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1:39 AM
2:13 AM
Well shit
Guess we just blew up that Syrian air field
Does the Android app have chat notifications?
Oh.... it's all over my facebook feed
2:37 AM
@Gerry, I am stuck, can you help me with this question ... so imagine one morning @Jason is waiting at your door with a hot & spicy frozen tuna ... and?
I just saw it on the TV in "we interrupt your current program" style at the laundromat.
2:56 AM
Estimates on how bad it is?
Not sure looks like it happened last Friday, everybody just picked it up today, wapo this morning and ABC just now. I'm sure there will be updates soon.
but anything closer than the moon can be argued it's not really in the space
@Telkitty I can't wait until I can order cat food from Amazon and have it dropped on my front stoop from orbit.
if a thing such as the moon orbits around earth, surely at that distance, that part of sky can only be defined as subspace of earth outer atmosphere?
3:03 AM
Outer space begins at roughly 100km by definition.
3:18 AM
@JasonC yes.
There's sometimes a delay though
actually, that's the main use for it for me
the desktop site is perfectly usable on my phone, and I'd dump the android app if I had something that just did notifications and nothing else
3:35 AM
Blah, Spectrum commercial on TV. You can't fool me twc you still suck and your commercial is full of lies.
@JourneymanGeek Yeah. Desktop site not so much for me but mobile site works great. So far I haven't downloaded the Android app because it seems pointless. But I'm thinking chat notifications would be handy.
@bjb568 no casualty or specific damage reports yet but abc says Syrian news is reporting some pretty heavy destruction of the air base.
No idea what the consequences will be its all just bloggers and crap making random guesses.
Aw Don rickles died today.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected: oxidation of alkenes with kmno4 by sexchemistry on chemistry.SE
3:51 AM
Jimmy Kimmels barely holding it together in his tribute :(
4:03 AM
@JasonC moddy things are impossible on mobile.
@JasonC Android app use the same notification source from SE, so any notification that goes to inbox also goes to the app (including chat notification, which will open a browser if clicked to handle that)
So far, the notification is the most valuable feature... I guess.
regarding the chat notification delay, it's by-default from SE. 15 minutes normally, can be reduce to 5 minutes from your chat profile's pref (Quicker Notifications -> 5 minutes)
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5:55 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question: Values of Hangzhou Jipusi Advanced Materails Co., Ltd by fujihdmanufacturer on stackapps.com
6:23 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Joomla or Wordpress for Classified Ads Website? by Celynn Thomas on webmasters.SE
6:42 AM
I just realized... isn't Stack Apps' 404 a bit... NSFW!?
@Elephant you're late to the party
7:38 AM
@Elephant I would say yes
7:56 AM
@Elephant THANKS!
8:08 AM
.... and now I noticed that Microsoft just had to use "the bane of the comic translator". Vertical text.
So much for editing in the translated text -_-'
2 hours later…
10:21 AM
sending $20 to @Jason
@Jason what you accept? Visa? PayPal? Bitcoin? Unicoins?
@Elephant he's not nude. You can't see any "private" parts. It's just... gross.. for some people. :)
Q: Replace the picture of the half-naked man on the 404 page of Stackapps

JonasCzCurrently, the 404 page on Stackapps looks like this: To me, it seems a little.. strange to see a half-naked guy with a gun on what is supposed to be "professional" site, and it's not really something I'd like to come across with my boss (or my parents..) looking over my shoulder. The CMs agre...

