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2:08 AM
3:30 AM
Just finished watching @Elephant (April 20th being an anniversary of Columbine shooting). Thunder and lightning outside, overlapping in-movie thunder... confusing.
4:06 AM
@Feeds very true...
there is a reason why you have your own brain, I mean ...
Speak for yourself
My brain am thinking good and stuff
2 hours later…
6:38 AM
@Telkitty or other people's brains. In jars....
7:07 AM
To whom I can invite for a chat
7:38 AM
Ah. SR is big enough for spam
1 hour later…
8:50 AM
Heh. Ran into someone from job -1. Apparently they might be hiring. Not particularly my dream job but could fill in for a while.
4 hours later…
12:45 PM
@Shog9 I've been here only a year and a half and I've already gotten very protective of the status quo on SO, simply because it's the very best I've seen on the web yet and because it's actively important for and helping me in my day job and my private endeavours.
How not to engage on Meta (Hinduism site)
Imagine all your life you use a carrier pidgeon to get information from the library and then someone shows you the internet
Of course you'll be protective of the internet since it's so much better then the pidgeon and makes your life so much easier
Ah, but back in my days, with pigeons, we actually learned that stuff.
I also learn that stuff
I can also find the arcane and completly unnecessary undocumented behavior in one proprietary function from 10+ years ago that I'm currently banging my head against because it won't work the way it says in a single search
contrary to talking to programmers from that age and laboring through documentation to no end for multiple days
@JourneymanGeek Nothing but positive experience with ublock origin. It gets nearly everything, nearly all of the time, and it radically cuts the ads off.
1:08 PM
@Magisch no disagreement there
@Gerry oh my.
heh. I think the pt.su thing was mentioned on SU
the funny thing is ... I have no idea how experiences in english sites would carry on to non english ones
1:23 PM
People used to complain about SO pages not allocating room for banner ads, resulting in the text moving down during page load... now that was changed, and the new complaint is that with an adblock one gets empty space on top of a question.
I was the guy that complained about that
1:37 PM
in the name of Celestia.... WHY?
cause humans like hurting themselves?
new tenants become slightly annoying - they complained about brand new lock/keys and a 6 months old stove
I am your landlady, not your baby sitter
@JourneymanGeek should I send them a mail suggesting they add multiplayer?
they complain about some very small things that they should have solved themselves
1:43 PM
how does one play that multiplayer...
snatching the wheel from each other?
I handled many tenants, none is as fussy as them
@JourneymanGeek Just figure it. First player drives, the others just sit down on the back seats and watch out of the window. All 8 hours long.
Optionally, add also live chat support so that the passengers can talk while player one drives. Isn't that brilliant?
wool is warmer ... humans are bald, that's why we rob other animals of their fur
Fire is warmest....
Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products. Slower oxidative processes like rusting or digestion are not included by this definition. Fire is hot because conversion of the weak double bond in molecular oxygen, O2, to the stronger bonds in the combustion products carbon dioxide and water releases energy (418 kJ per 32 g of O2); the bond energies of the fuel play only a minor role here. At a certain point in the combustion reaction, called the ignition point, flames are produced. The flame is the...
1:55 PM
not the warmest, nuclear reaction is warmer
like ... temperature of the sun
@Gerry show your love, shave your hair & make a jumper out of it for Jason!
@Telkitty I guess I'm missing something about Freddy Gerry vs. Jason, but never mind.
you missed the budding bromance? what a pity!
Do note that if you two end up in a Jewish wedding, you're supposed to break a glass, not the glasses. Stay away from me.
2:27 PM
I could get kicked anytime now ...
jason hasn't been in a good mood lately
Breaking @Bart
Which is a sequel to Breaking Bad
Unless @Bart's other name is Bad.
Bad Larson?
@Telkitty worse, you could be forced to stay
how could anyone do that?
2:33 PM
A curse.
@M.A.R. bread larson? sounds familiar, I have seen it somewhere before
Its a dish, served at roadside cafes in tropical scandinavia.
So is it Iarson or larson?
Depends. In Welsh Scandiavia its llarson.
no idea, but it's stewed fish served with bread
2:39 PM
@Telkitty canned rotten fish, served on a trencher
with some rotten shark on the side.
