerry Ah, that makes more sense probably.
8:17 PM
@Gerry I was certainly puzzled.
> Im trying to do this programmatically, but I dont get the beh.
Is "beh" a short form of "behavior"?
@Gerry There's never need to apologize to chinese people, they'll alwas manage to save their face in 1st place anyways.
@Gerry yes
Beh-ave at the beehive!
I'm chatty today, I know ...
8:21 PM
I'm tempted to edit it to "behaviour" to spite the OP.
I personally hate such kinda shortcuts.
Maybe because I'm no native speaker.
It makes it harder to read, I wouldn't think you should hate that though, so many other issues in the world to spend that type of effort on.
I saw that job offer at LinkedIn today:
Are they serious?? Half a million pa??
I prefer social contacts (physically) though.
What do you mean pa?
@TravisJ pa == per anno. Does the vice president have an opinion about that?
8:28 PM
Aha, beh -> behaviour is a 6-character edit. The real reason to have letter u there.
@πάνταῥεῖ - I see "$60,000/year", not half a million. Am I looking at the same post? linkedin.com/jobs/view/336711559/…
@TravisJ Seems they've been changing that meanwhile. 60k is peanuts, disinterested now.
Half a mil pa would be a decent package for an executive position, wouldn't expect that as a dev salary.
@TravisJ When spotting that offer 1st, they offered 540.000$. must have been a zero failure ;-)
One of the two most common error types, which are naming things, syntax errors, and off by one errors.
8:36 PM
@TravisJ Off by zeroes in that particular case it seems.
@Travis Did I already notice you that "I'm the president of the shadow government"?
In other words: I've got the jesters' license.
Regarding that feed about Joel's recreation, I'm still daringly missing Jeff Atwood being around here!
All of us anarchists are underrated, and will bite back seriously one day.
8:54 PM
There is a serious irony in using the internet to proclaim anarchy.
@TravisJ Irony and sarcasm is one of my heaviest weapons.
Most people just say what they mean, and mean what they say.
Sure I do!
I do so very clearly. There's almost no room for interpreting something. I mean that quite literally.
9:20 PM
@Travis I don't mean to diminish you in your role as VP or CTO of a small business niche, but you should seriously overthink that in favour to become other people in charge and leading them, instead of taking on in every stage of your software development.
9:32 PM
@TravisJ "The internet" is just another transport mechanism.
You do realize you are having an out-of-sync exchange of comments?
@rene I didn't really realize that so far. Could you explain further please? Is it the missing @ping?
Meh, it looks like you jumped back into the conversation but I didn't bother to read back much to see if I could find a natural starting point
I'm just too lazy to scroll up ...
Feel free to continue, don't be bothered by my ramblings
@rene I did realize that @Travis has a very different view of things than mine though. Yeah, I agree that it's hard to scroll up and refer to earlier posts.
I mainly refer to their profile statements though, and if or not a CIO's statements are overrated or not.
@rene I'll be never bothered about flowery comments for sure ;-)
9:58 PM
A: How can I figure out whether a word is an adverb or an adjective?

user54955This did not help me at all. It was a waste of time.

I wish people used the canonical form of such response...
it was absolutely useless. Thanks
11:25 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ former high school teacher...
and what the hell is a community engineer?

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