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12:21 AM
Delegate to someone with 3K (or 10K) willing to cast 80 or 120 close votes...
Might as well just suggest raising the daily vote cap.
Same end result
Not quite. Suggesting to raise the cap has no end result.
And also, this would primarily benefit people who are running out of close cotes.
How often is this? What proportion of active close voters run out of votes?
A: We need more close votes!

Shog9I've been thinking about this for a long time... Hitting the cap is frustrating. That said, very few people hit the cap regularly - in the past 90 days, only 160 voters have hit the cap even once, and only one person on Stack Overflow has used 100% of their close votes every. single. day. Looki...

> That said, very few people hit the cap regularly - in the past 90 days, only 160 voters have hit the cap even once, and only one person on Stack Overflow has used 100% of their close votes every. single. day. Lookin' at you, bluet.
Which was the same point I was making
I'd also say, I have unlimited insta-closevotes on a site
I don't think I can hit more than 15-20 reviews a sitting without getting worn out
I'd actually think the option to sort by votes (so ones with more closevotes get killed off faster, and easier, or you could push questions with fewer votes either way) would be nicer than more votes
12:46 AM
10k tools have such a list, but of course no tag filtering, no way to filter out the questions you already voted on, etc.
Those 10k tools, a long neglected and near forgotten thing.
The close queue itself should also do some prioritizing, but I don't know how strong it is.
1:09 AM
weather is so nice to me, finally it rained thoroughly and my car is no longer the dirtiest on the street from driving 70km on unsealed road
2:26 AM
3:19 AM
> An archduke asks you to solve a riddle: I look like a duck egg, sound like a xylophone and am made of rainbows. What am I? -- Magic Realism Bot at 8:10 PM - 19 May 2017
Steal it for Puzzling?
Maybe too easy. The answer is obviously "an archduke".
I was going to answer a gigantic hail that hits metal roof
looks like duck egg, sounds like xylophone when hits metal roof, and is made of water (rainbow is actually rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere under different colouration)
3:47 AM
@Telkitty that looks like 2 monkeys, one with head beneath the others chest/dummy
(Hi @rene)
Good morning
8:30 AM
off-topic one, two , three /cc @ShadowWizard @Bart
8:48 AM
One down ;)
Two to go then. I assume @Animuson got distracted
9:02 AM
Bit to go to 20k (and I can't sit around looking for stuff all day any more. I actually have a job now, even if I feel like I'm paying off karmic debt at a vastly accelerated rate through it ;) ). Once I do, I'll do my part ;)
9:20 AM
Back in the days, even before the split, I wondered if I would ever reach 3K on MSO/MSE. The split dropped me back a bit but in the end a steady pace in answering SEDE questions gave me a bit of rep. If you keep answering a couple of rep magnets questions you'll get there ...
I do believe the answers on policy/behavior/how things work get a better score, if picked carefully.
2 hours later…
11:22 AM
Is it me, or did the mobile site return to "read in our app" things that I dismissed ages ago? Dismissing again, once on every site...
11:41 AM
28 messages moved to Chimney
A set of regexes to detect off-topic questions: Code Review Clippy by Shog9 on codereview.meta.stackexchange.com
11:55 AM
Stack Apps was launched 7 years ago today. Weird fact: its most-viewed post is the obscure status-bydesign report sorting ascending vs descending, with over 60K views. Nothing else has even 25K views.
No magic link for [stackapps.se] or [apps.se] or...
12:22 PM
[stackapps] failed
12:34 PM
@rene that's really all I answer
1:01 PM
meta.stackexchange.com/q/296221/230261 - burn it, burn it quickly, before it escalates.
Juan M on May 20, 2017

It’s been four years since the Spanish site was proposed in Area 51 and we’ve just proven once more that international sites offer much to the users of those communities and to our network as a whole.  I would like to announce that the Stack Overflow en Español community has graduated and will form a part of the network of sites as a full-fledged community for developers and coders around the world!

There have been dissenting voices over the creation of other Stack Overflow communities in the past but our answer has remained the same—we will continue to be fanatically engaged in pro …