and a whole durian for dessert.
Oh stop it, you're making me hungry
Man, durian. It wasn't as terrible as it was made out to be, but I don't miss it
eww, rotten fish would make you hungry, that standard ...
@Bart it does taste awesome
zat smell takes a bit of getting used to
(also durians are rougly as far from scandinavian and you can get...)
2:49 PM
Except in Scandinavian summers, when Durians are known to migrate north.
Yeah, they fly in formation...
@Derpy that has something off putting to it just by the looks.
sometimes landing on an unweary traveller and feeding off his conconcious form...
Some have been known to stick around and start bands. Most well known is of course Durian Durian
ooh, that was a stinker.
2:55 PM
@Bart they say that it is good for your intestine/ stomach (actually, many slimy foods - snails for example - are said to be good for preventing ulcers and similar disease) but good luck finding someone who actually likes it
3:06 PM
Uh, I dunno if I should like my less-voted answer being accepted or hate it
But the rep notifications are fixed
@JourneymanGeek I know, FPU- would be much less funnier
I don't really follow smokey ;p
@M.A.R. ^ this one?
3:12 PM
This one.
Since someone mentioned it... [feature-request] make it 80s again.
@Derpy I don't think he's Sound Edition though
I've only seen him type
More Mu it is
@Derpy Poor MU. They were good people
But they're really wet now
Like, really
They're also overlapping with quite a number of islands
Unless they're floating in the sky
3:18 PM
another option:
Mu (Korean radish) is a variety of white radish with firm crunchy texture. Although mu (무) is also a generic term for radishes in Korean (as daikon is a generic term for radishes in Japanese), the word is usually used in its narrow sense, referring to Joseon radish (조선무, Joseonmu). In Korean cuisine context, the word Joseon is often used in contrast to Wae, to distinguish Korean varieties from Japanese ones. The longer, thinner, and waterier Japanese daikon cultivated mainly for danmuji is referred to as Wae radish (왜무, Waemu) in Korea. Korean radishes are generally shorter, stouter, and sturdier...
Another option is ManishEarth
> Stack Overflow source control history: - local hard drives - SVN - Hg - raw git server - Kiln - GitLab - GitHub Enterprise -- Nick Craver at 8:21 AM - 21 Apr 2017
3:35 PM
> IP banning the wrong people
That ^ sounds as a great feature
IP-banning @rene
Flowers are no longer allowed. See TOS.
IP ban the whole school because of one suspicious sock ...
3:51 PM
@Telkitty They moved the cat from the keyboard with Photoshop
maybe it's summer, you want to hinder the human without being too warm
cute cat> which would you choose: computer or me
6:01 PM
(From a presentation by @drob)
Stack Overflow makes one younger and more feminine...
> Interesting, download.intel.com still doesn’t support HTTPS. @Intel, any plans to secure this? -- Nick Craver at 10:58 AM - 21 Apr 2017
> Hey @bigassfans, your website needs some HTTPS certificate love: bigassfans.com pic.twitter.com/Z8UJ1KVQJC -- Nick Craver at 11:01 AM - 21 Apr 2017
Stack Exchange was like that for years (and Area 51 still is), but suddenly Nick decided to point this out on other sites...?
6:05 PM
Payback time I guess?
Stones and glass houses.
Need "Someone who just asked a question on Stack Overflow" image
"Someone who was just q-banned on Stack Overflow"
> Data science tip: Rub wormwood on a .csv and bury it under an oak tree at midnight. Walk counterclockwise circles 3 times. Prepare report. -- ...Junior programmer tip: Much the same, but with more awfully convoluted stack exchange copypasta and more youthful exuberance. -- nzJayZee at 10:01 AM - 21 Apr 2017
7:10 PM
@Gerry Meh. SE is mostly static content. Other than user authentication systems there wasn't a huge need for HTTPS (although it's always better than not). Meanwhile the Intel download site is distributing software and the other site is a company trying to sell stuff.
also SE would have been full HTTPS a long time ago if it weren't for the wildcard issue.
Now that everyone uses HTTPS, how am I supposed to know that my bank really cares about protecting my data?
> The old @StackLit account that's still kicking around on Twitter predates that decision, which is why it exists in the first place, but it probably should have been made private or something when the beta site was shut down. I'll look into that. meta.stackexchange.com/a/295012
Interesting. How many other zombie Twitter accounts tied to closed betas are out there?
Here is one of the better known closed betas, TheoreticalPhysicsSE
7:24 PM
^ #famouslasttweets
Oh man, I feel bad
@JonEricson turns out they only care about receiving your money...
Q: Can I ask the following question?