10:52 AM
That Rick Slot had serious intentions but should be blocked by now.
11:06 AM
@Gerry @Jason I have to offer my sincere apology - sorry for my action, I have been discriminating against anything but tuna. I mean, you could totally use a hot & spicy frozen chicken instead, or a hot and spicy frozen herring, even a frozen whole celery.
please, forgive my ignorance and use a frozen chicken instead, should you wish ...
11:45 AM
@Gerry looks like it's not even a fake spammer's name: linkedin.com/in/rickslot
When a company's Director of Marketing copy-pastes posts to plan links in them...
Myeah, if you look into them, it seems that after years of almost nothing, they're picking up their social media efforts today as well
12:12 PM
Tom Limoncelli's Twitter name is now Thomas Limoncelli 5k, but he does not have 5k on any SE site. Is that cumulative rep, or perhaps his bank account balance?
weekly salary maybe ... or monthly
Just realized Movies & TV is stealing attention from Anime & Manga this week, and they already got 2 HNQs
reps, really? lol ... not calling u a nerd, just ... rofl
12:25 PM
Bird burrito looks delicious.
@Gerry I briefly had a mental image in my head of a burrito made of Big Bird
@ShadowWizard something to solve your sleep problems: fordmaxmotordreams.com
weird... On the anime site, if I click a question that is marked as a dupe, it brings me to the original instead of the dupe.
Is this standard behavior for non-authenticated users?
@Derpy Yes. If the question has no answers and is marked as a duplicate, you get redirected to the original automatically.
12:47 PM
my lone pet chicken & a feral rabbit
they simply ignore each other
lemme wrap my jacker around the chicken & make a chicken burrito
@Stijn this is only for unauthenticated users or all users?
@Stijn lol! Looks like April Fools hoax.... ;-)
@Derpy anonymous visitors
@Gerry followers.... As you probably know. ;)
But StackOverflow.com? Looks wrong... :(
1:03 PM
@ShadowWizard @Stijn Haha it totally does I wish i knew Spanish
@JasonC use Chrome, it offers to translate. Worked well!
Not the youtube video
YouTube has automatic capti... never mind...
1:07 PM
mumble... odd question - A css tag+class selector can be only in the form "tag.class" right?
no way to have the .class before the tag since the tag has no "separator character" prefix
@Derpy correct
although if you use a CSS preprocessor you can probably use some syntax magic to do what you want
à la .class { &div { ... } } (note: pseudo-code)
right, forgetting that the chat does not really handle formatting.
anyway, I was trying to join a tag selector to a class one in LESS via the "&" operator.
sadly, that ends up producing
> .theClassTheTag
instead of
> TheTag.TheClass
need to see if there is anything I am missing. Or just write one more line
2:09 PM
@stijn still around?
nvm, found it ...
@stijn still rectangle?
nvm, found it ...
Can you please combust?
No. ಠ_ಠ
With enough heat you will, right?
No. ಠ_ಠ
Isn't it awesome that when you embolden it it looks like it's looking up?
2:22 PM
What kind of awesomeness makes you incombustible?
The awesomeness in each of my carbon atoms
I'm full of C-13
Sounds fun
2:44 PM
It's way more hilarious if you watch HPC regularly, lol
2:56 PM
@M.A.R. I only know C-5
I only know C-4
3:13 PM
3:42 PM
in The Periodic Table on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 6 mins ago, by orthocresol
Well it technically has units of 1, if you search Loong's posts for "dimensionless" he has written some stuff on it before
How to search in this way?
4:30 PM
@ProgramFOX TIL
5:00 PM
@ProgramFOX thank you very much
@JasonC TIL means?
@Fawad "Today I Learned"
@Fawad I'll leave that as an exercise to you, once you figured it out, you can say TIL TIL, too.
@ProgramFOX Lame.
@JasonC I know... TIL. Today I'm Lame.
> Please remove the last paragraph of your profile
@JasonC ^
@rene ^
5:12 PM
for reasons, you know, I'm easily offended
Your face is offensive.
I totally fancy a tag
Lol, yes
There was supposed to be more to that sentence
Then I forgot
5:27 PM
@rene glad I could help :D
5:55 PM
A: What other cookies should be set when logging in a user?

Seth GerouNo idea, but cookies are delicious! Let me elaborate - chocolate chip cookies are particularly delicious.