I've never, ever, seen a ranty post like that from a reasonable person. That was kind of disorienting.
I like that guy. Respect.
@Feeds deja vu
> Your ad blocker is interfering with our search box and other site functionality. Disable your ad blocker on [redacted] to make it work properly.
so, search box is now an ad too?
1:20 PM
Where do you see that?
a spanish dictionary site
Either the filter is too loose or that's their passive-aggressive way of saying "let us show you the ads".
Things like meta.stackexchange.com/questions/296222/… make me sad. It's the tag choices. It's like these people just don't have the ability to process information. I don't like being reminded that people like this exist.
why is the spanish site getting all the special treatment?
2nd update on SO Android app brought it to 1.0.1
1:30 PM
What'd happen if I bumped SO TV meta post...?
nvm, it got resolved peacefully.
SO TV meat pot
The only SO question with score=0 and over 100K views: Find what 2 numbers add to something and multiply to something
but it has +- 1 votes
@Gerry That's so strange.
I wonder what the referrer stats look like for that question.
It's a weirdly specific question for that high of a view count, too.
1:43 PM
Blame the elementary school math students.
It's a typical problem: find a, b with given sum and given product.
They are unlikely to be looking for PHP code, but...
I kind of want to delete it just because, lol.
@Shog9 Do you have the ability to satisfy our curiosity and pull referrer stats for stackoverflow.com/q/9604744 ?
Deleting it probably would make Internet a little better.
It's just another search trap like that Stack Apps post about difference between ascending and descending sorts.
1:46 PM
woah, so not useful
@Gerry There's a few other questions like that - data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/673225 - sloppy math in the query but whatever, interesting enough.
As contrasted with +1 -1 in terms of visible votes.
Neat query btw
Oh dividing by age yields another set of questions that may or may not be interesting, data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/673226. Dunno. Playing around with sede is fun, though.
everyone loves a obedient dog
1:51 PM
not cat?
cats are not obedient
you can make a team of dogs to pull the sled
you will never make that happen with a bunch of cats
would like to see that happen though...
dogs have masters cats have staff
probably the most enthusiastic cat pulling a sled
@Elephant How that only has 94 views is mind boggling.
<- First thumbs up! Woo hoo!
Oh neat:
Dunno when youtube added that but it's a rare actual ui improvement from google.
Also: Whoa, digg still exists.
2:12 PM
personally I think youtube has regressed - you used to be able to download the whole video and view it at your pace, now it gets stuck whenever you want to jump the progress multiple times
but I should not complain, I always have adblock on when watching videos on youtube so ...
their counter-argument: saving bandwidth!
yes, because we have different goals :p
I saved a lot of their bandwidth by not watching the ads :p
2:21 PM
on the other hand, I have my own channel so I am a content contributor so it's not like I am using their stuff for free :x
3:55 PM
what if you put lash on a shark and let it tow you around?
if we ignore animal right activists ...
riding a shark must be awesome
4:16 PM
Thanks, btw, for being so actively involved and responding to MathJax questions here! Super cool. — Jason C 3 hours ago
Well, S* is one of only three Partner-level sponsors of MathJax ($20,000 per year), so...
> The entry bar is so high that my few questions have gotten closed. Yet the same questions by veterans are upvoted. Nepotism is rampant. I'm heading back to the english site, they are harsh but fair. -- stackoverflow.blog/2017/05/20/…
So, at least we are fair at en.SO...
4:54 PM
An exercise in language compression -- really neat interactive tools.
7:09 PM
> Google replaced the Czech Republic with Czechia on Google Maps on 18 January 2017.
Hopefully this means the name will be used widely eventually. As Google goes...
7:46 PM
After an exhaustive investigation, I found only two Google Sheets locale choices that result in ISO date format 2015-05-20 and number format 3.14. They are Canada (English) and Mongolia.
That's it! I'm moving to Mongolia...
There are more options if you want ISO date format and decimal comma (3,14): Canada (French), Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden. Nice places for the most part.
8:01 PM
@rene Oded for the rescue.... :D
The reason I was investigating that was a Web Apps question: someone wanted 20/05/2017 and 3.14 formats at the same time. Turns out, their choices are: Australia, India, Ireland, Israel, and United Kingdom.
Hm, Israel and a bunch of English speaking countries.
8:23 PM
Q: Calm down, please.

Moses613I've been on this off and on and I find your attitude to questions totally appalling. Come on guys, calm down. Especially the moderators. If you think there is something lacking in the question perhaps wait a little, maybe someone will see it as worthy and you don't need to add your peanut galler...

9:20 PM
@Gerry yup, we got dd/mm/YYYY and decimal point here.
A: Only can type in caps. It acts like the shift key is stuck

Gary BI still find this happening occasionally. To avoid a DenverCoder9 situation: I find that if I lock the screen and unlock it, it fixes this.

So @JonEricson is gone?
The OP of the question may be lying... the question is not in all caps.
@ShadowWizard Um... in what sense?
in Jon's Java Jitter Joint, May 12 at 6:32, by Richard
@JonEricson - Are you about?
No response for 9 days, and he clearly asks in the room description to ping him, so...
Hopefully, he's too busy with some cool new project.
9:24 PM
Like tearing down the Documentation.
@Gerry probably means only when typing in some console...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: Why does the Alien burst through the chest? by mike on scifi.SE
@ShadowWizard But Jon was here just yesterday...
2 days ago, by Jon Ericson
I'll be honest, I don't know the relationship. I think it's an offshoot Sybase SQL. At any rate, it's one way to talk to SQL Server.
Well, 2 days ago.
9:26 PM
Richard should have asked whatever he wanted to ask, instead of asking to ask.
@Gerry might be true, but still...
@SmokeDetector while offensive and disgusting, it's also funny in a very sick way. Troll got sense of humor...
...and turns out couple of more like that which Smokey missed
Catchy song and timely again, but why should it be the review soundtrack, again?
I was thinking something situation-based. Some ominous music should play when an audit is forthcoming.
@SmokeDetector spam, but apparently I'm the only one who thinks so.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JasonC Blacklisted user.
Not the reply I expected but ok
> Reading Stack Overflow questions, I keep being surprised by the sheer amount of under specified issues. People need to learn how to ask. :( -- Oded Coster at 3:09 PM - 20 May 2017
10:28 PM
> Matlab says "Variable x undefined on line 23", please help. Thanks in advance.
Some users have lower pain threshold than others. I think a filter, or search parameter rep=a..b would not hurt in general, and help some.
Personally, I'm fed up with rep=1 questions in matlab and google-apps-script tags, so I'm not looking at those tags at all. If I could filter those out, I might still follow the tags.
11:09 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Brainstorming sites by Dennis Ruiz on writers.SE

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