ShabirmeanIs it allowed for me to ask the following question on StackOverflow? Where can I find a suitable SparkJob to test performance metrics of spark on a specific system & whats the best way of measuring them? Thanks

Wow, they usually don't do this
7:42 PM
LOL -- ''I have a pooper''
8:38 PM
Quora opinions ...
8:50 PM
now deleted
9:18 PM
I never noticed that the Contact Us form is picky about the user profile format: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/348263/…
Has there been a discussion about hiding votes/not allowing votes for a short amount of time after a question has been posted to try and get people to write better answers?
the reason for that is... Folks kept asking for things with bogus - or incorrect -
profile links and we'd either be unable to act, or act on the wrong profile.
Imagine, for example, asking for account deletion and including the wrong profile.
we have other sanity-checks for that, but still - potential failure is really bad.
More common scenario is simply wasting a lot of time and causing frustration
@Shog9 That makes sense. Does it need the http:// or https:// as well because that seems the only part that the user missing in their attempts.
@rene I've edited the question to include the crucial detail that they're missing...
9:34 PM
A: What should I enter for the profile link in /contact?

Shog9I edited your question here to include the critical detail that you left out: you were using the "contact us" form on Meta Stack Exchange! You don't have a profile on Meta Stack Exchange. The reason we put such strict validation on this form is that folks would contact us from one site using a ...

facedesk ...
Prior to automation, this was pretty much a daily occurrence. None of the scenarios I describe in that answer are hypothetical...
And? Did you delete any famous accounts?
@rene yeah, but those were intentional
@rene Jon Skeet deleted his acount??!?! :D
9:40 PM
@Shog9 :D
@NathanTuggy usually I would agree with you. However, this one here is extreme case. Think of a tourist coming to a police station and filing a report, saying "I went to a book shop and bought a book for $50, paying in cash. I arrived home and found the book is in foreign language. I feel deceived and demand a refund!". Now obviously, the tourist could just look in the book to see it's in foreign language in the first place, before buying it. It is not the police job to explain this trivial thing to him, neither to refund his money. This one here isn't exactly the same, but close enough. — Shadow Wizard 2 mins ago
Usually we'd catch this; the danger always came in when someone who'd done next-to-nothing on the site contacted us requesting deletion and specified the profile of someone else who'd also done essentially nothing. The temptation to assume they got it right and just delete is strong.
I spent 5 whole minutes thinking on that analogy, I feel deceived. ;)
Should've gone with masking tape
@Shog9 yeah, I can see that go wrong easily...
9:44 PM
And an angry email to SO saying "someone deleted my account!"
@Jason you feel better? Your cat is OK?
@rene anything that requires a multi-step manual process to be completed dozens of times every day is likely to go wrong eventually. You can make better checklists... Or you can automate.
The latter is much more efficient.
Argh, Google search with site:meta.stackexchange.com now picks up all per site metas too.
This is how I usually find something relevant on Meta.SE...
@John Yes. The proposal was not well received.
No links because Google search is not so helpful with new meta URLs.
9:52 PM
If anyone's looking for a thick book to read on this Friday night, look no further than Feedback on healing our community by doppelgreener on rpg.meta.stackexchange.com
@Gerry why not use the site search? I find most dupes this way. Or anything I want actually.
And worst case, you can use SEDE to search. :)
@Magisch yup. I'm the same. As I said, there's good reason for it. Doesn't negate the problems though.
@Gerry so much drama there... now things I saw on MSE get background.
10:07 PM
@ShadowWizard Also, 10 candidates for 1 spot, rpg.stackexchange.com/election
From where I sit, doppelgreener is the clear favorite, but... I don't have 150 rep there.
RPG players are too literate for me to score rep on obvious corrections.
10:40 PM
@ShadowWizard other cat is returning to normal slowly.
i'm having a hard time still i dunno
@Gerry might become 3 spots...
@JasonC well, guess that's a good thing... :)
!!/beer for @Jason
NEED: SANITY // USE CASE: STAYING SANE. Nick's style of opening issues...
> github.com took too long to respond.
Who took GH down? I blame @Bart.
Could be something slow on your side.
11:08 PM
No more ugly (R) in the site name! It's just Bricks now.
Let's see how many Android phone recovery questions they'll get now.
happy HOUR everyone
11:51 PM
sips coffee like a rebel
eats a falafel pita like... idk
...someone who desperately needs something to wash it down with?
Rooibos tea, most likely.

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