8:26 PM
Now who's happy?
(Casablanca allusion...)
9:16 PM
Cheers. #NationalBeerDay https://t.co/nzZ1ekrvrC
9:52 PM
angels are just angles with a small twist
10:07 PM
16 messages moved to Chimney
@ShadowWizard I googled for the url and the 2nd result was github.com/mhart/blog/blob/master/images/wordpress/… -- the post probably didn't need a bump for that; I hold you personally responsible if that thread picks up steam again and the graphic ends up changed. :P
> Output cache is now disabled for all Stack Overflow properties. This only applies to feeds and such, but we've killed it globally. -- Nick Craver at 1:51 PM - 7 Apr 2017
That means nothing to me.
I mean... Oh yes, I was just reading a question and thinking to myself, "Huh, the output cache for all the properties seems disabled. Fascinating!"
@JasonC it was only in a comment, so no bump. Changed my comment to (the other) Jason, and luckily he can even edit his old comment fixing the image link. No bump! ;)
10:28 PM
woodfire pizza oven
vs ...
Cremator inside the crematorium
@JasonC If it was in HNQ, probably... the cache is behind two recent bug reports, HNQ RSS feed stopped updating by isanae on meta.stackexchange.com
10:33 PM
why am I posting this, now I don't feeling like eating breakfast
@Telkitty this is a terrible comparison. We need cut-away photos of pizzas baked in each to establish a proper comparison.
reminds me of this meat & ribs pizza place
@Telkitty well, same thing. What you put in the oven isn't for the oven to decide...
@Telkitty anyway.. I was there. Israel send highschool students every year to Auschwitz, I was among them. Not a pleasant place.
I was 16... so it was... 22 years ago... wow. Time fly by!
(note to self: I'm not that old yet! ;))
if your age compare yourself with age of the sun, you are a baby really :p
10:47 PM
> browsers and proxies are instructed to cache content not for the 15 to 180 seconds we instructed, but 2 millennia instead.
Compared to the caching period, you are not old.
Can human beings be cached?
Depends. Do you believe in purgatory?
I believe in sandwiches...
And beer, on occasions such as this one.
10:54 PM
@Shog9 Pizza in cremator:
Slightly burnt but not too bad.
@Gerry I mean, any time you remember what somebody said or quote somebody, that's sort of like serving a cached human.
@JasonC them soggy NYC pizzas...
@Gerry what one? Pic or it never happened.
@JasonC I wonder, if you mix that with human ash, are you a cannibal?
No, I think you're just a person with a really dry mouth.
@JasonC lol. But really.. I am curious. wonder where on SE such question can fit ;)
Q: Cannibalism - Does Eating other sentient creatures makes you a cannibal

mico villenaSo i am now writing my novel regarding a man sent on a long term mission in a backward world by his employer. In the middle of war, ran out of provisions, behind enemy lines with no edible flora fauna around. And he is a human Now the situation is, He is hungry and the only thing in front of hi...

@Gerry in 6-8 decades we'll be able to store our thoughts on a disk... guess this can be considered as caching.
@ShadowWizard happy hour
11:05 PM
@ShadowWizard I used to store my thoughts on disk. Then I got a harddrive. These days, I like to store my thoughts on SSDs.
G&T time!
11:25 PM
How do you unauthorize a stack application?
Like if the window pops up and asks you if the app can do something and you say yes
I want to revoke whatever permission I granted when i did that
To some app
I make sentence like champ
meta.stackexchange.com/users/apps/230261 ? (But for the site you were on, I suppose.)
@Shog9 Who is primarily responsible for api.stackexchange.com/js/2.0/all.js and stackexchange.com/oauth/login_success? Because I'm looking at meta.stackexchange.com/a/293498/230261, and while it's a great answer, I'm more of a fan of fixing things than reinventing wheels. So now I'm looking the the little SE authentication Javascript and noticing some really weird things, possibly a bug on /oauth/login_success, and at this point I ...
... can't figure anything else out without chatting with somebody.
@JonEricson Oh awesome thanks, never noticed that tab before.
Ask doorknob
He's not even pingable here any more, I'll ask him though. Doorknob wrote /oauth/login_success?
Oh, no, I was just blowing you off to spend more time with this g&t
11:37 PM
Oh and I just went and pinged Doorknob in PPCG chat, too, lol.
I'd wager Kevin Montrose is the author there
But... Not in a good place to verify that
electrician is here, so finally house and granny flat can have separate bills
@Shog9 Ok. Thanks. Once I can concretely describe the issue I'll try to track him down.
@Shog9 this, did you say 'this'? you should be on your way to the next one long ago
I don't do tiny effete g&ts, @tel - you should know this.
11:44 PM
I should?
also which one is Kevin Mongoose?
> lost interest in the site/topic and just life in general. meta.stackexchange.com/a/293497
So sad that it happens......
+1 for Oxford comma proponents.
Cheers to that.
11:55 PM
thought mods stop moderating after they realised they only have responsibilities and little power
bans @Telkitty
Realises I have no power or responsibilities here. REJOICES!
pizza for tonight @Gerry? ... or maybe tuna?
11:58 PM
More seriously, the other site I moderated on, I quit due to a mix of stress at work, and a feeling SU moderation was taking up more of my attention.

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